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Punishment for lying? Death.

5-year-old dies of suspected child abuse
Boy, 5, killed by step-father for ‘lying about wetting his pants’

Little Isaiah Gutierrez learned a hard lesson about lying a few days ago. Too bad he won’t be able to apply that lesson in the future, since the final act of the lesson was his own death. According to the sources listed above, he was beaten to death (does slamming him into the side of a dresser qualify as ‘beating’? I think so.) for lying about wetting his pants. As I potty trained my kids, they all had accidents occasionally. Do you know how I cured them of that? Well, I’ll tell you what I didn’t do….I sure as hell didn’t use the side of a dresser (or any other piece of furniture) as a potty training tool. I’d take them to the bathroom, clean them up, and tell them to try again.

The worthless individual responsible for the death of this child is his step-penis, Richard Gutierrez, 31. He was babyslinging…..oops, I meant babysitting, 5-year old Isaiah when the accidental wetting and intentional beating took place. After lying to the doctors and police about the incident, he finally told the truth when he realized they were much smarter than he was and didn’t believe his BS story. His first attempt at storytelling involved an accidental fall from a bed and finding a broken child on the floor beside a “TV thing”. Not sure what a ‘TV thing’ is, but OK. Ho, hum….why do they always try to blame furniture for the injuries – well in this case he was half-truthful – a piece of furniture was involved, but it wasn’t the bed….and it wasn’t an accident.

When the truth finally surfaced, Richard admitted to slinging the boy against the dresser, and then trying to revive him with a cold bath when he lost consciousness. Why are all child killers so predictably stupid? Do they have to take a class or something? “How to Come up With Lame Excuses 101”, maybe?

Anyway, Isaiah was placed on life support at the hospital, but to no avail. He died a few short days later, of traumatic brain injuries. May Dick receive the same in jail….I hope.

Dick is currently being held on a no-bond hold. I hope it remains that way. No word on the mother, or whether she knew about any previous abuse, so I will leave her out of this for now. I REALLY hope she didn’t know what this guy was capable of, but he did have a previous record (two years ago) for domestic violence. I’ll update as I get more info.

If anyone sent in a tip – thank you. I actually looked this one up on my own though.

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  1. Awesome write up!  Katelyn sent in this tip.  Thanks Katelyn and Angel!  Good looking out!

    1.  Thanks, April. And thanks to Katelyn, too.

  2. wow…when my son pees his pants, he loses a star and 10 cents from his allowance that week… (he’s 5 as well)  I don’t beat him…he’s 5 so yeah…he’s old enough but we’re not dumb enough to think accidents won’t happen.  Hell he isn’t even night trained yet!

  3. He should get the death penalty for lying, yeah, the very same thing he killed a child for doing.  Poor little Isaiah.

  4. I saw this on the news. It happened in Alb. and the story was about how this hospital is the only true trauma center in NM and the cases of obvious child abuse has increased so much its unbelievable. The doctor interviewed said that there is not a week goes by that a child isn’t being put into the trauma center from all corners of the state.

    1.  That’s because many parts (the one’s I grew up in anyway, about 36mi east of Albuquerque so lovingly dubbed as the East Mountain Area) is also known as a major meth capitol which is riddled with alcoholics. I go back there occasionally and see that the cities never change, no one puts effort into anything.

  5. And…  he was lying because he was afraid of that beating…  

  6. When my daughter pees her pants I just change her clothes. Tell her to try and go to the toilet right away next time she notices she might have to pee. The end. She’s only 3 though and rarely has accidents anymore. They mostly happen because she doesn’t want to to stop playing. She stays dry all night these days. Doesn’t even wet the bed (but for once so far). We let her sleep diaper free. She’s really tall anyway and if I kept her in diapers I think I’d have to go to the adult section. I worry about my son who will be one on the 26th. He’s already about to need size 5. 6 is the biggest I’ve seen. I saw a random box of size 7 once long ago…

    And I rambled. This guy is a total piece of shit. If he felt put upon caring for the child he should have said something and made other arrangements. Instead he put himself in a situation that enraged him and killed a child. Now many lives are ruined. Ass-hole. 

