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Child with autism kept naked in a filthy cage

Couple charged for keeping autistic son in cage

Couple accused of keeping six-year-old autistic son naked in a makeshift CAGE on soiled sheets ‘and feeding him hot dogs through the bars’

Terry Smith

Terry Smith


Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Terry Smith (43) and his wife Victoria Smith (42) from Elsberry, Missouri have been charged with endangering the life of a child after it was found that they kept their 6 year old autistic son in a filthy cage in the basement.

Authorities began investigating the Smiths after an anonymous tip-off was made to the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline in 2010, when the boy was 6 years old. Authorities removed the boy and his 6 siblings from the couple, who were living in O’Fallon at the time, but were returned on a later date. The couple were then released because of “personal recognisance”. What the fuck is “personal recognisance”? Is that like if you say “Oh, I’m not a criminal, so let me go” and they just do it?

Now to the cage incident. When the police rocked up to the Elsberry home after a call from Grandma, they found the boy naked, in a small crib made of wood, lying in his own filth. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. Officers described the smell of piss as almost unbearable and that they could smell it when they came down the stairs. The crib’s dimensions measured at 3 ft (0.9m) tall, 3 ft (0.9m) wide and 6 ft (1.8m) long. Although the crib was small and filthy, it contained some toys and its occupant seemed contented. The crib had a plywood top and was held together with nice sharp cable ties and eye-gouging ockey straps.

Inhumane: Police say a Missouri couple kept their autistic six-year-old child in this converted metal crib covered with plywood and held together with zip ties and bungee cords

This looks safe and stable…not!

Grandma was watching the other kids at the time of the raid, while the parents were out shopping. The other kids range from 11 months to 8 years old. Police stated that the rest of the house was filthy too, not just the cage. The doorknobs on the other kids’ bedroom doors had been installed backwards, so that the parents could get in but the kids couldn’t get out. The mother would lock the kids in their rooms if they got rowdy.

The parents told police that they had to build a cage because it was the only way to stop the kid from hurting himself or other people, and that the reason why the kid was nekkid was because they were afraid he’d accidentally hang himself if he wore clothing. They also said they tried their best to keep the cage clean. Here’s a hint: if the whole fucking basement reeks of piss, that’s not clean! I clean out my sister’s rat cage out when I can smell even the slightest hint of ratty odour, I can’t imagine letting anything get as bad as reeking of piss. The boy was originally put in the cage at night, but this extended to daytime use as well, when he became more difficult to control. A social worker pleaded with the family to put the boy in a group home, where he could get all the meds and help he needed. Mr Smith told officials that he knew the situation wasn’t ideal, but his goal was to try and keep the family together for as long as possible. I feel for you, Mr Smith. It wouldn’t be easy to give a child up, no matter how difficult they were. But there comes a time when your kid’s needs outweigh what you want. The cage may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wasn’t a magical solution and it came with its own set of problems such as hygiene and safety.

The parents have been charged with felony endangering the welfare of a child and bail has been set at $2500 for each of them.  If they’re convicted, the parents may be facing up to 7 years in prison. The boy was taken into protective custody but will be released back to his parents, who will hopefully put him in the group home that he needs.

I found this story kinda sad. I just couldn’t feel angry about the parents. Perhaps I’m getting soft, but from what I can gather, the parents were having a hard time dealing with their severely autistic son, as well as six other children who needed love and attention too. I can see why they thought a cage was a magical solution. The article did say that the boy seemed contented in there, and my limited knowledge of kids with autism tells me that they easily become overwhelmed by too much space (ie. playgrounds or even a loungeroom) so confinement might have been soothing to him. The father was trying to keep it all together, but he could see that the problems were just too big and that he was too proud to accept help. I just find that really sad 🙁 No one was killed, and hopefully the little boy will get the help he needs, and that his family will be willing to let him go to that help.

Justification: Terry Smith told police the situation with his son was not ideal, but his goal was to keep the family together for as long as possible before sending the boy to a group home



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  1. I think this is sad too, but I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for the parents. I’m sure they had difficulty taking care of their first few kids, but failed to use birth control, so they ended up having a few more. Than they got completely overwhelmed and irresponsible. I just can’t feel sorry for anyone who keeps their autistic son in a filthy cage. There is no excuse.

