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Detrimental Breeders of Delaware

Hohn and Watterson (He’s both the eggman and the walrus.)

Escape prompts abuse charges:

In Newark, Delaware a 12-year-old boy went from door to door looking for an ex-schoolmate of his. He hadn’t seen him in several months and didn’t know exactly where he lived. All he knew was that he lived across the street from the school. When he finally found the house he was looking for the parents of the boy found a barefoot and bruised boy suffering from malnutrition. They took the boy in and fed him for what they say was four hours.

The parents of the friend called police and while on the phone a car pulled looking for the boy. A woman from the car said they were looking for a boy with bare feet. The friend’s father smartly and thankfully said…

Nope, hadn’t seen him. Why don’t I take down your number and if I see him, I’ll give you a call.

Which he promptly turned over to police.

Arrested were the boy’s sperm donor, 41-year-old Robert J. Hohn III, and the step-monster, 39-year-old Shannon Watterson. It turns out that the boy had allegedly been kept locked in his room since September, was only provided minimal food and was only allowed out to go to the bathroom. Considering the bruises I’m going to say that he probably got his fair share of beatings too but that’s just me.

His siblings were allowed to go to school while the boy was ‘home-schooled’. Now before you home schoolers get all righteous on me, save it. While there are many great parents who do a great job in home schooling their kids however the reality is that many abusers use it as an excuse to hide child abuse. I wish the state would do more to prevent this but that’s another rant for another day.

It get’s better. Hohn and Watterson’s attorney says it’s not as bad as it seems. The lawyer says that boy had discipline issues with running away and hurting himself. If I had to hang wet clothes in the rain while being sprayed with a hose in the fall I’d probably want to runaway too. On top of that the only furniture in the boy’s room was a bare bulbed lamp and the door knob was put in backwards so it could only be unlocked from the outside. But it’s no big deal right?

Here’s what I don’t get. Being an actual human being with feelings how could they stand to see their son malnourished like that. Back when my stepson was this boy’s age he came down with a nasty virus so bad that we had to take him to the ER. While he was in the treatment room waiting to be admitted his eyes were so sunken that I thought we were going to lose him. I literally ran from the room in the tears so he wouldn’t see me cry. I could never imagine withholding food intentionally from a child where he wastes away to that point.

Now they’ll know what it’s like to be in a room where they can’t get out. They both should be starved and beaten with a sock full of wood screws.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

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  1. I’m glad the boy found his friend and his friends parents cared enough to help the kid. These fuckers should be starved and beat with a bag of glass shards, then submerged in hot sauce, then repeat the whole process, let them regain their strangth,then start again. Pieces of shit.

  2. Because the best way to deal with discipline issues is to beat, starve, and lock a child away. That’s totally recommended by every doctor and child psychologist in America… oh right, he probably had the “discipline issues” because he was beaten, starved, and locked away!

  3. Well it doesn’t look like either of them have missed too many meals. Personally though I cannot bring myself to agree with wasting perfectly good hot sauce in this manner. I need that shit to make wings. No, I think we need to fill socks with a few ounces of bird shot and have a blanket party or 2. Of course we could cram a couple hundred dollars in change up their asses, get me drunk, hung them upside down, and let me see how long it takes to get the money out of them.

    1. I LOVE pinatas! When’s the party? And do I get a swing?

      1. I’m in.

  4. The parents of the kid’s friend should be given a medal. So many people would have not only sent away such a bedraggled kid, but would have quickly handed him back off to his breeders and washed their hands of it. These people were not blind, and they did exactly the right thing. They probably saved his life.

    1. No just ruined mine

  5. Kudos to the father of the friend … not only did he not turn the boy over to Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber, he got them to give him their phone number!

    1. It was a women

      1. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a woman or not.

  6. Anyone want to have the blanket party from Full Metal Jacket for real?

    1. I’m in! I say put nails in the bar of soap, clean them up using steel wool covered in salt and finish it off by covering them in lemon juice.

  7. I would like to say that everyone who has commented on this is a fuckin ass hole because they dont know what happened and they wernt there so if anyone wants to know what really happened instead of listenin to a 12 (now 13 as of yesterday) year old boy and a women trying to play hero comment below because i have the real story i lived it i am the 15 year old daughter

    1. Oh, honey I am sure that you have the story from your perception. You probably love your mother and father and that is understandable but how they treated your brother is unacceptable. I know how it is to feel compelled to stick up for someone like this. I suggest that you find help to understand what happened and understand how and why it is wrong. For almost a decade I defended my mother because I honestly believed what she did to me “wasn’t that bad” but in reality it had screwed with me something fierce. It wasn’t until I got help that I realize what a witch she was. I hope you get the same kind of help. May God be with you.

    2. So tell us what “really” happened then. I’d like to suggest you don’t start off calling people that care about abused children assholes… if you weren’t personally a part of this story and you found out about it through the media like we did wouldn’t YOU think that parents that appear to have done this to their child deserve to be dragged through the mud a bit? The appearance of child neglect needs to be reported no matter who the people involved are don’t you think? So – I would like to know the story from your perspective, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t attack anyone. Thanks.

  8. I have been sitting here blubbering for the last 20 min. over this story, shameful, sad, that poor kid

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