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14-year old strangles her newborn son to death

Cassidy Goodson, 14-Year-Old, Murders Her Newborn Baby:
Teen Charged With Killing Her Newborn Son

Cassidy Goodson, 14-year old baby killer

The list of people that you’ll see in hell certainly isn’t getting any shorter. Person to add to that list? 14-year old Cassidy Godson of Lakeland, Fl.  She did the absolute unthinkable. She had a baby in her  family home and after he was born healthy and fine – she strangled him to death. Then she hid his little body in a shoe box in her closet so that her family wouldn’t find out. To call this fucked up would be the understatement of the fucking century.

Cassidy hid her pregnancy from her family, according to reports.  She was 100 lbs and the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds when he was born. Did you do that math yet? How do you hide that growing belly without anyone noticing?  My bullshit detector is going off.  She claims she wore big clothing to mask the pregnancy.  Two of her aunts thought  her eggo was preggo, and they were reported saying that Cassidy’s mother was in complete denial. Cassidy tried to prove that she wasn’t pregnant by producing 2 negative pregnancy tests. Tests that she was allowed to take alone in the bathroom.

Cassidy went into labor on September 19th. She went into the bathroom at home, stuck a towel in her mouth, and turned on the water to help with noise control. Then she gave birth into the toilet.  When he got stuck during the delivery, she used scissors to pry him out. Once he was born and still attached to her via the umbilical cord – she strangled him until he wasn’t moving or breathing any longer.  She did it because she “didn’t know what to do with it.”  Cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

Fast forward 3 days later when Polk County Sheriff’s office received a call from her frantic mom, Teresa Goodson. She called to report that she had found a dead baby in her daughter’s closet after investigating a foul smell while collecting laundry.

So cops arrested Cassidy on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. They’re still trying to decide if they’re going to charge her as an adult or not and also if they will charge any of the adults in her life that knew of the pregnancy. The judge that she went in front of is quoted saying, “Let’s remember she is a child. Where was her support system?”. Good question – where were they?

So any people to blame in this story – not just Cassidy. Yes, she’s obviously not just a stupid kid who didn’t know what to do. She knows that murder is wrong, no matter what her age. She was not educated about Safe Haven laws in Florida, which say that you can leave a baby up to 7 days old, no questions asked. If her mother, aunts, coaches, teachers, friends, etc… knew she was pregnant and didn’t help her – most of them failed her too. Especially her mother.  I’m not buying that a 100-pound 14-year old hid her pregnancy THAT well — even more so if the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

RIP little man – you were gone way too soon.

Thank you to all that sent in the tips – there were a lot of you.

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  1. This bitch’s face makes me want to puke. I don’t care how old she is, she needs a curb stomp.

  2. By the way, she’ll probably do absolutely no time. There is this useless whore named Katrina Effert, from Wetaskiwin Alberta. She strangled her newborn baby with dirty fucking panties and threw him over the neighbors fence. This was in 2005. She did NOT go to prison. She has a facebook, Katt Shautz if anyone is interested in some cyber bullying, hopefully resulting in her eventual suicide.

    1. What in the MOTHER FUCK? 

      “Compassion, rather than extended jail time, is the norm for a mother who commits infanticide, the killing of a child less than one year of age by a mother with a mind disturbed by giving birth or by lactation. No Canadian woman has gone to jail for longer than a year for this crime since a legal provision for infanticide was enacted in 1948. Instead, convicted mothers usually get no jail time. “

      1. I know right? It just fucks the mind.

        1. I’m reading the whole story about what she did and I just can’t believe it. 

          1. She’s really just the most disgusting human being. Got away with murder, and moved on to a life filled with problems far less severe than the fact that she killed HER BABY. And so many people have just forgiven her and forgotten. On fb, her mom and dad and all these friends, all of them obviously know what happened…How could they??? I live in Calgary now, I really want to find this bitch.

      2. Where do you get your Canadian facts from? There is currently a mother in jail aiting for trial for murdering her baby she has been in 18 months so far and will get a very long sentence

        1. From a blogger in Canada- please note the quotation marks. I copied over what I found somewhere else.

      3. i dont get it. if killing your baby doesnt get you some serious jail time,,, then what will?   i am so not a fan of baby killing whores.

    2. Blech, what a disgusting c***. I went and checked out the FB after reading the story. On FB she says things like “Im so sick of not being good enough for anyone”. Well, yeah, bitch most men look for non-murdering psychos!

