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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

“Here’s a lock of his hair.”

Chekayla Ariel Dampier – arrest report 

Port Richey woman accused of scalding infant until his skin began bubbling 

Infant severely burned in 142 degree water 

Deputies-Woman runs scalding water over crying infant 

Baby dies after mom allegedly held it under scalding water for 3 minutes  

***Warning – get Kleenex ready, you will need them.***

“Here’s a lock of his hair,” said Elthea Dampier, the grandmother of 7-week-old Emilio Jesus Bautista.  Emilio died Saturday, April 28th after fighting for his life for 12 long days.  He had suffered severe burns at the hands of his mother Chekayla Ariel Dampier (18), on April 16th.  Apparently unable to handle Emilio’s cries, Chekayla decided to punish him by placing the Emilio’s head under hot running water, the temperature of the water 142 degrees.  I’ll let that sink in for a second… 7-weeks-old and 142 degree water.

Ok so let’s go back to April 16th for a minute and have a looksy at how things went down. Apparently Emilio wasn’t a happy guy and had been crying, according to his mother, for several hours straight.  She finally lost it and decided the appropriate course of action to teach Emilio about his incessant crying, was some water boarding in scalding water.  She would tell the police that he cried the entire time and that she held him under the water until his skin started “coming off and other parts of his skin were ‘bubbling.” Holy Shit!  Poor Emilio, my heart breaks for him, so little, so innocent and being tortured for being a baby.  I can only think she has to be heartless; there is no other explanation for her being able to hold her screaming baby under scalding water.

The reports state that the abuse happened at 1 pm but Emilio was not taken to the hospital until 10 pm and only after the baby’s godmother urged her to seek medical attention and took her and Emilio to Morton Plant North BayHospital, where he was airlifted to the burn center at Tampa General Hospital.  The doctors said Emilio suffered severe burns to his head, chest and arms, second-degree burns to his eyes and ears.  The burns to his chest were so severe that while trying to remove his little t-shirt his left nipple came off.  WTF! WTF! WTF! Ok, I need a minute….

His nipple came off…how cruel and evil does one have to be to do something so heinous to any baby but especially your own.  Gawd… I am sick.  Emilio’s grandmother and a former roommate say this is not the first time there was suspected abuse.  In fact Emilio’s grandmother claim to have notified authorities of possible child abuse, CPS says they have no record of complaints against Chekayla.

Chekayla was arrested on April 17th and charged with aggravated child abuse resulting in great bodily harm, her bond $150,000.  Since Emilio has passed, there is a possibility of charges being upgraded.

Think her mother said it best… “They need to give her the stiffest penalty they can give her for doing what she did, because she knew better,” and “Right now, I am mostly sad and heartbroken.  I feel anger inside me the just wants to explode.”  We are right there with you Elethea.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

In Memory of… Emilio Jesus Bautista

February 20, 2012 – April 28, 2012.

An angel taken too soon, R.I.P.

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  1. What is it these stupid, hateful bitches don’t understand about babies? THEY CRY! They cry a lot. Sometimes it seems like forever. It’s their job: eat, sleep, fill your diaper and CRY. Another thing, you can’t stop a baby’s crying by hurting him. Seriously, how can even the most ignorant fucktard rationalize shaking, punching, throwing, scalding , etc. as a good way to sooth a child. You just can’t fix stupid, or vicious and evil either.

  2. *shakes head*  

    I want to curb stomp that c*** till her face is split like the Joker’s  There is NO EXCUSE for something like that.  I hope Bertha finds that she has a Purty Mouf, and after she’s done, she can impale her cavernous c*** with a shiv made from a weight bar.

  3. I read this website every day and although none of these stories are rays of sunshine…this one makes me physically sick….

