Parents murder 2 year old daughter (an update)


Tori didn’t have a Chance

Parents charged with murdering 2-year-old daughter

Parents Charged With Murder in Death of 2-Year-Old Girl


Jennifer Dalhover, 36, and Joseph Sandoval, 21, are being held on a 1 million dollar bail for the murder of their 2 year old daughter. Little Tori was removed from her parents at birth by CPS, and placed in foster care with 8 older siblings because the family had a history of domestic violence and child abuse, as well as sexual abuse committed by Dalholver against Sandoval when he was a minor. Recently, Dalhover obtained a restraining order against Sandoval for domestic violence.



11 abuse reports on record!! Holy hell why did some one not sterilize this bitch??? Apparently, the Department of Children and Family Services pushed the courts to put Tori back with her parents, while the foster family fought to keep Tori away from them. The judge was unwilling to listen to the foster family and the older siblings, even though the parents had dropped out of contact with Social Services and court mandated programs to prepare them for the return of their daughter…can you say red flag?? With parenting programs unfinished, they showed up in court with a newborn, asking for Tori to be back with them…wonder how the judge feels now?? 4 months after being back with her mommy and daddy, she’s dead!! Dead from starvation! Little Tori also had a fractured rib and bruises on her body.



The administrator of the foster care agency wrote a 2 page letter to the judge stating “grave concern” for Tori’s well being. Linda (the administrator) said the court had not considered the risk of returning Tori to her bio parents. She wrote, “I know that reunification is primary and always work toward that goal. However, there are cases where common sense must prevail and history is relevant.” Officials had received 2 warnings about Tori’s well being in the months before her death. Despite all the concerns, the courts left Tori with her parents. Social visits were ordered and those records showed Tori’s weight droped from the 50 percentile for her age to the fifth percentile. Elise Esparza, a friend of Tori’s relatives said that the month before she died , Tori was pale and gaunt.



Officers responded to a call of “a child not breathing” …she had no heart beat either! CPR was performed before Tori was taken to the hospital, and the hospital tried for 6 hours to keep Tori alive… unfortunately, Tori did not come back.


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  • TheSmartestDude

    sometimes, i think the judges need to be held liable in these cases

    • Jenny R.

      THIS. A thousand times this! It’s time we stop letting the prestige of the title ‘judge’ blind us to the fact that they are still fallible mortals like the rest of us, capable of dropping the ball because they’re ‘tired of a case’, want quickie cases/hearings so they can go home to golf or boink a mistress ASAP, or are too lazy to entertain anything more complex than open and shut. These are people, not inscrutable demigods, and the blood of children flows as long as that charade is unchallenged.

  • Katie

    “However, there are cases where common sense must prevail and history is relevant.” Awesome. Either the courts were to dense to realize she was referring to their lack of common sense, or they just didn’t care. Either way there’s blood on their hands.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Whoop! Whoop! Oxygen thieves detected! Recommend they be handled with extreme prejudice.

  • Sloane73

    9 children and 1deceased ! Can’t we have her womb classified as a deadly weapon so it can be removed? Children, I am sorry you have had such a bad start and hope your future is brighter.

    • digchild

      Actually,Dalhover recently had her 11th child.But,anyway,I agree with you that she needs to have her womb removed.She has had a really excessive number of kids and I think she should have known about birth control.Plus,she deserves to be shot dead for having sex with an underage boy and for being a pathetic excuse of a mother.


    Holy crap, these POS’s have “graced” BB TWICE?!

    • Malevolent April

      By oversight. But I’m leaving the second…. Because she made the effort to write it.

  • wastintime

    I hope the judge never has s moments peace. I hope these pieces of shit die, slow and painfully. Sick bitches. That babies family must be going through some of the worst unimaginable pain right now. That poor sweet little baby!

  • Bridget Young

    And could she get any cuter? Evil fucking cunt. Not just beaten, the usual BFD to the head. But starvation. I hope so hard that there is a hell. I would like more if I could smash their heads with a benailed baseball bat. At least the poor baby’s siblings are safe. And the judge could use a beat down too.

    • wastintime

      She was absolutely frigging adorable! I will never understand how parents can look at their children and just not love them. And the mother is a pedophil, the dad her.victim. What.a.fucking rough life for the sorviving children. This was a cluster fuck from the beginning.

    • Jenny R.

      I know, right!? Those bright eyes and sweet little hamster cheeks, left to fade and waste away in a gray veil of torture. Why!?