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Fred Lee Montgomery Only got 1 year in jail for raping and impregnating his 13-year-old daughter

Father who impregnated daughter gets one year in prison


Apparently, in LANCASTER COUNTY, SC its not a big deal if you are incestuous.  Its such a small deal, in fact, that a particular “father”, Fred Lee Montgomery, only got one year in jail for raping his then 12 or 13 year old daughter, Tiara Stevens, and impregnating her.  Yes, she was only 13 years old when she gave birth and she didn’t even have her own bedroom – she didn’t even have her own bed.  She slept on the floor and Montgomery would come in and rape her and leave her laying on the floor while he went back to sleep on his bed.

No word about the whereabouts of Tiara’s “mother”.

Tiara is now 27 years old and the mother of a blind child (who is also her half-brother).  She said the sentence is a slap in her face.  It most certainly is.  To make matters worse, a blood test confirmed Fred Lee Montgomery was the father of his daughter’s child in the year 2000 and the case just went to trial this year after Tiara called the police!!!!!  I wish this was a joke but unfortunately it is not.

People:  there are too many kids who don’t have any one to advocate for them.  Where was her mother?  Where were the social workers when she gave birth at 13?  It is SO important to speak up for children who you know are being abused or neglected.  Often times no one else will.  Don’t turn a blind eye, ever.  If you do, you are just as responsible as the monsters who hurt these precious angels.


**Thanks go to Jennifer and GT for the tips.  Extra thanks to Jennifer for the write up.

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  1. God that’s an awful story! At least there’s no dead baby but it’s cold comfort. As for Tiara’s Mum…there’s no mention of her in any news reports, nothing at all so I assume she has been out of the picture for some time.

  2. We do not pay enough taxes in this country to pay enough social workers to keep an eye on OUR children. Too busy chasing some so called American Dream of bling and not busy enough with our adults nor children who depend on them. Tiara babe, so very sorry our society is so irresponsible as to not have found out sooner and had a safe place for you to go. That man should be put in jail for life and work in jail to earn money for you and your wonderful son. Oh and folks please don’t kill rapists – keep them alive so that someday perhaps science can study and discover some way to cure them and keep us safe before such things happen. Bless you Tiara – you are amazing grace personified.

  3. Is there someplace to donate to you and your child’s care?

  4. Marshae Alexander

    Tiara you are a brave woman. I don’t know how you have went 14 years with this story. I would have killed my dad before he went to prison. There is no way on earth his ass will still be breathing. I am sorry your mother didn’t protect you from that monster. No child should ever be molested and have to re-live the nightmare 14 years later. To know that monster was free to molest other children for other years don’t sit well with me. I hope come judgment day GOD will show him NO mercy!!

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