    3. Wishing for suicide?  Damn, there are some sick fucks in this world. 

      1.  Preferable to someone killing another child.

      2. Yeah, like the ones who strangle newbors to death with dirty underwear. Oh, and the ones who are more concerned about them than the life they took.

    4. Are you sure you have the right Katt? I mean, if you are telling people to bully someone shouldn’t you include a link to the right one or is there more than one Katt S.? I mean, it would suck to slander someone who has the same name but didn’t hurt anyone. 

      1. Very Good Point!

  3. Kid’s fourteen. That means that whoever impregnated her committed statutory rape.  There are reasons we have statutory rape laws…like human beings need time to grow a brain before they’re ready to handle having sex and having babies. Obviously hers wasn’t grown enough.

    My mother, who taught high school for many years, used to say that if adults behaved like teenagers they would be considered psychotic. Yet another reason why we have age of consent laws.

    I don’t think she should do time, but I have a feeling the baby’s father should. There’s probably a good reason why the mother’s “in denial.”

    1. She shouldn’t do time? Are you kidding me? She murdered a baby! Her own baby! I don’t care how she ended up pregnant, but two wrongs do not make a right.  Did you READ what she did to the baby?

      If she didn’t want a child she could have gotten an abortion.

      1. FYI: The girl is 14.  If I’m correct, one needs to be at least 18, to undergo an abortion without parental consent in the state of Florida, that’s IF they haven’t gone all batshit crazy with the anti-choice laws there.  So if her parents were so up the river of Denial that they could make papyrus scrolls, I really doubt they’d go take her to the closest planned parenthood and sign the papers.

        1. FYI: Getting a fake I.D. would be better than killing your baby.

          1. Agreed. And also, there is no age requirement for adoption or safe havens.

          2. I mean, she put him in a box in her closet until he rotted–it would have taken less effort to just pick him up, take him away to a hospital or to someone else to take to the hospital and left. I mean, that had to be better than murdering your child then SLEEPING in the same room as its corpse.

          3. She bashed him in the head repeatedly with scissors as well. I’m so sick of people making excuses. She’s just a kid. She’s mentally ill. Blame the parents.

            No. It’s her fault that a baby is dead. 2 minutes of Google searching could have solved her problem. Safe haven. Adoption agency. Etc.

            May she suffer forever with the knowledge of what she has done.

          4. There are plenty of example of kids who kill in cold blood. She is fourteen, she has been through school. She knows what death is. She knows what pregnancy entails. She sat there, had the baby, and then murdered it. She used scissors instead of calling for help. I hope she goes to prison for life, because once a killer always a killer, it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you stab a baby with scissors then you need to be removed from society.

          5. somethng tells me that is at the age of 14 she feels no guilt over killing her baby that won’t change when she is older

          6. Or better yet, tell your parents you’re pregnant and ask for the help to get the abortion. I’d rather have pissed off parents than be considered a baby killer.

    2. Canada sucks their age of consent is 13 as long as the older person is not in a position of athority

  4. I agree with you, Anne. I’d also like to add that I think there’s more to this story.

    As the mother of a fifteen year old girl, I have seen firsthand how immature and impulsive teenagers can be, as well as how they panic and make stupid choices to conceal other stupid choices. I think this little girl was probably more scared than she had ever been in her short life. All that being said, I don’t think this girl should be charged as an adult. The “adults” in her life who failed her should face charges, as well as the spineless nitwit who impregnated her, if this is a statutory rape situation.

    It is a very sad story all around, but I think the focus of this write up should be on the adults responsible for the well being of a child who got herself into an adult situation, rather than the scared little girl above who did something she cannot take back.

    1. I do mention that the adults in her life failed her miserably. However, scared or not scared — a regular 14-year old knows exactly what murder is. Did I hide stuff from my mom when I was 14? Well, of course I did. Did I do lots of shit that I wasn’t supposed to? You bet your ass.  However, I never physically hurt ANYONE – let alone murdered someone. There’s a big difference between being a scared little teenage girl whose done something stupid and a 14-year girl who murdered her baby with her own bare hands. 

      I don’t have an opinion on whether or not she should be tried as an adult. I believe she needs to pay for what she did and so do the worthless adults in her life that weren’t there to help her make the right choice.

