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Edmonton Baby “M” life support appeal

“It’s shocking and depressing as well,” said Mohammed Al-Ani. “I mean, you don’t treat your pets like this let alone your children.”

Those words describe how two breeders treated their twin 27-month-old girls. On May 25, 2012 the police and paramedics were called to the residence and found Baby “M” in cardiac arrest and her twin sister with multiple bruises, Baby “M” and her twin sister weighed 13 and 16 pounds, they were 27-months-old. A third child a boy (age 3) was unharmed and removed from the home and placed in foster care.

Since that day Baby “M’s” sister has improved, but sadly the injuries suffered by Baby “M” were so bad that she has remained in a coma. The girls’ parents have been charged with aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Baby “M’s” condition has been evaluated and it has been brought to court to seek a ruling to take Baby M off life support,

“Doctors have testified that Baby “M’s” condition is believed to be permanent and she is close to brain dead.

Since being admitted to hospital her condition has remained unchanged and she has suffered three bouts of pneumonia.

Doctors said the toddler is deeply comatose and completely dependent on technology to survive.”

Today that decision was released, and Baby M will be taken off life support.


Jailed parents visit child before life support removed

No word on when the judgement will come down from the Supreme Court, the “parents” will be visiting Baby “M” to say goodbye.

Update #2:

 Sad news this morning as Baby M has passed away.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

***Special thanks to Harmony for tips, write-up and updates.***

R.I.P Baby “M”

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  1. I am so furious they were allowed to come “say goodbye”. What the fuck did they even care?

  2. One of the most disgusting things I find about this whole case is that many articles have surmised the parents were pushing so hard to keep the child alive so that they would not be charged with murder. They initially claimed that it was due to religious beliefs, but according to Muslim scholars, there is nothing in Islam that (so sayeth one of the articles) “requires keeping alive those who are in a vegetative state”. I don’t know if the parents have been named in American newspapers — here (Canada) there is a publication ban on the information. They go back to court on October 15, where it seems likely the charges against them (aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life) will now be upgraded — something that was made very clear to them from the very beginning. The parents were allowed to attend the service for the little girl but had to be guarded and in cuffs, and could not interact with each other.

  3. WHY give them the satisfaction of seeing their little girl??? She died BECAUSE OF THEM!!! I would’ve spit in their faces if I was in charge of allowing that to happen…rot in hell.

  4. Oh my God….how can this exist inour Universe?  So much evil in our world!  breeders like this have got to have no soul.  So enraging when they starve the kids, especially babies I just can’t take this shit.  Why wasn’t the three year old harmed?  Thank god  but it smells like one of those countries where they favor males over females.  Damn them all to hell, a life is a life.  Someone should tie these mutherfuckers up and starve them til they fail into a coma. 

  5. And i cant stop thinking of the sister who survived…she will forever feel as if there is a hole in her life and she’s not even old enough to understand.  What an epic fail.  And the fuckers didnt want her off life support to they wouldnt face murder charges…fuck that just kill the bastards where they stand.  The baby was innocent and was robbed of her right to exist.  I can only imagine the torture and horror she experienced during her short stay on Earth.

  6. I think we all agree on one thing:
    I don’t want to call them parents, because real, loving parents don’t allow anything bad to happen to their children…but these people are responsible for the condition that both babies were in, and they shouldn’t have been allowed to see baby M one last and final time before she drew her last breath.
    How dare they cite religious beliefs when it came time to take her off of life support, HOW DARE THEY! 

    I’m not particularly religious, but this scripture comes to mind:

    Psalm 127:3-5  Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

  7. I find this odd:
    “In the early morning of May 25, EMS were called to a south Edmonton residence after receiving a call from the girls’ father, who was at work at the time.”  So the male parental unit called emergency services from work? Weird.
    I also see that they had a son who was well fed and unharmed.  Probably because the only children that have worth in SOME muslim’s eyes are sons.  Girls are a waste of space and resources.
    I can’t believe that the court allowed them to “say goodbye”.  *barf* Murdering scum suckers, I hope that little girl was not aware that her murderers were at her bedside.  Would probably have just added more fear and pain to her suffering.

    1. I’ve never heard that Muslims were particularly big on female infanticide. And if you look at all the supposedly Christian women who do horrible things to their babies because God or Satan “told them to,” you can see it’s a pretty ecumenical phenomenon.

      It’s quite common for abusive parents with more than one child to divide them up into “good” and “bad,” so one gets treated decently and the other horribly.

      1. Anne,
        That’s why I put some in caps.  And I was not referencing infanticide specifically, just stating that female children are valued less than male children by “some” muslims, (and women are considered second class citizens-it’s on the news all the time).  Thus you have a well fed son who is not abused and two daughters who are both starved and abused.

  8. Honestly? Really? They cited RELIGIOUS reasons for keeping this poor infant, the one they tortured, ON LIFE SUPPORT?? Really? Seriously? What religion would approve of that treatment? Please, please, PLEASE explain it to me.

    1. That blew my mind when I read that last article, that they abused and starved the poor child to the point of *legal* death, THEN petitioned the Supreme Court for a court order to keep her on life support because their religious beliefs require life saving measures at all costs. WTF! Do they not see the hypocrisy there??

      Oh I forgot, they starved their kids. Yeah, I guess they would be far too stupid to understand the concept of a paradox.

  9. I have been following this site for over a year and while all the content on here is disturbing, this story really kills me. The pain these two little girls have endured and the selfish acts of the parents, especially towards Baby M in her final moments, wishing to keep her hanging on, for the sake of their punishment…is beyond me. I can not stop thinking of a lot of the stories I have read and they haunt me. As a mother of a vivacious 3 year old, I look at her and truly wonder how any human can do this to our little people. Their little hands, their soft voices, and their love for everything new and their unconditional love for us. I need to help make a change in this world for our children, but I just do not know what

  10. What a fucking sick pair of “parents.” I was talking to my co-worker
    about this site and read some of them to her. We both work with small
    children in some fashion and she just had this terrified look on her

    It pretty much went down like this:

    Shay: So people… like burn their kids, or put them in porn?
    Yeah, its fucking sick. Most of the ones
    listed either die or have some terrible trauma for the rest of their
    Shay: I hope they burn in hell.

    Normal people don’t do
    this to children. They see a child and want what is best for it. I have
    been annoyed with bratty kids, whose parents obviously never discipline
    them, but I would rather see a kid running around screaming than see
    one who walks around like they had their soul beat out of them.

    These people make me so sick. 

  11. I freak out when my kids skip ONE meal (which, at ages 2 & 4 they sometimes refuse to eat their dinner or lunch but they eat loads at the next meal) so I really can’t imagine what has to be wrong in someones head to make them do this.

  12. Cannot believe they were able to come and say goodbye. Makes me sick.

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