  7. OK, y’all, this is why people like this really piss me off….one of my girls was in diapers, not even attempting to potty train, at 2 and a half years old.  But she was sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT without wetting her pull-ups.  She had the ability, but simply did not want to “waste any of her time” stopping in the middle of her daily activities (playing) to go to the potty, so she wouldn’t.  I finally bribed her.  She wanted to attend a kids class for a few weeks with a friend, and I told her she could not go unless she was potty trained, because the people at the class would not change diapers. Do you know that child started wearing panties the next day, and NEVER ONCE had an accident? Not once. And I didn’t have to beat her to get her to do it.  But that’s not what really pisses me off so much about parents who beat their kids for accidents.  I said she never had an accident – I didn’t say she never wet her pants again. Twice she decided to play instead of stopping, and both times she came to me and told me, “Yeah, I knew I needed to go potty, but I was outside, and didn’t feel like coming in.”  Yeah, I was kinda ticked, but I gave her clothes, sent her to the bathroom, and made her clean up her own mess (one of those times, she had pooped).  I even made her bring her own clothes to the washer (after she rinsed the panties out in the bathroom), and wash them herself.  But I didn’t beat her.

    The real reason I don’t understand the uncontrolled violence is because of the third time she had an ‘on purpose’.  She was pissed at me because I told her she could not have a snack, so she waited until I left the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, sat in the bottom of the fridge, and peed.  I found the mess a few minutes later, saw her wet bottom (she hadn’t bothered to pull her pants down), and beat her to death.

     No, not really.  What I actually did was take every single item out of the refrigerator, including the shelves, and made her clean the fridge with paper towels and 409.  It took her two hours, with me supervising the entire time.   After she was done I made her stay inside the rest of the day – no TV, no games, no playing…and no snacks.  That was the last time she ever soiled her pants (or one of my appliances! haha).  While she was sitting on the couch, whining because she was in trouble, I spent another THREE hours scouring the entire inside of the fridge with bleach, just to make sure  it was sanitary enough to put food in again.  But I didn’t get mad and beat her to death.  So, why in the name of Satan’s jock strap do people like this waste of DNA think it’s OK to kill a kid for wetting his pants? It really makes me sick…..

  8. You know when my kids have accidents I just deal with it. They will beat themselves emotionally over it enough. My older son sleeps so hard at night that his bladder doesn’t wake him up. At 10 years old, he knows he made a mistake, I’m not going to help by shaming him. He makes a bath, it wakes me up and I change his bed… He’s says he’s sorry, I tell him that he’s fine. It was an accident, it couldn’t be helped. But, I’ve also taken him to a doctor to have him checked out to make sure. Of course my story is nothing special unless you take into account it’s three AM and I am usually in the middle of a kick butt dream.

  9. I don’t remember ever punishing either of my daughters for wetting/soiling their britches.  My older daughter decided diapers were gross and begged for big girl panties with flowers and ruffles. I shopped forever until I found some.  She never ever soiled those panties.  My younger daughter trained herself because she wanted to be “big” like sissie.  Everyone went pottie just before bed, and I got them up when I went to bed, usually they slept right through it, too, and carried them to the potty, pulled down the pants, sat them on the potty said pee, and they did. Simple. Easy, no beatings, no big deal. I can’t imagine beating a child for wetting.

  10. I don’t think this had anything to do with wetting his pants. The ass just needed an excuse.i think the poor kid was doomed when mommy brought the pos home.

    1. I think you are right on the money, Variven1.  Unfortunately.

  11. This story is one that gets to me pretty bad, because some kids have potty issues at this age because of trauma they were enduring which means this probably isn’t the first time mc-douchebag hit the poor baby, this is super wrong and I hope that fucker gets life and someone crams a wooden dildo up his ass in prison so he has splinters for the rest of his life.

