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Two kids found tied up and blindfolded in a Kansas Walmart parking lot
Ill. investigated parents of kids tied at Walmart
Attorney: Northlake Mom Whose Kids Were Found Blindfolded Was Mistreated

One of my favorite things to say to my kids is, “Get on your PJ pants girls – time to head to Wal-Mart!” They promptly roll their eyes and my older daughter tells me how lame I am with her facial expressions. I’m a big fan of all Wal-Mart jokes, but what happened at the Wal-Mart in Lawrence, KS was absolutely no laughing matter.

On June 13th, a passerby noticed a small boy  sitting outside an SUV in the Wal-Mart parking lot,  with his hands and feet bound and a blindfold covering his eyes. This Good Samaritan promptly called the police and upon their response,  they also found a 7-year-old girl also tied up and blindfolded outside the vehicle, while three other children, ages 12, 13 and 15, were inside the vehicle but not restrained.  Seems that they had been squatting in that Wal-Mart parking lot, along with their parents,  for a day and half because their vehicle broke down on their way from Chicago to Arizona.

Adolfo Gomez Jr., 52, and his wife, Deborah Gomez, 43, both of Northlake, Ill were arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse and five counts of child endangerment. Adolfo Gomez also was charged with one count of obstruction for resisting officers, who used a stun gun to subdue him when he tried to climb into the SUV as they approached.

Now, good ‘ole Deborah told a judge this past Thursday in her court appearance that she was unaware of how the children were being treated and was trying to get out of her relationship with her husband. You were unaware that your children were tied up and blindfolded? I’m calling Bravo Sierra, Deborah. Were you also unaware of it back in 1998 when your 2 boys, aged 2 and 3, were left home alone and a case was opened against you and your man with the Department of Children and Family Services? Or the other case that was opened against you in December 2011? I doubt that too.

“She was every much a victim as the children. She did everything she could,” her lawyer told the judge. Her story is that she was in the Wal-Mart and left the children in their father’s care while she was in there.  So you mean to tell me that he tied up a 5 year-old and 7-year old while you were looking for bargains? Exactly how long were you in there? And that tying up the kids was a BRAND new form of punishment? Again, bullshit. I ain’t buying it.  If  your spouse is mistreating your kids – that shit doesn’t happen randomly out of the blue one day in a Wal-Mart parking lot during a road trip and he just decides to tie up the kids while you’re not looking. I just can’t get on-board with her excuse.

A little more background on these two….  after an interview with the Gomez family’s neighbors in Northlake, they claimed that they were on their way to Arizona to find work – permanently.  They left behind tons of personal belongings in the house that they were renting, including a van and tons of personal items in the overgrown back yard. Their former landlord mentioned that Adolfo was definitely the disciplinarian and could often be heard yelling at the children and the children crying. Deborah was the only one that worked, and only during the summer for a construction company. They lived off of money they got from grants and numerous charities. Shit, where do I sign up for the free stuff? Stupid me, I bust my ass at work all day for my kids.

The children are in protective custody and the parents are both being held on a $50,000 bond. Deborah’s lawyer is trying to get her bond reduced to $15k so that she can get out to get her kids back. Meanwhile, Adolfo is being evaluated by a mental health professional after requesting to represent himself.

Silver lining? No dead kids. Let’s hope these kids are well taken care of for the foreseeable future and IF it’s true that Deborah is also a victim, that she cleans her shit up and takes care of her 5 children and keeps them very far away from Adolfo.

Thanks to Melissa and B-Girl for the tips.


Bad Breeders of Wal-Mart.



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  1. OMG, look at them.  Wow!!  Heres a thought, take care of you children and get a damn job.  This just pisses me off. 