      1. Danielle… I agree completely!

  5. This reminds me of how Cindy Anthony denied Casey’s obvious pregnancy until the family wedding when the entire extended family confronted her with the truth. Even then, at seven months, she tried to pass it off as “female problems” like a tumor or something. Hello… if your kid has a tumor big enough to look like a 7 month baby bump, wouldn’t you be racing to the hospital? And we saw exactly how whack that entire family turned out to be, didn’t we!

    So this girl’s mom is obviously nuts and needs CPS all up in her business, but what about her teachers? Every other adult in her life? There is a lot of blame to go around here.

    Also, I wonder if the baby’s dad isn’t an older family member. That would explain the extreme denial going on in that house.

    1. “Also, I wonder if the baby’s dad isn’t an older family member. That would explain the extreme denial going on in that house.”

      Lucy, I was wondering the same thing.

  6. My sister in law had a baby at 17 no one knew she was pregnant because she did not show at all 2nd pregnancy she was huge. But I do agree the girl knew what she was doing. i’d like t know how she had so much control of herself to do that while giving birth??

  7. My sister in law had a baby at 17 no one knew she was pregnant because she did not show at all 2nd pregnancy she was huge. But I do agree the girl knew what she was doing. i’d like t know how she had so much control of herself to do that while giving birth??

  8. You know, if I thought my niece was pregnant and hiding it even for a second, I’d at least casually mention the safe haven laws. At the very, VERY least someone who suspected could have done that.

  9. No sex education, no contraception = disaster

    Being oblivious to the realities that teens are having sex creates situations like this. One shot every 3 months could have prevented this and situations like this. I’d rather my daughter be on birth control and be able to talk about sex then feel she has to hide from everyone cause “sex is wrong” because murdering a baby is worse.

    1. My teenage goddaughters (16 and 17) are on birth control. The have very close relationships with both of their parents (my dearest friends) and went to them to talk about sex and contraception before either of them lost their virginity. The 16 year old went to her DAD when her and her boyfriend of a year had started to get close to actually doing the deed. Her took her to the doc and she went on the pill – then she lost her virginity. All parents may not want their teenagers to  have sex – I get that… but they’re going to do it if they want to. Better to make them safe ahead of time and get over the fact that teenagers are sexually active.  

  10. If this brat is so dumb how did she know how to deliver her own baby? I guess she musta googled huh? To bad she didn’t look up “safe haven laws”. Something anything !

  11. It is dreadful situation but this GIRL is 14. Sara snow, to encourage people to cyber bully someone into suicide is sick and revolting. Early teens don’t have the full connections in their brain that balances their reason and action. I am not excusing the behaviour at all but inciting violence is pretty rough.

    1. Can you please shove it? I don’t give a shit what you think since obviously youdidn’t even bother to look into what Daniella and I are talking about. This woman I referred to below is a full grown adult who killed her baby with her own underwear and threw it away like garbage. THAT is sick and revolting. If you want to stand up for something in life, maybe a baby murderer is not the best choice. As for what I said, I stand by it. She does not deserve to live a happy life.

    2. How is it even possible that you care more about the fact that this useless skank doesn’t cry into her pillow about something a random stranger (me) said on the internet than the fact that she MURDERED A FUCKING BABY? People like you (bleeding heart liberals) are the reason the justice system is as fucked up as it is. Always wasting resources giving people second (third, fourth…) chances rather than realizing anyone who strangles their own baby to death with a size XL thong is beyond help and needs to be irradicated. Like, I just got to work and already you ruinged my morining. And why? On behalf of a baby murdering loser who for some reason you want to live a long, happy life free of reminders that she belongs in hell. To me, that’s sick and revolting.

  12. Apologies, Sarea

    1. Thanks, you have the nerve to call me sick and revolting and then think it’s necessary to correct your misspelling of my name? Fuck you.

  13. OMG the typos…sorry to anyone who has to read my rants. I haven’t even had my coffee yet and this bastard has already pissed me off beyond belief.

  14. Sarea, I never called you sick and revolting I said inciting violence was and it is. I acknowledge your point that you were referring to another case re the Facebook comment however my point about violence still stands. I’m not a bastard nor do I deserve to be told to get fucked.
    This girls is 14 and does need to face the consequences of her actions but she is 14 and we do need to find out, short of her being a psychopath, how this situation came to be.
    Now that I’m responsible for justice systems in other countries I better get busy extending sentences . You don’t know anything about me and if I have ruined your day things must be pretty ace I your life. I’m happy for you.

