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Yet, Another Dead Baby


W1129_High PointHigh Point couple charged in their baby’s death

Prosecutor says High Point infant died after being punched by father


Here we go again… another idiot, too immature to appreciate the gift that he had been given. Gamer dearest, from High Point, NC, Brian Frazier and ash wipe mommy, Stefany Ash (both 20 years old) have been charged with second degree murder and accessory after the fact, respectively.  Which means, ash wipe didn’t run to the phone when she found their new born, two week old son, Kahn Frazier, unresponsive. No…what does she do? She sits there with gamer dearest, discussing ways to dispose of little Kahn so they don’t get in trouble. They wait 10 or more hours to dial 911, as the responding police officer said little Kahn was coming out of rigor mortis.  They call 911 at 3 in the afternoon…an astounding 11 hours after gamer dearest says he injured his son. Unbelievable…well, actually not really!  See, gamer dearest Frazier over there would rather play on his play station than tend to his little man. Maybe he was dreaming and he thought he was fighting Ali. Any who…it was 2 a.m. and little man was doing what all babies do at 2 weeks old, he was being fussy, he was probably hungry poor baby! Well, gamer dearest Frazier picked up the little man by his throat and punched him in the face, killing him. Further, put little Kahn back in his bassinet and creep-oh went to sleep. Paramedics said that little Kahn had bruising around his neck that appeared to be consistent with fingerprint impressions. No real excuse for ash wipe mommy who claims her lazy ash was asleep. Nonetheless, as always with these stories, mom and step-pop of ash wipe say she loved her kid[s]. Oh, did I neglect to mention that she also had a 15 month old son at home. No word as to whether the other son, who is now in state custody, has been abused. Lets hope he fares better than his little bro, we all know that sometimes state custody is no better than living with the “bad breeders”!W1129_High Point

The good news, if you can consider this good news, is that creep-oh fessed up without excuses and so did ash wipe. She is being held on a million dollar bond (good luck getting out ash wipe) and he is being held without bond. Here’s to hoping karma is swift and just. 


R.I.P. Little Kahn Frazier! Fly with the angels!!!!


Thanks go to all who sent this tip in. 

**Special thanks go to Carme for the write up.

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  1. Ok maybe an extreme reaction .. but can we, as a country, PLEASE round up entire states full of people and give them all mental/emotional evaluations for addiction, crazy-making thoughts, homicide, etc and then sterilize all those who going to be unsuitable as parents in the future??
    Cause ya, this is sick shit … the game and the hiding of the fact is more important than the life and death of that poor lil baby?! The gaming addiction is still an addiction … and no I’m not ‘anti-gamer’ before anyone suggests it 😛

    Simply stating that if the game makes you ignore real life around you or become angry at it maybe it’s time to step away from the game.

  2. This is why birth control should be given out FOR FREE! And not only methods like condoms, the pill, but also the implant and IUD. Why? Because we know these fucktards are never gonna stop having sex, so lets at least stop them from procreating. The whole “please don’t have sex” thing doesn’t work!

    I also would rather have my taxpaying dollars go to the $50 IUD then 1) see another innocent baby die. 2) see a baby abused 3)pay the $50,000 a year to house these idiots in jail for life.

    1. For those who qualify (i.e. low income) birth control IS ALREADY free. As are abortions. Also, relinquishinga baby for adoption is an option. None of that is going to keep the fucktards from making, having anf abusing babies. Why? Because they are fucktards!

      1. Abortions are not free. Birth control is low cost to free if you bring in paperwork that is hefty enough that I myself ended up just paying cash at PP

        (I Have insurance but they told me it’d be cheaper if I filled out some forms and showed them work stubs of everyone in the house for six months. Sorry, I’d rather just pay the $40. And the only reason that I’m not working is bc a drunk caused an accident on the highway that caused me to be ejected 40 ft.)

