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You might remember my story about a 4 year old boy who was bashed to death by a bad tw*t tickler a while back. Well I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is, now we have names. Nathan Forrest, 24, was sentenced to just 6 years in prison for bashing to death 4 year old Bailey Constable. 6 measly years. Only 2 more than what Bailey spent on this planet. That is the bad news.

His loving Nanny, Karen Chapman, fainted in her husband’s arms when the pitiful sentence was read out. A few weeks before he was killed by his egg donor’s sex toy, Bailey told his Nanny that Fugly Forrest was hurting him. She called the police, DoCS and everyone under the hot Aussie sun to try and help her grandson. Everything fell on deaf ears.

Now for Fugly Forrest, the invading sex toy who had no right whatsoever to touch Bailey. No right to even know him. There’s a couple of no-brainers about the murderous intra-vaginal parasite known as Nathan Forrest. Firstly, the night of Bailey’s murder, he was coming down off of ice (amphetamines). What a lovely person to bring around your child. A filthy violent drug addict. Secondly, he was trying to be a “father figure” and was bathing Bailey after he wet the bed. Listen, Nathan Forrest, you fuck-faced foul cum-stain. You had no right to be in Bailey’s life. You were not his real dad. You are nothing but a useless junkie and your life is worth less than nothing. Do the world a favour and let the inmates beat you to death with bars of soap. That’s the least you can do. Just lie down and DIE you foul pustulent maggot.

Now for the indifferent egg donor, known as Jessica Constable. She heard her sex toy beating Bailey. 4 loud bangs and the sex toy yelling “Stop it, Bailey, stop it”. You should have “stopped it”, you incompetent syphilitic twunt. She should have stabbed the nasty filth, took her child and ran. She wouldn’t even be charged for it. But no, all she cared about was having her c*** plugged. That she were desperate enough to have her snatch filled that she would settle for a violent and filthy fuck-up like Nathan Forrest, that she let invade your child’s home. All because she wanted a new baby-daddy and a new pet penis. Jessica Constable, the indifferent and murderous birth vessel, cried like the stupid pathetic bitch she is, during the court session. She did not weep for her little Bailey, she wept for her sex toy that was going to prison for killing Bailey. All she has now are memories of his herpes-infected dick. Because she didn’t care enough about her little boy Bailey, she probably hasn’t formed any memories of him. Well I hope someone helps her remember. By plastering photos of Bailey everywhere she goes. Playing videos of him. Drive her insane by haunting her with the images and sounds of the little boy that she let die.

Nathan Forrest and Jessica Constable lied to police and hospital staff about what happened to Bailey. Somehow in his drug-fried mind, the rotten nasty bastard thought that a violent and filthy junkie was smarter than people who had to go to uni to become doctors and police officers. Examinations of Bailey revealed that he had previous head injuries that went untreated. The judge said that given the previous head injuries, Bailey would have been particularly vulnerable and defenceless on the night that he was murdered. Nathan Forrest is a drug addled bully, who would be completely smashed if someone even resembling an adult fought him.

First night that Nathan Forrest spends in jail (after Brucie’s seen his papers and what he’s in for), he’ll have his head smashed against a wall. Now that he has a head injury that’s been left untreated, Brucie will help him bathe, just like how Nathan helped Bailey bathe. You know what that will mean? Not quite…Brucie will hit the soap out of Nathan’s hand and force him to bend over to get it. And that’s only the start of his problems that will only occur at bathtime, Nathan’s favourite time of the day. Soap beatings, soap buggery, soap in the eyes. Brucie will deal out 100x worse than what Nathan put Bailey through.

Rest in peace, little Bailey. Rise and sport on the wind, with the multitudes of angels who have gone before you.