  12. This “mother” is typical of too many single moms out there. Too many of them don’t care who the “step daddy” is as long as he’s good in bed. This is unacceptable. I’m sick of it. Since when did mothers become whores!? I was raised to understand that being a mother meant you had to have high standards for your family. I saw single mothers who wouldn’t date ANYONE who wasn’t respectable- and even then they weren’t meeting the kids unless they were getting married. These days moms bring men home and screw in front of the babies. No big deal. Go to work to support these dead beat parolees who beat/kill/molest the children while moms is slaving to buy his bag of weed. This has got to stop. Mothers have got to start setting a higher standard.

  13. Furandfeathersmommy

    Oh my goodness Angel, your daughter is funny! Yes, I would be ticked, but I would have HAD to film her during the clean up…

    “Why did you pee in the fridge?”

    “Because you didn’t give me a snack”

    13 years down the road her boyfriends will LOVE that!

    I don’t have kids yet, but I helped potty train my neice. I found the trcik for her at 2 and a half years old- Disney Princess panties. There’s no way on Earth she wants those dirty!

    1.  Yeah, it was her way of telling me I had “pissed her off”, I guess.  LOL.

      A good lead-in to telling the story to boyfriends when she gets older?

      “Honey, could you go get your date a glass of tea from the toilet…oops…I meant the fridge…”
      To the BF: “It was an honest mistake on my part – she used to think the fridge was a toilet – let me tell you about it…” haha

    2.  Yeah, it was her way of telling me I had “pissed her off”, I guess.  LOL.

      A good lead-in to telling the story to boyfriends when she gets older?

      “Honey, could you go get your date a glass of tea from the toilet…oops…I meant the fridge…”
      To the BF: “It was an honest mistake on my part – she used to think the fridge was a toilet – let me tell you about it…” haha

  14. These mothers don’t give a damn who they bring into their children’s lives! They seem to care more about dick than their own flesh and blood!

  15. I´m not sure, but i think this is the little one of this article. rest in peace Isaiah

  16. I find it kind of abnormal that this boy was potty-training at age 5,because most 5-year-olds are fully capable of using the toilet on their own and they go to school.But then again,this boy would have either been handicapped or had a medical problem,which could account for his delayed toilet-training.In any case,toilet-training children requires time and patience,which this boy’s step-dad obviously didn’t have.

    Isaiah,jie jie(big sister) is sorry that your step-dad treated you like this for a potty accident.RIP,fly with the angels,boy.God will take care of you now.

    1. This boy probably had the accident because he was scared to death of the stepmonster.  Or, like someone else said, Isaiah may or may not have actually wet his pants, walking dildo probably just didn’t like the way the poor kid’s face was set that morning.

      1. I agree with you it sounds like if the child did in fact have an accident then it was most likely related to trauma as most kids who deal with that type of trauma tend to have accidents. Otherwise he could have had an undiagnosed medical problem which could have been the reason. Otherwise it could have been that the angel woke up that morning breathing to be enough to set the prick off.

        Regardless how abnormal it is that the child may or may not have had issues with potty training it is FUCKED UP, wrong, horrible, shitty and I could go on how messed up it is for this child losing his life to some ass crack like this dude. In my opinion (and my kids have done messed up stuff, say like using side walk chalk on the new carpet I had installed or putting nail polish on the walls, seriously no matter how high I put it my four year old still finds it!) nothing and I mean NOTHING warrants what this POS did to this child. This little boy shouldn’t have lost his life over things that happen in life. That’s why the saying shit happens is so ironic because with kids yes it usually does.

        My son who is a high functioning autistic boy has accidents occasionally and he gets lost in his own little world….he’s 10, I have not and will not ever beat my child because something like that happened. This story is from New Mexico, it reminds me of the trash that normally spawns there and why I will never go back.

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