    1. I agree with you completely. It is not your right to have as many children as you can pop out without the skills and resources to care for them. These folks would probably have been fine with one or two. They should have stopped then. This story is a horrible insult to all the decent parents of autistic and severely disabled children who do not lock them in cages. I have a dear friend, widowed suddenly, who as a single mom is able to care for her dual diagnosed severely autistic and developmentally disabled teenage son and several other kids on her own. It’s as hard a life as I can imagine but she does it every day and there is not once where she locked her kids up. The needs of all her kids are met every day.

      Each and every child has a potential. Sadly, not every child has the potential to ever live independently, to hold a job, or to fuction without supervision. However, the secret to reaching the child’s maximum potential, especially with autistic children, is maximum intervention at the earliest age possible. This was not done for this poor boy. He was isolated in the worst way and denied the necessary therapy and medication. Who knows if that neglect was the difference between him having zero language skills and having at least a basic vocabulary with which to express his needs. Maybe it’s the difference between him someday living in a supervised group home in the community vs life in an institution. We will never know because these selfish parents denied him the opportunity to reach his full potential. He’s six. That seems young, but in reality those crucial early years are gone now and he can never get back what he missed. Yes the thought of placing a child in a residential setting is heartbreaking. But when you can not possibly meet your child’s medical and developmental needs as these parents obviously couldn’t, it is the only choice for a parent to make. Anything else is selfish and irresponsible.

      1. i can guarantee they got state aid for these children..i’m sure more than one was considered “disabled” esp this boy…who they probably were getting around $900 a month for as i know others that do..for his care…and they obviously were not using it for his care but their own..that’s the reason they didn’t help him by putting him in a home, they would have to sign that money over

  2. Sad for the parents? WTF? You’re not serious, are you?

    There is no excuse for what they did. None. I have a child with autism. He has participated in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and behavioral therapy since he was a toddler. With routine and consistency and lots of love and care, he is able to adapt to his environment and use coping skills to handle sensory overload and anxiety. He now functions at grade level with his peers.

    My point? Locking an autistic child (or ANY child for that matter) in a cage like a mean dog, is only going to produce an adult who is broken and completely incapable of managing challenges and, well… LIFE. Autistic children are not incapable of learning and maturing, they need to be given support and tools in order to overcome the challenges they face every day. These early years are the most crucial, and sadly…this child has been kept isolated in his own sad little prison instead of learning how to socialize and cope with the world around him.

    And autism aside, how can anyone possibly feel sorry for parents who locked their naked child in a cage in a basement, poking hot dogs through the cage, and making him sleep in his own waste and filth? How can anyone feel anything but utter contempt for parents who are unable or unwilling to make sure their children live in a safe and clean environment, wearing clean clothes, receiving proper education? Do they get a pass because they have a child with a disability…and “Gee, it must be so hard for them!?” Being overwhelmed is NOT an excuse. Believe me, I am overwhelmed every day, but somehow I manage to make sure my kids (at the very least) are clean, sleep in clean beds, wear clean clothes, eat proper meals, go to school, and receive the medical attention and support they need. If any parent is too overwhelmed or incapable of providing for the most basic of needs, their child needs to be placed with people who can provide those things.

    Honestly, I can’t help but wonder if this story would have seemed more horrific to you if the child was neuro-typical. People with autism (or any special needs or disabilities) are not second class citizens. Would you still feel sad for the parents if the child didn’t have autism? Does this child deserve less because he’s autistic?


  3. Those poor children. Locked in their rooms, autistic boy locked in.a cage. I hope they never get their children back. They don’t deserve them.

  4. I’m going to cut you some slack on this one Aussie since I don’t know what the set up is in Australia for autistic children. Here in the states we have Early Intervention for children who lack skills they should have for their age. There are social workers, physical, occupational and speech therapists who come into the home to work with these children free of charge to the parents regardless of income.

