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“I love abusing your kid”

Cops: Mom tormented kid, sent video to dad
Cops: Mother videotaped child abuse
Cops: Mom abuses infant, sends videos to dad

Videographer and disgusting child abuser – Kellie Park.

Want to know a good way to get someone’s attention? Send 8 videos and 55 texts messages to your baby daddy, Erick Vece, telling him and showing him just how much you hate the 10-month old baby girl you have together.  20-year old Kellie Park, 20, of New Haven, CT (and mother of 2 I might add) thought that would be a good tactic in grabbing the his attention. Well, it worked.

The details of these videos are enough to make your heart seize. I was going to post the details of them, but if you want to read the play by play – click the above links.

The long and short of it is that these videos showing the little girl being tormented, berated, and assaulted. She sits her in her high chair and throws food at her, she tries to force her to eat food from the floor, she puts her in a pack-n-play and shakes it so hard that the baby falls out. She said things in the videos like, “this is what your dad wants to make me do” and “I love abusing your kid”.  She texts him and says “I don’t care if you call the cops” and “I’ll fucking break her face”. There’s so much more detail, I just can’t stomach it.

Holy mother of shit – has this c*** gone off her rocker? We’re talking about a 10-MONTH -old baby!

According to Kellie’s mother – this bitch is certifiably nuts.  She was recently diagnosed with bio-polar disorder, obsessive deviant disorder, and is confrontational and violent (well no shit). She also claims that she had suffered by PPD after the birth of her 2-year old.  In fact, the very same day that she caused all this harm to her daughter, she attempted suicide. Cops responded to her house (before knowing of the videos) and she was taken Yale New Haven Hospital. When the police received the call from Erik to report her, they went back to the hospital to speak with her – but she was heavily sedated.  After she was released, she fled. Cops traced her and she was arrested on June 20th.

She was arrested on charges of risk of injury, third degree assault, cruelty to persons and second degree threatening.

So let’s back up a second here- grandma and likely baby daddy know that this woman is bat shit crazy, but yet she’s got both of her kids with her? I’m not sure that I understand that. Her crazy couldn’t have come on overnight like a stomach bug that wakes you while you sleep. Until I know more, I will try to reserve my judgement for another day about them.

Maternal grandma has custody of both kids and they are both well and in good health. It’s the silver lining that gets me through this one.

Thank you to everyone who sent in tips about this monster.

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  1. I’ve dealt with this kind of “crazy” for about 3 years now…  It’s the reason I will soon have custody of my nephew and why my presence on this site has been so sporadic lately.  One thing I can tell you for certain, they know what they’re doing and choose to do it or not!! 

    I’ve gotten terrifying phone calls of her having thoughts of drowning one of her children in the tub, she CHOSE to walk away, call me, and sought out mental help!  She was horrified at the thought and didn’t give in to whatever evil shit was in her head!!  I’ve seen her lose control with her older kids and if I hadn’t been there to stop it it would have gotten bad I’m sure…  She always new exactly what she was doing and never once was it because she was trying to torment one of the fathers!! 

    When a person is this fucked up it’s obvious to everyone in their lives!!  Bat shit crazy or not this was the act of a spiteful c***!! 

  2. Yeah, crazy only goes so far unless you are constantly hallucinating and have no contact with reality at all. This bitch…she deserves to be caned within an inch of her life. I bet she’d be able to control her aberrant, abusive, spiteful, evil self afterwards. It’s just too easy today for those who choose anger, rage and lack of control to later claim crazy. Blah! This child may suffer an attachment disorder for the rest of her life from this treatment. Effing waste of skin should never have had children and should now be sterilized with a rusty spoon. I don’t trust her mother necessarily either. Too often they get out on bail and the mother lets them visit the child and the child dies.

  3. I think she needs to get spayed so she can’t have any more babies to abuse. As crazy and awful as she is, I can’t help but wonder why any one would make a baby with the looney. I mean, did he say ” Whoa, bat shit crazy and violent – that’s hot! I’m trying to get up courage enough to look up ” obsessive deviant disorder”. I have a feeling that I will be happier never knowing.

  4. Ok, am I the only one that noticed that the baby went with HER Mother and NOT the “concerned” father [of the baby]? Although my tollerance for this behavior is null and void at best, this man didn’t even want to “rescue” his own baby from this obviously and seriously mentally ill woman and the situation? Odd, I must say. Poor child, I am glad that she was at the very least, young enough as to not perpetuate futher damage.

    1. I don’t know what the laws are like over there but here (Australia) they are so fucked up that if crazy Mum was willing to sign over custody to her own Mum that would take precedence over the Father’s custody claim…nice huh!