  2. Yes, I am looking, shes 42?? Tell you what, Ive had rough times. Ive buried 2 children and nursed 4 family members through cancer. I now work 2 jobs to provide for my family since my husband is disabled from cancer treatments. Still have 2 children at home and Im trying to help my elderly parents too. Ive been to hell and back and I dont look that rough!! I also still manage to bust my ass to provide and take care of my own, while they get a free ride?? God that pisses me off!! He looks ablebodied, put him to work, Im sick of paying his way!

  3. sure, blame the guy…  and karla homolka was a victim of abuse, too…

  4. So no one will hire me, I showed up one interview a couple weeks back and was promptly told that I needed to “reschedule” and none of my phone calls returned, I put in application after application, have lost my unemployment insurance, have just gave in and applied to food stamps (I HAVE *NO* MONEY), and this hag has a job? Someone hired THAT? Granted she doesn’t work the entire year, but she apparently had steady long term employment. These days, I’m sorry, but I’m like just on the brink of totally losing my shit and junk punching random people in the street.

    I don’t even know what to say about the tied up kids. Daddy thought it was okay. He put the tied up kids in plain view of other people. So yeah, it’s really unlikely this is the first time he’s done such a thing. What an ass-hole.

  5. OMG, this pisses me off too! POS!!!

  6. Takuro ….go back to school under the displaced workers act. They psych for all of your educational needs.

    As for this story, the two idiots got what they deserved….I hope the kids are with people who will provide a stable and loving home for them….

  7. Pay not psych…damn autocorrect lol

  8. Her haggard appearance is, do doubt, from not only being the only one working to support the family but from being married to an overly aggressive, macho piece of crap! And here’s a question…why in the hell didn’t the teenagers call the cops? That would be a way to divest themselves of the old man. I can’t understand how and why the kids and the mom wouldn’t take the first chance to get him arrested. Blah! Bet he gets a slap and goes back to the family right where he left off.

  9. I’ll probably later be proven wrong, but for now I will reserve judgement for this woman. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a defeated person and I feel pity when I look at her. The man on the other hand looks like a stone cold asshole. These children need to be away from this situation ASAP, poor little kids. I’m sure their lives have been very difficult to say the least. What a mess.

  10. ridden hard and put away wet..

  11. I have no sympathy for this woman.  She only had two little kids and could have found room in a shelter.  I used to be tired from being the only person working outside the home, the only adult that helped clean the house, the only adult that was going to school and studying hoping to make a better life for my family……I had nine kids, and there was NO homeless shelter, NO abuse shelter, NOWHERE that would take me because “i had too many children:……..I had to deal with everything, and at NO TIME would I have EVER allowed the kids’ dad to tie them up even if it caused me a beating.  And trust me, sometimes things were so busy, and I was so far behind on everything it would have been a blessing for the “PAUSE” on the remote to have worked on my kids…Sometimes life sucks, and sometimes kids can be horrible brats, but you can’t treat human beings like that.

  12. He seems like your classic narcissistic sociopath. I believe she’s a victim, but I really don’t think it’s an excuse. Everything changes when you have children. It is your job to protect them… No matter what mess you’ve made of your life.

  13. I have met both of the parents involved in this situation.  This is a tragic stituation, no doubt and I shall not attempt to minimize the severity of many of the facts of this case.  What those of you who do not know and may be standing in judgement of are the following facts.  There is now professional proof that Deborah (the mother) is suffering from stockholm syndrome and that the father has brainwashed the children.  Trust me when I say that the children are everyone’s main concern.   More facts will become available at the time of the trial. 

    1.  And how does Stockholm Syndrome fit in this case?

      1. Stockholm syndrome 
        noun Psychiatry . an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival.

  14. I would also like to add the following.  Deborah has been the sole finacial provider of her family for many, many years.

  15. Wouldn’t ALL battered/abused women then be suffering from Stockholm syndrome then? And yet many do get out when the sadistice battering dick starts in on the kids or she fears he will. Personally I always feel that there are options other than letting some testosterone poisoned male pig have at your children. The burning bed being one that isn’t used enough for example.
    Too bad she didn’t put on her big girl panties and light this guy up. The world would be a far better place without him.

