Boy toy kills baby while mom is in jail….

Man Appears Before Judge In Toddler Murder, 911 Tape ReleasedDaybeon-for-web


Christopher Bralley, 28, of  Duplin County, NC was arrested after a 2 year old boy in his care died at Vident Duplin Hospital on Tuesday. Daybeon Keim  was brought to the hospital around 10:30 am, unresponsive! Doctors and nurses tried to revive him but could not.  He had been severely, brutally beaten by his moms live-in boyfriend. Christopher was the care giver of Daybeon while his mother dearest was serving a domestic violence jail sentence.  The mom, 19 year old Lyawna Allen, had been arrested and charged with injury to personal property, injury to real property, and simple arrest. There ya go, 2 winners rolled up in one….too bad she was not out to beat Christophers dumb ass!!

This poor baby suffered a broken neck, a broken spine, severe internal bleeding caused by blunt forced trauma to the abdomen, severe head trauma, and injuries indicating sexual assault.  Dear God what I would like to do to this son of a bitch!!

Christopher was charged with first degree murder, felony child abuse, and a sex offense. His first court appearance was Friday morning.  He is in jail without bond!!

He was given a court appointed attorney and had nothing to say during his court appearance.

The mother was released from jail due to the circumstances of her sons death and she told authorities she still has feelings for her baby’s killer and is facing emotional distress. Throw that bitch back in fucking jail…are you fucking kidding me right now??? OMG!!!!!

The baby’s real daddy is in prison in Ohio for property crimes….this poor child was doomed from the start!

To add a little more fuel to the fire, Lyawna and Christopher also have an 8 month old daughter together who has been placed in foster care.

I hope and pray the mother never gets custody of the baby girl and that all 3 of these scum bag parent wanna be’s rot in jail and then in hell!!

Thanks for the tip and write up go to Leslie.

  • Montega jada

    Author your fuckin stereo type or poor sence of judgement could not have just made you look any dumber the biological father can not we’ve think straight in his everyday life when he wad incarcerated or since he been home due to tbe horrorific acts that caused his son who he never met to pass away I grew up with tbe Farber troy lee he ain’t no bad guy we was bad kids we made mistakes and we paid for them weather it was when we were children or teenagers and consequences just so happen to run from late teenage years in to our adult lives I came home from prison in 2015 im 30 years old tommorow I have 4 kids and I’ve not been in trouble not one time since I new i had children on the way and im a great father and the same story goes for Troy he was a teenager who didn’t get released til his late 20s u think he don’t Beat his own self for being gone locced up and not home he does trust me and btw author of u would of grew up with us we would of used you as a punchin pinata stuffed with lunch money an band aids 😂💀😂💀😂💀😂💀 the band aids for you though bitch.💀😂💀😂💀😂

  • sweetd

    First degree murder? That implies a plan to murder. She’s still stuck on a man that raped (I’m assuming), beat and PLANNED To murder her son. She’s a special kinda trash.

  • Rob Garven

    What ever happened to him , I cant find out any thing ?

    • troy barton

      just because my son is in prison in ohio for property crimes does not make him a scum bag nor should he rot in prison then in hell. he lost his son and we lost a grandson!!!

      • Rob

        My comment was about Chris not your son. So please don’t think that.

      • sweetd

        I think it was meant like, no one was around to save this child. Everybody was in prison, not a fair life for a child.

  • Ticia232

    What she said about having feelings for him and being to emotional to deal with things now, is due to the fact that she went to jail for beating him and breaking things. She didn’t think that he would take revenge on their child!

    I had feelings for my abusive ex, he told me that he would watch my son for me the week he had off and he watched him with NOTHING happening. He just was pissed about her beating him up and took it out on the child.

    • Diana McCullough

      Ticia, You need to take any children you may have to a competent adult and go curl up someplace and die!! ” He JUST was pissed about her beating him up and took it out on the child,” !!!??!!?! SERIOUSLY! He killed a child!!! If you chose to be in that situation, that is your choice.!!!! No child should have to LIVE in that environment!!! You obviously can not make good adult decisions and should not be supervising anything!!!

  • chrisy Alustralia

    Please update this case when possible. I am livid, mortified and broken by the abuse this defenseless baby had to go through. I pray this creature and the beast are both ripped apart in jail and in life. Sterilize these cancers!!!

  • Tammy11

    All I can say is oh wow. I’d like to say I’m shocked but I’m not. I pray God shows these dead beats no mercy. I also hope the jail guards put him in general population and tells the other prisoners what he did