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Burgle a house, but bring the kids along so they don’t feel left out

Kids in getaway car as couple burgle house

Kids in getaway car as WA couple burgle Warnbro house


A Perth couple seemed to think it was “bring your kids to work day” when they decided to leave their six year old boy and three year old twin boys in their getaway car, while they broke into a home at Warnbro on Monday morning. Too bad that “bring your kids to work day” only applies to real jobs where you actually have to work for a dollar, and not take things from people that actually work just because you’re too lazy to go to work.

Police say that the burgling breeders, both aged 29, broke into the Warnbro home and stole a laptop and some jewellery. They tried to leave in the getaway car that was parked in the driveway, but an observant neighbour who had called police when he saw them, stalled them until the police arrived. It’s also alleged that the male burglar assaulted the neighbour, further delaying them. Nice going there, dipshit. What are you teaching your kids? That it’s okay to take things that don’t belong to you, because you won’t work for the money to get those things, and bash anyone who gets in your way?

The burgling breeders have been charged with aggravated burglary, stealing and assault with intent. They will appear in Perth Magistrate’s Court next Tuesday.

Jesus H. Christ, you dunderheads! First of all, don’t break into people’s homes and steal things. If you must steal things because you won’t get a job and want to support a drug habit, leave your kids with a babysitter or something. Or wait until they’re in school before going on a pinching spree. Or just don’t steal in the first place!

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  1. Dunderheads? That’s a very tame one for you my dear!

    1. I know, but useless junkies was getting a bit overused. That’s probably why they were breaking into houses in the first place. A drug habit that they didn’t want to give up.

      1. It does seem that B&E & drug abuse go hand in glove…I happen to be related (by marriage & we don’t associate with him) to a filthy junkie who robs homes, businesses & cars to fund his habit. He is currently in gaol serving time for an armed robbery of a Newcastle Pizza Hut (I think) but it is certainly not his first rodeo…all because he has an addiction (maybe heroin but I’m not certain…I don’t talk to him & have no real interest in eating anything he has to say).

        He has, at least, recognised that his lifestyle is no good for kids & has given up his kids to a sensible & wonderful family member who has taken on his daughters (from whn they were babies) & is giving them a great life.

        1. The only Pizza Hut I can think of in Newcastle is Jesmond, it always got held up. B&E isn’t just about having stuff stolen, it’s the feeling that your personal space has been violated. Some grubby junkie has been pawing through your things because they won’t get a job. It’s on par with raping someone. And to involve kids with that sort of thing is just low. They have no say in it. At least this person you’re talking about has kept his kids far away from that sort of lifestyle.

          1. He’s still no prince I can assure you. If he was a good person he would kick his habit & get a job. It’s not like he hasn’t had all the help in the world offered to him. He is from a family of 5 kids…3 are just normal people with spouses, kids, jobs, responsibilities…1 is a breeder who pops out babies & has worked probably 5 days in her life & there’s him.

          2. I really don’t get the mindset of junkies. They don’t want to work, but they want to maintain an expensive drug habit. SMH.

          3. Guess the drugs fried the reasoning part of their brains.

          4. “Shaking my head” 😉

          5. Ah, makes sense! Thanks…I’ve only recently figured out WTF & PMSL…kids these days with their abbreviations! Lol… ;0)

          6. I’m with you, I come across new ones all of the time! 😉

  2. Instead of leaving the children in the car, they could have made them useful by encouraging them to steal packages off front porches. Some parents just don’t know how to properly train children!

    1. LMAO that would’ve been the more sensible option, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately for package pinchers, Australia Post doesn’t leave packages on doorsteps. For small, cheap ones, they usually put them in the letterbox. If there’s no room or it’s registered mail, they leave a calling card and you have to go pick it up at the post office. Though I did hear of one egg donor who trained her children to steal milk and bread off people’s front doorsteps.

      1. Milk & bread I could ALMOST give a free pass to if it was only one house a morning & to feed the kids but then again, there’s loads of assistance available & program’s to help feed kids. Stealing food though I think is a bit different to stealing non-essentials but to involve kids is low no matter what!

        1. A bottle of milk is like $2 at IGA. And about the same for a loaf of bread from the local bakery. If I remember the story correctly, the person telling me said they were a bit “feral”, so it seems like Mum spent all the money on smokes and alcohol for herself and then sent the kids out to steal food for themselves.

      2. I could never get angry at a child stealing food. But I would call cps to check that out.

  3. And here I thought this was just early on-the-job training…

  4. Oh but no. Paying for a babysitter might mean a few less tokes on the pipe. :

    1. I think we know that people on This site don’t PAY for babysitters…they let their pedophile mates look after them…it’s a win win…they get free babysitting & Pedo gets free sex…

      Condoms are cheap…why not just use them?

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