      It’s sad that the laws that are supposed to keep out babies safe are actually geared towards protecting the rights of the parents (Mothers first, then Faththers…then, finally the child is taken into consideration). Sometimes I wish that the people who have the power to change these laws would experience the pain of losing a child or grandchild at the hands of a parent but then I remember that an innocent little angel would have to suffer for this to happen…it’s a terrible situation made worse by law making men (mostly men) who have no insight into the situation & generally no wish to gain insight. They just sign & stamp papers & hope for the bloody best I think!

  5. Such an indicator of many women’s desperation and obsession with men.  Why is it that women today act like fools then are given the excuse of some “disorder” by these doctors who are just prescription happy? Foolish, stupid woman…wish more women would wake up and realize that if you feel the need to act crazy in order to be given attention by a man then you should just kill yourself now and save the world the added stress of putting up with your bullshit. Statistics show that there are approx. 4 women to every single man but sheesh c’mon your children come first. B****.

  6.  Poor child has to live knowing mom is a crazy b*tch.. they should have over sedated her

  7. what i don’t understand is that she was “trying to hurt the father” and instead was hurting her own child. i also agree with Amanda… if my husband had my children and was sending me videos of him abusing and/or neglecting them or terrifying text messages about how he “loves to abuse” my kids… the cops would be called for a COMPLETELY different reason. That reason would be homicide because I would kill him slowly… or anyone that hurt my children for that matter. They would be PRAYING for life in jail or the electric chair when I got done.  There is a serious problem with these “momsters” today and their desires to hurt their kids. if you are THAT miserable that you even actually THINK about hurting your child … do the world (and your child) a favor. just off yourself… sickening. Bi-Polar… obsessive deviant disorder… whatever the hell this woman supposedly had is no excuse to traumatize her child. Wouldn’t the doctor that diagnosed her with those things inquire about her children. I mean, if that’s a valid argument in court for hurting or murdering your children, shouldn’t it also be a valid reason to remove the children from her custody at birth?? I’m also really interested in the dad’s story here…

  8. Certifiably nuts my a**.  Why must there always be excuses for these beasts?  Why did she harm her precious child?  Because she wanted to.  She is evil.  Period.  Kill her.

  9. Just because you have a mental illness doesn’t mean your not responsible for your actions. Alas, being evil and sadistic doesn’t mean slapping a fancy medical name on it makes it treatable.

    Any doctor will tell you, people with personality disorders can not be treated with therapy or meds. They are just bad people and that will never change. She needs to be locked away and sterilized.

  10. She should have been and still should be sterilized. Seriously, someone with that kind of diagnosis should never be allowed to procreate. There ought to be a law allowing involuntary sterilization of known wack jobs. I know, it would end up being abused, but dear god, who can say neither of these kids will inherit some of this phycosis? It’s a scary future.

    1. i can say i come from a family with SEVERE mental illness on both my mother’s side as well as my father’s side. the only real issues i have – not diagnosed – is emotional issues. i attribute these issues to living through the trauma of having mentally unstable parents. i am a mother of 2 small children… a 4 yr old daughter and a 1 yr old son… and i cherish them with everything in my soul. i would never (with the exception of a slight spank only as an absolute last resort) hurt a hair on either one of their heads. i remember what my parents did with me and my sisters… and i do the COMPLETE opposite lol. not to make light of it or anything… just saying. But  if their dad left me… or wanted nothing to do with me or them… i would carry on with our lives and try to make the best possible life for them. i don’t believe that all children that come from abusive families and families with mental issues “inherit” them. i think it’s a learned behavior as children learn what they live. Forgive my ignorance on what i’m about to say as i have only read the headlines to the stories, but there had been involuntary sterilizations in the past. in NC where i live, they just reached a settlement for the victims of this practice. Not sure what the sterilization was based on, but it did happen. 

    2.  Luv, I have to disagree with you on the sterilization issue.  To learn more, please google North Carolina’s sterilization program and how THAT turned out.

      Monitoring, yes.  sterilization based on a diagnosis of a mental illness?  Way too Godwin for me.

      1. It would be great though to have a program that will pay or help pay for woman to get fixed though if they want to. The world is so overpopulated and some woman know they dont want to be mothers

        1. That’s what the Affordable Health Care Act is about, honey.

    3. Just cause someone is bipolar does not mean they should absolutely never have kids

    4. We did try forced sterilization in the early 20th century.  Didn’t work out so well here in the States, where it was mainly used on very poor people who nobody liked but weren’t really hurting anybody. But the Germans loved it and in fact incorporated many of our ideas into their extermination campaigns.

      Birth control and sterilization services at low or no cost have been available for many years from Planned Parenthood. They do do other things besides giving abortions, though to hear some people talk about them you’d think PP’s mission is just one big 24-7 abortion party.

      1. Its a touchy subject thats for sure but I think once you display this kind of brutality towards an infant there’s really no question that you should be prevented, legally & physically, from EVER having another child! I would support forced sterilisation of any person convicted of serious offenses against a child.