Rest in Peace Bailey Constable

Rest in Peace Bailey Constable


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  1. I am Bailey’s step-grandmother (he was my grandson but I use the step in this instance to explain my connection) and the paternal grandmother of Baileys younger siblings. Our poor beautiful boy was let down by pretty much every government department in this state but most importantly he was let down by his own so-called mother. We were lucky enough to be able to rescue Baileys siblings in Jan 2011. We found the children in a horrendous state, filthy, dehydrated, and the baby (then 8mths old) was malnourished and had a horrific eye injury (he is blind in that eye now). Bailey at that time was at his grandmother Karen Chapman’s house and we visited him there but we were not allowed to take him with us as my son had no legal rights over him and the bitch mother wouldn’t give him to us, even though my son was the only Daddy that Bailey knew. DoCs were called in as soon as we got back to our home town hospital with the two younger kids and we informed them that Bailey was still up there, he was safe where he was but they needed to make sure he stayed there. 4 weeks later, even though they were still investigating the abuse on the younger children, DoCs insisted that Bailey be returned to his bitch mother, who only wanted him back because Centrelink was going to cut off her single parent payment if Bailey no longer lived with her. DoCs forced Bailey to be returned, threatened Karen with kidnapping charges. We begged them to help Bailey but no-one cared and we were told to stop being interfering grandparents. Then after our beautiful boy was beaten to death, the coronors failed to do their job properly, stuffing up the reports, the police are protecting the bitch mother, who to date has faced no charges for any of the abuse on any of the kids, not even for neglect, failure to protect her child, nothing. Its clear she is lying about what happened but no-one is investigating her. Then the DPP accepted a manslaughter plea against all the family’s wishes, despite it clearly being murder. Then our last hope, the judge was too weak to make a stand on behalf of all children, gave a pathetic inadequate sentence to that lowlife. We can only hope that he will get what he deserves in jail. Meanwhile the bitch mother is still trying to gain access to the surviving kids. Thank you for your support and telling it like it is, believe me when I SAY, THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR OUR BOY AND ALL OTHERS, HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. Rest in peace beautiful boy, we love you to the moon and back darling.

    1. You’re very welcome and thank you for telling us more. I’m so sorry that Bailey was let down, not just by his neglectful tw*t birth vessel, but an incompetent and apathetic government. This blog aims to name and shame bad breeders and to give a voice to the victims of piss poor parenting. As long as you remember and love Bailey, he’s never truly gone.

    2. Onya Sandra! I just posted my stuff here – not knowing you had! At least verifies our stories! love to U,B,C and kids that survived!

    3. EveryVillainIsLemons

      I’m sorry for your loss, and I pray that you are able to keep Bailey’s siblings safe and far away from the egg donor.

    4. I am so so sorry for your loss , yes I cant believe the courts of the day . If there is a god he really needs a shake up as he is falling down on the job something severley in protecting his children . It seems the courts are ruled by the devil . Words cannot express the sadness that I feel but I imagine that your hurt is indescribeable . Please accept my deepest sympathies , Bailey’s face is burnt into my dreams . RIP .

  2. find out the facts first

    you need to publish fact not facts and your assumtions.

    the mother was in a domestic violence relation ship with nathan and nathan and his family have control over her physically and mentally.

    she had been bashed, sexually assulted and mentally fucked by nathan and several family members. and it has only been told and known to her once it was mentioned in the court room that nathan had a record of drug abbuse and violence.

    the mother never wanted harm for her children. but no one was there to help her get out of the dv relationship.

    the police wouldnt even help her to after the death of her son bailey when the violence had reached an all time hi.

    but no you just think it is all about sex sex and more sex.

    well sorry to inform you the mother is physically scared and mentally scared for the rest of her life of her tradic loss of bailey.

    and if you also looked into it any furthure the biological father had nothing to do with bailey since he was 6 months old and didnt want anything to do with him.

    so please show some respect not just to this mother to 99% of the mothers and not put your own twist on it and asumtions. just put the facts out as that is all YOU ACTUALLY KNOW.

    the loss of BAILEY CONSTABLE is a sad one but try and mak his name live on by putting out there what is true and not bull shit


    1. The dumb c*** failed to protect her little boy from the filthy junkie that she was fucking. I couldn’t give two shits whether he was beating her, she DID NOT protect her little boy from the monster that she let between her legs. A real mother would die for her children. If that’s what it took to protect Bailey, then so be it. But no, she cared more about her fuck buddy than she did her own child. She lied to police and doctors about what happened to Bailey. A real mother doesn’t do that. Even if he were beating her, she could have reached out to her mum, she would have saved them if she knew. When Karen told the dumb tw*t that Bailey wasn’t safe there, she snapped back “he’s fine”. She did not reach out for help. Bailey was murdered by his birth vessel’s (not mother) sex toy and she helped him kill her little boy. She should be in jail too. Jessica Constable was not a real mother. She is a selfish and neglectful c*** and the junkie should have beaten her to death, not a defenceless child whose own mother didn’t want to protect him. Now go eat a dick.

