Serving Up Deja Vu, One Murderous Boyfriend At A Time

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Man in court for girl’s fatal beating

Man charged with murder in beating death of girlfriend’s toddler

2-year-old girl with bite marks beaten to death, officials say 

Because this is Bad Breeders, you can assume that this story is not an uplifting or feel good kind of tale. It’s the tragic case of another child left in the care of someone their parent trusted and not coming home ever again, unfortunately. Brittany Cotton left her little girl, 2-year-old Armaney Cotton, with her boyfriend, Devell (probably pronounced “devil”) Johnson so she could go to work. Apparently the definition of “babysitting” for Johnson is not the same for us non-murderous folk. He must have known what it was before, having baby sat the child before without incident, but this last time the meaning changed and Armaney didn’t make it out alive.

On Armaney’s last day, she stayed down in the basement of Johnson’s family home, where he lived, while he “watched” her. At some point in the afternoon, Johnson went upstairs and told his brother and nephew Armaney had hit her head. He later went back down into the basement and came upstairs with Armaney, who was unresponsive. Johnson then called his mother and step-father to tell them Armaney was unconscious and the step-father called 911. When paramedics arrived, Armaney had no pulse, wasn’t breathing and was cold to the touch. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at 4:42 PM, less than an hour after Johnson brought her upstairs from the basement. He would later admit to smacking Armaney on the back and butt and also to the bites. He is currently being held without bail and rightly so.

While in Johnson’s care, Armaney suffered immensely. Her little body was bruised and bitten. The monster that was supposed to watch her while her mother worked, quite literally beat this little girl to death. She had extensive internal bleeding, a lacerated liver, bleeding of a kidney and a subdural hematoma. During the bond hearing for Johnson,AssistantCookCountyState’s Attorney Nyshana K. Sumner said, “The victim’s death resulted from exceptionally brutal or heinous behavior indicative of wanton cruelty.” I would say so. Only a subhuman sewer-dwelling piece of mutated, flesh-clothed shit would inflict this kind of merciless brutality on a child. I stand by the belief that if you do not have the patience for a child or just hate kids in general, do not have them and don’t get into a relationship with someone who has one or any. That goes for breeders as well. If they suspect for even one second the person their taking up with is not kid-friendly, get out, walk away and don’t look back. It could save a child’s life.

Usually, we reserve some ire for the mother or father in a case like this, that trusted a less than human fleshbag to take care of their precious child, but I actually feel sorry for the mother of Armaney. In one of the articles for this case, Brittany Cotton is quoted as saying, “This was someone I loved and trusted to protect her, not harm her. I don’t understand why this happened to her.” Those of us who follow these cases have heard these words or a variation of them many times before and we scoff and call bullshit. But obviously there are trusting souls out there and maybe some honestly did not see tragedy coming. I don’t think this mother expected this so I’m reserving my mother-bashing for a more deserving spunk canister. Also, the words of Armaney’s grandmother, Denise Cotton, recalling the last day she saw her granddaughter placated any rage I might have been feeling at the beginning of this write-up. She said, “She came and waved at me and said ‘bye-bye’. I never thought that was a permanent bye-bye.” That is too heartbreaking for words.

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***Thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***

R.I.P. Armaney, your beautiful smile will surely be missed.

  • Trins

    I actually knew of this guy and the crazy thing is that you would never have suspected he was this type as a matter of fact I’ve seen him in church a few times. This is crazy

  • Nursenikki89

    Sorry I can’t blame mom either.

  • Lyn

    I keep seeing this theme, and it’s killing me. Criminal boyfriend. Mom goes to work. Criminal boyfriend babysits. Baby is dead. God, OP might not want to call out the mother, but I will. I don’t buy that this is the first time. I don’t believe she never suspected. This guy is your typical thug and it turned her on. Don’t give me that crap she fed the media about trusting the bastard. Be real: she didn’t care.

    Mothers are supposed to be the ones who protect their kids from these people! They used to warn their daughters about the “bad boys,” but these days they let the bad boys into their own beds. Look at the results. This is what’s tearing our youth (of all ethnic backrounds) apart.

    • Guest

      Sadly, it’s more common than you think.  Even one of the writers,
      Danielle, knows a woman who left her murderous boyfriend with her kids.  What a great world we live in with these sorry excuses for mothers!

    • Char

      I agree. She couldn’t have known him well. Don’t leave your kids with strangers, even if you’ve known them for months you may not really know them. It’s so scary.

      • jessica

        She dated him for 2+years know ur fuckin facts asswipe..

        • Aussie Sabbath

          She stuck with a deadbeat for two years, all the while knowing he was abusing her kid?
          Doesn’t sound like a good mother to me.

    • jessica

      Stfu you stupid ass bitch u dnt know her so watch your fuckin mouth…. She really did trust him never thought ge would harm her child… She was with him for 2+years I kno her heart and her child was her heart simple… Regardless of his past she never thought he would hurt a child….HER CHILD…THEY CHILD

      • Aussie Sabbath

        Unwillingness to get a job is HUGE red flag in a relationship and a good sign one shouldn’t leave a child with them.
        She stuck with a deadbeat, all the time knowing her kid was being abused. How could she ignore bite marks?

  • Debbie

    Found some more information on this one:

    Johnson has a pending aggravated unlawful use of a weapon charge pending in Skokie. He also has a 2011 misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon conviction.
    Source: Sun-Times Media Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2012.

    I believe he has been charged with 1st Degree Murder, if I am reading the information correctly.

    • Rochell Arnold

       I hope he fries. That little girls smile is so infectious it breaks my heart to see she endured this before death. And now I go cry myself to sleep.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Let me consult my Ouija board:


    It speaks the truth!

  • newsmom1

    So by all accounts,  this guy was a perfect “manny” until the day he snapped and inflicted multiple serious injuries onto this poor child? Someone needs to examine his brain and find out what made this specimen snap…

    • Monique Boulanger

      I vote for live, unanethstecized vivisection.  Put him on a paralytic so he doesn’t fight, but is totally awake, then examine him.  😉

  • Anne

    It seems to me that I’ve read several cases on this site of children who’ve been bitten by the adults that abused them. Are there walks of life in which biting is considered a legitimate form of punishment for children?  Have these people been spending too much time at dog fights? Or when they’re in fights with other adults, is it common to bite as well as hit and shove them around?

    • Krystalsens

      Older generations believed in biting children who bit to teach them to stop biting. I know it’s absolutely absurd! Both of my grandmothers had told me to do that if my sons started to bite, never did because it just seemed counterproductive to me and the idea of biting someone much less a small child turns my stomach. With that said my grandmother who is still living is 92 years old so that gives you an idea of when that type of discipline was popular so I have no idea why today would still do that.

  • Angel

    Someone should have told this prick that the term ‘babysitting’ is not supposed to be taken literally.  He wasn’t supposed to sit ON her.  Or hit her. Or stomp her. Or whatever the devil he did to cause those injuries.  I hope he receives as good as he gave…..from every inmate he comes into contact with.  And I hope one of them bites off his willie. An inch at a time.

    Yeah, I know – that will still probably only take one bite….

  • Mandy Elliott

    Some people I just will never understand, I get so heart broken and then angry when I read things like this, as I too endured some of the worse treatment and abuse as a child, I thank  GOD daily that I made it out alive, but there were times as a teen that I can say I would rather have been dead, so I am going to give praise in knowing that this Angel is in heaven and she is having the best time she could  ever have with endless love and no tears. My prayers go out to her mother, and family. Thank you at the site for all you do, in keeping us notified of scum like this.