    1. I am not shocked that so many here are judgemental.  “But for the grace of God go I….”

      1. Yeah, go then. As for me I have no patience or sympathy for a mother who will not do all in her power to protect &  defend her kids.  If that offends you then perhaps you should not be on this blog. At any rate your sanctimonious opinion won’t change my mind that a woman who gives birth to children should be willing to risk her life for them if necessary.

  16. Have you really nothing better to do than rant and rave in judgement of others.  Get off the computer and start paying attention to your own life.  When everything is tidy come on back and continue spewing your verbal vomit.

    1. Eat a dick. You’re boring and we don’t really like people who can defend shit stains that abuse children.

      1. Eat dick.  Is that really the best you can do.  If you actualy took the time to read my original comment you might have actually comprehended what I said.  So let’s try again.  “This is a tragic stituation, no doubt and I shall not attempt to minimize the severity of many of the facts of this case.” 
        It is obvious that you are not the brightest bulb in the box so I shall not fuck with you my pathetic little friend.  Carry on,  I’m done with you.

        1. Be done then. You’re insults are as boring as you are. Typical. Tell me, why do you keep coming back?

          And I’m pathetic….. Hello, Pot.

          1. Because as simple as you are, you amuse me.

          2. Why do I come back here?  Good question.  The answer is this, because as simple as you are, you amuse me.

          3. Oooooh! Sanctimonious, prissy, rude, bitchy AND superior? You’re a family member right? Defender of the defenseless, traumatized mum? What a total crock. FYI, this is the first time I’ve been on the computer in a week and I am certain you cannot say the same. My life is full and tidy thanks. But then again I don’t have the time to research and defend negligent mothers. And since you ‘met’ her how do you happen to have the inside scoop on her alledged traumatic syndrome? Go snow someone else .

          4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you spend your life commenting on a freakish, tabloid website  yet you have the audacity to take my inventory.  Check yourself crazy. I am sure that your Tevo is full…better get back to your soap operas.

          5. Take your inventory? Why. are you having a sale on stupid?

          6. You need to grow up and get over yourself. This blog is not about you, it’s about abused/murdered/molested children. In fact, the world is not all about you. Take your “Mensa” intelligence and use it to fight pedophiles, to teach abuse awareness, volunteer, do something good, etc. Then I’ll be impressed.

          7. If that’s the best you can deliver go back to school. I thought you were leaving. But noo you just have to spend your life commenting on this blog so I guess your dance card leaves something to be desired.

          8. Hmmmm. I’m simple? Yet, you posted the same exact reply to me twice. With you being a member of MENSA and all, I would think you could come back with a better response. Wow.

      2. lol still loving you

  17. Boring….is there no one here who is able to formulate an intelligent statement and match wits with a member of mensa?  I think not.  Moving on.