        Low cost to free only applies to the pill/patch. These people need an IUD that lasts 10 years. They won’t take a pill everyday just like they won’t take care of a child. I bet they receive some form of welfare, they should make it if you receive welfare, you get an IUD or Mirena. Not something where it requires the users to comply with directions.

        1. Removing her Uterus and his balls would help immensely in protecting any future possible children from these two. Perhaps by a mob of angry mothers …

          1. Yeah… The only silver lining is that perhaps the other child will get to be raised by a loving family.

  3. What a couple of spooks. Poor kids!

  4. Thank God they at least had the brain cells to confess. I just fail to understand how these stupid cows get pregnant over and over again! Hello, I doubt you wanted the first pregnancy…WHY would you let this happen to you again?! Yeah, sex is great–please feel free to have sex, just GET PROTECTED! Are condoms really THAT expensive or are these children really that lazy/stupid?! Ooooh, so frustrating!

    1. Sex isn’t even that great. Having people around all the time is annoying at best. I don’t understand the desperation to have any douche-bag with a penis around at all times. I’d rather be alone. A massaging shower head is better than some immature whiny ass-hole.

      I’m a fat bitch. Getting on in years and apparently so feminine people like to address me as “sir” at times, but that woman…wtf? She has a neanderthal brow. She just looks really fucking stupid. She’s just almost pretty but for the angry confused look in her vacant eyes, and the heavy brow. I want to punch her in the face and throw her “man” down a flight of stairs. I have anger issues. Sorry.

      I feel bad for the surviving toddler. I know mine is a little abnormal as he’s been speaking in complete sentences for a couple months now and will be 19 months a day after Christmas, but if my little guy lost his sister he’d be quite upset. When she’s at pre-school he wanders around forlornly saying “I want Chloe.” So there’s that. 🙁

      1. She looks like a female Kelsey Grammar.

        1. Kelsey Grammar kindly requests that you remove this post & refrain from making defamatory remarks about him In future!

          1. As much as I respect him as an actor, the facial structure is quite uncanny. And no I don’t think it’s cool that he broke up with his wife over the phone, married his daughter and then took a baby to the Playboy mansion lol

      2. Lol…you cracked me up with your verbal self-portrait there!

  5. I recommend a cheap and permanent form of birth control for these two – one slug apiece.

  6. You know it is douchebags like this guy that give all males, not to mention all gamers, a bad name. Seriously he snatched a two week old up by the neck and punched it? The worse part about it is we are not reading that only the incubator got arrested do to the fact that the sperm donor was beaten severely and died en route to the ER. I would like to snatch both of them up by the neck and punch them in the face.

    1. Most people know that these c*** stuffers are in the minority…my step-Dad is awesome. He has always treated me as if I was his own & now I have kids of my own he is just as much their Poppy as my real Dad is.

      Can’t comment on the gamer thing as I don’t think I know any adult gamers – just teen gamers who are still in school.

      1. Well you just met an adult gamer.

      2. And me as well. Adult gamer and no where near violent or idiotic LOL

    2. I completely agree with you on that. Every time someone hears about my oldest son babysitting his girlfriends 3 yr old, they give him a funny look. I want to help with your beatdown plan! Fucktards like this don’t deserve to live. I’ll get my curb stompin boots on!

      1. I have a problem with boyfriends looking after their girlfriend’s children simply because it’s not their place to do so. I just wonder how whipped the guy must be to do that.

        Children are a dealbreaker for me, just for the reason that I don’t want to be stuck looking after them, I don’t want to share my man with them, have them tag along everywhere and wrecking everything.

        I also wonder how truly committed they were to their ex. If they could just up and leave a wife and kids, then they might do the same to me.

        1. My son is not whipped. And he.does not have to babysit, he loves kids and wants to have kids, with his girlfriend after he finishes school and marries her. So it’s building a relationship with his s

        2. Alice, I have personally seen on more than one occasion were it was not the man who had commitment issues, but the woman. I have also seen several instance were a woman used a man’s children as a weapon in a nasty divorce, which was caused the woman’s inability to remain faithful to her spouse. However these points are irrelevant to the story, as the baby WAS the Dipshidiot’s and the Douchecanoe’s mutual responsibility. It was his own child that he killed, therefore in this case it was HIS responsibility to take care of the baby.