    Violence begets violence not me voicing my opinion as you ave done.

  15. I won’t get deeply into this because I’ve already had some blazing rows elsewhere about it… suffice it to say that while what the girl did was a terrible thing, I do not think she deserves to carry the blame alone.

    I already tell my 5 year old that if anything bad happens that she needs help with or that makes her scared that she can always come to me or her Daddy, even if she thinks she did something wrong or if she’s scared we will be mad. As she gets older I’ll expand on it and while no mother ever wants her teen to turn up pregnant and scared, if God forbid anything did ever happen like that to mine she’ll never have to fear my wrath or worry I’ll turn her away.

  16. Inciting violence is not good on any level. Not wanting violence does not mean you support the people that have murdered their children. We all want a world free of violence , especially violence against children. No society that encourages violence can provide a violence free world for children. It’s not that hard to work out.

    1. A violence free world for children is a nice thought, but that’s all it is. It is not and never will be a reality, no matter how much we wish it. I don’t plan on driving anyone to suicide, but certainly wouldn’t shed a tear if the aforementioned baby murderer did kill herself. Haven’t you been around a while? I mean, surely you’ve noticed that this is not the first time someone has fantasized about a baby killers untimely demise in the comment section, and sometimes even in the actual write up. I would understand you more if you were literally trying to hold back an angry mob, but this is the internet and you do seem more outraged by the thought of violence toward a murderer than the initial violence they committed.

    2. I disagree. I believe that if we had stronger penalties for those who victimize children and CPS, prosecutors and judges who did their jobs we’d see far leass of it. I also believe that if caning to death were a penalty for these crimes or public whipping  to death it would decrease even more.
      Only those too stupid or evil to live would risk those tyrpes of punishments!

  17. I feel compelled to give this baby a name….its sad he doesn’t have one. I shall name him Ezra Michael…. I can only bet he was a beautiful newborn….oh…it makes my heart break even more….*kisses her little Layne* <3

  18. The story is horrific enough on its own but the complete version includes this:
    A medical examiner determined the 9.5 lb baby boy was alive and breathing prior to death, and suffered 32 contusions, hemorrhages and severe head trauma consistent with blunt force trauma, “which is consistent with the head being struck repeatedly by scissors,” according to the affidavit.

    1. So was it like she hit him on the head with the closed scissors, or was it cuts from being pried out with open scissors?

    2. holy shit — just awful and sickening.

  19. Ok, the whole story that the family didn’t know is plain rediculous!! I’ve had a little boy recently, I stayed very active throughout my pregnancy. I’m 5’2; I was 135 pounds full term. There was no way anyone couldn’t tell I was pregnant. My son was average sized, 6lb 13oz. That girl carried a 9 pound baby and not one person had a clue?!?! There has to be something going on that everyone ignored the situation. This all just breaks my heart. I have some neighbors down my street that are trying to adopt a baby right now. From what I understand its very, very expensive. We live in a pathetic ass society that makes it almost impossible to adopt children. When there are babies being murdered that should have gone to a loving, caring family.

  20.  It’s actually more common with smaller women not to show sometimes. My sister in law did not snow at all for her first pregnancy her second one she was as big as a house lol

  21. Im from Florida as well, in fact, I’m from the next county over from where this happened. I also gave birth at 14. My basic maternal instincts were present immediately after the birth of my daughter – no matter our age as mothers, we are hard wired to protect our young. Now, when it comes to other parenting issues that come from EXPERIENCE and not INSTINCT. Yes, I.lacked in those areas. That’s why I know this girl was a psychopath, because even though I made stupid decisions when my daughter.was a baby (no carseat, not putting her schedule ahead of my socializing time) I always had a hard wired instinct to protect her. Yes, I was shamed, shunned and ignored thru my pregnancy, but that is No reason to kill a baby.

  22. Jesus. Busy weekend for trolls. Let me set the record straight here:

    A) Yes, I’m sure it’s the right Katt.

    B) I never asked anyone to bully her. I suggested it as a possibility. And it was (kind of) a fucking joke.

    C) Suicide is not “violence”.

    D) I had a good friend who did this to themself, I do not take it as a joke, but this woman killed a baby.