    1. I’d love to see proof of you being a member of Mensa International.

      1. Maybe she meant Sensa…..

    2. Mensa must have really lowered their standards recently. 

      1. LOL….Love you

    3. Good riddance to arrogant,self aggrandizing rubbish.

      1. You’ve saved all the big words for the Mensa-tard. Special.

        1. No, really. I’ve used self-aggrandizing before. And well deserved it was too. ;}

    4. A member of Mensa, huh? ^_^

  18. I’m not someone who normally posts, but this thread pissed me off. Kitty Girl: Get. A. Life. I’m an officer and simple detective work shows us all that you are clearly not a member of Mensa. Want to know how I figured it out?
    Easy – even simple enough for someone as dim as you to understand. First of all, Mensa only takes people with high IQ’s. These people do not normally share kin or friendship with borderline retards  as the breeders who tied their kids up. Secondly, your grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes are a dead giveaway. Mensa members are perfectionisits, which, clearly, you are not. Also, Mensa members know to actually capitalize the first letter of the word “Mensa,” as it’s a proper name.  Now, normally, that wouldn’t be a giveaway, except your need to brag about your status, were it true, would have complelled you to make the effort to hit the caps key. Lastly, your use of big words don’t make clear sentences. In short, you are trying to appear elloquent yet your meaning is muddied. I may be wrong, but I think you and I both know yu are a sad little gimp trying to appear interesting by inserting yourself in this story. For the rest of you, particularly the writers of this blog, I applaud your work. Children need a voice and you are good to take your time to give them one. As for you, Kitty Girl…ah, I guess you already know what I want to say.

    1. So glad you posted and Bravo! And I’ll gladly say it for you…”hey, shitty Kitty, take your high horse and stick it where the sun don’t shine!”

      1. You completed the sentence exactly as it was in my head;-)

        1. :-}  My favorite uncle was a vice detective in Jacksonville, Floriduh. Perhaps some of his opinions made an impression on me hence enabling the similar thoughts?
          At any rate I looooved your post and hope to see more of you here on BB.

      2. lol

    2. Natie…. loving you right now….soooooooo much!

    3. Not normally post? WHY?????

      Welcome. And keep postng.

    4. One Sixty-Two.  It’s time to make the dounuts pal!

      1. Which test did you get that score on?

        1. I find that people who usually brag about their supposed IQs are pathological liars. 

          1.  Agreed. Funny how they only tell the score, but cannot name a test. Mensa is picky and specific about that shit. I highly doubt they are a member. It’s just sometimes fun to poke the bear.

          2. Being in Mensa is kind of like being a Navy Seal or being in the mob. You just don’t go around shooting your fool mouth off about it. 

          3.  I tried to get into Mensa.  I qualify with my verbal intelligence and in certain areas of reasoning skills, but I did not qualify in several other areas, including math. 
            And I’m pretty bright…

            This person? 

            Not Mensa.

        2. She’s confusing her shoe size with her IQ. Who goes around talking about their IQ unless they are insecure loners? Really?

          1.  No shit, right?

        3. S.A.T.

          You should have known that answer…..

          1. Stands for Sadly Assinine Trash does it? Stupid And Truculent? Slutty Ass Tramp? Oh, I know…Sick, Anal Troll!

      2. You did not spell doughnuts correctly pal 

        1. She probably hads a smudge on the box and missed thos extra pesky letters. I’m willing to bet she loves her some Krispy Kremes. Eats them more than she “spells” them.

          1. Yeah, I weigh 120 lbs. and the last thing to pass my lips would be a donut. 

          2. If I did not spell it correctly it is due to the fact that I don’t eat crap food.  I a vegeterian who is  height and weight propotionate, 5′ 2″ @ 125 lbs. with a BMI of  21.1! 

          3. So, if you don’t eat junk food, it excuses the misspelling? How does that make sense?

          4. I can spell it and I don’t eat them. You know me better than most, you know that.

          5. “I a vegeterian who is height and weight propotionate, 5′ 2″ @ 125 lbs. with a BMI of 21.1!”

            What is a vegeterian? I thought it was vegetarian. Proptionate? Um isn’t it proportionate?

          6. She’s a member of Mensa, Suzee, don’t question her. 😉

          7. But I have lots of questions. She should have the answers tot hem, right? Ya know, with being a member of Mensa and all.

          8. And she’s “propotionate”

          9. that’s one short stack of crap

          10. What’s “propotionate”? Some Mensa term us dumb fucks don’t know? 5’2″ and 125? Huh. I’m 5’3″ and 108 as of this morning. And I think I could use some more gym time. Guess I’m not “propotionate”…..