  4. i seriously can not figure out what is going on in these “momsters” heads?! babies cry. that’s what they dooooo! hurting them or torturing them is not going to make it stop! and WHY DO THEY WAIT hours or DAYS to get medical attention… like it’s just going to go away? my God in Heaven… please help the helpless children in this horrible wretched world we live in…

    1. They wait… Because they are guilty and are thinking up excuses …. Lying sacks of crap need to be snuffed out!

  5. and one more thing… HIS NIPPLE CAME OFF?! what in all things HOLY is going on in the world?! Punishment for her should be EXACTLY what she did to that precious baby…

  6. Anyway, kudos on the Grandma for not standing by her spawn.  I would be absolutely devastated if a child of mine committed such an act.  I mean I would wonder where I went wrong!.  Seriously.  A mother is the one who *usually* teaches daughter how to raise children.  Through loving example and hands on instruction (with siblings if there are any)  My MOM helped me tremendously with my firstborn, teaching me things and guiding me.  I bet this woman feels like a horrible failure..and I want to give her a big hug..not just because of the loss of her precious grandson, but to help her cope with the possible sense of uncertain regret.  

  7.  “Emilio’s grandmother and a former roommate say this is not the first time there was suspected abuse. In fact Emilio’s grandmother claim to have notified authorities of possible child abuse, CPS says they have no record of complaints against Chekayla.”

    Sadly I can believe this. Remember this happened in Florida, and we all know how the system works down there.
    This one made me physically ill also, it took almost an hour for me to calm down enough to send it in. Dee you did a great job and so did Danielle. Like Tracy stated “this one makes me physically sick” I don’t believe I have ever wish or wanted something BAD to happen to anyone in my entire life!!! This is one that makes me want to break the Rule of Three.

  8. This world is so horrible,I really don’t know howw much more my heart can take.

    1. honestly, this fucking hambeast needs to be put down like the dog she is, actually no, even dogs treat their young better. omg i wanna smash her ugly mug in sooo freakin bad. i had a rough night at work and im ready to get out some un checked aggression.
      keep your fucking legs closed whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then you wont have to worry about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have a question…if she couldnt take his crying before she tortured him, how was she able to listen to him for the next nine hours? Surely that poor baby was screaming non stop after being scalded!!! His crying no longer bothered her after she vented her rage on him? And it doesnt take much to see the evil in that face of hers!

    1.  The sick MONSTER that tortured him let him continue to suffer another NINE HOURS before he even got medical treatment. I would say his crying more than likely stopped after his body eventually went into shock. This should be murder 1 with death penalty. Lethal injection here in Florida is not enough. It should be death by scalding water!
      I turned on my faucet for the heck of it to the hottest temperature and put my fingers in to see how long I could stand it. I could not stand the heat for more than 5 seconds at the MAXIMUM. This sick MONSTER made Emilio feel the pain (the same pain I could not stand for 5 SECONDS) for THREE MINUTES!!!

  10. FLORIDA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11.  I have been crying (literally bawling at times) about this since the incident was first reported 2 weeks ago. I’m so angry and sickened! Good Grief! Complete strangers cared more about this baby than his evil mother ever did for one second. 

  12. I can’t stand the thought of the pain that little one went through.  I just don’t understand how anyone could harm a child.

    1. i burned myself with hot water last night at work while making tea. i cannot imagine the pain this sweet little baby was in. i wanna just unleash hell on this dumb bitch.

  13. OMG, I’m speechless and..FUCK! His head??!! They better increase those charges. 

  14. Christophersgurl

    Sick bitch!!!! I wish I could be loked in a room with this c*** for a couple hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m speechless… In July my second daughter will be born, my “oldest” will only be 21 months, still a baby too. For the first 3 months I will be home alone at most nights (father has all night shifts), and I know it will be hard, a newborn that will cry because it’s the only way she’ll be able to tell me anything, and a toddler who will cry because she can’t find the right way to tell me things. What will I do? What this crazy girl did? (not even gonna say “mother” she doesn’t deserve the title of mother). No, patience, babies cry, children cry, teens cry, adults cry, you don’t get them to stop crying by beating, bashing, burning, insulting, shouting at them (my father thought so, but that’s another story and I’m far away). When someone cries you hug them, comfort them and let them know you’re there for them, with a baby you find out their need, and fulfill it.

