Step-father beats 10-year old boy to death with a rolling pin

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Boy, 10, Allegedly Beaten to Death by Stepfather Had Made 911 Calls for Help
Buffalo boy, 10, called 911 repeatedly before stepdad allegedly beat him to death
Boy’s murder leaves neighbors shocked
DA: boy beaten to death while tied up 

Alleged Murderer and child beater: Ali-Mohamad Mohamud

“He came out, and he dragged that kid by the neck in the house. He dragged that kid in the house, and the kid was hollering,” said one woman.

“They’re really nice people, except for the father,” said Kathy Kulbacki, who’s familiar with the family. “He’s pretty loud. I’ve seen him yell at the kids for playing in the field,” she stated.

DeGeorge said he could not disclose details, but he confirmed that there have been “seven or eight” 911 calls placed from the boy’s house since 2010.

Since then, it has been revealed that Ali had made at least two phone calls to 911 to report that his Somali stepfather was hurting him, according to WKBW.


I’m sorry… how can the entire neighborhood In Buffolo, NY where 10-year old Abdifatah Mohamud was beaten to death in his basement be in so much shock when so many people knew what an asshole his mean stepfater, Ali Mohamad Mohamud, was?  Police were called to the house numerous times by the boy. People saw his step-father drag the boy inside his house by his neck? What in the motherfuck is wrong with this picture? One question remains —- WHERE THE FUCK IS HIS MOTHER? I literally read 14 articles about this case, not one mentions Abdifatah’s mother.

This story is so hard to stomach, an unfortunate part to this “job” here at The details just have my stomach in knots and my face wet with tears. Ali Mohamad Mohamud didn’t just murder Abdifatah. He bludgeoned him , even tortured him. He tied his hands, stuffed a sock in his mouth and taped it shut with duct tape. Then, Mohamud took a baker’s rolling pin and, not once or twice, but 70 times struck the boy, who a for a full year earlier had cried out for help.

And just like SO many other senseless murders of children, this story is akin to others that we write here….  a catastrophic failure of a system that is meant to protect children.  When will it ever end?

Meanwhile, this murdering step-father has been arrested – thank God. He admitted to what he did – thank God. Mohamud is facing second degree murder charges. He remains behind bars without bail. He appeared in court late last month after the murder, but the judge denied access to the public including the victim’s grieving family.  Now he awaits his fate and prosecutors have 45 days from his initial court hearing to present the case to a grand jury, if they indict him then his case would go to trial.  I vote for death, or at least life without the possibility of parole. I vote we let his cellmate and any other inmate that he’s in close contact with, know what he did. Then I vote we pass out rolling pins.  I’m a huge advocate for “an eye for an eye”.

May your RIP sweet Abdifatah. I’m sorry that we failed you. I’m sorry that your mother apparently failed you too. If all this was going on in your home, I know she knew and she did nothing. In my opinion, you’re dead because she didn’t protect you.

Thanks to Marcy, Rose, Annette, and Denise for the tips.

RIP Abdifatah

  • Forsythrachael

    Also thumbs way p the the writer of this …. I appreciate your strength and meaning and you truly captured the true heart of what happened to an innocent young boy.. Without slipping on the side of crass

  • Forsythrachael

    This is so sad…. He cried for help, received none… And died at the hand of a monster who was meant to raise him up…. What is wrong with this world???

  • Monique Boulanger

    *cultural snippet*  I am going to assume that the whole family is Muslim.  So, I’m going to come to the mom’s defense here, as alien as this sounds, to think she was as abused if not more so, than her son.  Since many Muslim sects are incredibly misogynistic.  She was probably beaten to a bloody pulp and cowed to the point where she couldn’t take action to protect her child.

    Stockholm syndrome at it’s worst.  Remember, there are many Islamic people who believe that  women have no rights.  They are taught that. So even if they lived in the USA,  she was taught from day 1 of her existence that she was nothing but dirt beneath a man’s feet, and her only existence is to serve her husband.  That’s it.  The fact that the man is her second husband, makes it even harder on her, since she wasn’t “pure” to begin with. :(  Total culture clusterfuck…

    I KNOW that not all Muslims believe that women are shit.  I KNOW that there are muslims out there who are totally open, progressive and kind people.  I had quite a few friends throughout my life who were kind, respectful Muslim MEN, and women.  There are just the unfortunate minority (and yes it is a minority…) who believe that women are shit.  And from this guy’s actions, and his wife’s Inaction…I’m thinking he is one of those few.

