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Breeder uses foster girl as a baby factory

Mum forced 14-year-old to get pregnant

14-Year-Old Forced To Get Pregnant By American Foster Mother Living In Britain: Mother Uses Syringes And Sperm Bought Online For Successful Pregnancy

Most parents do not encourage their teenage daughter to become pregnant and have a baby. An American breeder living in the UK decided she wanted more children, but for whatever reason couldn’t have them naturally. She was also not allowed to adopt any more children. So she hatched a plan to get a 4th child – a plan involving her teenage daughter and some tadpoles bought online…

She inseminated her daughter with the sperm and allegedly made her douche with lemon juice and vinegar to try to produce a girl (the super-acidic environment apparently kills off the Y chromosome sperms, which swim faster but are weaker). The poor girl suffered a miscarriage on the first round (which her breeder probably beat her for), but then fell pregnant after 6 rounds of having some random guy’s jizz injected into her.

When the girl gave birth to the baby in July 2011, when she was 17. The hospital staff tried to get her to breastfeed the baby but they realised something was wrong when the girl’s breeder allegedly said “We don’t want any of that attachment thing”. The staff alerted the authorities and the teenage girl along with her siblings were taken into foster care. The breeder is now serving 5 years in jail for child cruelty.

The girl said about her breeder that she was a very determined person and that she does her best to not let anything get in her way. Maybe it’s a good thing that she couldn’t have children naturally and couldn’t adopt. She sounds like a dangerous and deranged individual, who should never be allowed near children.

I will never understand the mindset of women who get the baby-want into them so badly that they want a child at any cost. Some will spend thousands of dollars on IVF. Some will rape men by taking their sperm or lying about contraception. Some even steal babies from prams or even out of a pregnant woman. And some, like this freak, will even put their own child through the pains of labour to get a child. Seriously, there’s more to life than just breeding at any cost.

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  1. Send her to the Tower of London (Look up what this place was used for)

    1. Was it used for bashing in empty skulls with a baseball bat? Because that’s what I recommend here.

      1. Nope but close. It was used to torture prisoners (the rack and etc) and it would a perfect punishment for this creep

  2. Five years? I hope they don’t forget her handshake and cookie when they get finished slapping her on the wrist.

  3. How is IVF in the same category as any of those other things you mentioned in the same breath?

    1. IVF’s merely about physical and financial cost. I couldn’t understand why someone would spend up to $90,000 for the slim chance that they could get a kid.

      1. Most people have some level of desire to procreate. It’s biologically built in. It’s an evolutionary guarantee to ensure propagation of the species.

        There are some who have no real want to have children & others who are adamant that they will NOT breed but these people are in the minority simply because of how we have evolved!

        IVF must be hard going. I’ll
        Give you that!

    2. The_Shadow_Knows

      IVF becomes an issue when a nut job like Octomom uses it and taxpayers foot the bill. Otherwise I have no real problem with it.

      1. I’d forgotten about that freak!

  4. give that bitch a pink sock rolled inj glass shards google it

  5. Omg, just when I think breeders have reached the lowest depravity, there’s always something worse. Kill the bitch.

  6. This is a level of baby-lust I’ve rarely heard of… the depravity out there amazes me sometimes!

    1. She’s no better than those sick bitches who cut babies from wombs.

      1. Where do people get these ideas, and how in the hell do they figure out ways to justify it when they do it?

        1. It all comes down to lack of willingness of governments to invest in mental health. I don’t care what anyone says, a woman who could cut a baby from the womb of a living woman is NOT mentallystable! There needs to be a huge investment into mental health treatment facilities before horrific shit like this will stop.

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