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Selfish Bitch Mommy Kills Autistic Son


Patricia Corby, aka Bitch Mommy, aka BM (and we all know what else that stands for…)

Patricia Corby, woman accused in autistic son’s death, pleads guilty to murder charges

Stay-At-Home Mom Accused of Killing Son

Mother admitted killing son to police


Oh boy, this one right here…..Grrrr. This one pisses me off to no end. The reason is because I am the mother of 3 wonderful children, the oldest of which is Autistic. I know for a fact that it is a pain in the ass to get them the care they need. Medical staff often are able to offer zero help because few actually know how to treat it, what causes it, or that a one size fits all diagnosis of Autism never really fits. It is often hit and miss with treatment, since the one thing that worked last week, month, year may not work on that day.  The whole scenario can leave you frustrated to the point of tears, as I have been many times. However, in all of the shit storm of my son’s 10 years on this planet I have found that the progress he makes, while often a long and grueling process, is more rewarding than that of a “normal” child. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I think all of my kids accomplishment are awesome.  But knowing the struggles my autistic son faces has given me a higher appreciation when he reaches a milestone, no matter the amount of the delay. Regardless, I will never understand the actions of those like Bitch Mommy.


Here we have Bitch Mommy (BM) Patricia Corby, 37 who was the mother of 4 year old Daniel Corby, an Autistic  little boy with the world to explore in front of him. Sadly because he was not making progress like BM anticipated she chose to end his life in cold blood. While I am not sure why it took so long for this story to hit (I am assuming because she is due to be sentenced on January 28th, 2013) BM murdered Daniel March 31st, 2012 by drowning him. She successfully ended his life and attempted to kill herself but failed (almost always the case with c***wads) then drove his corpse to the local police station and flagged down a patrol sergeant driving out of a parking lot at the precinct house about 9:30 a.m. The patrol sergeant discovered Daniel who was wet and water was foaming around his mouth, he attempted CPR as did Paramedics who were unsuccessful in reviving him.


BM confessed to killing her son because he was not making enough progress in his battle with Autism.  It was stated by District Attorney’s Office Investigator Walter Escobar that BM “felt like her whole existence was dedicated to her child, she felt like she had no life. She wanted Daniel to be normal.” BM goes on to tell Escobar that after she killed her son, she tried to drown herself but couldn’t, realized what she did wrong and drove to the police substation four miles away to turn herself in. Of all the most selfish tw*t reasons to take a life this one has to take the cake. I am pissed off the more I find out about this story.


This story is so bad because the details the have surfaced include the fact that the BM was a stay at home mom with Daniel being her only child. Daniel had just turned four on the 26th of March, 5 days prior to his death. Daniel’s father was at work at the time of BM going batshit crazy and has told many sources that Daniel was diagnosed with a high likelihood for autism and had made strides in his battle with the disorder, but not enough to satisfy BM.


This story breaks my heart on so many levels because I remember my son at age four.  I was a single parent at the time, and getting him the help he needed seemed hopeless and was costly. According to more sources, BM going batshit crazy may have had to do with the fact that the family had accrued 70, 000 in medical bills for their son.  No amount of money could cause me to hurt my baby. I hope they fry this bitch hardcore .  The sentencing will take place on January 28th, 15 years to life in prison. We can only hope that she gets the maximum for murdering an angel that could have made great strides in his life.


R.I.P Daniel.  May you ever fly with the angels and feel the love there that you did not receive here on Earth.


***Thanks for the write up and the tip go to Rochell.  She has busted her ass sending me stories.  Thanks girl!

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  1. EveryVillainIsLemons

    As the parent of an autistic child, I really wish they could take her out back and shoot her. Every child is a miracle, and I never thought I would be so happy to hear my child chattering her head off after so many years of silence.

    1. I agree, even though my son is not so chattery, lol. This woman pisses me off so damn bad.

  2. This story makes me angrier than most. For the last 3 years I have worked for a company that provides services to those with developmental disabilities including autism. I work with adults not children however. Even if they aren’t “normal” they have so much to give , yes there are challenges but that makes the successes so much sweeter I hope this bitch gets exactly what she deserves for taking the life of one so precious.

  3. I’m also a mother of 3, the oldest having Autism, also a son.
    I would never say my son is “battling Autism” or that it’s a disease. It’s part of his personality, just as OCD is part of mine.

    I don’t understand at all where she was coming from. I’ve never even felt frustration over my son, except maybe with the way some other people treat him- but that’s not frustration caused by him or directed at him.

    This is what I had to see first thing this morning, huh? These stories always hurt, but this one hurt a little more than the others. Especially when you factor in that complete strangers, based on nothing at all (two medical experts who were on OUR side) opted to claimed that our children, especially our Autistic son were in danger with us. Apparently they thought maybe we’d do what this dumb c*** did. Well, I know exactly what they thought… They thought I was an incubator and her likely-to-abuse pet penis. Makes me sick sick sick!!

    1. That sucks that people make falsified reports, it makes it to where reports that are valid get left halfassed taken care fo which is why these poor babies are here.