  7. One story quoted her step-father as saying the “loving couple” met on a website for “people who worship the devil” Great foundation for a relationship & bringing kids into this already f’d up world. Poor lil guy never had much of a chance, imo.

    1. It’s no worse than any other religion.

    2. Every religion has assholes in it. So don’t blame left hand path religions. And just to know, we tend to regard children as innocent,precious gifts from the Gods. These fucktards don’t represent us all and they deserve to die slow painful deaths. Harming children is NOT excepted or practiced by ANY real left hand path religion.

  8. The “ash hole” reference was waaaay overused. Regardless, poor baby.

  9. I would be happy for tax payer to supply implanon to anyone who showed up. I am not American but here in Australia, our genius government (previous administration but current hasn’t repealed) has gone the other way & pays a fucking BONUS to any unemployed skank who get knocked up! Everyone used to qualify so it made it a little easier for people like us (two incomes until I became too pregnant to stand all day) to make the decision to start a family but now it is means tested so it’s pretty much just there as encouragement for the scum of society to breed!

  10. He was playing fucking Playstation. They have a pause button. A PAUSE BUTTON. Means he could have PAUSED IT and went and taken the baby to the mom to feed (if she was breastfeeding I highly doubt it though) or toss a bottle in the warmer to heat up, put the baby in the car seat, and feed him. NOOO that would have been too much effort I guess. Fucktard. Give men and gamers bad names.

    I am a gamer.

    I nursed my son at the keyboard and at the controller while gaming.

    I didn’t have money for video games when my daughter was an infant. huband is a gamer too, He held my son at the keyboard while gaming to give me a break….it is possible to be a parent and a gamer at the same time.

    THAT guy obviously missed the bus

    1. I’m a gamer too, I actually have BF my kids while playing lol. I have used the pause button many of times. Now that they’re older we play games together.

      1. Dude, I’ve nursed at the keyboard when my son was an infant, while I was playing City of Heroes. It was one of the few adult interactions I had outside of my husband during that time. Made a whole slew of friends in that community. Fuck NCSoft for killing it. 🙁 Sorry for the gamejack..but yeah..It’s possible to game and have kids…*sigh*

        1. I agree people are just stupid nowdays.

    2. I remember giving my daughter a bottle while on Ventrilo with my guild-mates who were patiently waiting for me.

    3. My husband is a gamer and he takes care of all of our animals while he’s playing games and I’m at work. He has Traumatic Brain Injury from a house blowing up and burying him for 3 hrs while his unit got him out. He has a disability and can still find time to take care of the house and all of our animals. He simply pauses his game, takes the dog outside and continues when he is done with that. These people (I use that term loosely) need to be thrown in a pit full of poisonous toads and rabid wolverines! That poor defenseless baby.

  11. Omg monique im gamer to but when my kids needed me I put the controller down even when I was online. Thats sad you where nursing your kid while playing cod. Talk about the bond yoj share with your child while nursing your kid could turn out to be dexter for real. Listen when your children need you, you stop what your doing and attend. You shouldnt have kids I can see this already your baby poops monique but your have a game of your life on cod but you make that baby sit in his diaper for 20 minutes till its over. Thats great parenting skills your no different then theses people put your games before your kids you need to grow up shocking story I ever heard nurse to play a video dont want to get your online friends upset from backing out of the game grow up monique and your husband to

  12. Update: House was a mess (surprise surprise). House littered with nappies full of piss and shit, empty soft drink cans, old food scraps on plates etc. The female breeder’s excuse was that she’d had a Caesarean and physically couldn’t clean (BULLSHIT). Her parents fucking knew they were living in a pigsty along with their kids and didn’t bother to help clean up. Social Services investigated and knew the house was filthy and still didn’t take the kids away.

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