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Moronic Mommy Monday

Happy Monday Ladies and Gents, today we have a parade of Moronic Mommies for you all to read about.  No dead babies, so most of these would be considered happy endings by BB standards.  Let’s get to it shall we.

Carla “Disco” Murphy

New mother smoked bath salts in maternity ward 2 days after giving birth, berated staff and rolled naked hospital floor

First up we have, Carla Murphy (31) of Altoona, PA and Carla is gracing BB with her presence because just two short days after giving birth and while still on the maternity ward of Pennsylvania Hospital, she stands charged with smoking bath salts and violently attacking staff.  How’s that for a welcome to the world, for her baby.

On June 17th, she stripped naked, proceeded to swear and physically attack the nurses and other staff attempting to assist her.  Seemingly unaware of her whereabouts, rolling around on the floors naked Murphy was given the antipsychotic drug Haldol to calm her down, but she continued to flail about aggressively and behave erratically.

A search of her bag yielded a white powder described as “Disco”, a popular name for bath salts.

She has been charged with aggravated assault and various drug charges.

Lynn Cameron

Young woman with unknown identity in Caryville

Police identified special needs woman dropped off at Caryville bar

Second up to show us a shining example of motherhood, is Eva Cameron.  Eva apparently tired of caring for her 19-year-old mentally disabled daughter Lynn, drove her daughter to Tennessee from their home  in Illinois and dropped her off on the side of the road and went on back home.  No worries though, Eva had Lynn’s best interest at heart because Tennessee has the “No. 1 health care system in the United States of America.”

Lynn was  found alone at the Big Orange Bar and taken to the hospital where she was discovered to have only a basic vocabulary of 30-40 words.  She did not know her age, address, phone number or even her name.  So sad!

The icing on this cake… Eva Cameron can not be charged with any crime as Lynn is an adult and not assigned a legal guardian.

Lynaa “Chuck E. Cheese Brawlin” Dobbins

Chaos –  Chuck E. Cheese crazed woman attacks rival with scissors and brick

PA woman jailed in knife and brick attack on women at son’s Chuck E. Cheese party

“Mommy” number 3 today is Lynaa Eva Dobbins (22).  Lynaa upset her ex had a new girlfriend in attendance at her son’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, started a full on brawl, that ended with one woman’s ear cut and another hit with a brick.  Nice Job Mommy, hopefully he isn’t old enough to have any memories of you ruining HIS birthday.  Classy, really classy.

She has been charged with aggravated assault and stalking.

Valerie “Here’s some beer son” Topete

Beer- Arizona mother arrested for allegedly putting beer in 2-year-old son’s sippy cup

Last but not least we have Valerie M. Topete (36), it seems while out enjoying some pizza and beer, Valerie’s 2-year-old son kept reaching for her pitcher of beer.  Being the loving and sensible parent she is Valerie did what all mothers would do…NOT… she popped open his sippy cup and gave him some of her brewski.

A Witness called 911 after seeing her pour the beer into the sippy cup and watching, what appeared to be an intoxicated, lil’ man fall from his high chair.  Topete said she was just using “reverse psychology” on the baby and only gave him the beer detour his curiosity.

Topete was charged with one count of child abuse and her son is in the custody of his father.

Thanks to all the tipsters.

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  1. So much fail….

    BTW – I would GLADLY be Lynn’s guardian.  She looks like a sweet young lady.

    1. She does, doesn’t she? How could you just leave her alone, anything could have happened to her.

      1. Well, never mind the depraved fuckers who will RAPE an adult with a child’s mentality. Especially if they can’t talk. I want to kill that c*** with my bare hands the more I think about it.

        1. She didn’t even know her name… when they found mom she said “I don’t want her, I’m not taking her” got in her car and left. I guess she has another special needs daughter and said it was too much dealing with both.

          1. M.A.     You said it best with one exception on the word “c***”.  There  should have an “s” at the end of it to make it plural, as in “c***s”, so that the description would accurately fit all of them…….just sayin’…

          2. correction to my post:  There should have BEEN an “s”………I left out a word….it’s late.

          3. Which is why I have you here to correct me. Thank you! 😉

          4.  I hope they remove the other special needs daughter, and place her with someone who won’t just throw her out like garbage because it’s hard to deal with. They deserve someone who will work with them, give them good care, and love them.

    2. There are parents out there with developmentally disabled kids who do take care of them, and are glad to do it.  When I used to go to church there was a couple there whos son had cerebral palsy, and even though he couldn’t talk (he was 7-9 years old) he was possibly the happiest little boy I have ever met.  As far a Lynns mother goes it sucks they can’t charge her for anything, but at least she didn’t kill her daughter.