    I don’t even want to know what went through that bitches mind when she took her innocent baby and held him underneath the running water… But I wish that the law was “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”… So the best way to deal with her is dunking her repeatidly in a tub of boiling water. I’d love to do the honors.

  16. This is just so sad, I remember when Dd and I came back from the hospital in PA (I had a C-section) my mother had to go back to NYC to work, so it was my dd and I alone, I remember clearly as my mom close the door to leave, I look at my baby and started crying, I didn’t know what to do, as a first time mom I was scared I wasn’t going to do the right thing, but I remember my grandma telling me: if the baby cries, she is either hungry, cold, or wet, or just wants to be held, and for the eight weeks of my maternity leave, and until she started talking that was my mantra.

  17. If she didn’t want to hear him cry, she could have handed him to, well, just about any passer-by and had a better outcome. 

    I wish we were close enough to protest if she gets less than murder charges followed by life in….or death.

  18. I’ve been up all night sick and couldn’t stop thinking of Emilio. My heart is just broken for the pain and the betrayal. I can only think the evil bitch thought she would “give him something to cry about”. I hope her cell mate gives her a lot to cry about. But, wait, she’ll probably be segregated for her own protection since we wouldn’t want anyone to hurt her and violate her rights. After all, she only scalded her son to death.

  19. Boil the bitch.

  20. 2nd DEGREE MURDER is all they are going to charge her with!!!

    The baby also had liver damage from blunt force trauma!

    “a day or two before the burning incident, she “hit the victim in the
    stomach and chest several times, until he vomited.” She told detectives
    she hit her son “because he was crying and bloated.””

    WHY? Why not 1st degree murder with death penalty in play?! Why? This baby suffered in the most horrible way, even before she forced him under scalding water!!!!

    I get upset about every child abuse/murder case that I see, but there is something about this case that has kept Emilio on my mind day in and day out. I’m either crying non-stop or ranting and raving to myself.

  21. This bitch never stopped to think for a moment that Emilio was crying non-stop that day from liver damage and injuries from the previuous days. Of course the kid cried for hours. He was probably already in terrible pain !So….she decides to burn him to get him to stop crying? Yeah right. I don’t even believe her story anymore. She did this because she was an abuser.

    A previous report online (don’t have link) indicated that she was adopted when she was just a baby because her own mother abused her when she was an infant. Clearly the demons were at work on her. Now Emilio paid the ultimate price in the end.

    Her adoptive mother and sister offered to raise the baby, but she insisted that she loved him and wanted to care for him. That was obviously a LIE!

    Why did the “family friend” kick her and Emilio out of their house when they discovered burns or bruises on the baby’s chest? Why did they not play dumb, keep the monster and baby in their house and have Child Services pay a surprise visit? Instead they kicked the baby/mother out and reported abuse to the grandmother instead. By then, no one could find the monster’s whereabouts…

    This poorly orchestrated move may be what cost this baby his life. Heck, I would have quietly called 911 and had the damn police at my house pronto to see the baby’s burn/bruises. I would not have let the bitch out of my site until someone came to get the baby away from her!

    1. Face it- the large majority of us here would have called 911 for the baby and the coroner for the female “it”. I think I would be able to live with myself if it saves one child from continued abuse.
      I did not know about the liver damage, the boiling was horrible by it’s self. I think I hate her more now, if that is possiable.

      1. in Prison you’d be lauded a hero.  You wouldn’t get fucked with that’s for sure.

        In prisons, no matter what gender the population, child abusers are the lowest of the low..

        Someone goes in “yeah I killed a child abuser”  You’ll get all the smokes and prison moonshine you can handle.  Not to mention the choiciest shivs to take out any other abusers that come in lol.  

        1. Smoking is not allowed in Texas prisons (don’t know about anywhere else) and have you ever smelled the crap they make and then drink? I’d rather be gassed- but yeah I would hold my head up as a child abuser/killer…killer. did that make sense?