          11.  I eat crap food and I am 5″4′ and weigh exactly what you do. Who the hell cares what we eat? Seriously, this is about children and dumbass/demonized/fucknut parents. You can tell me all day long that this chick was traumatized and blah blah my balls….I call BULL on this. She failed her children there are ways to escape that kind of shit and if people like me with nothing or no one can leave at 16 then anyone can….And before you try to belittle me and say it didn’t work out for me I will have you know I have a degree and have supported my kids and my self since 16 years of age…without ANY government help.

          12. You ARE kinda tiny. And it IS about the kids. But sometimes we get a little off topic when we troll bash.

        2. dough·nut   /ˈdoʊnət, -ˌnʌt/ Show Spelled[doh-nuht, -nuht] Show IPA
          noun 1. a small cake of sweetened or, sometimes, unsweetened dough fried in deep fat, typically shaped like a ring or, when prepared with a filling, a ball. 2. anything shaped like a thick ring; an annular object; toroid.

          1. Your point? You did spell it incorrectly. No one here needed the definition of doughnut.

        3. It’s time to go back to school dumb ass!

          1. bitch you need to go back and read your own posts. You spelled it wrong not me, stupid

        4. Yep, all of a sudden you are looking as stupid as you are…dah, dee, dah, dee…that’s all folks!

          1. you really are a dumbass.. you should just stop posting, getting tired of reading your ‘opinions’ and your stupidity is irritating as crap

  19. ok I will say this about those two- He looks like a horrible, evil elve, what with those ears. The woman does look pathetically sad-as if she has’nt slept or washed in ages.
    That being said..No Excuse!  I was once married to a man that scared the hell outta me.Took the baby and ran!
    I enjoy reading these comments, for the most part they warm my heart. I have no patience for people that come here claiming they are far superior to the regular posters.
    Go BB!

  20. Attention fools, One sixty-two is my IQ.  I am a criminal attorney who dedicates thirty percent of my case load each year to pro bono work.  I also volunteer six hours a week in the emergency room of a local level one trauma center.  I also donate hours on an on call /as needed basis for a local battered women’s shelter where I provide free legal services as well as acting in the capacity of a certified ASL interpreter for deaf clients in need.

    If this website is all about pedophiles and abusers, I wonder why you are focusing your attention on me. 

    Refocus and move along.

    1.  Who with an I.Q. of 162 says “attention fools”?


      That’s right… one. Thanks for showing your gluteus maximus.
      Now scamper off pest.


    2.  Well, I’m focusing on your because you put yourself center stage. 

      You are a criminal attorney, huh?   Ok.   Then answer me these questions three:
      1)  What is the name of the women’s shelter?
      2) What was your last date hours worked on that date?
      3) What is the name of the trauma center?

    3. Again I say someone who brags about their supposed IQ, their supposed career, and their supposed charity work is not only  probably a  pathological liar but an attention whore as well. 

      1. Hey! I sell insurance. And I do charity work. When I can. You know that. AND – I don’t have to lie about it.

        I sell earthquake insurance. ICAT, Lloyd’s, ICW, Axis, Essex, QBE, Golden Bear, Landmark, Mt Hawley, Beazley, Chubb… (just some of the companies I represent).

        My charities include Rainbow House, Los Angeles Mission, Downtown (L.A.) Women’s Center, And Good Shephard. There are a couple of homeless pet shelters I donate to. Not money, but items (food, blankets, food, etc). I rock like that.

        At least I can back my shit up. Not sure Shitty Kitty can.

        1. Whoo, whoo!  Bravo for you!  Every bit helps.  I am proud top stand beside someone who is also socially conscientious.

          1. Every little bit helps. But it’s all where your passion lies. Mine happens to be children, battered women and homeless people and animals. Yours is defending child abusers.

    4. I find, in my experience, that people that brag about how smart they are, rich they are, gorgeous they are — are typically self-loathing, insecure, attention-seeking tw*ts. 

      You fit the mold in my opinion. 

      You have come here and single-handily made this story about you, not the kids. That makes you an attention-seeking asshole. We’ve heard it all before – you weren’t the first and won’t be the last troll for us to feed. 

