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Bad granny shoots and kills her grandson

Grandmother jailed for murdering grandson

Sandra Layne sentenced to 20-40 years in death of grandson

UPDATED Sandra Layne, 75, sentenced to 20 to 40 years in grandson’s murder WITH VIDEOS

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne (75) has been sentenced to life in prison, after being found guilty of second degree murder, for allegedly shooting and killing her 17 year old grandson Jonathon (Jon) Hoffman. Police say she shot him 6 times, including twice in the back, while he was living with her in her West Bloomfield condo, near Detroit MI. The bad granny testified that she had become afraid of Jon in the last month that he was living with her, and that she’d bought a Glock handgun. Things came to a head on May 18 last year, when Jon threatened to run away after testing positive to synthetic marijuana. That’s when bad granny went upstairs, grabbed the Glock, and shot Jon. Even as he dialled 911, screaming that his grandma shot him, she continued to fire, filling his lean young body with six hollow-point bullets.

Bad granny’s own daughter and the mother of Jon, Jennifer Hoffman condemned her mother’s actions, saying “Sandra Layne is pure evil and, if given the opportunity, would surely kill again,” and “Sandra Layne deserves the maximum penalty allowed. Please do not show mercy on her. She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked, ambushed and murdered my son in his bedroom.”

The reason why Jon was living with his grandma was because his younger sister Jessica was being treated for a brain tumour. Jon went to live with his grandma so that he could continue to go to school and reclaim some stability and normalcy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have to deal with the fact that a beloved, trusted mother and grandmother shot their child dead. Bad granny even had the nerve to blame Jon’s parents for her cold murder of her grandson.

“I would have never let (Jonathan Hoffman) come here. I would have told his parents ‘It’s your responsibility to help him.’ I see my daughter and the pain she’s experiencing. My heart breaks for her. I know what I’ve done. There isn’t a moment in my life I don’t feel that pain.” – Sandra Layne.

Earlier she said that Jon’s parents ignored her pleas to take Jon with them. During that statement and a few others, Mrs Hoffman was seen to be whispering “She’s lying”. Michael Hoffman reflected on Jon, as a strong and independent young man, who did things “the Jon way”. He said he was looking forward to seeing the man that Jon would become. Now that’s all been taken away from him by Sandra Layne.

He also related the effect that Jon’s murder has had on his family, “My beautiful daughter (Jessica, who underwent surgery for a brain tumor) now has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head,” he wrote.

“Death is final, and my prison is every bit as confining as that which Sandra Layne soon will inhabit.”

Jon could not have been that threatening, if bad granny had time to run up the stairs to grab her gun. If she had time for that, she had time to call the police if she felt she was in danger. Not to mention the fact that she kept shooting him even after he’d tried to call 911. If she really did need to shoot (say he was coming at her with a knife), surely a leg shot would have been enough to fell him? And shots to the back indicates that she either snuck up on him and shot him, or he turned away from her to flee, and she shot him some more. Either way, what kind of coward shoots at someone in the back? This was not an act of self defence. Granny had simply had enough of him being around and waited for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. The poor kid was messed up because his sister was critically ill, needed understanding and love, did some pot to forget his troubles (not a great idea) but that did not warrant being shot dead. Due to the 40-60 year jail sentence, it’s very unlikely that she will ever live to see freedom. She will die in prison.


Rest in Peace, Jon. You did it “Jon’s Way”

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  1. For once someone is seeing that this woman was completely wrong.I’ve been following this case since the beginning and can’t tell you how tired I am of people trying to make the victim the villain. This woman knew what she was doing and had other means to get help if he really was acting violently. She chased him around the home shooting him repeatedly including in the back. That’s not self defense that’s straight up murder. My on;y wish is they would bring the death penalty to Michigan, she doesn’t deserve 3 hots and a cot.

    1. People have sympathy for her because she’s old. I say, who gives a shit about her age? Once you murder someone, you lose all “elder respect”.

  2. Leg shots are really difficult to achieve if someone is coming at you with a weapon so if you ever find yourself in a situation where it’s you or them then aim for Ye largest part of the body – the torso & run like a bat out of hell.

    This woman shot him in the back…that’s not self defence unless he is some sort of creepy alien with backwards facing arms!

    1. I know about the leg shot thing too. The thing is, if I ever had to pull a gun on a relative (probably most likely my alcoholic violent cousin) I really wouldn’t want to shoot them unless they were a direct threat. Seeing someone pull out a gun should be enough to stop most people in their tracks.

      1. I agree, most people would stop on
        Sight of gun. Unless they’re on drugs. In which case, oh well.

        This woman sounds like a prize nut job. It just goes to show that it isn’t just the little ones who are at risk of being attacked by relatives.

        1. Or that child abuse can be committed by anyone of any age. There aren’t many grandbreeder stories on here, but the bad granny was supposed to be looking after Jon and killed him instead. And the fact that she caused emotional pain and grief to her own child makes her a bad parent too.

  3. So she’s afraid of him and he threatens to run away? There was was the answer-problem solved. He’s 17. Let him go. But she’s so scared, she shoots him in the back?? No this is more about CONTROL than fear. It’s sad that she probably will only do a few years in jail until she dies, yet she took all that living away from her grandson-60, 70 years perhaps. It’s NOT FAIR.

    1. The old cow might have a stroke that disables her and then kills her. She could die, half paralysed while the other inmates taunt her for her crime.

  4. Very very sad. RIP Jon.

  5. Folks, I’m here in Michigan and there is a LOT more to this story. The parents hold far more blame than they are willing to accept. Did granny go to far, yes, she’s old, she was scared and not thinking clearly. I’m not saying this boy should have died but he NEVER should have been left with a woman that old and fragile with the trouble he had already been in. I don’t understand how the parents can actually live with themselves. The whole thing is a sick mess.

    1. The family was in crisis. Jon’s sister needed treatment for a brain tumour and they relied on bad granny to look after Jon, not kill him. Families stick together when they need help. The only person that should get the blame is the one who took the gun and shot Jon.

      1. You are right the family was in crisis – the family has been in crisis for YEARS! The granny begged the parents not to leave him – the told her he would be fine. The boy had been in trouble with the law for years. As far as I am concerned the parents are just as much at fault….

        1. Don’t you think he needed guidance instead of six bullets?

          1. He absolutely needed guidance but the 80 something year old granny didn’t have the ability to give him the guidance he needed and the boys parents knew it. They didn’t want to be bothered because their other child had significant health issues and they were tired of dealing with him. It’s horribly sad. I certainly don’t condone the fact granny shot him six times please understand that. I do understand she was completely overwhelmed. I’m just saying there is a lot more to this story than what is in the media and it’s an awful shame things came to the point they did.

  6. What an evil old witch.

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