Facebook is the new Craigslist

Mother tries to sell children on Facebook

A mugshot of US mother-of-two Misty VanHorn.(Sallisaw Police)

Misty VanHorn. Sounds like a stripper, but doesn’t look like one.


One of the joys of living in the Merry Old Land of Oz is that no one uses Craigslist. They do have a Craigslist AU but no one uses it. We have this thing called Gumtree which works the same way but doesn’t seem to attract the freaks that Craigslist does.

Anyway, this debarcle didn’t happen on Craigslist or Gumtree. It happened on Facebook. Misty VanHorn (22) of Oklahoma, was arrested over the weekend for trying to sell her two kids online. Now why would she do that? Were they annoying her? She didn’t have enough money to feed them? Close, but no banana. She didn’t have enough money, alright. She didn’t have enough money to pay her boyfriend’s BAIL! So instead of hocking some jewellery, selling the car or her iPhone or even selling her nasty arse to desperate Johns, she took to Facebook to scrape up some dosh by selling her children. She repeatedly offered her 10 month old daughter for $970 or a package deal with her son for $3890. She was in the middle of discussing the sale with a woman from Fort Smith in Arkansas when she was arrested. Her message to this woman read “Just come to Sallisaw, it’s only 30 mins away and I’ll give you all of her stuff and let y’all have her forever for $1000”. I can just hear the hick twang. Because Misty tried to sell her daughter to someone out of state, she may be facing federal charges.

Luckily the kids weren’t harmed, and now they’re in the care of human services. Depending on what the penis did to get into jail in the first place, she would’ve been better to let him sit there and think about what he’s done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skyebellematilda.brand Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I would almost be tempted to buy kids I saw for sale because I know I can offer them a great life…nice home, good education, plenty of food & clothes & fun & love & safety. It’s so sad that these babies are nothing more than a commodity to her.

  • Minerva

    She looks 40 not 22.

    Also why is the baby girl $970 but if you want an older boy it goes up over $3000? Don’t agency’s usually have an easier time placing young babies, opposed to older children..? Her business plan sucked.

    Now hopefully the kids will be placed with an actual family that loves them.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      It was probably the exact cost of her sex toy’s bail. A poor business plan indeed, you’re supposed to make enough to cover costs AND make a profit!

    • http://twitter.com/vertigolotus Seele Schneider

      It;s fairly obvious why there’s such a price difference. She values anything with a penis more. Her personal penis was worth 4k. Her son, since he has a penis, is worth more than her daughter only because she worships penis. It means more to her than her kids.

      Sure, I may be wrong, but it’s my opinion. When my mother heard of women doing crazy things to get or keep a man she’d say “she must need a man that badly.” And I think this is a classic case of someone being so desperate for male attention that they’d throw away their own kids. Those children are so lucky to even be alive. Had she gotten desperate enough, she may have ended their lives if they became too much of a “burden” to her “love life.”: So as sad as this story is, I think ti’s the best thing that could have happened to these kids. They obviously are not loved enough by their mother. At least now they have a shot at being in a loving, caring home. That is, if the stupid courts don’t give them back to her. I’ve seen people who have done worse get their kids back.

      I really hope she doesn’t bring any more kids into this world. She cannot be a good mother at this point in her life.

  • Buffettgirl

    Yet another one with the dead eyes. I can’t understand how anyone gets to the point where they can tell themselves that it’s just hunky-fucking-dory to sell their baby!!! This hideous gash needs to be slaughtered like the hog-beast that she is!!!

  • P.A.

    Another baby selling bitch?! Pathetic. I wouldn’t doubt if the penis was in jail for something related to her children. I hope Federal charges are brought, but what really needs to happen is some forced sterilization.

  • Alexandra

    I wonder if the Arkansas woman was investigated too. For all we know she might be obtaining children for a kiddie porn ring or something.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      Considering the story before that was about someone selling their child to a known sex offender, it wouldn’t be out of the question.

    • JST

      Or maybe the Arkansas woman was working undercover.

      • Alexandra

        That could be. I did think of that. It’s either that, or what I said earlier…because I hardly think your average Joe (or Josephine) would just buy children online like that.

        • http://www.facebook.com/skyebellematilda.brand Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I was wondering if she was offered the child & decided to play along & call the cops. Playing along would keep the lines of communication open while you had the chance to get the police to look into it & stop her from selling the kids to someone who might not have the interests of the kids in their hearts. It’s hard to say what you would do in that situation but I like to think that I would have the presence of mind to try to string it out enough for the police to make an arrest & save those kids!

    • http://twitter.com/vertigolotus Seele Schneider

      You may beon to something there. I have close ties with law enforcement, and they can’t arrest anyone unless a crime has been committed. Saying you want to break the law isn’t a crime. My guess is the potential baby-buyer went to the police with what was going on and they told her to play along and see how far she would go. Cops do this all the time. Then, once they picked a date and a place to meet, the police most likely apprehended the baby seller then. For the most part, investigators want to feel like they have a case in the bag before arresting someone. They won’t want to arrest someone for saying they want to sell their kids only to have the case dropped because the woman claimed that she was joking and that they have no real evidence of her intent to commit a crime. But to protect the woman who went to police AND to possibly protect how the police conduct their investigations, they didn’t publish that information.

  • Yanny

    Wow,this seemed like a great way to make money.But,the young mother was caught,because she broke the law.