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Daughter dies from being hog tied

Kenneth Stoddard

Kenneth Stoddard

Misty Stoddard

Misty Stoddard

Asshat Kenneth Stoddard, age 35, is from Florduh and charged with aggravated child abuse because he and his common law skank bitch regularly used “hog tying” as a form of punishment on their 11-year-old daughter Melissa. Misty went to check on Melissa and found her unconscious and not breathing…she thought Melissa was faking so she walked away for 5 minutes. When Misty came back a second time, she got her shitty hubby! Guess how they got caught….well deputies received a “child not breathing call” of course. Melissa, age 11, was taken to a hospital where she was then airlifted to a children s hospital and found to have severe brain damage and to be brain-dead. She also had ligature marks on her upper arms, wrists, ankles, and thighs. Melissa died December 17 from hypoxia or deprecation of oxygen.

There were 5 other children in the home, none of which showed signs of abuse, and they were taken into custody by the department of children and families. The 5 siblings described how Melissa was restrained…or “hog tied.” Poor Melissa was regularly “hog tied” to a board on her bed with duct tape covering her mouth to muffle her screams. Se was also tied up and placed in the family pool. She was fed in a fenced enclosure her siblings called “the corral.”

See Melissa was Kenneth and his x wife’s child. Kenneth had 2 kids with his x, both of which were autistic. She had come to live with his now common law wife and himself as a custody agreement. Melissa had only been living with her pop and step monster for 3 months.

Why was step monster dearest not immediately charged you say…well, step mama dearest was in an undisclosed hospital because when she found out she was being investigated she tried to kill her self. that’s so tragic….that she didn’t succeed i mean. Stupid c*** had rather off herself than face the music. Oh and she’s pregnant…SHOCKER!!! Once released, step bitch, Misty Stoddard, was charged with being an accomplice to the murder and aggravated child abuse causing great bodily harm. Both ass hats are being held without bond and face life in prison. I hope both these ass hats gets hog tied and ass raped for life, in prison!

RIP sweet Melissa for the demons can no longer hurt you!

Melissa Stoddard

Melissa Stoddard


***Thanks to Leslie for the write up***

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    1. Tying arms and legs together. I presume that’s what one does to pigs when they catch them and want to kill them for food.

      1. I’m still not sure how this leads to death? I can imagine it would get a bit uncomfortable after a while all curled up in the foetal position with ligatures but how does it kill? Is there more to the story, like she was hog tied in the boot of a car or small enclosed space?

        I’m not trying to be difficult but I’m just not getting how this killed her? There must have been something else those freaks up there did?????

        1. Gagged her most likely. Or tied her arms and legs behind her back and then put her on a bed or something soft and she suffocated.

          1. Well that makes more sense. Thanks. I just couldn’t figure out what actually killed this poor chickadee.

        2. Being hog tied from behind and then freaking out (with duct tape over her mouth) could have caused her to hyper-ventilate.

        3. Being hog-tied on a hard surface could lead to what is called “compressive asphyxia” (where the chest or neck is compressed by the body weight of the prisoner, preventing normal breathing). This has happened a few times with handcuffed suspects and psychiatric patients in straitjackets. It’s similar in principle to the medieval method of torture/quasi-execution where stones were piled on the chest of a captive.

          Speaking of which, stoning would be an excellent method to deal with the sperm donor and his meth-faced hag.

  1. And it just makes you wonder how much brain damage had been done when she was tied up on other occasions.

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