      1. This whole thing has broken Karen’s heart. She is a Foster Mother, and to know she is caring for other abused children, but couldnot, no matter how hard she tried, protect her Grandson.

    2. EXSCUSE ME! She was here in her home town several times with the little ones and Bailey – Nathan was to come and pick her up in a few hrs. Wouldn’t you take that opportunity to geyt away where people would protect her? She had her kids…
      I even offered to help!!!!!
      TOLD HER to think of the kids!

    3. Goes to her son’s interment in a slinky, low cut dress? Next night at thr club in low cut shorts and slutty top? and accussing people of things – later unfounded?
      Does this look like a greiving mother to you?

    4. EveryVillainIsLemons

      Oh, BULLSHIT! 99% of us mothers in DV situations may put up with getting roughed up by our pet pricks, but when the assholes hurt our babies, be they our human babies or our pets, we’re gone as fast as we can go. The remaining 1% are cowards like this egg donor–too concerned about her own needs to take her babies and run.

      Defend her if you want to, but don’t expect to change anyone’s minds over the facts as they were reported in the source articles.

    5. How dare you, come here and defend a woman, who had no backbone to defend her own defenceless child.

      i am also a vitcitm of domestic violence, isolation, the violence and head games, blackmail and mind washing from the family of the abuser… do you know what i did do, i planned over a long twelve months how to leave that enviroment, for the saftey of my babies…. do you know what i didnt do, sit in the shit day in day out and do nothing about it, do nothing to protect and defend the lives i had created.

      she gave up caring for her childrens welfare long before she allowed this monster to have access to her home and thed things she should of held most precious, and when her utterly defeceless baby was being BEATEN she sat there and let it continue. Id die a thousand horrible deaths to protect my children from any form of pain, i”d though my self infront of a truck in place of my children!!

      and this thing'” lets it happen, run in and take that beating for bailey would have saved his life, oh wait we’ve already established staying in the”abusive enviroment ment you had little or no concern for your child..

      Baileys death cause her pain only because the world now recognises her selfish stupidity, she dosent hurt for Bailey.
      She only hurts for what she did and didnt have the courage to be. A real mother!

      Bailey if I was your Mummy, I wouldnt have stayed there for one minute knowing you might come to harm, i would have run away with you to keep you safe, i would have taken anyones life, if they dared to threaten yours. May you fly with the angels baby boy xx SongBird

      1. Give my life 2 protect mychild

        Well said, Songbird! I too am a mother who risked my life to protect my child & will continue to do so for as long as we shall live (& in the afterlife if need be!)

    6. you are just as much a loser as your rotten tw*twaffle friend. i dont giveaf l ying fuck about the egg donar bitch. read that again,,,, i dont care about her nasty skanky ass. dirty hamster.

  3. find out the facts first

    you and your son had put in a sworn affidavid stating that the youngest child was not your sons child and then the mother had to force you to take him so he could recieve furthure and better medical treatment. then once you had the children all of a sudden your son with draws the affidavid.

    1. If you’re going to defend the cum guzzling gutter slut known as Jessica Constable, you’re no better than her and her filthy junkie penis. You might as well have beaten Bailey to death yourself. Excusing violence against vulnerable members of society is reprehensible and fundamentally wrong. You must be dead inside if you stick up for the inaction of that worthless c*** and her murderous sex toy. You have no place in society, just like these disgusting pieces of shit that killed Bailey.

      1. Whenever i see Jess in town – I have to pretend she is not there – she is not worth me going to Jail for re Grevious Bodily Harm! I still have my son to take care of!

    2. get over it! Jess is a Slut – the main thing is that her 2 youngest have a caring home – away from the hell NF put them through!!!