  22. And this happened–where else? –in FloriDUH.

    Kid’s own grandmother phoned child protective services. “Oh, we have no record of that.”

    Maybe an alligator ate the caseworker?

    1. an alligator probably would have made a better caseworker

      1.  And would have probably done a much better job – maybe it would have arrived at the residence hungry, and eaten the birth organism before she killed the baby….

  23. And here I am trying to get pregnant again while this woman skins her kid alive? I don’t know what to say…  He was so pretty and his crime was being a baby?  I’m sure he was crying like that because he wasn’t being taken care of properly, anyway.  At least I believe in the afterlife, now, and I know he really is in a better place but…  Why?  Why do this?  What a calamity!  

    1. i know, i want anoth er little one sooooo bad. my baby girl is turning nine years old this month and this tw*t burns her baby. fucking bitch

    2. In his new life he will be loved

  24. Charges were upgraded to murder in the 2nd degree (§ 782.04(2), Fla.Stat.). To prove the crime of Second Degree Murder, the State must prove the following three elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 1.                  (Victim) is dead. (duh). 2.                  The death was caused by the criminal act of (defendant). 3.                  There was an unlawful killing of (victim) by an act imminently dangerous to another and demonstrating a depraved mind without regard for human life. According to the state of Florida, an act is “imminently dangerous to another and demonstrating a depraved mind” if it is an act or series of acts that: 1.                  a person of ordinary judgment would know is reasonably certain to kill or do serious bodily injury to another, and 2.                  is done from ill will, hatred, spite, or an evil intent, and 3.                  is of such a nature that the act itself indicates an indifference to human life. Additionally, in order to convict of Second Degree Murder, it is not necessary for the State to prove the defendant had an intent to cause death. I pray they lock her away and throw away the key. My youngest son is 3 weeks old and is very, very fussy. I can’t imagine ever harming him or anything like this woman has done.

  25. It just gets worse and worse:

    “Doctors at Tampa General Hospital also found that Emilio had liver damage from blunt force trauma. In an updated sheriff’s report released Wednesday, Dampier told detectives that a day or two before the burning incident, she “hit the victim in the stomach and chest several times, until he vomited.” She told detectives she hit her son “because he was crying and bloated.” ” From here:

  26. The_Shadow_Knows

    Fucking Florida.

    Pry open her jaws and pour boiling water down her throat until she expires.

  27. I hope she gets tortured, I really do… look at his perfect little face! She’s a disgusting human, really. I think this is the first time I’ve felt personally wronged by something on this site. I’m pretty numb to most of this stuff, I spend too much time online, but this is just godawful. 

    According to the FB, he is 18days old in these pics.

    1. Yup. I’m still walking around devastated, crying and raging. Saving his pictures to my hard drive as if he was my own child. I cry when I read most child abuse or animal abuse situations, but then after about a day or so, I’m good about letting it go. Not this one. For some reason I’m haunted by it. Sick. Disgusted. A 2nd degree Murder charge is NOT justice for baby Emilio. Not even close. I hate this bitch for what she did. She got a precious gift from God (I mean look at that innocent little face) and she basically spit in God’s face by destroying Emilio. There are so many people that would give their right arms for a baby. She just threw hers out like he was trash…even after her adoptive mother and sister OFFERED to raise the baby.

      The family did not show up in court today. I wish that I could have went down their today just to scream at the bitch, but they would throw me in jail and probably treat me like a worse criminal than she is. They will protect and isolate her ass down there at the county jail and I don’t think they should. Why should she be protected at all? Why do the monsters get protection? If someone killed her ass, they would probably get 1st degree murder with the death penalty. But not her. Oh no, we have to keep her alive so that she can get out of jail in 20 years and have another child to torture and kill! Emilio didn’t get to live his life. Why should she be allowed to live hers? I’m sure some criminal advocates (devil’s advocates) out there would disagree with me.