    I have a beautiful granddaughter who is autistic and has received help in the home as well as now attending preschool. She is only 3. I can’t imagine locking her in a cage!! The nickname I have given her is poco linda. Poco means little and linda means beauty, complete and perfect. That is what she is to me. Not an animal to be locked in a cage.

    Autistic children experience the world in a different way from us. It has no bearing on their intelligence. Look up Temple Grandin, PhD. She is an autistic and is brilliant. Many of the great minds fall in the autistic spectrum. Albert Einstein, Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson and Michelangelo are all people suspected of being autistic based on sensitivities that they possessed and writings about them. If they had been locked in a cage we would surely be lacking.

    You may not be angry with the parents but I am furious! And they had a social worker that KNEW about the situation???!!!! There needs to be a shake down of that entire system in Elsberry, MO!!! I hope and pray that someone with a heart and a brain are watching over those babies. No dead baby today does not mean no dead baby tomorrow. :’-(

    1. I’m angry that they let the cage get filthy and that they didn’t feed the kid properly, but sad about the whole situation. Sort of sadangry. We have early intervention here in Aus too, but it can be really hard to get to. For example, where I live, the nearest EI centre is half an hour away. If you can’t find the time in between working and possibly raising other kids, that kid will likely miss out.
      I have read about Dr. Grandin and how she liked to sit in the cattle crush, and how she made a hug machine. And the wonderful way she thinks. By the info I got from the article however, it sounds like this poor little chook may not be able to lead an independent life. If the only way he could be comforted was to be confined, then that idea wasn’t so bad. But to let the cage get filthy and to not feed him proper food, that I can be angry about. The cage didn’t look safe at all.

      1. I’m sorry but how would you feel if this child was a neuro-typical child that had been left in a cage but “seemed perfectly comfortable”? Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems that because the child was autistic it’s not so bad??? Without proper stimulation any child will get used to any abuse….face it….it was just easier to put him in a cage.

        Like I said in my last post… the therapists come to the home and teach the parents/guardians how to help the autistic child come out of their world a bit and come into our world. This poor child has missed out on that in his most important formative years. He obviously wasn’t sent to school….why not?

        I truly can not wrap my head around your reasoning for feeling sorry for the parents who caged their disabled son. Their claim was that it was the only way to keep him from hurting himself and others is a crock of shit!! What if he was neuro-typical and struck out at his siblings or was a head banger? Again…it seems that because the child is on the Autistic Spectrum it was ok to cage him like an animal. They have no excuse for this and I don’t feel sorry for them in the least!!
        Is it difficult to raise a disabled child? You betcha!! Does it mean that we should cage them because it is easier? NO!!!!!!

        1. Nope, I said if he felt comfort from being in an enclosed space, then that wouldn’t be so bad. It was the fact that the cage was filthy and he wasn’t eating proper food that was horrible. You seem to be twisting my words a bit there.

          1. You are cool with a kid being caged? As long as they have proper food and its not vile? WTF I just see?

          2. I didn’t say I was cool with the kid being “caged”. He may have felt safe from being in an enclosed space. I don’t know. A playpen and a crib/portable cot have the same purpose as a “cage” – they keep the child in a safe contained area. Obviously this contained area wasn’t safe (it was covered in shit, unstable and way too small). A cheap 2 person tent set up inside might’ve served a better purpose of providing a small enclosed area for the kid to chill out in. And it was absolutely wrong of them to not clothe him or feed him properly. And that cage was definitely the wrong way about giving him an enclosed space to be in.

          3. Honey, I have an autistic son, they feel comfort in enclosed spaces when they are melting down not simply because they exist….Also you stated he seemed content….um, hello? Do you know anything about autism? Part of their disability is inability to express their feeling which is the reason for the meltdowns, it is highly likely that the child was melting down at the bus stop going home to alert others of what was happening because it is likely he could not articulate what he was feeling. And that shit doesn’t piss you off? Are you fucking crazy? They essentially tortured this kid because they couldn’t understand him, because they were self-centered dicks.

