Hillbillies tie up and egg a 15-year old girl.

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Police arrest 4 from Windsor for tying up and assaulting teen
Officials: Teen tied to tree, egged


Hampton Road's Bad Breeders

Before I get started, I think I should tell you something about the Hampton Roads metropolitan area in southeastern Virginia and some of northeastern North Carolina.  I share this MSA with lots of child abusers; many stories have been posted here on BB about Hampton Roads breeders and breeders in the “surrounding areas” (outside the Seven Cities).  I should also add that I’ve personally met one of these breeders, Becca Blackmore, who hails from the oh-so-wonderful (gag) Currituck County, NC.  Yeah, this place is not a lovely place to be when you’re a child, because it has the highest rate of child abuse in Virginia.

So, on Hampton Road’s Bad Breeder list today are Loretta Miller, Randel Miller, Margaret Allen, and Ross Renicker, of Isle of Wight County, VA.  Police say these inbred hicks “allegedly” tied a 15 year old girl to a tree and egged her.  As in, they actually fucking threw EGGS at her.  The hell?  Eggs are FOOD, not tools for discipline! Fucking morons.  Oh, and they poured beer over her.  I don’t like beer myself, but I can hear my boyfriend freaking out over this horrendous abuse of his favorite drink as well as the horrendous abuse of this poor girl.

Unsurprisingly, these inbred-looking hillbillies lived in a trailer park.  I don’t mean a subdivision comprised entirely of small modular homes, I mean that this neighborhood has “campground” in the fucking name! It’s not said who reported this all to police, but considering the land the child-abusing beasts lived on were referred to as “Lot 73” and “Lot 74”, there were neighbors close enough who would have seen and heard all of this going down, and reported it.  Good for them.  They cared about this girl more than the people who were supposed to take care of her did.  Oh, did I forget to tell you?  The girl is related to Loretta and Randel (you know you’re a redneck when your mother can’t spell your name properly!) Miller, but she’s not their daughter.  Her parents are out of state (no word on where), and signed over custody to the Millers.  Dafuq?  Why?  I’m guessing that the parents had a perfectly legitimate reason to leave the state without their daughter and give her over to relatives so the move wouldn’t interfere with her education or something, or the move was not long-term and didn’t want to disrupt the girl’s whole life.  Which is understandable, and I’m willing to believe the parents didn’t know what they were signing the girl up for.  What I don’t understand is why they left her with the Millers.  They live in a fucking trailer park, and had to have dropped hints that they were the sort of people to tie down a teenage girl and throw eggs at her.  What the hell, parents?  Did you not see the state the OTHER kids in the Millers’ care were in?  Maybe this is one of those times where a couple’s own children are well-fed and loved unconditionally, and only one child is abused (and horribly so).  Still.  What the hell.

Maybe some of you are wondering why this is on BB if the abusers aren’t the victim’s actual parents.  Well, they’re her legal guardians, and they are responsible for her care.  To me, they basically are her parents, even if the arrangement might only be temporary.  The people who are supposed to be protecting her from this type of treatment are the ones subjecting her to it!  And however well they treat their own children, those children probably did witness all of this.  Fucking inbred animals!

As you can see from the mugshots, these Deliverance co-stars really do feel ashamed of what they’ve done.  Poor Loretta is in tears– AHAHAHAHAHHA I’m kidding.  I can’t tell if Loretta Miller really is in tears, but she shouldn’t be.  After all, she’s not crying because of the shame and guilt she’s feeling, but that she got caught.  Oh no, she’ll walk away from this thinking she’s innocent, like the narcissistic, abusive hose beast she is.  BTW, her hubby isn’t suffering meth face.  Being a narcissistic, abusive asshole, he fought the police when they showed up at his house to arrest him, because of course he couldn’t have POSSIBLY done anything wrong!

Margaret Allen, the other hose beast, is free on bond.  Someone managed to cough up the money to get her out of jail.  As far as the sources are aware, the other three are still in jail.  Good.  Their victims (I’m including the other children as victims, because they very much are) are all in state custody.   I hope the teenager gets far the fuck away from these scumbags and never has to see them again.

** Thanks to Muggle for the most awesome write-up **

  • Diane

    You should see renickers parenting skills! Maybe thats why his children don’t

  • Shadyhellyeah

    so…which ones are the guys…and which ones are the girls?

    We should name them all Pat.
    Pat 1, Pat 2, Pat 3, and Pat 4.
    Dumb Pat, Shit Pat, Fuck Pat, and Ass Pat.

  • Allizer

    The truly amazing thing is that people that fugly manage to get laid. Stupid, ugly, mean, abusive trailer trash. How long do you think it will take Jerry Springer to issue an invitation? Maybe the audience can throw eggs at them.
    I hope the girl gets a decent home.

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    And these bunch should be hanged by their feet. Quite silly and ignorant.

  • http://talkinshitwithshannieandboo.blogspot.com/ BooBooKittyFuck

    Wow, that one on the end looks like he? she? it? ate something sour….what’s with the feathered hair?

    • takurospirit

      Isolated “country” people often have ridiculously out of date hair and clothes. I have relatives like this, down to attacking the cops for interfering. If they’re anything like my aunts and uncles in the not so distant future they’ll be sitting around a scraggly kitchen table sucking down cup after cup of Folgers whilst chain-smoking. They’ll reminisce with croaky cigarette ravaged voices about that time with the eggs, the tree, and the beer. “Aren’t we bad-assed crazy bastards?” Cue self-approving falsely modest laughter. This of course will be followed by a chorus of horrible coughing fits after which time they’ll move on to how their 10 year old niece is a huge slut because she started menstruating and weighs more than 60 pounds. Seriously, I heard that exact conversation once. Embarrassing!

  • Mihalinka

    It takes a special kind of stoopid to decide it is a good idea to tie a girl to a tree and throw eggs at/pour beer on her.  The combined I.Q. of those four losers is probably below average.  There is NO reasonable explanation or excuse  for their behavior, but is there any information re: why they did it? 

  • Jewelgal2005

    Abuse is abuse and Im sure this child was scared to death of what else they were going to inflict on her! But Im so glad to read that a child wasnt raped, murdered, starved, burned or beaten with some object! I hope she’s put in a foster home (far from these people as well as her “parents”) that can provide the things she needs, like food, clothing, a soft bed, protection from harm, love and emotional encouragement. What every child needs and deserves!