      I have to keep reminding myself that if he had lived, a doctor on one of the radio shows down here in Florida said that Emilio would have ended up having DOZENS of surgeries over his lifetime from the burns. Now that we know his liver was injured, he would have just suffered even more.

  28. To the c***rag: If all you want to do is get porked all day without the risk of pregnancy there are several options: 1) Kill yourself, you nasty skank. 2) Take birth control pills – just as easy as the pills you already pop on a daily basis. 3) Make the penises (peni?) wear condoms, plastic bags, clingwrap etc. 4) Get your tubes tied, or – if not covered by health benefits like most ghetto hoodrat trash who aren’t literate enough to fill out Medicaid forms – rip out your uterus with rusty pliers.

    To the baby, grandma, and rest of the adoptive family: I am so very sorry for what you have endured, especially Emilio. My son is three, did not sleep through the night until – well he still doesn’t – and cried as much as the next baby. I never found a reason to harm a hair on his head, let alone perpetrate atrocities like were committed here. I wish you could have been my baby, you would never have known pain. Rest in peace sweet angel, you are loved more than you know.

  29. She hit him because he was bloated?  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    1.  Yeah, someone should teach her about “bloated”.  Run some rubber tubing down her throat into her tummy, fill that biotch with some flammable gas (until she bloats), and then strike a match.  Then punch her hard enough in the stomach to make some of the gas come up while holding the lit match in front of her mouth.  Instant flamethrower. And if done right, the automatic inhale reflex (on her part) would ignite the gas in her stomach and burn her from the inside out, just before causing her insides to explode. 

      Nah….that’s too humane…. 

      Anybody have any better ideas???

      1. The_Shadow_Knows

        Death of Ten Thousand Cuts.

        1. then sprayed with alcohol (can’t let all those cuts get infected, now, can we? it would be inhuman) or maybe some monkeys blood?

      2. i have many good ideas. thank you saw franchise.

        1.  Franchise? I didn’t quite get that comment…

        2.  Franchise? I didn’t quite get that comment…

  30. Jesus tap dancing Christ. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to be any more disgusted than I was after I read this write up.. THEN.. I read in the comments that she beat him so badly prior to .. I can’t even stomach typing out what she did.  I can’t even think about it!!  .. Add to it that they only charge her with second degree murder?  I don’t think I’ll eat or sleep for the next week.  I don’t even know how to contain the rage

    fuck the legal system.. there ought to be a law that says if you can manage to do something this depraved then they should just put a bullet in your head right there.. no trial, nothing.  Yeah, I would be all in favor of boiling the bitch.  Hell, drop her ass in a vat and then start heating the water, and make sure it’s good and slow..  but why even put in that effort?  She’s obviously not worth it. Just get rid of this waste before it can hurt anyone or anything else..

  31. Just a few more pics from the news.

  32. I would like to stab her in the temple with a phillips screwdriver. And then finger fuck the new holes. Then I would cut her up in tiny pieces and feed her to sewer rats.

    My precious new baby just got over RSV and a double ear infection. All I wanted to do for my daughter was kiss it all away. This bitch is evil.

  33. she should be executed with lethal injection our planet should not have to tolerate such people, she obviously was breeding for benefits only there’s so many  out there,  she can not be human this is so horrific poor baby rip.






    1. <<< not PISSED OFF CANADIAN

      I am A Pissed off Canadian about this story but that isn't me.  

      1. I believe the death penalty should be world IDE for people who take away a child’s rights/life/innocence

  35. From here:–ar-399521/

    In a brief hearing before Judge Mary Handsel Thursday afternoon, Dampier answered two questions from the judge, saying she wanted to retain her public defender. She also said she understood the charge against her. Handsel revoked Dampier’s bail, which had previously been set at $150,000. No family members attended the hearing.

  36. It’s sad that this happened the day before my birthday and in such a horrific manner. I’ll love my own baby harder for this one that could’ve been saved by being put into a home that would’ve loved him.