            You said you don’t know, well I do. I’ve spent a lot of time around kids who range differently on the ASD spectrum. My son, which I have worked my ass off on teaching him how to articulate his feelings, is now able to articulate some ways he feels. It takes an ass ton of work and that work certainly never included caging my kid. These children are not animals, this is not the fucking 40s, these people deserve nothing except for being caged…..and quite possibly death.

          4. Boy you really got to hear it on that one huh

          5. my nephew seeks out enclosed spaces: wardrobes, under the bed, in his doona…if he is havening a bad day & you can’t find him start checking “hides holes”…I know what you were trying to say!

    2. This angers me also. It reminds me of animal hoarders who have 100 cats and won’t cut the number because “they love them”. The house is always a shit hole and falling apart, barely any food in the house that isn’t rotting, the animals are sick and the person is blind to it.

      The person refuses to get help because they are afraid of being alone and want someone to love them. Is extremely selfish and not love. If you truly love someone you will Let them go if you know that’s the best thing for them. It’s about THEM not you!

      I agree with you that they have services available. How many parents have autistic kids and are having a shitty time with money, etc… ? Oh wait, most. They don’t leave them locked in a cage to sit in their own waste and filth. Hell, I never even left my kid in a playpen for more then a few mins while I did something. Using autism as an excuse is disgusting because they obviously knew he could go to a group home and get the care he needs but again, they were SELFISH.

    3. I didn’t catch that this was in Missouri. This is the state the “legitimate rape” senator candidate, Todd Akin, was from and won almost half the votes. Don’t expect any progress in this state – one of the most socially backwards in the USA.

  5. SEVEN children between the ages of 8 years and 11 months?

    1. I know…guess this asshole is too proud to wear a condom, too. No sympathy from me.

      1. They’re foster kids I believe.

  6. i’m not buying this and don’t feel bad for them at all…i have an autistic cousin who is 6 and his mom would never do this no matter how difficult it is to deal with him, this is abuse…plain and simple and the excuse they like to be alone is not always true…they do like to interact and be sociable..maybe not this one but leaving him alone in a basement cage is unacceptable

  7. No pity for them from me either. They shouldn’t have had more kids but instead focused on the ones they had. It is super sad. Aussie IS getting soft!

    1. Don’t worry, we can find something to get really angry over now! I have a few posts cooking that I don’t feel sorry for anyone but the victims 🙂

      1. Are you serious??? This story wasn’t “something to get really angry about”???!!!
        I am appalled that you don’t feel that an Autistic is as important as a “normal child”! I didn’t realize that this site sides with parents if their child is different or disabled. What a sad day!! 🙁
        I’ll stop commenting now since you and the admins must not get it or they agree with you. I didn’t realize the platform for BadBreeders was geared against the little guys that are unable to communicate as effectively as other children.
        I must have it wrong in thinking that they need an even stronger voice since many Autistics have little to no language/effective communication abilities.
        You can fuck off along with the parents that caged this precious child!!

        1. I felt angry and sad about this story.The next one I only feel pure anger about – a drug crazed mother’s sex toy who killed a child and felt not a shred of remorse. You seriously need help, lady, if you can’t accept that people can feel different things to yourself. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          1. Wow…..Did you really just say that? I think that you should actually research autism so you know just what kind of hell this kid likely went though due to his different perceptions on things. You seriously don’t feel anger about the way this child is treated….um wow. Just wow.

          2. I did feel angry, but I also felt sad. It might’ve taken the edge off the anger. I don’t know why I feel sad for them, I know it’s not the way to feel about them, but something in the story did make me feel sorrow for them.
            As I did say, my understanding of autism is limited. I will take this opportunity to learn more, but what I do know is that it covers a huge spectrum of behaviour and feelings. That’s what made me think the crib might have been used to calm the boy. Maybe I’m wrong though.

