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Petrol-pumping toddler

Mum who let toddler pump car petrol chargedMoran Camara with her son. (Facebook)

It’s cute when little kids want to be like Mummy or Daddy, imitating ironing, cooking, mowing the lawn etc. Usually the kids use toy lawn mowers or toy stoves for that sort of play. Hell, you can even get toy petrol bowsers and cars that you can pretend to fuel up. I used to pretend that the gas meter at my grandparents’ place was a petrol pump. But it was all pretend, because toddlers aren’t ready for grownup responsibilities like safely refueling a vehicle.

Theresa Moran Camara (46) from Pennsylvania let her 3 year old son refuel her car. Because fuel nozzles are so bloody heavy and unwieldy, the kid managed to spray petrol all over himself. Police were called to a supermarket/petrol station after witnesses saw the stupid breeder trying to teach her toddler how to use the fuel nozzle, and then jump back into the car leaving him to do it all by himself!!. When the boy removed the nozzle from the fuel hatch, he didn’t release the trigger and ended up spraying petrol all over himself. By the time the police got to the petrol station, the silly sow had left, but witnesses jotted down her rego number and police were able to confirm her daft actions from CCTV footage.

The idiotic bitch has been charged with endangering a child.

Now for my two bob: I knew straightaway that this was going to be trouble. I don’t know what the laws are in the US, but in Australia it’s illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to refuel a vehicle at a petrol station. Even then, I wasn’t taught how to pump petrol until I bought my own car. How lazy is this bitch? I heard that some places in the US, they don’t even let you pump your own fuel, they have an attendant to do it for you. How was the 3 year old supposed to go in and pay for the petrol? He can barely see over the counter! I don’t know what was with that tw*t-bitch, whether she was lazy or her toddler bugged her enough to let him “play” at garages with a real car and petrol pump. The first time my sister learnt to pump petrol, the same thing happened. She forgot to let go of the trigger and sprayed it all over her feet. An old man laughed at her. Then when I learnt to do it, I couldn’t get the bloody fuel cap off (weird European car) and even though I shook the nozzle thoroughly, a sneaky drop of petrol managed to get on the duco and I panicked and ran for the watering can.

Petrol on skin can cause irritation due to the hydrocarbons stripping away the oils. On a delicate toddler’s skin, the effects would be magnified. If the kid had pica or something, he could’ve tried to drink it!! He could’ve dropped the nozzle on his foot (they’re quite heavy) or someone could’ve snatched him right out from under his neglectful pig breeders snout. This bitch simply didn’t think things through due to her laziness and idiocy.

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  1. Well, I don’t know about Australia but most pumps here have a “Pay Outside” option where you can use a credit or debit card. So if she paid out there he wouldn’t have to worry about looking over the counter. This woman used very poor judgment. Leaving a toddler alone in a lot with a lot of cars coming and going. Besides the fumes, the toxic liquid, the risks of kidnapping and smashed feet he could have very easily been run over. My daughter isn’t an idiot, but she’s 4. Her attention span is short and she might have just glimpsed a squirrel or something across the way and took off.

    That being said, I was born in the 70s and I can’t even remember the first time I pumped gas. So I conclude I was probably a child. This was the time of no seat belts, bouncing about in the car as the parents drove, being left in the house or car alone while dad went to the store, and being sent alone to the gas station to pick my aunt or dad up a carton of smokes. They always sold them to me. I was like 10. Of course, though I’m sure I was a gas pumping child, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a toddler. That’s a bit much.

    1. We do have credit card/fleet card options on some (not all pumps). They tried the prepay fuel thing but then the companies who owned the stations wanted people to come inside to pay for petrol because then they also buy drinks, chocky bars, magazines etc. and they could make money (never mind that people drive off without paying for the petrol).

      1. In our local servo only the diesel high flow pumps (for filling trucks) have the prepay option & with these you have to select your option (pre or post pay) before the pump will activate & if you choose prepay you have to swipe your credit card before pumping.

        The other pumps are all pay inside & you’re right, it’s because of the extras people buy. The profit margin on the fuel itself is small. Most places make far more money by selling a bottle of coke or a magazine or a bunch of flowers…etc…

  2. Did he at least wash the windshield and check the oil? *sigh* Service is dead in this country.

    1. LOL I doubt he could reach haha. I thought it strange that you have attendants to pump fuel, clean windscreens and do all of that for you. We do it all ourselves here (lazy companies don’t want to pay employees to do that). When I bought my car, we had to refuel it and I asked my Mum to teach me how to pump the fuel. She said, “Do you really want to know?” Well obviously I need to, how am I going to put petrol in the car??

      1. I haven’t actually had someone offer extra service in about 20 years, but I’m told it does still happen elsewhere. Maybe you have to be 20 something, blonde, and have outstanding cleavage? Or wealthy? New Jersey and Oregon are the US states that only have full-serve. (meaning they pump the gas, not the whole extra service thing) My state has some stations that pump for you (and I will wait in line for that if it’s freezing or raining – I’m a princess that way. Who knew I could just sit in the car and have my toddlers pump it for me?) but most are full serve.

        1. …most are SELF serve!

  3. In my state (Ohio) you have to be old enough to drive to pump fuel. Some stations have prepay only, some prepay after dark, others you can pay after you fill up, depends on what part of town you’re in.

    1. It’s the same here in Oz. You have to be 16 to pump petrol and get a learner’s permit. I’ve never used a prepay pump but I’ve seen ones where you can use your credit card/fleet card right on the pump. Not everywhere accept fleet cards, my partner sometimes has to drive the company car and gets a fleet card to go with it. He complains because if they don’t take the fleet card he has to get a receipt and that the car runs on diesel, it’s a manual, the headrests are funny etc.

  4. Lol. I hate to admit it but I almost feel sorry for her. Being that lazy must be some type of disability. I wonder if you can get social security for that.

    When I read some of these tales I think well at least she didn’t kill him, or at least he didn’t beat her up too bad. I just realized how sad that really is.

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