  11. Hey dad? Where are you? Why did you knock up this crazy c***zilla? You knew that bitch was crazy when you met her, then you spill to create a wonderful baby with this psycho? Geezus. Go get your fucking child! Why is she in the custody of G-Ma?
    Fucking Fucktards.

    1. Bipolar people can be very charming and are good at convincing other people that they’re the perfect love they’ve always been waiting for. Then they have a manic episode and max out all their credit cards, or start screwing around with everybody in sight. Then they come down to earth again and beg for forgiveness. They become experts at recruiting, grooming and maintaining codependents.

      1. Wow. I think as a person who has bipolar disorder that thats a horrible sweeping generalization :/  I certaintly don’t do that.

  12. Bipolar Disorder might or might not explain such behavior; it certainly doesn’t excuse it.  There is no such thing as Obsessive Deviant Disorder.    

    1. I think they meant Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which certainly does exist according to the DSM IV, which is the diagnostic manual used by mental health professionals.

      There are different kinds of bipolar disorder and there’s no one way that an individual who has it will behave or cope with it. Some people work scrupulously at taking their meds and living a lifestyle that minimizes their chances of having an episode. Others just drift through life wreaking havoc and letting others pick up the pieces for them. Certainly not all people with bipolar disorder are violent but when you’re having a full-on psychotic episode, chances are you’re going to do a lot of things you’d never do when you’re in your right mind. Some people will verbally and/or physically attack the people closest to them.  This child should never have been left alone in the care of this woman and it should never happen again.

  13. I’mn guessing they meant Oppositional Defiant, but that only applies through age 18.  After that, you’re just an asshole.

    And this chick’s an asshole.

    But even with mania  or depression becoming severe in bipolar, why wasn’t this chick being monitored? 

    1. yeah, she needs a damn exorcist not a shrink

  14. There is no silver lining in that story… That child/children went to the woman that raised their mother to be a psychotic nut job. Many people have mental illness. Even though this website makes it look like there is a lot that abuse their children, the truth is very few actually hurt anyone, even themselves. That so called “grandmother” is doing nothing but giving her daughter excuses. And lord only knows why leaving those children with the person that brought up their mother to be a whack job is better then the father and grandfather in this case.

  15. Anyone else notice that not only does she sort of look like Casey Anthony but she has the same look as Casey Anthony? You know, the emotionless, stubborn blankness and sort of eff you stare?

    1. Yes!  Thank you!  I couldn’t put my finger on why she looked so familiar!

    2. Yes!

  16. Clevo, we call that particular set of looks and behaviors “psychopathy.”

  17. U r so right Amiee. The Grandmother is making up excuses for her daughter. My best friend is bipolar and would never do anything like this. A lot of ppl like 2 use the excuse of bipolar for bad behavior. This little girl should have known right from wrong. I don’t care if she is bipolar.

    1. It’s people like her who give people like me a hard time at staying on our feet. I suffer from depression and a personality disorder and I work very hard at staying ‘normal.’ But then here comes these idiots who hide behind this mask of mental disorders to excuse them. We either have to be ashamed, therefore not wanting to get the help that some so desperatly need. (I do this every week I’m in for an appointment.) Or those around us see these stories and feel the need to judge us by them. Like at any second we can go skizo and kill ourselves, our children and others around us. When in truth, I can’t even kill a spider. (Look up Vinegarroon. Those creatures I will put a bowl over and leave the house until my husband comes home and removes it, taking it out somewhere it’s safe.)

       I just felt the need to say something.

      1. I hear ya. The stigma about bipolar is so negative and widespread that fathers try to use it to get custody or get back at the mother or refute her credibility if he does horrible things to her/the baby. This further skews and perpetuates the stigma. :(. I really think bipolar is much more akin to conditions like diabetes or lupus–affects the body and sometimes mind (like diabetic psychosis) and while it does need to be treated and monitored indefinitely, it has no real bearing on a persons character. No one rails that diabetes is grounds for eliminating custody. Some may not manage it well, true, but that’s not indicative of all or even most. This woman didnt take care of her business, and is using mental illness as a red herring. Sad.

  18. I know kellie and her mother. The father erick is addicted to opiates. The kother gives kellie and erick percocets on a daily basis. Kellie smokes weed everyday and her other childs father is a crackhead doing 5 years. Nick attardo.

    1. UGH – well it sounds like all of them fucking suck and the babies would be better off in foster care with people who actually give a shit about them.

    2. I should read all comments before I post >_< hence the devils advocate post above… Hadn't read far enough down to discover the fathers issues.

