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Narky Narkle kills toddler

Man in court over murder of WA toddler

Man in court over Perth toddler murder

Screams at dead boy’s unit: neighbour

Screams at dead boy s unit: neighbour

No-one’s ever going to forget or forgive you for killing an innocent child!

Unfortunately, it’s the same-old, same-old. Mum goes out, leaving child with c***-plug. Child is mysteriously injured or dies while under c***-plug’s “care”. Same-old, same-old.

Wayne Murray Narkle (22) is no exception. His girlfriend Kerry Bodney went out one night, leaving her 2 year old toddler son in her home in Perth WA with the Nark. When she returned, the little boy was unconscious. She ran frantically to a neighbour’s place for help, and an ambulance was called. The toddler was taken to the hospital, but died on arrival :'( It’s not clear how the little boy died, but the doctors, police and the coroner know it wasn’t an accident.

The Nark was arrested at a unit in Bassandean, in Perth’s east. He has been charged with the murder of the little boy and was remanded in custody to appear in court today. He has not entered any pleas and the case has been adjourned till March. You’d better not fucking plead “not guilty”, douchebag. You killed that baby and you don’t get to plead for freedom. You’d better hope that you miraculously die in your sleep before you get to prison. They don’t take kindly to baby-killers in the big house. They’re going to jam that stupid gangsta glove up your arse. With your hand in it.

Kerry is heartbroken over the murder of her son (he can’t be named for cultural reasons and I’ll explain why in a minute). She’s posted on Facebook that “My son’s the only one in my heart, the rest is empty,”.

Tributes are flowing in on her page for her son, “My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her baby boy . . . I wouldn’t wish her pain on anybody. RIP baby boy,”- Emma

“My heart goes out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her little boy, words cannot explain how she is feeling. May He Rest In Peace Beautiful Little Soul.”

“So sad at this time that your beautiful lil boy left so soon. Stay strong,” – Shauna

It was clear that everyone loved this little boy. So what fucking right did this shitstain have to take him away from his loving mum and family? He was probably jealous. Jealous that the boy wasn’t his. That he was “taking up his girl’s time”. That he got in the way of his partying. For whatever pathetic and petty reason this shitbag had for killing the toddler, He. Did. Not. Deserve. It.

*Side note: In Aboriginal culture, once a person dies, their name isn’t said anymore. This is because it’s believed that the person’s spirit won’t move on if  the person’s name is mentioned or photos of them are shown..I did find this photo for us to look at and remember the little boy, see how different he was to the shit-stain who took his life because he wasn’t “his”. Seeing that cute, cheeky look on his face makes me even more angry that this piece of shit killed him.

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  1. What a fucking loser! Poor mom, out working to provide for her sweet little guy and this ass stain. Poor little guy! I bet he was killed because he was just being a baby. I hope douchtard gets raped every day before being brutality killed. Stupid worthless piece of shit!

  2. Sorry, I missread that. Mom went out. But I still stand by my previous post!

  3. Just wanted to drop by and say that I am loving the new addition of Aussie Sabbath! Not that I dislike the other posters (love them all) but it is great that there have been so many more stories since AS came on board. Keep up the good work, all of you!

    1. Thanks KSLEEK 🙂 I live in a different timezone to the other writers, so there’ll always be something to read at anytime of the day.

      1. While I commend your writing skills, I have to say its kind of sad that there will be more stories now 🙁 A day that goes buy without a new story is a good one in my opinion

  4. Although I am also Australian I did not realise that, in aboriginal culture, it wasn’t OK to speak the name of or show photos of someone who has passed on. I had often wondered about warnings at the beginning of TV programs (especially on the ABC & SBS) about indigenous viewers using discretion when choosing to watch the show as it may feature images/footage of persons deceased. Now I know. Thanks!

  5. Any chance of the this creep being slapped with a capital murder charge?

    1. It depends on whether he “intended” for the boy to die or not. If it was intentional he probably will. I first read that as “capital punishment”, but the last person to be executed in Australia was in 1971 when they still used to hang people.

  6. Why does the mom get off? How long did she know this guy she left her angel with to “go out”? I wouldn’t leave my babies with this guy judging from his hand up don’t forgive proud photo even if he was my brother. Grow up mommys let’s pick priorities.

    1. Yes, the mum didn’t have the best man-picking skills and made a huge mistake. But this mistake cost her her little boy and she’s not defending the penis. She’s grieving for her little boy and I think that’s enough punishment for her mistake.

    2. Yes, the mum didn’t have the best man-picking skills and made a huge mistake. But this mistake cost her her little boy and she’s not defending the penis. She’s grieving for her little boy and I think that’s enough punishment for her mistake.

  7. fark. So very sad. Looked up Mum’s facebook and can honestly feel her pain. How do we teach these ladies/girls/children to pick better partners? He was clearly a fuckwit – you only got to look at his own Facebook Page to see that (or is that just me?). That poor baby boy – taken away by a scum that doesn’t deserve to walk this earth ever again. This one has hit me hard. Seriously. Fark.