    E) Did I mention she KILLED a BABY? With dirty underwear. And threw it over a fence. And apparently went on with life afterwards as if nothing happened. Complaining about being fat, stupid and unloved. Disgusting.

    On this site, I have read in the comments some of the most brutal fantasies of violence and torture and death suggested by readers and bloggers against these criminals. I have authored some myself. And THIS is what people get their panties in a twist about? Well. Sorry if you’re offended by the suggestion that this MURDERER deserves to live with sadness and guilt. Sorry if you feel my suggestion to remind her of her REAL problem was too harsh. But I will stand by it no matter what is said here, or how despicable you think I am for suggesting this nasty c*** needs to pay for her sins.

    Have a fucktastic day.

    1. Sadly, some of our readers may be wearing their underwear a little too tight. Jeez.

  23. PS – It’s now Catherina Schatz. Lol.

  24. This is what baby killers should be concerned with. Right?

    “Omfg hair grafiti pencil crayons I’m so excited. What next. Wow this is the best idea in the world . I’m buying them all so all who have shaved heads come get my art work done on your head its painless too”Barf.

  25. I read this on Dreamin’ Demon, and there has been discussion about the need for confidential, cheap and accessible abortion. In Australia, abortion and contraception are covered by Medicare. Sex education is mandatory in all public schools. We do need to learn some stuff from the US, in that we don’t have safe haven laws over here. I was thrilled to hear that the abortive pill RU486 has been trialled and will soon be available here! If people didn’t treat abortion like it were the Holocaust, then less of these incidents would occur.
    Remember: Abortion is never an easy choice, sometimes the right choice, but it is always a woman’s choice!

    1. Uh oh! This is going to start a WHOLE debate. I’m with you, sister. But wait and see how hot it gets in here. Kinda like the circumcision debate. Whoa….

    2. AMEN!!!

  26. Cheap, confidential, accessible abortions? Up to what stage of pregancy? 3 months? 6? 8? Who decides? What the fuck is so hard about taking a Goddamned pill every day? That shit is covered by medical insurance. Or if you can’t get your parents on board with that, buy fucking condoms, take some for free from the planned parenthood clinic. THOSE are fucking confidential, cheap and accessible.

    I can’t get behind the whole vacuum out the half-formed human with a live heart beat and semi-developed organs thing. Sorry if that’s controversial, but why isn’t it alive? Because you can’t see it? Out of sight out of mind? That’s not a good enough reason, and no wonder people do not value the lives of children. IMHO, of course. You are free to yours.

    1. I’d like to know who knocked her up before I decide if abortion should have been an option. I wonder if it was a family member. Maybe that’s why mom was in such denial. Maybe another reason she did what she did. Man…. I hate when we are missing such info.

  27. To clarify I do feel that abortion is much preferable to child abuse, however it is also completely unnecessary. Condoms, the pill and as a final means, adoption can solve all issues of unwanted children. Fact.

    1. BC is DEF a better choice than abortion, but there is always the case of rape and incest (just another form of rape IMHO). I don’t think abortion should be used as BC, but it is sure better than stabbing a newborn in the head with scissors. Just saying…..

      1. Agreed. Those things are so fucking disgusting that abortion pales in comparison.

      2. I am fervently pro-choice however rape really shouldn’t be used in arguments about abortion because the statistic is so damn low!

        I know Todd Akin is a tool & what he said about pregnancy from legitimate rape not being possible absolutely false, but the statistic for rape resulting in pregnancy is genuinely low. The window for falling pregnant is small (it is so much harder to fall pregnant that they made out in High School!) & most women don’t EVER get raped let alone rape happening to the same woman more than once (I am of course excluding cases of incest for this purpose as the statistic there is very different). 

        Anyway, I’m all for a woman choosing not to go ahead with a pregnancy regardless of her reasons (although adoption would be a better option for the child & potential parents but it is not my call) but using rape as the sole reason to be pro-choice is not an accurate reflection of the reasons women seek an abortion!

        And no, I don’t consider incest to be rape…I think it is so much worse than rape by a stranger or date rape that it deserves it’s own category!

        1. Rape occurs in some domestic violence situations. Repeatedly. And can result in pregnancy. Trust me. I’ve been there. He killed the unborn baby, though. Not me.

  28. And fuck, have you ever seen an ultrasound?? THAT is a PERSON. No doubt there.

  29. I don’t think that this story is the forum to discuss which side of the pro-choice/pro-life fence we’re all on.  Maybe this is something that should be taken to the OT, if need be, to not take away from this particular story. 