      1. Oh, they could find something to charge her with. I wonder if she took her other special needs daughter with her. If she didn’t, and the other girl was a minor then they could slap her with some charges. I’m crossing my fingers for that to happen. Not that I wish unsafe circumstances for any special needs adult or child, but this c*** needs to  have to own up to her selfish acts of unkindness.

        1. She had another special needs daughter?

    3.  I know she is an adult, but she just looks precious and very sweet also. I’d take her in as well. I hope she can find someone who will care for her well, and give her the love that she deserves.

  2. All these “mothers” are so hard/angry looking and Lynn has the sweetest face ever.  How could anyone just leave her on the side of the road?  How scary for her.  Whoever found her and called the police to take her to the hospital probably saved her from untold harm. 

    1. Well of course they’re angry, they’re pissed that they actually have to face consequences for their actions.  

  3. I hope Disco Mommy of the Undead up there never gets her child back. If she was busy getting high in the hospital two days postpartum can you imagine what she was doing while she was pregnant? I bet if she wouldn’t have done that at the hospital we still would have wound up writing about her because she went off to get high and her baby wound up hurt or dead. These piece of shit mothers make me vomit, literally, with what they do to their kids.

  4. OK, bath salts, really?  I’ve heard it mentioned a couple of times on various websites.  What do bath salts have in them that would make someone high?  Lye?  I don’t get it.  Yay!  Pretty soon we’ll have to produce a driver’s license and have it scanned to buy bath salts too.  Thanks, stupid druggie pieces of shit!  I already appreciate the fact that I have to get scanned to buy my 2-year-old cough medicine!

    Please, State of Pennsylvania, take that newborn away NOW.

    1. : ) “Bath salts” aren’t literally for your bath. It’s synthetic cocaine. I smile because I made the same assumption and was totally stumped. My 17 year old daughter (unfortunately) cleared it up for me.  Unfortunate because she knows what they are at all. It seems no one is safe from the stupidity of their friends and she always ends up knowing all about all the wrong things.

      1. Wow, I feel like a total moron…thank you so much for clearing that up.  I kept wondering about it.  I thought “They’re like crystals, maybe they put them in a spoon and light them and then inject it or chop it up and snort it like coke”.  People do some weird shit, so I could see it happening.  Good thing I didn’t try it out (kidding)!  Blonde moment!

        1. Glad to help! : ) My teenager is just a wealth of information. *rolls eyes lovingly at her* 

          It’s shocking what lengths people go to in order to get high.   Even after all of the horror stories coming out about this new “designer” drug, people are still willing to take this chance with their lives – and the lives of those around them. If “Disco” Mom up there was getting high WHILE she was pregnant, which we’re all pretty sure she was, there’s no telling what developmental problems this poor baby is going to face. Reports are that bath salts are far worse than crack cocaine. I see a new epidemic of bath salt babies in the very near future and it makes me shutter.  : (

  5. I work with adults with developmental and there is no reason for Lynn’s “mother” to have done that.  All she had to do was go to social services and tell them she couldn’t take care of her.  There are agencies that take care of adults that can’t take care of themselves.  Social services would’ve placed her in an agency and she would’ve been in a group home or in a home of her own, depending on her needs.  Pisses me off when people who can’t take care of thereselves are abused by the people who should be taking care of them.

    1. OMG. Love you.

      I would think the mother of a handicapped child (adult or not) would actually have MORE compassion than anyone. I believe Lynn was born to a heartless tw*t.

  6. I’m sure this has probably been said but bath salts lady looks like a methed out version of Heath Ledger’s Joker. 

    1.  Heath Ledger looked like a a methed out version of Heath Ledger. Nicholson was the best Joker…and Keaton is THE BEST BATMAN…

      1. Christian Bale has a rockin’ bod, though. So yummy.

        1. Yeah, but he sounds like he has a dick caught in his throat as Batman…

          1. Kinda. but most hot men are better if they don’t talk.

          2.  That makes them hotter…No one wants a talkie piece of eyecandy…

          3. Right? Except my husband is kinda eyecandyish and he’s a talkie mother fucker. But I like his talkiy. He tells dirty jokes and tells me I’m beautiful.

          4. I think my man is too scruffed up to be considered eyecandy, but he’s also a blabbing, jokey ass son of a bleep…Isn’t it sweet how they tell you you’re gorgeous even when you feel like an unkempt pile of PMS?

          5. Haaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa. You’re killing me. I kill myself at the gym so he better NEVER miss a day of telling me how phenom my ass is. Trust me on this one.

  7. And now to my real reason for coming over to this post…The c***asaurus Eva Cameron, the one that ditched her mentally disabled daughter in a bar in another state…is being investigated by the TBI and they’re actually trying to find something to charge her neglectful ass with…so here’ hoping they do. She  shouldn’t have any kids with the shit she pulled, abandoning her daughter like that.

    1. Giddyup! I hope the find SOMETHING!

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