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Mum slept while children died, inquest told

WA mum Miranda Hebble ‘not depressed’ when boys died – partner

Babies died in shower, inquest hears


Miranda Hebble took a little nap…and her babies paid for it with their lives!

An inquest is being held into the deaths of two little babies who were left in the shower as their 22 year old birth vessel Miranda Hebble slept. The WA coroner is investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Lochlan James Stevens (2) and Malachi Isaac Stevens (10 months) who died in November 2008.

The story so far…little Lochlan had gotten into his nappy and smeared crap all over himself, the wall, and his baby brother’s cot. I guess you could say he was bored shitless (badum-tish). The next day (!) Miranda decided to put both of them in the shower, a little rub-a-dub-dub should get the doo-doo off. She told the inquest that she went back into her bedroom (while the babies were still under the shower with the door closed!), saw “white speckly things” and passed out or fell asleep. 10 hours later, she awoke to find the bathroom full of steam, the shower full of water and her babies floating in the water. They were stone cold dead.

An autopsy has not been able to determine exactly how the boys died, but the coroner says that they could not confirm nor rule out drowning as a cause. Lochlan was found in a sleeping position, with blood coming from his mouth, a mark on his stomach and a scratch to the forehead. Malachi was floating in the water. The coroner has indicated that baby Malachi probably did drown, while Lochlan may have suffered from a combination of hunger, exhaustion, and possibly hypothermia from the water. The shower plughole had become clogged because the contents of the vanity unit were scattered everywhere (presumably by the boys). So not only did their birth vessel leave them unsupervised in the bathroom, letting them play with potentially dangerous items such as razors, but also wasn’t taking care of Lochlan properly, letting him go hungry and not ensuring he slept enough. Neglectful c***.

The boys’ dad, Christopher Stevens, also testified at the inquest. He told the court about an earlier incident in February 2008, where Miranda had left baby Malachi in the car while returning a DVD. Her reasoning behind this was that she was tired and that she was afraid that she would drop him. If you’re too tired to hold a baby, you probably shouldn’t be driving either! Police pulled Malachi from car, hot, sweaty and screaming. Christopher was working in the mines on a fly-in-fly-out basis, and was away at the time of the babies’ deaths. He further added that Miranda was anemic and had problems with sleeping patterns. Instead of taking naps with the children, she would watch cartoons, and was known to sleep through her babies’ crying or screaming. This would explain why Lochlan was hungry and exhausted: his birth vessel would sleep instead of feeding him and the elevated stress levels from him screaming in hunger (plus being hungry)  would have stopped him from sleeping.

Christopher said of his former partner that she was a quiet and antisocial person who kept to herself. He didn’t think she was depressed, and she had no drugs or alcohol in her system when police questioned her. The inquest will examine why she slept for 10 hours after “passing out”. The counsel assisting the coroner said that Miranda didn’t have a history of mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse. She was a quiet person who was struggling with sleep because of Malachi’s restlessness. The babies’ paternal grandfather testified that he thought that Miranda was a good mother but was probably not emotionally mature enough to handle two children. He further added that she and Christopher had gone through a rough patch because Miranda had not been doing any housekeeping while Christopher was away.

The inquest is continuing.

Before anyone screams “You don’t know her!” or “It’s hard taking care of two kids by yourself”, riddle me this: if Miranda knew she had health issues that were preventing her from looking after her children correctly, why the fuck did she not ask for help? FIFO mine workers make a fuckload of money, surely she could have hired a nanny to help out? Ask the grandparents to care for them until she got her health issues under control?  They were little babies, it wasn’t like they couldn’t be uprooted from their school to go live with their grandparents for a while. But no. She was being stupid and selfish by trying to go it alone, even though she knew full well she couldn’t do it. And who the fuck puts babies in the shower?! And then LEAVES? Stupid tw*t c***. I really feel for the babies’ Dad. Imagine coming home from a 4 week (or longer) stint away from your family, only to find that the woman you trusted to care for your children is incompetent and stupid, and that her idiocy has killed your babies. Dad split up from the incompetent tw*t and has now found love in a new relationship. Hopefully this new woman can help him heal from the devastation of losing his babies to a stupid and thoughtless she-devil.


Rest in Peace little Lochlan and baby Malachi. Free forever on the other side of the rainbow.

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  1. Having been through PND, I can attest to just how “out of it” it does make you feel. Having said that, when the baby cries, you get up. You change the nappy. You give some boobie (or bottle if that’s your deal). You settle bub back down & THEN you go back to sleep!

    My down fall was the housework. I kept the house clean but not tidy. My kids however were well looked after.

    1. Same here. I still have problems. I get really fatigued but it’s a different issue than depression at this point. The house will win no awards for tidiness, but my kids are fed, cleaned, schooled, and clothed. They get sleep. They play outside. I unfortunately am still working on the yelling bit, but I’ve reduced it greatly. I get to the point where I just want to give up, do nothing but stay drunk, quit my job, sleep all day or spend the day watching box sets of TV shows but no – I can’t. I have two kids. That I love. But sometimes, I’m just like I wish I was 19. I had nothing going on then. And it was great.

