Dad lets 13 year old son visit Thai prostitute

Brisbane dad charged over son’s holiday sex

Dad charged for son’s alleged holiday sex with prostitute

In another case of parents not knowing what’s appropriate for their kids , we have a 45 year old Brisbane father who let his 13

Dad prostitute son Thailand

year old son be molested by a cheap Thai prostitute. I do say molested because this boy was unable to give consent because he’s 13 years old! The father has been charged with sex tourism offences and I’ll explain this in a moment.

The offences took place on the Thai resort island of Koh Samui between September 6 and 9 last year. It will be incredibly hard to prove that the boy was raped by the prostitute, due to the fleeting moment and how quickly prostitutes move on to the next client/victim. But for now, police are alleging that the boy was molested.

Dad has been charged with two counts of child sex tourism, which are Commonwealth offences and carry a maximum penalty of 20 years prison. One charge alleges that he caused a child under the age of 16 years to engage in sexual intercourse outside of Australia, and the other that he procured a child to engage in sexual activity outside of his place of residence. So that means that the prostitute in question could very well be underage herself and that he not only allowed his son to be molested, but also contributed to the demand of underage prostitutes and sex trafficking. What a nasty, vile piece of work.

The man also was charged with assaulting his son at the Brisbane bayside in February this year.

The Commonwealth of Australia developed new laws to stop Australian pedophiles from going overseas and molesting foreign children, especially in Asian countries (this is called child sex tourism). This legislation has also given the Commonwealth extra-territorial powers to punish anyone committing illegal acts under Australian law in other countries. This case is a first for this new legislation. The man and his lawyer declined to give comment outside of the court. The case has been adjourned until April 24.

Considering that Thailand is known for “ladyboys”, I wonder Dad and son got a nasty surprise?

  • The Hidden Truth

    The lack of critical (or indeed any) thought in this article amazes me. The author has black-and-white thinking down to a tee. “What a nasty, vile piece of work” he mindlessly rants. Never mind that he knows next-to-nothing about the people he’s judging, never mind that the 13 year old probably had an amazing time, or that, for the vast majority of human history, teenagers having sex at that age has been regarded as perfectly normal and healthy. Were the majority of our ancestors nasty and vile pieces of work as well then? I remember when I was 13 and I’d have loved to have had an experience like this. And I’ve yet to see any convincing psychological evidence that doing so is generally harmful.

    It’d be nice to see the police and the courts crack down on some real crimes for once, like murders or burglaries, but I’m not holding my breath…

    • Nathan Lovell

      The writer of this article is a female.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      Hi, it’s statutory rape if you’re under 16 years of age. Not to mention the fact that Thailand do not have a regulated sex market like in Australia, so the boy could have caught an STI. Also, don’t forget that many prostitutes in Thailand are coerced into sex work, so basically this bastard was buying into the oppression of women and the trafficking of women into sex work.
      And that, my friends, is the “hidden truth”. This bastard basically sexually assaulted his own son.

  • Lucy

    Thailand? Hell, I’d be surprised if the prostitute had reached puberty herself.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    No comments yet? Where are all the fucktards making “right of passage” & “you’re only mad coz you don’t get enough” comments?

    • Aussie Sabbath

      The dad’s lawyer already made those comments lmao