      No shoo – and get back to your ever important life. You’re beyond boring and transparent. 

      1. Hehehehehe!

    5. Refocus? The tard is telling US to refocus??

      Listen, c***. We are focused – on the children. Period. What a shame you aren’t. I hope you don’t have kids. I feel sorry for them if you do.

  21. I call bullshit and I will raise that with a you are a pathological liar…

    1. I am standing beside of you hollering ‘bullcrap’ 🙂

  22. Could you people be more pathetic…I think not.  You are, however, amusing me and my colleagues! 

    1. Are your ‘colleagues’ lying attention whores too?

      1. My intention in posting on this site was simply to point out that there is more to the Gomez case than meets the eye.  This website features personalized  reporting that is skewed and reactionary. 

        You are foolish to think that I might be willing to disclose further personal information about myself or that I might disclose information to be used at trial.  Those of you on the site that have “challenged” me to disclose information have done so in a bully like fashion.  As stated in my initial post, the facts will come out at trial in August. 

        1. You are foolish to think that anyone would believe your wild claims.

          1. Wild claims such as???

          2. Such as you being a lawyer and having some kind of inside information on this case. Also, how very busy you are with your various upstanding acts. You’re so busy yet you come back here to argue because it “amuses” you, that would lead us to believe you are extremely bored. As busy as you claim to be, it’s hard to believe you have time or energy for this. It’s also absurd to think we believe that you and your lawyer friends are trolling the internet at work, under the oh-so professional name of “kitty girl”, for a chuckle. Nobody believes the claim of you being a member of Mensa either, you’ve proven that to be a lie with your childish and troll like behavior. It’s nothing to us that you keep coming back acting like a fool, you’ll either get bored and leave or Trench will get tired of you and ban you. You’re just as boring as any other troll.

          3. Not just “Kitty Girl” either. She came back under a different name earlier too. She sure is as boring as any other troll. I don’t get why people are blind to the fact that children were victimized in any of these cases. Instead it’s always “You don’t know all the details” or “They were a victim of their husband and that’s why ____ happened to ____.” How about this, no matter the reason, extra details, or whatever, the kids were still mistreated and those who are responsible need to be held accountable. I don’t give a rats ass if she is dying of cancer, if she herself abused or neglected her children, or if she allowed it to happen, she deserves to go to jail for her actions or for not protecting her children. It is a parents duty to do whatever they can to keep their children safe, and that also includes fighting to your death if you have to in order to keep a monster from touching your child or locking them in a cold (or sweltering) place. This woman didn’t do that. She deserves everything she will get.

        2. But here is where the outrage and frustration lies. People, and by people, I mean those who still have consciences and humanity (like those who run this website), are sick of ‘there’s more to this case than meets the eye’.

          If we don’t reject the excuses and the nonsense that abusing adults give, the slippery slope never ends and the bad acts become more and more acceptable. We’re tired of giving ‘adults’ time to get their acts together while children suffer. We’re tired of ignorant people turning a blind eye to abuse because it’s not their ‘business’, or they don’t want to offend someone.

          So the ‘facts’ that are supposedly coming out in August are of far less importance than stopping the abuse that’s happened to these kids. That’s where the energy and focus needs to be, not on making excuses for their abusers.

          1. There’s always more to every case. Unfortunately, it’s never in a good way.

        3. We pride ourselves on being skewed and I could not give a rat’s ass about your personal information. 

          1. Yes, uh huh, that is why some one asked me to disclose specifics such as the hospital and women’s shelter that I volunteer at…read your own posts people…

          2. That’s not really too personal. We don’t know your name, and don’t need to know it or want to for that matter. Now, if you could get back on the topic of the poor children who were victims of their parents, it would be appreciated.