          3. You are very wrong on this. I have an autistic son. I have been around kids like this with limiting abilities to communicate, which is why I got so pissed at the tone of this story and some of the things you have said. You down played it and made it sound like it is completely ok to cage an autistic child because they are difficult which really pissed me off. Part of their disorder is inability to communicate how they feel….if you cage them its more like torture and sets them back further from ever becoming functional in this world. They fucked up this kid’s chances of prospering and severely hindered his progress. They mentally tortured this kid not to mention tortured him physically because usually leaving a child or anyone in a pool of their own fecal matter and/or urine can cause breakdown of skin which is why kids that wear diapers for too long are subjected to diaper rash. Not to mention the whole host of bacterium that can be found in such situations. And yet you feel sorry for them? You are ok with that? If so you should re-think a lot of shit.

            You’re right, its only an autistic kid….we shouldn’t worry about them, they do nothing for society, they’re dogs right? Fucking bullshit (That last sentence was sarcasm BTW) and I’m really pissed that the last sentence is about the tone that you set for this story. I would really recommend that you leave the writing about children with disabilities to someone that shares the passion for getting the kids justice not someone who thinks its acceptable to treat the kids this way because they “seemed” content…simply because you do not know a lot about the disability.

          4. You are 100% wrong. Autistic children are eager to please and cannot express their feelings. Just because the kid was not wailing and trying to get out doesn’t mean he was content, just unable to express frustration. You really need to educate yourself on autism. I have no autistics in my family or friends circle, but have had a little exposure through working on projects for the UC Davis Mind Institute. If you are going to comment on something, you should really educate yourself before publishing. An uninformed opinion is a dangerous one in this case. It seems like you condone the caging of “problem” kids and come across as really heartless.

        2. I’m also a writer here on BB….THIS IS NOT the platform. All children deserve to have a voice, and I am really pissed about how this story was written.

          My son is Autistic, and I agree they do need a strong voice on this and many other things. I’m so pissed I can’t think right now. You fucked this one up hard core Aussie.

  8. My son is mildly autistic. At school they’ve had what’s known as a “sensory house,” it’s a little play house–not a cage. He’s had early intervention, too, starting when he was two years old.
    And chlorella has helped ease the autistic symptoms. I started giving it to him when he was four and he started talking. Chlorella is a green superfood and it detoxifies.
    While autistic children tend to be really smart, what’s wrong is the way they process sensory information. Sounds can literally hurt them if they have it bad enough. So can certain sights. A tag in some clothing can literally hurt instead of just irritate. Thankfully my son doesn’t have that…but he likes to touch everything. I’ve read about someone who recovered from autism (yes it does happen) and that’s what they described.

    1. I’ve heard about the sensory houses…as someone with personal experience, what’s your take? I liked what I heard so far as my gorgeous nephew is a “hider” when he has had a bad day. He will go under the bed or behind the couch or in the wardrobe & pull his jumper or a pillow over his head.

      1. He might see spirits…

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand


  9. I’m a little shocked these are the parents you feel sympathy for.

    1. I feel sad for them and their kids, I don’t feel sympathy. They had way too many kids that they could handle, along with a severely autistic one that needed more attention than they could give. It’s disgusting and horrible that they let the cage get filthy and that they didn’t feed the boy proper food (I heard gluten-free diets help some ASD kids). But the boy seemed contented in his cage, which makes me think that he was soothed by the enclosed space.

      1. There are any number of strategies to use to help soothe a child with possible sensory issues. Weighted blankets, low lighting, white noise, hearing protection (to name a few). A cage is not, and never will be, an acceptable solution. The cage is reminiscent of antiquated procedures carried out in asylums…where the patients were often restrained, shackled, abused, and neglected. The child may have appeared to be “content” within his cage, but aren’t neglected babies often “content” with their circumstances…whether left to rot in a crib, or ignored completely by caregivers? Some children just learn to endure quietly because they don’t know their norm is not normal. I don’t know that any child could be content to be isolated and naked, living in his own waste. He was probably used to it, and that is quite different from being content.

        After reading this story, I searched for more information and came across an interview with a neighbor. She claims a school bus would drop the boy off at his house, and he would shriek and scream. She used to shrug that off as part of his disability, and now she wonders if he was screaming because he didn’t want to go home. We’ll never know, but let’s chew on this nugget of information — behavior is always a form of communication.