      When I wrote this story I should have clarified about his struggles, which are mostly social and people poking at him affecting him adversely and finding that happy medium. It isn’t easy but there is no excuse for what this bitch did. None.

      1. It’s rough. I hope every single day that something will turn around and someone will realize they’ve made a mistake with my children. I want them home, my Autistic son included and especially, more than I’ve wanted anything- and I don’t want to live without them. And then there’s this horrible bitch that would end her son’s life and fail at her own suicide. I never could relate to the parents in these stories (for that I am glad) but this looks like a mirror image of the hell I’m in and I hate when parents fail to see the beauty in Autism or see it for being part of who their child is, not a disease to be cured. 🙁

  4. While not condoning what she did, I cannot imagine the patience and time needed to care for an austistic child. The frustration must be unimaginable. The ‘why did this happen’ and the cost concerns. You may say money is no reason to kill someone and you are right. But the added pressure of paying bills and trying to get help and being hassled by collection agencies is not easy. I can see a less capable person cracking. She should have been able to follow through with her own suicide. What she did in a moment of helplessness can never be taken back. She will live with this forever. I hope they put a poster of her son in her cell to see everyday. I hope if they have home movies of him that she is forced to watch them on a regular basis. And I hope people in this situation will get more help, education, and support.

    1. I’ve never once felt frustrated with my son or thought “Why me?” Not even “Why him” but I have been told a thousand times that I have the patience of a saint, which I was never told before my son was born. For what it’s worth. If the cost is an issue, moving to Canada seems more logical than killing your child. My son’s therapies haven’t cost me a single cent. Even his medication is covered.

      1. Everything is more logical than killing your child. I could never entertain the idea, no matter what. I would die myself before letting anything harm them. If she was considering suicide to stop caring for him, then why kill him too? But some people crack easily under pressure. I doubt she ever connected to him, probably had post partum depression. She should never have been his caregiver. She couldn’t handle it, and didn’t want too. But she had to know that killing him wasn’t going to give her the freedom she wanted. She exchanged his life for a prison sentence. How could that be easier? I don’t know, I only know that once my kids were born, my life was only for them. I have no idea what these people are thinking. It’s a sorry, scary world.

        1. Indeed it is. She could have had her stupid freedom and surrendered him to someone who would, ideally, properly care for him. Surely there must have been a family member- or worst case scenario, adoption through the dreaded CPS. It beats death. Poor little guy. That was probably the one person he trusted.

          1. Growing up as a kid who endured constant beatings from my mother I wouldn’t have minded at all if someone had notified DCS and had us placed in a foster home. It would have beat the hell we endured. Finally, my grandmother took me away when I was 12. Otherwise, I may never have made it to adulthood.

      2. Yep, My daughter has a great support system for my grand-daughter and never paid out thousands for her care. My grand-daughter is 8, can carry on conversations now, etc. As I mentioned before she’s a functioning autistic. There are many famous folks mildly autistic. I really feel if someone murders their handicap kid they’re a fruit loop with issues of their own going on.
        This witch has several photos all which her black hair covers her face like the ‘bride of Satan.’ Her man will probably leave her. Randy Yates divorced his wife after she drowned their 5 kids.

  5. It’s hard for me to read some of these without tearing up. Coming from an abusive family situation myself I survived and made it into adulthood. I can tell you there’s psycho’s in every family. If there’s at least 1 or 2 normals in the family to look in on the kid, the kid will make it.
    Kudos to you folks for putting this blog together. My mother was psychotic and very abusive. My parents divorced and my chicken shit father who was supposed to be the normal one jumped ship and never contacted us when he re-married. What saved us was my maternal grandmother. She knew she hatched a freak and kept a grandmother’s close eye on us so it didn’t lead to our deaths.
    But she too, hid some of the abuse. Ashamed that she bred a monster. Now my mother is very old and harmless, ready to die.
    The roles have reversed now she is my child. I am her care-giver
    and I treat her with respect because she did give my life. But I’ll bury the pain she gave me in life when she passes away.
    She’s in complete denial of the past and lives in a fantasy world.
    As for autism, I have a grand-daughter who is mildly autistic. I can tell you they get better with age and when they make it into adulthood some of them are better able to handle their condition. We have family friends who have a young son in his early 20’s. I knew him as a kid when the mother was dealing with his condition and barely coping and that young man has come a long way and is more in control of his condition.
    I don’t know what drives women to murder their kids. I have 4 and have raised them all with a fairly good upbringing. I did without many times so they could have the basics they needed.
    Thank You for drawing attention to these stories. Me and my brothers endured plenty and there was little help from DCS back in the day. God Bless you folks for caring.

  6. how awful..i dont have a child with autism, but i do have a child who is deaf, very delayed, on a feeding tube because he cant eat solid food, and has moebius syndrome..he also, like other kids with his issues, has a severe sleep disorder. as of this moment, i have had 4-5 hours of sleep in the past 3 days..i am exhausted. i cannot even imagine hurting a hair on his head..i consider it a privilege to care for him!

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