    2. And you are boring to me and mine.

  23. Hmm.. I never actually asked for identifying info.  You could easily have answered and continued in anonymity – nor would any of my questions have had anything to do with any “trial.”
    You are a very silly person.  But We’ll keep feeding you as long as your trolling is amusing.   You’re going to have to work harder, though… Getting a bit tiresome.

    1. With her 162 IQ, she failed to realize that you weren’t asking her for her address, social security number, shoe size, or how many times a day she shits. Sadly…. I’m with Trench on this one. I think she’s a garden variety troll. Liar. Loser.

  24. As someone who has covered criminal trials in Los Angeles County, I know that “successful” criminal defense attorneys don’t have time to cruise the Internet and post on blogs as much as this supposed criminal defense attorney does…..unless they are being paid a decent sum to improve public perception about THEIR CLIENT. 

    (During Phil Spector’s first trial, his attorney’s – or rather, clerks within their office- sent threatening letters to at least one blogger telling them to cease and desist.)

    Then again, there’s no proof this individual is a member of “Mensa International” or an attorney, or even a clerk working in a law firm, or donates their time to anything.

    1. Best comment EVER!

  25. From the original blog entry: “Now, good ‘ole Deborah told a judge this past Thursday in her court
    appearance that she was unaware of how the children were being treated
    and was trying to get out of her relationship with her husband. ”

    Doesn’t sound like Stockholm Syndrome to me.  Sounds like a freshly caught perp who can’t get her story straight.

  26. Now you crazies can pic my spelling apart (it is late) or you can get a life.  I worked a 16 hour day while the rest of you SSI and welfare recipientd tevoed  soaps today.   

  27. Well, Malevolent April managed to answer my simple questions – and she did it with decent grammar, syntax, and spelling.  Congratulations, April!  I believe you are who you claim to be!

    Now then, Hello Kitty, or whomever you purport to be – your turn.

    But I’m bored of you now, so I probably won’t be checking on your vegetArian, lawyer, Mensa, do-gooder, cape wearing self.

    1. Well, it’s like this – I’m an open book. I believe you and I are friends on FB. You can see my kid and my husband. I have co-workers posting there. I am who I am. You wither love me or hate me, but I don’t need to make shit up to make you like me. I do my best to be charitable – right down to making my husband swing through a drive-thru if I see a homeless person sleeping on a bench. They may not be hungry, but they will know SOMEONE cares about them. That’s all I need in life.

  28. I joined Mensa forty years ago based on my GRE scores.    I went to a few local meetings for a year and got busy with other activities and let my membership lapse.   I don’t think my Mensa membership has come up in all these years.   I am not here to ‘match wits’ with anyone.   I am here to share my outrage with others, remember the children who have been lost, follow cases, and find out if there is any action I need to take, such as writing in support of keeping Hannah Overton in jail,  signing the petition opposing Jeffrey Hubbard’s parole, or contacting government officials about CPS failures.    The site is not about me and it is certainly not about you, Kitty.  You may be amused but I am not, I am heartsick for the children.

    If the mother in this case can present any mitigating circumstances and persuade a court that her culpability is less than her husband’s then fine, but you are not going to convince anyone here that it is acceptable or understandable for a mother to allow her children to be abused to avoid being abused herself.   “There but for the grace of God….” my aunt Fanny!  Do you think that there aren’t abused wives here who left their husbands and protected their children?   Do you think there aren’t adults here who were abused as children who have decided to be and are great parents?   It’s not the grace of God, it’s making a choice to do the right thing, every day.

    1. Amazing Comment!

    2. Such an amazing reply/comment. Thank you for your eloquency Marsha!

    3. Thank you for taking the time to sign the petition for Hubbard. Doesn’t that bastard make you wish there was a hunting season for pedos???

      And, MENSA????? Please proofread all my threads and comments. Please.

      1. April, I don’t need to proofread anything you write.   Your heart shines through in all of your posts!

        I seem to be writing books as responses lately.   I find it hard not to because I just feel so strongly about child abuse and about people who want to excuse it.

