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A child stayed quiet about his abuse because he didn’t want to leave his siblings

Boy, 10, kept quiet after being ‘raped and pimped out by his adoptive father because he didn’t want to be separated from his new siblings’


How heroic is a child that is tortured by his father and yet, instead of telling someone or asking for help, he keeps quiet so he can stay with his siblings!  Was he protecting them or were they his only hope?? This story makes me want to cry!

This boy is only 10 years old…he was raped and pimped out by his adopted father.  This child was so scared he would be separated from his siblings that he refused to talk to police until police told him that talking would help protect his siblings. At that moment, shaking, the boy broke down and told police he had S..E..X..(spelled it out) with Zwick and Rieder.  The boy told police that his father had sex with him 2 to 3 times a week since he had been adopted.  OMFG!!! The 2 other boys in the home also told police that their father had been raping them.
The father worked from his home as an insurance adjuster.  He had adopted 3 children and was in the process of adopting a fourth (who was already living with him).  In his care were a 9 year old girl, and three boys ages 9, 10, & 12.  The kids were pulled from school to be home schooled and the neighbors were clueless to what was happening.
You know how this shit was caught….an undercover officer with a sex task force was talking with the dad via Internet when the dad said he would arrange sex with a 10 year old boy!!  They arranged to meet at a nearby city McDonald’s but police met this ass hole 2 days earlier than scheduled.  I am so thankful it was police the ass wipe was talking to!!
The adoptions were handled through a private agency in Texas.
His father, who’s name has not been released for protection of the children, is 39 years old a youth basketball coach and a long time resident of Troy Ohio.  He raped 3 of his adopted children and prostituted one of them to two men, Jason Zwick, 29, and Patrick Rieder, 31. Sick, sick, sick! Police stated that they have found no evidence…yet…of inappropriate behavior with the kids he coached.  The FBI is pursuing federal sexual exploitation charges.  Adopted pop is being held on a $800,000 bond and charged with one count child rape, 4 counts of complicity to commit child rape based on allegations of sexual assault in Rieders home.  Zwick is charged with rape and a $500,000 bond and Rieder is charged with 4 counts of child rape and being held with out bond!
The father and both men are in jail and charged with raping the 10 year old boy, his truck was impounded, 4 lap tops seized, video camera seized, and 2 wooden paddles from the master bed room…seized!  All the children have been placed with a relative of the adopted father.
These poor children…i don’t know why they were adopted.  They probably thought they were going to a loving home but, instead, they were pimped out by someone that was suppose to love them. My heart goes out to them and their heroics!!  I hope they will never be hurt again but I hope the 3 men responsible are tortured for the rest of their prison lives!!
Thanks go to Nadia for the tip.
***Special thanks to Leslie for the write up!
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  1. Great write up and not being a jerk, but BB covered this once before I think.

    1. Maybe…. Or one like it. The names didn’t pop up in a search.

      1. I knew it was familiar. Nonetheless, this story is heartbreaking

        1. Thank you! This is why I need you guys! You have my back.

  2. These sick ass perverted fucks! They should be.hung with each others ball sacks! And that poor boy! Keeping quite so he could be.with his brothers and sister! I bet monster fuck told them that if they told.anyone they would be taken away and split up. I hope they get to stay together and they all get the help they need to deal with this. Stay strong little ones, it gets better.

    1. I hope they get shanked so full of holes you could use them to strain spaghetti (if you didn’t mind greasy pervert flavored spaghetti).

      1. I will just stick to my spaghetti o’s thank you. Maybe we can feed that to other pervs?

  3. Holy fuck, Thanks for keeping me skinny… stomach is turning over right now. How the fuck does this happen? How does their behavior get missed? Poor kiddo. I hope someone strings the asshole who did this to him up by his nuts, covers him in sugar water and sets the big ass ants I saw in Afghanistan on his ass.

  4. What a super super kid and what a sad life he must have had . Iread somewhere that his siblings were not blood relatives and he wanted to stay with them because of never having siblings before. I hope they all get massive amounts of support and love in a new loving home with swings, a puppy and a good climbing tree.

    May karma visit that father.

  5. I don’t really feel comfortable with the kids being placed within the adoptive family. I HOPE they were checked out thoroughly and are being well monitored!

  6. General population and let nature take its course.

  7. And this is why the adoption and foster system needs much greater checks on who is allowed to be caring for children! FFS this is disgusting as all hell. I hope there is a special place in hell where the other sinners get to play frisbee with his testicles on a daily basis

  8. How does a single man get to adopt children? Only in Texas!!! This man should not be able to breath another stitch of air, for gods sake we really do let our children down. There are so many broken human beings, is there no hope ??

  9. The only form of torture I can come up with that is appropriate is scaphism, but then again that may not be brutal enough.

  10. I live in the Dayton area, I’ve been following this story. Here is an update that was posted on a local news station on the 20th.

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) – A western Ohio adoptive father is due in court in a second child rape case.
    The 40-year-old man pleaded guilty to raping three boys in his care in his hometown of Troy and still faces seven rape-related counts in Montgomery County. His trial there was recently postponed for plea negotiations and a hearing was set Thursday. He’s charged with taking an adopted son to another man’s home to be raped.
    He was sentenced Monday in Miami County to 60 years to life in prison after a guilty plea to six rape counts.
    The Associated Press isn’t naming him to protect the children’s identities. He adopted three children ages 9 to 12, including a girl, and had been in the process of adopting another boy when he was arrested in February.

    1. 60 years to life?! My gods thank you court system for putting him behind bars at least! With good behavior, he’ll be out too soon for comfort though …. hopefully the other inmates play lovely games with him until he finally understands how his victims felt.

    1. Thanks for the update!

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