    1. Yes…..

    2. Excep that it sort of applies here. Sort of. I say discuss it as long as it doesn’t get too heated. If it does, then Trench or I can disable the comments.

      1. Just preemptive bc it always gets out if hand. But absolutely your call, not mine.

        1. I understand. I could already see the debate in my head last night. We have them from time to time. Let’s see how this goes.

          Honestly, if the little bitch elected to abort (not that I’m condoning it), she would have saved herself a shit load of legal problems.

  30. I am a, shall we say, AMPLE lady. I have had two pregnancies, both of them with large babies (9lb 4oz & 9lb 1oz). Even though I had a belly BEFORE I got pregnant, you should have seen me when I WAS pregnant! I looked like Honey Boo Boo’s Mother in a tent!

    There is NO WAY her family didn’t know!

  31. I believe in abortion because I believe a woman has a choice in what happens to her body, whether she carries a pregnancy to term or chooses to terminate (and all reasons are legit), how many children she chooses to have (providing that she can look after them). It is her body, if she became pregnant from rape, contraceptive fail or it’s just not the right time in her life, that is her choice to make.

    1. I’m with you Alice. 

  32. I believe in abortion, only when it’s needed… Say, if a 12 year old girl is raped. Yes. If a woman has to terminate to save her own life, yes.
    Contraception fail…I sit on the fence with…I had contraceptives fail on me…my last child is a pill baby.
    But, I chose to have unprotected sex, knowing that the pill wasn’t a hundred percent effective. Of course, when I found out I was pregnant, I thought about aborting the baby, until I told the father…(my life was in a very bad spot at that point in time, dealing with a horrible custody battle and divorce and the father’s and mine’s relationship was very rocky at that point, we had just gotten back together after splitting up for a week)…of course, he talked me out of it…
    So yeah…it’s a woman’s choice to have an abortion, but she also chose to put herself in the position to get pregnant too…and no unborn child should have to suffer the consequences of  that, in my opinion….and I’m referring to contraceptive failure, not anything else…BUT there is new birth control that is more effective than the pill, without the side effects of the shot…it’s called Nexplanon…and between you and me, I would rather have a little scar on the inside of my bicep than have to deal with another unplanned pregnancy…

    1. Well,  my husband had a vasectomy a few years ago.  We are DONE totally completely done.  I had a scare this past cycle.  5 days late for my period.  (it showed up eventually mind you)  But it was the scariest 5 days of my life.  seriously.  Another labour could kill me.  I live too far from any hospital to get there safely during labour..not only that I’ve had pelvic floor reconstruction so I’d probably blow out on the side of the highway on the way to the hospital and bleed out and die.  Yeah not fun…so yeah guess what I was trying to find.  I live somewhere , where it’s VERY hard to get it done.  a 6 week you’re pushing the 15wk limit (only allowed up to 15wks here)  Thank GOODNESS I wasn’t pregnant.  But yeah,  that would have been a catastrophic birth control failure..and my kids need a living mom, not a dead mom and an infant sibling, if the sibling survives.

    2. I know a woman who, after having her tubes tied surgically, then gave birth in her forties to twins with severe cognitive and physical handicaps. So, yeah, I think there are more reasoms than people think to consider abortion. Also as a nursing student I watched as an 11 yr old incest victim, in terror and pain, gave birth. Never want to see it again.
      As far as rape and incest victims you should know that if a female’s has not attained her full height when she gets pregnant then by the time she’s term her growth plates will have closed and she won’t grow any more.
      There are more issues involved than you think. If a woman does not have the right to control what happens with her body then what control does she have? It wasn’t that long ago that women were property and I cannot agree with robbing any woman of any choice in the matter. It could set a dangerous precident. I am not a fan of using abortion as a form of birth control, I believe we have plenty of other options but I do believe that the choice should belong to the woman and is between her and her God. I think everyone else should just butt the fuck out. Who is anyone else to forbid any options to a woman. You don’t live in her skin or walk in her shoes. Nuff said.

    3. I had the Nexplanon inserted. $5 for the rod, bulk-billed to have it installed. Never looked back! Condoms are still needed for casual hookups though!

