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Tattooed douche killed baby

Tattooed douche Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker

Murder Warrant Issued In Infant Death:

Before we get started I’m pretty sure that picture is a mugshot, just not the mugshot. I can’t think of any state that takes drivers’ license pictures from the side. Then again any picture this toolbag was in would probably resemble a mugshot.

Said toolbag is 44-year-old Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker. On the night of November 28th police in Pickaway County, Ohio received a 911 call for a 10-month-old baby who was non-responsive. Long story short the baby later died from shaken baby syndrome. It was at this point that a murder arrest warrant for Walker was issued.

Walker was the recent boyfriend of the baby’s mother. He was watching the baby while she was at work. Haven’t we heard this story before? Anyway Walker fled but was caught getting off a bus in Sacramento, California. Walker has also waived his extradition back to Ohio.

Now here is the mugshot.

Not so cheery now are you douchebag?

And before you get your inked up sphincter all puckered out not everyone who has neck tattoos is a criminal, just most of them.

Wayne “Wolf” Walker is covered from the neck down in tattoos and has an extensive criminal background.

Thanks to Rochell for the tip.

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  1. Look at the difference between the two shots. First one “Tee hee hee, I shook a baby and I’m gonna get away with it” Second one “Aw man I got caught”.

    Now, what is with women leaving babies with men who are not related to them, don’t care about them and don’t have any emotional attachment to them? That’s not their job, they’re not a live in nanny! If I dated a man who had kids and he decided I was going to be his nanny and housemaid, he can forget it. I’d up and leave. Kids are a dealbreaker for me, because it proves that the man can’t commit to his family. If he was willing to leave his wife and kids, what will he do to me in the future? Most men don’t want that sort of baggage as well. It usually comes from resentment from being treated as a maid and nanny and it takes one split second for all that resentment and anger to kill or harm a child. So ladies, THINK about how you treat your man. They’re not a pack horse for shopping, they’re not a nanny or a maid, they have their own feelings and emotions and you must listen to them!

  2. I can’t think of anyone I’ve known with a neck tattoo who hasn’t been to prison.

  3. He looks like he’s wearing a neck brace.

    Or maybe he SHOULD be.

    1. I have a splendid idea. lets find a grizzly, piss it off with a paintball gun, and then kneecap this douche while we run away.

  4. Not that it makes a difference but he was the child’s Dad.

    1. Where did you get your information? In the news article he was described as a recent boyfriend of the mother. The baby was ten months old, so that would mean he had to be with the mother for at least a year and a half to be the bio dad. That’s not recent, in my opinion. However, regardless of his relationship to the infant (or the mother), he’s a dick. And she’s a slag. She needs to have some sense slapped into her, and he needs to contract a serious case of high velocity lead poisoning.


        Little Kyle’s father was a man named Daniel Bothman. Kyle was the only child for Elizabeth (Calton) Rutter and Daniel — they both had children from previous relationships (the Rutter children are hers, the Walton children are his), but Kyle was their only child together. His surname was Elizabeth’s maiden name.

        More on ‘Wolf’:

      2. That’s too quick and easy for this jackass ( no offense to actual donkeys). Cracky McCrackhead there needs to be lowered into a vat of hydrochloric acid 6 inches at a time starting with his feet. Why do some women feel the need for some penis drip over their precious children? I believe a 2 parent home is ideal, but single women (and men) raise children alone everyday and those kids can and do turn out just fine. The nickname and general appearance makes me want to run away as fast I can from him. And someone actually left him with a baby? Idiots!!

    2. No he was not the father of Kyle

      1. Oh look. The truth came out.

  5. looks like a little meth maybe got a hold of him in between these photo shoots.

  6. You know, I am kind of irritated that people like him associate wolves with themselves. Wolves are social, family oriented animals who would fight and die as a pack in order to protect their young. Packs have even been known to adopt the cubs of another pack. No where in this tale does this douchecanoe show anything that would associate him with wolves. I think he should be taken out back and shaken violently.

    1. Perhaps African Wild Dogs would be more fitting.

      1. Nope even they are still pack animals, as are jackals and hyenas.

    2. you described my friend wolf very well. that man would do anything for anyone and he does open his heart to anyone. he is a true wolf….the truth will be told soon

      1. yeah, the truth of how he murdered a baby. If he in fact had not hurt this baby why the hell did he run? He left a child dying at a home ALONE. This baby died alone because this coward chose to bail. Wolf is a compliment to this douche because a wolf would have guarded that child with his life not ran away like a scared little bitch.

      2. He’s a true wolf? And you’re a true fuckwit. Your friend is a baby killer. He isn’t a wolf. He isn’t a nice guy. He’s a shit stain. Period.
        Have a nice day.

      3. He seems more like the rare breed of dog known as the douche-jackal.

      4. Have you ever noticed that anytime anyone defends someone accused of something, be they the accused, a defense attorney, a family member, or random internet white knight, they always say, “When the truth comes out…” Notice no actual “truth” ever does come out. But the defenders are sure that an enlightening epiphany will any minute now reveal some great cosmic truth that will set to rights the horrible miscarriage of justice that has occurred. Like there is some ubiquitous conspiracy theory targeting the poor innocent who was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        There is no magical “truth” of course, because if there was, the supporters of the accused would be screaming it from the rooftops, not playing it close to the vest like some mystical soul-saving poker hand. In fact, the phrase, “The truth will come out and then we’ll all know” in all its various forms is an infallible indicator of guilt. It is the Hail Mary of defense, the “We don’t have a leg to stand on here so watch while we distract you with this talk of a “truth” to which we have access and you do not” sleight of hand cheap parlour trick of those who know they support the guilty.

  7. Its almsot a fucking guarantee that I will come here on my weekly visit to the site and see a story about a mother gone to work and leaving their precious child with some dickweed all day. Why is this story so fucking common? I have been reading this blog for 4 years and there is always one every week, without fail. First of all, why are these women finding comfort in men with no jobs? Secondly, why are they using them as babysitters? Thirdly, why the fuck are these guyign saying yes to babysitting if they have no patience and no experience with children? Ugh, i am just so disgusted with each and every one of these mothers who allow this to happen. I dont give a fuck if he never laid on her or the baby prior to this, the fact of the matter is, they chose this dropkick and allowed him into their lives and put their needs over the safety of their child. Fuck them for caring more about themselves and saving a bit of money then their own child.
    Sorry I am 8 months pregnant and I really shouldnt be reading these articles, I havent even met my little boy yet and already I am fiercely protective of him.

    1. BABY!! How exciting.

      sorry. I get excited when anyone is preggers that isn’t me!

    2. My daughter is a stay at home mom and exists on her husband’s meager pay for this very reason. She won’t leave the baby with nobody except me or her older sister.

  8. think its interesting that we can all make a judgement on something that no one knows the truth of

    1. The truth is that he ran away…..You don’t run unless you fucked up somewhere along the line.

    2. Baby died from shaken baby syndrome under his watch. Was it a serial baby shaker who framed your douchey friend?

  9. What was the baby’s mother doing with a man 20 years older than her? In any case,he is an ex-convict who then killed her baby.Once a convict,always a convict.

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