  19. This bitch isn’t bipolar…she is selfish and retarded…..bipolar women obsess over and dote on their children…I would know…I’m one of them…and my friend is too…our children are well cared for…I may be going out on a limb here but I think the grandmother is touched in the head too because no self respecting parent would defend their child if they did something horrific. Like assault a BABY…

  20. Jadium: absolutely!   It’s the involuntary part I REALLY don’t like.

  21. yes.. Check out the FB page! A bunch of winners for sure…just the type of sad excuses of ‘women’ we need breeding out there..! Just so relieved the little one wasn’t killed by the hands of her white trash parent…

  22. @Anne not all of us…your post is severely biased ….from a personal experience maybe? Not all of us go batshit crazy spending money and cheat….some of us are just moody as hell…

  23. Some mental illnesses don’t even surface until a person is in their early twenties, late teens…I am very lucky to have an aunt who is cyclothmic bipolar and was able to see the symptoms in me when I was 15, and urged my mother to seek the care I needed….its a living hell, not being able to function ‘normally’… and by normally I mean we deal with constant paranoia…mood swings are a bitch too…being bipolar is not an excuse for hurting one’s own child….not ever…

    1. My brother is also bi-polar (medically diagnosed & medicated) & he has said that on the occasions when he doesn’t take his meds he does have crazy, dark thoughts but they are never about harming anyone but himself! He also says that he DOES have control over what he does but he chooses to do some of the things he ha the compulsion to do when manic because he enjoys it (when he is in a manic state)…

      Using mental illness as an excuse should t gain a “free pass”…what it SHOULD get you is LIFE in a mental health facility so that the staff can ensure that you take your medications as prescribed because if there’s one thing I have learned from having a family member with a serious mental illness it is this…you CANNOT trust them to voluntarily take their medications all the time! My brother said that the reason he stops sometimes is because he get this thought that sick people take medicine therefore, if he doesn’t take medication he won’t be sick…I know it’s horribly fucked up reasoning but it’s apparently fairly common for people with a mental illness to think this way.

      So lock the bitch up & throw away the fucking key…force her to take her meds & when it’s feeding time throw the food at her through the fucking bars on her door!

      1. I like her, can we keep her?

  24. Geez…if I was the father I would have drove over there and beat the shit out of her!!  But no…he just called the cops instead, which must have been much later….after 55 text messages and videos and her already in the hospital.  Lord, I hope this baby gets put with someone who will take good care of her.

    1. Gonna play “devils advocate” for a sec… It might be possible that the dad was at work, his phone was dead and needed charging, he was out of earshot of the phone, or sleeping when the calls and texts were sent, thereby delaying a response. If not, I’m with you on the big ball o’ WTF

  25. Hear hear all you vindictive vigilantes! If it was my bubba the kids would be living with grandparents because abuser would be dead & I would be living off taxpayer dollars in a gaol for brutally & sadistically torturing & killing the abusive c***!

  26. No one is responsible for the thoughts that enter their head. Thoughts just “pop in”. EVERYONE is responsible for their actions, given average intelligence and no active psychosis. In fact, even psychotics can call 911 and say that their god wants them to kill their child. What you DO is really the only important thing about you.

    This isn’t a poor, psychotic, damaged girl needing loving psychiatric care. This is a baggie of warm roach spit.

    Get out the Raid.

    1. I’m loving you more and more. Welcome to our site. Thanks for commenting!!

      1. Thank you! I’m loving this site more and more. I’ve read more well-thought-out, reasoned and intelligent posts in the last day than I’ve ever read on any other blog.
        And, you cuss cool, too.

        1. I cuss cool. That made me giggle. It really is an art. Glad someone finally appreciates my potty mouth. Hugs, mama!

          1. I did mean that as ‘you…plural’ but you’re brilliant in your own right, April. Despite being a retired teacher of college English, I’ve learned more than a few totally awesome words in the past days.
            The Inet is a Paradise of education!

          2. Well, I am the biggest potty mouth here. Sorry…. I just see our other writers as if they wear halos.

  27. Danielle, I have had experience with, and was even shot by a mentally unstable family member. It is next to impossible to force another adult to get help with their mental condition..and almost just as impossible to have a mother’s children away from her until she causes serious bodily harm to the child. Even after the person shot me, the DA’s office said they couldn’t force that person to get a psychological evaluation because they had not already been diagnosed with a mental condition. In the State of Texas, the defense is able to request an evaluation if they think it will benefit their case, but no one else can force it. As a result, even after shooting me and my daughter, the perpetrator was put on probation, quit drinking (and if they hadn’t done it themselves, I guarantee that they would be able to get away with drinking on probation) but never forced to get mental help. The same person was once given custody of a toddler while the mother was supposed to be trying to pass a drug and alcohol test, which took months… and that mother got her child back after failing test after test. finally, I guess she passed it. I could go on and on… it’s a crazy system.

    1. And btw…they have that toddler in the home..even though one of them was convicted of Aggravated Assault on a Family Member..go figure.

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