      1. And your son is a Child Murderer!

  4. to find out the facts first
    The affidavit was to request a dna test as the slut mother had been sleeping around and wasn’t sure herself who the father was. We didn’t want to take him from the bitch as she had said he was suffering from a medical condition and was in a lot of pain, so being compassionate people we thought putting him through an 8 hr car journey would be cruel, that of course was before we saw what a poor and desperate state he was in then we couldn’t take him away fast enough. We withdrew the dna request as it no longer mattered and it is clear that he is my sons child. She had many opportunities to get away, she chose to stay. why if she was scared did she take Bailey back into the “abusive situation”? May she rot in hell

    1. May your son rot in HELL!

        1. Sorry Sorry Sorry!! It was wrong post!! I apologise profusely!! Please accept my apologies to you and your son.
          I was angry, and not reading posts properly.
          Please accept my most abject apology?

          1. I feel so rotton now after doing such a wrong post. A friend showed me a news report tonight, and saw you – I realised I had the wrong person, so trawled here to APOLOGISE in the most begging way – I am so sorry.

  5. Give my life 2 protect mychild

    Don’t you dare speak on behalf of the 99% of mothers you mentioned, I am a mother who has also suffered from assault, abuse, trauma etc through Domestic Violence & I did & would again every single time put my life in danger to protect the life of my child. And would like to add that many other mothers are still having to continue to put there lives in jeopardy everyday to protect their children’s. Thank god for these grandparents (be it by blood or otherwise) to continue to try to keep speaking out & protecting the lives of not only Bailey’s younger siblings but for the safety of any other children to unfortunately find themselves involved in the future. Why then if Bailey’s mother was so frightened why would she agree to the crown accepting a plea of only Manslaughter, Murder would have kept him locked up for longer & also let his family know that their so-called scare tactics would not be as effective. These precious children are very obviously now in a safer, more loving environment with “broken hearted” who should also been known as “big hearted”. Why would you even bother to waste your anger & emotions on her when it seems very obvious on who & where they should really lie upon. RIP Bailey

    1. No one is saying about all parents wether mother or father. Just the ones that do not protect their children. I know the people involved very personally – my son played with Bailey as toddlers, I knew Jess since she was 5yrs, know her mother too. But Jess changed. And I am sorry, she had a chance to leave NF when she was here with all the kids, but she didn’t.
      And to go to her son’s interment in a slinky low cut dress? And next day in slut shorts and top to the Club?
      I was in a violent relationship – it took me 5 yrs to get out of. I didn’t have chldren then, but when he near killed me, and hurt my Dog – I got out.
      Now if I got out to save my dog – makes sense I would for my child!!

      1. Give my life 2 protect mychild

        Sorry, I think my comments may have been misunderstood, I too know this family personally & am in full support of Bailey’s caring family especially the grandmothers & both dads & their struggle to pursue true justice for Bailey & the long fight we all have to continue to try to keep the media involved so that not only the 2 little ones are kept safe in the future but for all the other children that our system may let down in the future are also kept safe. So to clarify what I meant was for “Find out the facts first” to NOT treat or speak about “broken hearted” in the way they did. As she truly is only trying to protect the lives of her grandchildren. So when “find out the facts first” asked for respect for not only Jessica but for 99% of mothers. I had to comment cause only Mothers who DO try to protect their children deserve that! And its very obvious that Jess didn’t care enough to protect Bailey or her littlies.

        1. It is a difficult debate, and one that is hard to see both sides. I was as a child a victim of abuse, and although not a great mother myself, did not let my child go through abuse. I don’t know what else to say.

  6. To Find out the facts first you’re a massive fuckwitt for believing the lies this skank has told and actually believes herself. She failed to protect all children and deserves to rot in hell. She is a psychopath and doesn’t deserve children as she doesn’t care about them only the money they bring in from centre link. Open your eyes fuckwitt!

  7. Give my life 2 protect mychild

    To “find out the facts first” I think you need to do what you want others to do by opening your eyes first & then leave “broken hearted” & family alone to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. May you receive all the love & continued support you & your family so deserves “broken hearted”. Our best wishes are always with you & your Angels both near & far.

    1. No = we NEED to keep this going to if only save another child from the same fate!
      That is what Bailey’s family want to do, and let people know that Justice was not served – and Bailey died despite warnings to DOC’s and other Officials!

      1. A Good person that does nothing, is nothing.
        A Good person that fights for Justice is Something.

      2. Give my life 2 protect mychild

        My comment was misunderstood I fully agree with you.