      2. I’m empathetic I couldn’t imagine going through what they’re going through. But sympathy? No they created their own hell. Too bad the kids had no choice. The child would be content because that is what they chose to teach him to be, just like your dog will prefer his kennel if you leave him there all day. Thank goodness the child was content but its wrong just like leaving your dog caged is wrong. The dog may seem content but he knows not the life he could have

  10. I have zero sympathy for them. I also really hate that many people rush to throw their autistic child in a home rather than to work with them and try to come up with a treatment plan. That child didn’t ask to be born. No one asked for him to be born Autistic. But I don’t agree with discarding your special needs child because you “can’t handle it.” Considering that this child was locked up constantly, I really doubt they were giving him the medical attention that he needed … So they weren’t REALLY trying to “handle it” were there?

    My little sister is severely autistic. She cannot live independently and cannot speak. She’s 28 years old. My parents took care of her till the day they passed away (my mom in 09 and my Dad a few months ago) and now she lives with me and I take care of her. I have 2 kids of my own as well. I would never EVER think to put her in a home. She is a human being with integrity, and just like anyone else she deserves to live a good life.

    1. A social worker repeatedly asked them to put him in a home because they couldn’t meet his needs. They should have stopped having more kids after the one with autism so that they could focus on them. It’s okay to admit that a problem is bigger than what you can deal with and to ask for help or send the kid somewhere where they can be helped. These parents were too stubborn, too proud and maybe wanted the paycheck that came with the kid to give him up.
      Having said that, there have been worse ways to deal with an autistic kid on this blog. And a few years ago, in my local area, a stupid and selfish man took his own life because he didn’t want to deal with his autistic son. He left his wife a widow and a single mum to a severely challenged child.

      1. look atmy s are absolutely right. Having more kids when you can’t take care of one of them isn’t fair to any of the kids. I just think they didn’t even try to help their kid. I look at my sister and could never imagine giving her up.

  11. I do not agree with what these dumbasses did to this child (or the others). This “father’s” “pride” got in the way of him getting his son help. I call bullshit on that one. The “man” didn’t want anyone knowing how he treated his son.

  12. I do not feel any sympathy for them. They should have done what is right for their kid. Not cage him like a fucking animal. I would never EVER cage my autistic son. I spend my free time advocating for his rights, fuck these people. I hope they fry. I’m disappointed by the way this was written. Never feel empathy for assholes that don’t deserve it.

  13. as a mother of an autistic child, i find this very offensive and sad. my son gives me the most hardest time, but never would i put him in something like that. i am currently seeking help for him and me. they have support groups out there if they wanted the help. this just makes me mad and sick. poor little boy

  14. I don’t feel sympathy per se, but I can see where the parents could get overwhelmed. I have an emotionally disturbed child, and it’s a constant struggle with him every day. He isn’t autistic, but he can go into violent rages, and hurt himself, or others. We have 3 other children, as well. Our son didn’t exhibit symptoms until he was school age, and we already had the other children.
    I wouldn’t put him in a cage, but I can imagine it. Even with resources, medication, counseling, etc., there have been times when I have just collapsed with sheer exhaustion, and being overwhelmed. And while there are many resources for the child, there is not always support for the parents.
    I’m not excusing what they did, but I can understand it.
    Just like I can understand why a young mother might shake her baby, but I don’t condone it.

    1. Perhaps autistic children act out like this because of the frustration that comes from being overwhelmed and not able to express yourself? If I had to go through life without being able to verbalize thoughts and feelings, I might just act out too from the frustration. Who wouldn’t, especially as a kid.

  15. I don’t even like to see animals caged! WTF is wrong with these people?! Six other kids? She needs her damn tubes tied.
    I am sitting here thinking “at least no child died” and it makes me sad that I even think that, but it’s the truth. Hopefully these two will see some time in prison.

  16. Whoever wrote this story is a fucking idiot. If i kept you in a cage in my basement and let you rot in your own flith,or better yet-your own child. Would you still think it was acceptable? I have three kids under three and a fucking cage has never crossed my mind. Stupid c***.

    1. Volunteering to write, are we? Go see Malevolent April or Trench. They’ll help you get started. We do need more writers.