  37. Good God in Heaven – someone should catch the bitch in prison and do the same thing to her.

  38. I was there that night. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. We were all praying for him. His suffering is over.

    1. I can’t imagine actually seeing his little body in that condition. Just the images of him break my heart.

      1. Yeah, and could you imagine how that medical examiner who did the autopsy or the doctors and nurses treating this poor baby must have felt? And I watched the abcnews link that Nature Lynn posted and it says the greiving grandmother (the c***’s mom) has no intentions of ever speaking to her spawn ever again for do this. And I don’t blame her in the least! I’d disown my spawn if they ever did anything like this to my grandchild!

        1. It is not actually the grandmother’s spawn. She was adopted by this woman as an infant. I don’t have the link for where I read that in the news, but the baby killer was only a baby herself when her biological waste of space breeder abused her. That is why she was raised by this other woman. I’m sure she thinks of her as her own (or at least did until she tortured and killed Emilio).

          Regardless, yeah. I would in a heartbeat disown and never speak to anyone who would do such a thing. The grandmother already told the news that she should get the harshest penalty possible and have her tubes tied. Unfortunately 2nd degree murder is not appropriate for this case especially since it has been proven that she was already abusing the baby and did not just simply “snap” and scald the baby. Murder 1 with death penalty. I read the docket on the Pasco County Clerk website and there is a “Not Guilty” plea listed on 5/3.

          Really? Not Guilty?!? After admitting that she did this? Must be trying to go for some postpartum psychosis or temporary insanity plea. I swear that defense attorneys that actually defend these types of clear cut cases are the devil’s advocate. How do they sleep at night? I tell ya, the grandmother and the rest of the family will likely never feel a day of peace again in their lives. I’m not even family and I know that I will never forget about what happened to Emilio. (I need to stop watching or reading the news. Seriously.) What is worse it’ll probably be 2-3 years before this even goes to trial! How is that justice for Emilio?!

    2. Are you a nurse from the hospital??

  39. Baby Emilio’s funeral was on Saturday. His grandmother did not have the money to pay for it, but the funeral home and cemetery decided to cover all the costs.

  40. My god, what is this world coming to. Just this week where I live San Antonio , TX 2 different little girls were murdered by their parents. One was 2 & the other 4. My heart breaks for these babies because I cannot imagine how horrible life was for them. 7 weeks old! What could a poor defenseless child do that was so bad to deserve to be murdered. They do what a child is suppose to do cry because their hungry, need a diaper change, tired. Sometimes babies just need the warmth embrace of their mothers. I have a 14 week old son, a 3, 5, & 6 year old daughters & they are my whole world. Yeah at times I feel a bit over whelmed but I could never ever do anything to hurt them. People like that should not have been able to reproduce. If she didn’t want him she could have put him up for adoption & somebody would have been blessed with such a beautiful baby boy. May you rip baby boy.

  41. Fucking disgusting c***pig! May she did a thousand painful horrific deaths for what she did to her own infant! I hate spunk canisters like her with the passion of a million burning suns!

  42. This little angel was born the day after mine and my husband’s 12th wedding anniversary…..such a beautiful little baby and to think this precious little guy met such a horrific end and it took 12 days for him to finally go to a more peaceful place. The agony he must have been in! And his own “mother” did this to him? I feel like puking! I am very glad the funeral home stepped in and took care of the burial arrangements the grandma couldn’t afford! T^T

  43. An anonymous person started an “Im Memory of” page on Facebook, and I added a bunch of pictures:

    1. Thank you for the information.

      1. Anytime! Something about this particular story has just got me wrapped up, maybe because my baby’s about a week apart from him in age.

    2. Thank you for the link.

  44. YAHOO!!!! As of 5/31/12 according to the Pasco County Clerk info they have changed it to: MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE,CAPITAL FELONY. I really hope that Emilio gets JUSTICE for what happened to him!