        1. I get what you were saying – to heal – but the family, and others can move on if they can prevent this happening to another. And if the Appeal goes through – better justice. Peace and love.

  8. I still wonder why the government bothers to keep useless brainless and gutless monsters like this fucking drug abusing chav alive. They have no use at all, no worth to society, and they only live to steal tax money, food and oxygen with their degenerate little existence. It doesn’t require Nostradamus to predict that lowlives like this will end up hurting others sooner or later. This fucking scumbag needs to get a cap in his head, instead of on top of his head.

  9. Fun fact. Nathan Forrest is also the name of the first grand wizard (yes, really) of the ku klux klan. Evil is all in the name!

    1. I wondered why the name was familiar!

    2. I was going to mention that as well. May be a good tidbit to spread around to all the inmates to help maximize the torture of those (horrendously insufficient) 6 years.

  10. Is it really necessary to talk so sexually in every single post? In every post it is mentioned over and over in different forms. “all she cared about was having her c*** plugged”
    “desperate enough to have her snatch filled ”
    “All because she wanted a new baby-daddy and a new pet penis” “she wept for her sex toy that was going to prison for killing Bailey. All she has now are memories of his herpes-infected dick”

    It seems so immature to me. I understand that these people are evil. But why do you feel the need to make so many sexual comments?

    1. I agree. While I really love this site, the sexualised insults tend to make the writers (and the site) sound hysterical and unintelligent. I think that it is possible to be passionate about this subject without sounding like someone ranting on the street.

      1. Then why keep coming back if you feel that way?

      2. omg. seriously if thats all you idiots care about then do usa favor and fuck off. oops,,, did that offend you?

        1. Commenting on writing style does not equate not caring about the victim

    2. Because that was her motivation for letting her boyfriend kill her child. She cared more about her boyfriend than protecting her child. That’s usually how these stories go. Mum gets new boyfriend, leaves him alone with her child, child ends up seriously injured and/or dead. Mum only cares about her boyfriend and goes out of her way to lie for him and defend him instead of her child. That’s why it’s all sexual insults, why these skanks let their boyfriends kill their kids is because they couldn’t care less about their kid as long they have a bedmate.

    3. What I don’t get is that if you know that this is how the stories are going to be written up, and you don’t care for it, why do you come back? Personally, for me, it puts a touch of the absurd into these stories and that makes them just a little easier to swallow… It’s not like this is the first time (today even) that this issue has been addressed, it hasn’t changed anything yet, so I don’t see it changing too in the near future either. I’m not trying to be snarky, I just think it’s interesting that in almost every story that garners a lot of attention someone always makes this observation, and yet, it doesn’t change anything for the moderators that prefer this sort of approach…

    4. Don’t read it then dickwad!

    5. what???? maybe you should care more about the poor boy who had his life taken away and less about what ppl arec alling his killer. moron.

    6. Does sex make uncomfortable? It’s your hang up, not anyone else’s.

  11. How much Bailey is remembered – apart from his lovely Maternal Grandmother Karen – is when his step grandmother did a book for her parent’s Wedding Aniversary, and Bailey’s photo is in there as a Great Grandson…God Bless.

  12. I am so sorry, beautiful Bailey for the evil that entered your world and for your uncaring mother. The abuser will be out in a few years and likely to do it all again without comprehensive help which he won’t receive in prison. SIGH.

  13. well written Aussie Sabbath, my opinion on the insults, theyre fitting description of a stupid selfish slut, who cared more for her own needs, than the needs of the children.
    Jessica Constable you will never suffer as much as you allowed your son to suffer, and you could have prevented it all, I hope Baileys’ face haunts your every moment.
    Bless your little soul Bailey boy, your siblings now have the most gorgeous gardian angel watching over them from Heaven.

  14. Looking forward to buying uncle Brucie a beer

  15. The judicuary system is severly disabled , child killers , pedophiles be they catholic priests or others seem to get a easy soft run and a light sentence for the most disgustingly vile crimes perpetrated on our most vunerable . Why should Nathan Forest get such a soft sentence , we really need to leave the judges to deal with parking fines and such and throw the sentencing of such scum out to the people to deal the real punishment required . Why bother going to court for jury duty when you know the judge will not deliver true justice for the victims ,some judges are not far up from the bottom of the ladder in my opinion .

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