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Man Cuts Unborn baby from wife.

Jeffery Reynolds accused of stabbing pregnant wife, cutting fetus out of stomach
Louisiana man slashed wife’s throat, cut unborn child out of her abdomen, sheriff says

This story is pretty screwed up.  It’s the story of Jeffery Reynolds, 28 of Walker Louisana who got a lot knife happy.  The mug shot above shows him sporting what looks like a pretty good bruise. I hope it’s the the start of many many more for what this animal did.
Reynolds must have snapped, but the motive is currently unknown, in an attack on his 7 1/2 month pregnant wife during which he slashed her throat, performed a crude c-section, and stabbed his baby to death. I have said and will continue to talk about the innocent, the beauty and the gift that babies are.  I can’t imagine what that poor woman must be going through.  One minute she was preparing a nusery, prewashing tiny little clothing, checking the diaper and wipe stock and the next she’s in the hospital fighting for her life and mourning her precious little child.
No one knows why,  police are hoping that at toxicology report will supply a motive.  The couple also has a 6 year old son, whom was seen in the company of his wacko dad a few hours before the attack. That child is currently in the care of relatives. Sheriff Jason Ard described the scene of the attack like this “I’ve seen crime scenes before but this was a very challenging crime scene. They all are, but this one was one that I, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.” 
Police have charged Reynolds with 1st degree infanticide and 2nd degree attempted murder.   He is being held in leui of $500,000 bond.

What the hell is wrong with people. You don’t want another kid, get a divorce, leave. Don’t cut an unborn baby out of a woman who by all apperances wanted this baby.  Someting is seriously wrong with this guy.  The mother has been upgraded to stable condition and is expected to recover.  I hope her first stop leaving the hospital is to the divorce attorney. It might be wrong but I hope Jeff Reynolds be cut up in jail. 


***Thanks for the tip and write up go to my darling, Jackie.

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  1. It is not wrong to hope he gets cut up in jail. I would like that too.

  2. understandingoverignorance

    Man your website shows the truly insane shit people in this world does to there children.

    This motherfucker right here needs to have his life taken real slow and painful.

    1. Oh, you will fit in GREAT!

  3. I was reading this on DD and apparently he was high on PCP. That stuff will do some crazy shit to you, he probably thought the baby was an alien or something.

  4. Deserves to die. What a disgusting waste of oxygen and space.

  5. This is sick! Rip to the mama and sweet baby.

  6. I can’t imagine what the poor mother is going through right now.

      1. What? I read the articles and they all seem to imply she survived…

        1. So, I might be retarded. Or sleep deprived. Or confused with a similar story. Forgive me???

          1. Of course, it happens to us all.

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