  29. How in the fork does the sudo-criminal-defense attorney’s DIET, HEIGHT and WEIGHT have anything to do with her credibility (we don’t give a fork who she is) to speak authoritatively as to the “relative guilt” of these worthless human beings?

    They’re worthless.  End of story.  Their actions as parents are INDEFENSIBLE!!  Yet, sudo-criminal-defense attorney continues to defend them and herself.

    It was bad enough when sudo-criminal-defense attorney tried to convince us of her worth (cough, cough) and ‘insider knowledge’ by mentioning her IQ….. it’s embarrassingly sad, even comical that this top of the class, member of “MENSA” now is throwing in what they eat and weigh.

    1. I just love that you keep saying “fork”.

    2.  Most people that are genuinely intelligent don’t go around spouting off about their I.Q. unless it’s a last ditch resort because the ‘tard wasn’t smart enough to come back with something witty. I have been told I am smart but I sure as shit don’t go around saying that I am a software developer and that I am better or more knowledgeable about anything. I know how to write software but when it comes to fixing cars and plumbing I call someone smart about that shit.

      And like you said Sprocket Trials, “their actions as parents are INDEFENSIBLE!!” is 150% correct. They have no excuse there is no reason for them to act like that toward those kids. A person that knows this shit is wrong would leave and ANYONE that is a worthy parent would step up and lay their life down for their kids no questions asked. I know I would, I would take a hit a bullet anything to protect my kids from harm. That’s what’s wrong with most of these idiot women on here who try to say they were abused into staying with a man that killed their kid.

      I also agree with your statement about this trollio commenting about  being a member of MENSA being comical. I think anyone with half a brain would know that the DA is probably perusing things about this case on the internet and nim-rod there clued them in to a possible defense. Silly wanna be’s.

  30. Sorry to troll poke, but did our “propotionate” Mensa member get bored or get banned?

    1. Must be at a Mensa convention. No one banned her.

      1. I guess we have ceased to amuse her.   Odd, I think we can be a fun bunch.

        1. I think we’re a hoot and a fuckin’ holler. Maybe her Mensa mind couldn’t take all the stimulation. Perhaps she’s in a dark corner of her apartment, petting her cat with one hand, while fondling her “abacus” with the other.

      2. Lmao, she’ll probably come back weeks or even months from now and pick up right where she left off like Ms. Earnestine whoever from some other story on here.

  31. You’ll all be glad to know that dear old dad has a ‘good explanation’ for all of this.  He wasn’t abusing the children, he just had to tie them up because they were demon possessed says his lawyer.  It was a public service because they might have harmed the other children in Walmart or the parking lot.  Mom’s lawyer says she’s not at fault because she protected the children whenever Dad was having one of his religious experiences.   Oh, okay then.   Too bad for them though, the judge has ordered both of them to stand trial on child abuses charges.

  32. Were they possessed by a Mensa demon? Just curious…..

    1. umm no! they were possessed by the ‘ hurt the children’ demons. Which jusr sucks soo much!

  33. I call bull on the Stockholm sydrome excuse. Even when you love someone with all your heart, if you are abused, and you are a decent person you get out. When I was 16 my moms boyfriend beat up my older brother. My mom eventually got back with him, and I chose to stick by my brothers side and we moved out together. We were both in our final year of school, we both struggled for the longest time because of our decision, financially and emotionally, but we both graduated and we are both good people.
    It was only the one time he ever did that, and leaving my moms side, who I love so much was the hardest thing I ever did, but I could not sit by and condone that behaviour.
    I simply cannot believe that anyone could watch their child be abused and do nothing about it. I walked through hell for my big brother and I didnt even think twice about it and I have never regretted my decision. When I think of how I love my child  already (due in 5 months!) I am disgusted by any parent and any defender of any parent who sits back and lets any form of abuse happen.

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