    1. Unfortunately, some women are that lonely that they don’t care and will assume that everyone loves their kid as much as they do. These idiots will harm/kill a child that isn’t theirs, they want mum to focus all her time and energy on them not the baby. Male lions kill cubs by another male to bring the lioness into heat and eliminate competition. I think it stems from those instincts but since humans have a more developed cortex than animals (so we have more complex emotions) we’re supposed to treat all young with love and tenderness, regardless of who’s the DNA donor.

      1. “…humans have a more developed cortex than animals…”

        Some of the stories on here make me doubt this theory, unfortunately. Then again, you did say “humans”, so that may leave out some of these perpetrators and their dumb fuck enablers.

    2. KIWI!!! *Kia ora!!!*


  8. just my honest opinion here as is welcomed, i don’t like the insensitive way this article is presented at the start – fair for someone who has known the victim’s mother since age 9. i feel this shattering experience is being sensationalised. if this is the “same old”, how about creating awareness instead of archives and putting your energy and literacy skills into making a difference? i’m looking out for the mother here, nothing more or less. unless i’m unaware that kerry has told you to go ahead and post all of this how it is? p.s. he wasn’t given a plea option.

    1. How about YOU do that Shellzy? That’s not what this site is here for. I’m not trying to minimize any pain or suffering that you and the mother of this child have been going through, but instead of advocating that someone change something that actually does a lot of good because you are sensitive to one story on the site, why not create something like you’ve suggested yourself and put out there what YOU want out there. This site is what the creator and staff decided THEY want out there with their names attached to it. I’m not trying to be bitchy I promise. it’s technically not up to Kerry what is or isn’t published here. As long as nothing published here is deliberately misconstrued and is as factual as the author can verify, it’s public information and not up for scrutiny by Kerry. If you want something else out there about this, you could do it on your own so you have control of the information that it contains.

    2. Did the news sites have Kerry’s permission to publish about the murder of her child? Probably not. But once it’s in the public sphere, it’s no longer up to Kerry to give permission as to who sees it.

    3. The “same old” comment is directed towards the fact that an overwhelmingly large percentage of cases we deal with on this site are deaths or serious injuries of very young children at the hands of the mother’s boyfriends (not the fathers of the babies). It’s not necessarily a reflection on the mothers themselves, other than the fact they make the fatal error of assuming that everyone feels the same love and responsibility towards their children that they do, Where this mom differs from many is that she did NOT defend the boyfriend – a sad number of them do. Not being alone and having someone to boost their ego is more important to them than the welfare of their children. Clearly this was not the case with Kerry. And as such I don’t think there are many of us who don’t feel some sympathy and compassion towards her.

  9. also, quit blaming kerry’s choice in people. i bet you don’t have any idea who she is. she was not “so lonely that she didn’t care”… what the hell? the things people come up with to try and finish an incomplete story… you weren’t there, half of you aren’t even from western australia. grow up, maybe look after your kids and get over scrolling the internet for people worse off than you.

    1. Aussie said “SOME” women are so lonely that they don’t care. Speculation is allowed. It wasn’t stated as fact, nor was it used to “finish an incomplete story.” No, I’m not from Western Australia, I’m from the US. I don’t have kids that I need to look after. My boyfriend and I run a free, completely volunteer music program for Veterans. I have a life. I only go on the computer during my working hours, you can ask my boss, I get paid very well to be bored at least half of my work day. I don’t come here to troll for people that are “worse off than me” nor do most of the people that come here. Most of us had either horrible things happen to us as children, or flat out horrible childhoods. We are here as a voice for the children that don’t always have a voice. Don’t assume that because you don’t like ONE story here because it has personal impact for you that we are all evil trolls making life harder for the victims. In our minds the REAL victims are the children. That’s why we come here.

    2. This idiot didn’t one day “snap”. These fuckwits throw out warning signs that they’re not suitable partners/replacement dads. Whether it was him lashing out at the little boy, resenting him or whatever, there were clear signs that he was not replacement daddy material and that it was time for Kerry to do what was best for her son and leave this guy.

  10. Hey fuk face u gotta big mouth so y go hiding behind a fake name u low down week dog c*** coz ur a shitty hole . If u new Wayne & wot he doing he walking around mainstream casuarina prison with his head held high . R u fiuking the mother 2 to no he done it ask the mother who really killed that. Boy afta he was tortured & Wayne was not her boyfriend and he was not at the unit with the mother Wayne was asked 2 cum ova & babysit the boy while the stinky hole mother fuked off to score sum drugs, so think about who the real baby killer is u dead set fukn piece of shit who hiding behind online name u weak dog. So go fuk urself weak dog

    1. Uummm,,,,ok what I got out of your very poorly written comment is that you are defending this asshole? Couldn’t you at least learn how to maybe spell?

    2. Ahh, the usual bogan catchcry of “ur a week dog”.
      I’ll wait until after pension day when the VB clears out of yours system and then we’ll talk. You’re no good to me drunk.

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