    2. That comment was way to the left and the names you called Aussie were uncalled for. Sorry for commenting again but sometimes I’ve got to speak out.

  17. I went to the same school as “the father”. What the news is neglecting to say is that all 6 children are foster kids and have been reported numerous times. They leave the children locked in rooms so they can go out and spend their govt issued checks. I hope both rot in hell

    1. How did they ever get past inspections? Surely social workers come by every so often to check up on things. It makes me shudder to think how shoddy the system is.

      1. You would think so yet here we are.

      2. Yeah…..have you not seen where these dumbass social workers give children back to their fucked up parents only to be featured here after something fatal happens?

  18. I have had to physically restrain my autistic nephew to stop him from hurting himself but I did it with a huge cuddle & I sang to him & told him I loved him while I did it. Ten minutes later he was calm & snoozing in my arms. Yes, the random behaviour can be terrifying if it’s potentially harmful but I’m pretty sure locking him in a cage isn’t going to help anyone long term…I imagine if you continually treat someone like an animal it’s only a matter of time before they start acting like one & go all Siegfried & Roy’s tiger on the parents!

  19. I cannot even fathom how cold hearted anyone much less the actual parent(s) would have to be to do this to a child. Children are not disposable, yet these people treated their own child as such. What pain and confusion must have been going on for this poor boy.

  20. Ha ha. I hate retards. They should all be kept in cages or shot.

  21. Maybe the child seemed “contented” because autistic kids often are unable to express how they feel and are eager to please. There is no reason to keep any child in such dangerous and unsanitary conditions. What if there was a fire with a kid in a locked cage and other kids in rooms whose doors they couldn’t open.

    This couple sounds like one of those who fosters children for the payment the government gives them, not for the best interests of the children.

  22. I am acquainted with someone who has a non-autistic older daughter and an autistic son of about 2 years old. The son is really smart but the mother hates him. She dumps him at daycare everyday even though she doesn’t work, just so she can minimize her interaction with him. During the day she goes and shops, nails, etc.

    In addition, the only clothes he wears are hand-me-downs from his sister. The mother believes this is OK because he is autistic,and in her view he doesn’t even know hat he is wearing. The family has money.

    It breaks my heart because here is a wonderful, intelligent child who actively tries to engage with people, yet is being set up to be bullied, have gender-identity and self-esteem issues. As if autism wasn’t enough of a challenge to deal with, this kid doesn’t need to be screwed up by things the mother can avoid easily.

    I wish I could do something, but I don’t know the Mom well, and am not sure where the Dad is on all this, but obviously he is complicit in this behavior. I wish I could do something but I don’t know what to do. Saying anything to the Mom makes her defensive and makes her hate him even more. I wish I could call CPS for mental abuse, but I don’t know if they would act on this kind of parenting.

  23. These so called “parents” clearly are into “family building” for the support payments and not “unity.”. Granted caring for any living being or thing can be a highly involved and inexorable trying life experience… but if you choose to create the master design of caring for another don’t become corrupted with the greed of supported rewards and neglect the reason why you even receive help in the first place!

    The whole family could benefit from psychological therapy not just the austistic young child. If you can not handle a six year old child with a disability, which proper love can assist, how do you expect to be able to help the adult. Surely, they dont believe they can keep this disadvantage child in a cage until adulthood….

    There is a omnipotent one that watches everything we do whether we choose to believe it or not and abuse in any instance is always the wrong choice to any path walker!

    1. Also, it couldn’t hurt to survilance and tap this family’s daily “family” activities to make certain keeping the children at bay is all it is (hint hint)…

  24. hahahahahaha

  25. I would most likely do the same thing to my autistic child. He would deserve no better by being autistic. We must save society quickly by eliminating them from our gene pool. I encourage you to place your autistic child into a cage as well. Thanks.

    1. Please tell me you’re a troll.

  26. Caging a handicapped child honestly those people are SAVAGES!!
    I’d only do that if the kid was bad reference Jason and the bad boy cage
    if I had a child I wouldn’t put him in a cage unless he was bad

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