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** Deviating from our regular format, I’m starting this post by thanking our new helper, Aussie Sabbath, for the tip and write up on this account.  I’m loving that you can almost hear the ‘roo in her writing. 


Alleged child neglect investigation

Parents accused of neglecting kids  


Firstly, G’day! I will be covering mainly stories from Australia and New Zealand, as well as some other stories that I happen across. Thanks to Malevolent April for inviting me on board.

Now us Aussies like to take potshots at the Kiwis. We laugh at their accents and the rumours of what they do with sheep, and we get annoyed when they flog us at Cricket. Today we’re taking potshots at these Kiwis for a completely different reason.

Two Kiwi breeders from Lower Hutt NZ have been charged with four counts of neglect after an initial police visit for a loud domestic disturbance. Police and CYFS (Child Youth and Family Services) found that the 4 children, aged between 4 years and 7 months, were unwashed, there was no food in the house and that they all shared a mattress in the loungeroom. The breeders’ names have been suppressed (but not their ages), so I’m going to name the male Sheep-fucker (25) and the female Sheep-sucker (22).

The family had moved in just before Christmas and neighbours reported (after the fact, of course) that there was constant yelling, screaming and drinking going on after the family moved in. Sheep-fucker and Sheep-sucker were constantly drinking and partying in the two days leading up to the bust. The children were often locked in the car for 15 to 20 minutes at a time while there was screaming and yelling coming from the house.

 Now, for those of you that don’t know, in the Southern Hemisphere, our seasons are kinda back to front. At this time, it’s summer and it’s as dry as buggery here in Oz and NZ is just the same. To be locked in a car in this heat and too scared to get out because of the fighting going on is just awful. And with the baby crying, it would be torture. Imagine if one of them got heatstroke and died!

One neighbour also reported that she was worried for the kids as they often crossed the busy road unsupervised to go play in the creek. In one instance, tires were heard screeching when a car narrowly missed hitting one of them. Other neighbours said that the kids were often up as late as 2am playing and that Sheep-sucker was spotted drinking bourbon early one morning. The Breakfast of Champions!!
Before the breeders and one other “adult” were arrested, partygoers hurled abuse at the police and a woman sped off drunk with three unrestrained kiddos in the backseat. Clas-sy! It turned out these poor kids were being babysat by these party pigs! After hearing what they did to their own kids, I wouldn’t let them babysit my plants!!

Breeders faced court today charged with 4 counts of neglect. Sheep-fucker’s brother made excuses for their appalling behaviour, saying that they’re a good family and that they were caught at a bad time. Yeah, being caught neglecting your children is always a bad time, mate. He said they hadn’t gotten their furniture because it was due to be delivered the day they were arrested and that moving house was stressful on them.  Sheep-sucker’s mother went as far as to blame society for not giving them a chance to move up in the world. Aww, of course it isn’t their fault, dear. It’s not their fault they won’t stop partying and that they don’t give a shit about their kids. Better blame everyone else but them, lovie. No doubt that these idiots will Google the case and come here defending them to the hilt.

I’ve moved house a billion times in my 23 years on this planet but bloody hell! You can wrangle some food for the little ‘uns, you know! You pop down to the corner shop on your usual trip getting your smokes and VB, and you grab some nuggets and chips, a bottle of milk and a box of cereal for the kiddies! Even if you have to buy a new oven tray because the old one’s mixed in with the legos or the bathroom supplies and you can’t remember which box you put it in because you forgot to label them.  


(MalevolenetApril reads this part ina very Kiwi accent that she knows well….)  Even grab some “fesh and chups”. Go to the shops and order “sex pices of fesh n sex dollars worth of chups”. If your new house has a “dick” go eat them out there if the weather’s nice. But feed your kids for Christ’s sake!

The little tackers are now in the custody of CYFS.

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  1. What in the bloody hell is wrong with the extended family here? Making excuses for the negligent scumbags instead of looking them dead in the eye, telling them that they are horrid parents and letting them know that the kidlets are being removed from them until they get their shit together? Disgusting!

    1. These two idiots obviously don’t deserve to be parents.Simple as that.

  2. Au Sab, Our fearless leader, Trench, loves you and says I can keep you. You in??? BTW – Wondering how you feel about the pic I found for this epic tale of Kiw fail.

    1. I would love to! I love, love,love the photo of the drunken Kiwi bird 🙂 I have to work out how to change my Disqus name to Aussie Sabbath and I’ll rustle up some more stories. All is quiet so far in the merry old land of Oz.

        1. How do you like my new profile pic?

          1. Fecken epic! I almost feel like we’re dating now!!!

  3. Aussie, Mr Malevolent loves you. You’re a hit, honey!

    1. Yeehaa! That’s grouse 🙂

  4. awesome write up and these miscreants need to have their asses handed to them.

    1. Thank you 🙂

    2. Thank you 🙂 I wish I could find some mug shots for these idiots but their names were suppressed, so I don’t think we’ll be finding them soon.

        1. I was trying not to make that assumption, but I think you might be right. The problem is, if you call out a person for abusing/neglecting their kid and they happen to be Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander/Maori, you’re accused of being racist and that “they’ve had a hard 200 years so it’s normal for them”. Child abuse is child abuse, no matter your race, colour or creed.

          1. My cousins are Maori. But I know that its common for them as well.

          2. It’s very common in Aboriginal society too. When I was doing my bar qualifications, our instructor said that the reason why indigenous people are susceptible to alcohol abuse is because when they were living off the land, it never occurred to them to try to make alcoholic beverages. They drank water and sometimes made tea and cordial, but that was it. When Europeans brought alcohol and gave it to the indigenous folk, it activated that genetic low tolerance for alcohol. Still, it’s quite sad because as way of apology the government practically give Aboriginal/Maori people almost everything to help them move up in the world. But some aren’t interested and prefer to party and neglect/abuse children, not get jobs etc. And people who say that they’re lazy are called racists.

          3. I have an uncle who lives a traditional Maori lifestyle. I think he’s ashamed of anyone who isn’t a proud Maori. I don’t blame him. The culture is really beautiful.

          4. Maoris are very gentle people and I get good shivers down my spine whenever I see the men do the Haka.

          5. Isn’t it Afuckingmazing. You watch the All Blacks do it. Wow.

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