  33. I feel like there are definite reasons for the necessity of the technology. As April mentioned, rape or incest, however small the statistics are. As Shady and Monique brought up, we should also provide it to women who may die of complications from pregnancy. I like Monique’s analogy “My kids need a living mom, not a dead mom and an infant sibling”. It’s a very good point. That being said…

    What I take serious issue with is the perspective of “my body, my choice”. Alice, as I’ve said I respect your opinion and you’ve provided some really valuable insight here at BB, but it is rather easy to tell that you don’t have any children 🙂 Am I right? That little seed growing inside a woman’s body has certain rights, just as the mother who carries it does. As I see it, the fetus should – under normal circumstances – have the right to a safe and pain free existence. I haven’t done enough research to tell anyone here what science has to say about its pain receptors, but I would imagine that something with a partial brain and a heartbeat can feel pain just like you or I. That in my opinion makes abortion as a means of contaception totally morally wrong, being that there are many other options in which the fetus is not terminated, or in plainer terms – killed.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, however why not aim to use the resources provided to us to ensure times don’t ever get desperate. To trivialize the death of a fetus in my opinion devalues the lives of babies and children. The difference between a 7 month old fetus and a preemie born 2 months early is simply location. 

    That also brings to light issues of drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy, If we’re going to give a fetus rights, it needs to be a serious crime to abuse it during gestation. And I feel that it should be, since the child is the one who will have to deal with the consequences of the parent’s careless behavior.

    Wow, this is a hard fucking topic to cover. No wonder politicians duck it like the plague. I feel really confused right now. Anyway like always it feels good to rant.

  34. Apparently, a fetus feels pain at 28 weeks. I learned something new today.

    1. Most people know if they’re gonna continue on with the pregnancy by that gestational age.  Late term abortions are NOT very common at all.  #themoreyouknow

    2. Isn’t 26 weeks the latest you can abort?

      1. Unfortunately in Canada I don’t think it is. I’ll have to look into it.

        1. I was right, you just have to find a willing doctor. So not cool.

          1. Depends on the province. Here in Nova Scotia Abortions can only be performed up to 15 weeks.

      2. In Australia it is 22 weeks but a late term abortion CAN be performed for therapeutic reasons but it has to be done in hospital, under a general anaesthetic & extensive counselling is mandatory…also the baby would require a burial as it would be considered a still birth. I can’t imagine how heart breaking it would be to find out you had to kill your baby because you were sick. Most women would try to carry to term but in some cases it’s just not possible & this procedure has to take place.

  35. This is so sad on so many different levels! There is no way in hell that a skinny 14 yr old could hide a pregnancy (much less a pregnancy that produced a 9.5 pound baby). Second, I don’t care if you have a towel in your mouth and water running, that shit hurts like hell!! My daughter was 9.6, so I know! Yes, she was old enough to know what pregnancy was and how she became pregnant. She should have known her options, they are all over the tv, internet, billboards, magazines, etc. So yes, she should be charged as an adult for killing her baby and her parents should be charged with child neglect for not taking care of her and for helping with the murder, since they did not stop it. What did they think she was going to do with the baby? Because I know they had to know, if my 14 yr old was pregnant, I would know because I know my daughter that well…not to mention I became pregnant at 15 so I know what to look for. And they need to do a DNA test and charge the father of the child with rape and/or incest as well. RIP little one, so sad because I know a few couples that would do anything to have you in their arms right now!

  36. Update – Thanks go to Chelsea.

    I sent the original story in a while ago, it’s in my area and I just couldn’t believe this. I’m awestruck.
    This was her sentence for killing her newborn son…

    1. There’s actually something rather sad about what she said here, assuming it’s the truth (and I have no reason to think otherwise). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending what she did but for her to say she did it because she didn’t want to damage her “close” relationship with her parents and didn’t want to ruin their image of her… man that smacks of a kid who is trying to be something she’s not to please her parents. Maybe a kid who is being held up to a standard she doesn’t know how to meet. I had a very close relationship with my mum, if I’d got pregnant as a teen it would have devastated her but I know she would have stood by me and helped me make a decision. Sounds like this girl didn’t have that.

  37. Gee … I’m normally the one DEFENDING teen mothers and even I think this was utterly stupid.

    For a start, she’s not quite old enough to give birth safely on a physical level. A very basic grounding in psychology tells you that if you’re not physically safe, you can forget about mental health.

  38. May Karma punish this monster girl and…HOW ABOUT STERILIZATION TO COMPLETE HER DUES?

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