    (Just like not all Christians are crazy evangelical nutjobs…not all Muslims are crazy Jihadist nutjobs…the extremist minority make it hard for the moderate majority)

    • Angel

       I understand what you’re saying, but, sorry, I still don’t give the woman a pass.  Back when the fundamentalist sect of the LDS group was being arrested for marrying off their pre- pubescent and pubescent daughters to old men – just because the leader said it was required – I blamed the women as much as the men. I feel the same way about ANY extremist group as I do about a ‘normal’ person.  Your first responsibility is to your kids.  If you can’t (or won’t) protect them, then you don’t deserve to live yourself.  If she was living in America, then she had access to all of the same media coverage that is available to every other resident, and she knew there were alternatives.  If she got her own arse beat on a regular basis, then I’m sorry for her, but she still had a responsibility to her child.  I’ll say it again…I’d have to be dead before I would just stand by and let some monster beat on my kid.  And even dead, my ghost would probably be pissed off enough to cause poltergeist activity that would incapacitate the animal long enough for my boy to escape.  Just sayin…

    • mohamed

      Too many stories about abuse from all over the world and from different religions and cultural backgrounds, yet you fucking cunt gotta drag Islam to it.

      • Aussie Sabbath

        ^ So much for Islam being a religion of peace.

      • risskia

        And you gotta show your misogyny by pulling out the Big C.

  • Veronica

    What a beautiful, smart-looking boy!  What a tragedy!

    PS why did the ABC news piece call 911, 9-11?  That was weird…

  • Soobs

    If no one called DCF, then they should be ashamed. If there were bruises throughout the year, and DCF had pictures, they failed him. But even then, there is a difference in getting something accomplished in family court, (removal of the child or abuser) and actual criminal charges. Two separate courtrooms. RIP baby.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    It is so hard to see the pictures of these abused and murdered children. That little guy was adorable. I hate that there is such disgusting evil in this world, that innocent children aren’t safe from anyone anymore. It fucking sucks.

  • wilson the turtle

    Idk about dragging the mother into this, yet. For all we know she might be dead. Just saying. Get mad at the people we know are shit.

    • Danielle

      There is a vague mentioning in one article that a neighbor mentions how distraught the mother is over his death, pretty sure she’s not dead.

  • Risskia

    Charge every responder who received calls and did not pass information on to the proper channels with negligence resulting in death.  Charge every responder who received information about the calls and did not remove the child with willful negligence resulting. 

    His blood is on all their hands. 

    Oh, and fry his dad on a skillet.  In his own fat. 

    • Lue Lue

      Who could watch a grown man with his hands around a child neck and not call the cops and get their husband to go over there to see if the boy is alright and to kick that sick man in the face?? Why wasn’t that child taken away to a safe place after the first call? or even the 2nd call? or even the 10th call??? This makes me sick do cops not protect and serve anymore? Or do they just pick and chose on who they will protect? If the mother is in the picture she never deserved this child and her son should of been taken from her ether for good or until that man was out of her life for good. What a horrable evil man and a worthless mother.

  • Dee

    Why isn’t it 1st degree murder?  Why didn’t someone do something before he was killed by that monster?  Sickening!!
    RIP sweet boy

  • Caburkhard2

    I’ve been looking at the scumbags outfit he’s wearing. Looks like a uniform of some kind to me , police perhaps?

    • Danielle

      He was a security guard

  • Nature Lynn

    What is with all this “2nd Degree Murder” bullshit. Just like in baby Emilio’s case…..this is nothing but FIRST DEGREE MURDER all the way! Pussy ass “Prosecutors” really have their head up their asses. Just like the devil’s advocate defense attorney’s in these cases! Just makes me sick!

  • Stormblast

    I wonder exactly how many people failed this boy? And that woman who saw the motherfucker dragging him by the neck, did she bother to even call the cops? WTF? Nobody lifted a finger to help this child! But now he’s in a place where NOBODY can ever hurt him, EVER AGAIN!

  • BananaSophmore

    Someone “bred” these inoocents that are hurt/mamed/murdered. These events shouldn’t happen. Period. The person who birthed them or helped create them should have these childrens’ safety and well being at the fore front at all times. There wouldn’t be an article on here for the world to see if that had taken place.
    It’s a choice to parent. Not a right.

  • Alex

    I’d like to ask you a question. Why do you call this blog bad breeders, when it is obvious there are so many bad adoptive parents featured on here?

    • Malevolent April

      We feature adoptive parents as well. Trust me. All the time.

    • Danielle

      We feature moms, dads, boyfriends with kids, girlfriends with kids, grandparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, etc…. anyone who has procreated or anyone that has been “bad” to anyone else’s offspring as well. We cover it all. 

    • Trench Reynolds

      It’s just a name. We also do stories about adoptive patents, step-parents, bad boyfriends, foster parents, etc.

    • Nature Lynn

      It should be called “Scumbags dot com” (although that domain is probably taken). There should actually be a 24 hour TV news station devoted entirely to reporting these stories. Maybe then society as a whole would take this stuff more seriously and put an end to the bullshit. AND start making the punishment fit the crime!