New Rule at BB: No posting of suspect names if they have not been released

Not an actual criminal, that I know of.

Not an actual criminal, that I know of.

Much like my ban on the posting of Facebook links of suspects in the comments I’m ordering another ban on the site.

If law enforcement or the media have not released the name of a suspect it will not be allowed to be posted anywhere on this site. This could not only interfere with any ongoing investigations but it could also interfere with prosecutions. We may be just one little blog in the scope of things but posting information like that can have a lasting harmful impact.

However once a suspect’s name has been made public I will be more than happy to allow it even if the media or law enforcement stop releasing the name again. As they say you can’t unring the bell. But I will not allow this site to be used as some kind of vigilante tactic.

That is all.

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  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Meanwhile, I’m pretty happy when I pop on & see no new stories…no news is good news when it comes to child abuse…

  • Guest

    All very true, I just miss the days when updates were frequent.

  • Danielle

    Nice rule but how about a new story? It’s been a few days now.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      There’s one I posted yesterday. It’s been a bit of a slow news day.

    • Trench Reynolds

      I apologize for the lack of stories but we are not run by a professional company and we’re not a professional staff. We’re ordinary people with lives and other responsibilities. However I am personally planning a retooling of the site which will include more frequent updates.