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Roxys and a neglected baby – must be Flori-DUH!

Druggy bitch Ashley Curtis

Mother left toddler alone, fed him Oreos and cake

Drug addicted Fla. mom only fed 1-year-old junk food, got high from his nebulizer, police allege

Ashley Nicole Curtis (23) is a drug whore and a neglectful bitch. The slut from Lantana FL, regularly left her 1 year old son alone for long periods of time in unsafe situations and on the odd occasions she actually did feed him, she would only give him Oreos, cake and brownies. Sounds like a kid’s dream, right? Other times she wouldn’t feed him at all, preferring to smoke oxycodone or roxycodone. Well surprise, surprise. Oxys and Roxys seems to be the choice of pill for druggies. You’d think druggies would like other pills, such as birth control pills. I’m sure you could smoke those if you were inventive enough.

Police say that the incubator was a chronic drug user who frequently left her child at home all alone, locked in a cot or a highchair. She would often be out all day and come home high as a fucking kite. Then she’d pass out and leave her kid screaming in his highchair. In one instance, the little boy had been coughing for three weeks, but the walking c*** put it down to him “faking it for attention” and refused to get him any help or medicine. I’m pretty sure 1 year old kids don’t have the premeditation or the forethought to “fake” being sick. They don’t like taking medicine and they don’t like going to the doctor. What reason would a 1 year old have for faking being sick?

When she finally got him some help, you wanna know what she did? The useless drug whore fucking STOLE his meds!! That’s right, she wrangled a nebuliser and some Albuterol and used it all on her selfish bitch arse. For the “high”. Drug addicts will do anything for a high, probably smoke their own pubes if they thought they could get a buzz from it. What a selfish waste of space. Someone should set her hair on fire and try and “smoke” her. Like in Scary Movie 2 where that pothead gets rolled into a joint by a giant cannabis plant.

What’s worse, is that there were complacent witnesses. People fucking saw the baby being neglected, the egg donor off her fugly face on hillbilly heroin! And did nothing about it! One witness said it was common to wake up and find the baby locked in his high chair while the stupid slut was passed out. Well, did you get him out? Get him something healthy to eat? Offer to look after him? No? You probably sat on your arse and watched. Did she pay for your silence with oxys and Roxys? Another witness reported helping get the baby out of the car and being knocked over by the stench of burning Roxys, and that the drug skank was covered in soot from it. Yet, they remained silent…

The drug whore was arrested and charged with cruelty to a child. She was released 3 days later on a $1500 bond. Wow, I didn’t know druggies had that kind of money. I thought that any income went straight back out again for more drugs. So someone else must have bailed her out. Was it the baby daddy? I doubt she remembers who it is, probably had to narrow it down to the nearest 100. Whoever it was, is a child abuse and druggie enabler. And why haven’t the police charged her with drug possession? I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a prescription for all those oxys and roxys!

The little boy is now in protective custody. But judging from the other stories on BB about Flori-DUH, they may well return him to that toxic c***.

I found it funny that there’s a place in FL called “Lantana”. Lantana is a noxious weed in Australia. It spreads easily, and leeches nutrients from native plants. Seems fitting that this parasitic c*** is from a place named after a noxious weed that spreads easily.



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  1. WTH! I don’t think a 1-year-old knows how to fake anything,let alone fake being sick.This woman is a neglectful,drug-abusing sorry excuse of a mother.I hope the little boy finds a loving adoptive home where he will grow and thrive.Then he can prove to this woman that he has grown to be a successful,healthy young man.

  2. when will we be allowed to view a womb as a deadly weapon and put these idiots on long term birth control? They have proven they couldn’t give a rats about their children. Why make any more children suffer. Good luck little one.

  3. My little one could fake a cough from about 9 months but it was part of a game. When she would cough her Daddy would say “aww, bad cough” & give her a cuddle…so when he would come home from work she would make the most adorable fake cough noise & put her arms up for a cuddle. It was very cute. But a totally different situation…

  4. Take the baby away before we read another story about the little angel passing away due to her negligence. Also how the hell does she afford pills? They are incredibly expensive, $1 per mg, and most junkies can’t get pills like they used to since the DEA has shut down most pill mills. Majority of junkies have switched to heroin bc its cheaper and easier to get.

    Also what a tardass, smoking a pill? Only an addict would believe it gets you more high when in reality it wastes the pill. The company changed the formula so crushing, snorting, smoking doesn’t work.

    Somebody needs to take this baby before it ends like most of the stories on this site. I could only imagine the poor little guy being stuck in a high hair all day and night. My daughter couldn’t sit long enough for a meal, like any toddler.

    1. “Also how the hell does she afford pills?”
      There are only three possible answers to that one: 1) fucking, 2) stealing, or 3) dealing. All of which go just great with parenting.

      1. She may actually have a prescription. Most of the zombies in the downtown of my city do.

    2. they wont DCF was called multiple times for her daughter and they did nothing. She had access to her child while in rehab. r u serious? DCF does not give a shit bout her children.

      1. Sadly, our system here in Florida is wretched – and they’ve actually improved it! Back in the 90s they used to lose kids in the foster system all the time and we won’t even get into the amount of reunification that goes on that shouldn’t. If a parent is a druggie and they lose their child due to those drugs they should not be allowed the option of getting that child back. jmo

  5. !) she already has her son back – 2) she dont have a perscription for dem 3) shes already been to rehab for roxies when she had just her daughter and 4) she really is a fucked up parent and dcf is outrageous for giving her her kids back. _oh and 5) dcf has been called a shit load of times for her first child 2 and they didnt do shit.

  6. her boy also been sick for months not weeks

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