    1. So do I. RIP wee one. You had no chance. (You were right about the tissues Deena.)

  45. The fact that they are going to change it from 2nd degree murder (which I think had everyone scratching their heads since the autopsy proved previous abuse….liver damage) makes me feel like there is at least a chance at justice for Emilio. This was not some one-off moment where she lost her mind. The baby was crying non-atop (probably from being punched in the stomach/liver the day before). She held him under for 3 MINUTES. Then waited 9 HOURS to seek medical care at someone else’s insistence.

    Anyone in their right mind prosecuting this can see that this is a CAPITAL OFFENSE. If killing a BABY is not a Capital offense then I don’t know what is.

    If the “defense” attorney tries to somehow twist this into something it is not, then I hope they never have a day of peace again in their life. I hope that they never sleep again if they try to make her the “victim” or try to say she was insane or postpartum. She had been hurting the child and then killed him.

    Even her own adopted mother said in interview that she knew better. Her own family won’t even speak to her. (Get a clue all of you who come on this blog defending your friends and relative who do heinous things to children!)

    I still think about this baby all the time and how he was so perfect. Just precious. Innocent. Anyone would have been LUCKY to have him. It’s too bad that he ended up with who he did.

  46. This one kills me for a couple reasons… First, because of the intesity of the pain of a burn… Whether a harsh sunburn, scalding from steam, or singeing on a hot oven rack, my experience with burns leads me to feel that must be the worst kind of pain… I imagine intense, ongoing, torturous pain all over my body… Second, I was babysitting my niece when she was about this age, and she had a huge blow-out in the diaper. I started running the sink, got her undressed, and felt the water… But I used the hose part & the water in the line must have been cooler. I didn’t run it long enough like that. When it touched her skin, she screamed in pain. I felt like a piece of shit, and it was only 1 second. I can not imagine the kind of person who could do that to someone for 3 whole minutes! There are wonderful people who struggle every day, unable to have children, and this c*** destroyed a precious life. I’m elated to hear they’ve changed the charges, but nothing will take back this little boy’s suffering. I ache for him. Peace to you, little one.

  47. Sadness releases a tear down my cheek as I read about another child being abused.  Happiness, laughter, smiles are things this child will never know.  A hug, a kiss never felt.  No one there to depend on , to hold them or to rock them , no whispers of comfort.  They may never know affection as you and I know it, instead their’s come in the form of a beating , a broken bone.  How sad it is for a child to have to endure a life of torture, neglect and abuse from those that are suppose to protect and love them.  Didn’t someone know what this child suffers?  Sadly, hurting from broken ribs , endured earlier that week, a baby lays crying, only hurting more as the tiny malnurished body struggles for air, sobbing ,sobbing, and then nothing as this child recieves another beating for the last time…
        I reach for my beautiful granddaughter and give her an x-tra tight hug and whisper to her how much I love her, I want her to know what it feels like to smile and laugh and feel good inside.  She is not afraid to play, not afraid to make a little noice, she is not afraid to do the things little kids are suppose to do.  Her tiny face so innocent to the evils of the world but, to some children , it is reality.   They grow up thinking the abuse they  went through is love, they know no difference.  Imagine the beast that implants nightmares into what should be the most beautiful childhood dreams.  A child should never grow up without loving arms to make them feel safe and loved. Adults need to stand up and protect the kids from those that chose to abuse our most precious gifts on this earth….
                  Our children

    Chris Yarolem
    Enjoy and comment!

  48. The bitch of a grandmother could have done a lot more.” I tries to talk her into taking the child to the hospital”. You don’t talk with animals , you shoot them and take the child yourself you fucking piece of shit.

  49. I’ve been waiting for updates, and the local rag was able to interview “her.”
    There is more speculation and backstory reported in the article, but here’s a highlight: “Doctors also found an old fracture on his right hand and blunt force trauma to his liver.” (How “old” can a fracture be when the baby is SEVEN WEEKS?)
    I can’t wait for her trial.

  50. I really wish I’d paid attention to that warning about tissues.

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