      1. I’m hearing you! I’m not a drinker, it make me feel too out of control so I tend to steer clear. Im pretty sure I could lose myself in puzzles all day though if I allowed it! I now buy one a month & if it doesn’t last the month then tough shit!

        My place looks like a bomb hit it too but it’s clean under the toys! Every Tuesday (preschool day) I clean everything & vacuum & mop the floors. Then the kids come home & it looks like I’ve done nothing! The only real cleaning I do between Tuesday’s is the kitchen & bathroom.

        PND sucks & I feel genuine empathy for anyone who has it but you’ve got to just drag your arse out of bed regardless of how you feel & tend to your children! As soon as you start using your PND as an excuse to neglect them then that’s when you no longer have the right to call yourself a Mother…you’re just an incubator.

        Hang in there! It does improve! I’m still plodding along but each day seems brighter & each day I’m finding myself doubting myself less & smiling more!

  2. personally i think she is a does a child die from hunger, exhaustion, hypothermia within 10 hrs…hypothermia i can see but hunger??? he would have had to have been starving before that…and where did the blood and marks come from on their bodies..maybe she held them down in the tub..i am not buying these were accidental deaths…not at all and about the dvd? how the hell long does it take to return a dvd? the kid was lethargic and hot and sweaty that doesn’t happen in minutes…sorry she is just a lazy fucking c*** and the kids got in the way of her rest time…

  3. She said the bathroom was full of steam but the boy died from hypothermia which means cold water.

    1. If the shower water’s even a tiny bit lukewarm after running for ten HOURS, then I want her water heater. I can barely get 30 minutes out of mine.

      1. Lucy, is this the time or the place for a comment like that? Seriously? I think you may have mistaken this site for lowes or Home Depot.

        1. I think Lucy’s pointing out the fact that the egg donor is telling conflicting stories about what happened to her babies.

        2. That whooshing sound you just heard was the point sailing over your head. Hearing a shower running and opening the door to find the bathroom full of steam is something we’ve all done. It is an image in everyone’s head. When you are telling a fictional story, describing a scene, you have to draw on your previous experience of similar scenes you have witnessed in the past. She allegedly described a bathroom full of steam after ten hours. No hot water heater can go for ten hours. Thirty minutes, give or take, is about what you get. (Plus, the older child is suspected to have died in part from hypothermia.) Therefore, if it ever came out of the woman’s mouth that she opened the door to find the bathroom full of steam, then she is telling a fictional story, and basing it on her past experiences. If she wasn’t misquoted, if she actually said that, then it is very strong evidence that she did not pass out and leave the children alone in the bathroom for those ten hours. She did not open the door to the bathroom and find them dead. If she had, she would have been able to accurately describe the scene, cold and steam-free, because she would have direct experience of such. Steam would not have been part of the description.

          1. I agree with nearly all of what you said except it would be possible for an instant gas hot water service to still have hot water (would hate to be paying the bill though!) Even though this is possible the child would not be experiencing hypothermia… in fact after 10 hours where there is still steam it would more likely be hyperthermia. I think she drowned those babies though and there is just not enough evidence to prove it.

      2. Well I’m going to push inappropriate here for a minute but they do make tank-less, continuous heat water heaters. The one I know about is Rinnai. I used to own my own house cleaning company and a couple of my clients had these. They were AWESOME for cleaning the showers, I had one run for over an hour and the water never went cold once. (They had gotten new tile in the shower and it took forever for me to clean it up afterwards!)

        1. True, that. However, based on the older boy’s hypothermia, I’m going to have to guess that she had the ordinary, half hour tank.

          1. I figured, I just couldn’t resist after I saw the scolding you got… 😉

      3. Solar hot water systems give a continuous supply of hot water (heaven!) Some gas ones do too. But 10 hours is a stretch…

  4. I think I might be angriest with Dad on this one, as I am with Andrea Yate’s husband. Mum showed very obvious signs of severe depression before this happened. The family admits that she was sleeping through the baby screaming. She was anemic with sleep issues. She admitted feeling too tired to carry the baby. There was a very dangerous previous neglect incident. She was ignoring housework. Yet Dad did nothing. He did not take her to a doctor. He did not hire in help. He did not arrange for her to stay with family while he was away. He fought with her because she wasn’t keeping his house all shiny and nice, but didn’t offer so much as to pay teenager to come in after school and tidy up a few times a week. Yes, mum should have realized that she was in trouble, and asked for help. But if she was too far gone to do that, Dad should have picked up the slack and done it for her.
    I don’t for a minute buy her story of passing out for ten hours. I think at worst she actively drowned them and at best she played deaf ostrich while they died. But there is blame here for both parents.

    1. Dad should have quit the FIFO job when he found out about her issues. FIFO is not for families, as one parent is often away for long lengths of time. They lived in Perth, a large city where there’s heaps of jobs. It was negligent of him to leave her with the babies, knowing her issues.
      I do feel for dad, because he most likely took the FIFO job to get a better standard of living for his family. FIFO pays a ridiculous amount of money. But all the money in the world was not worth risking the safety and wellbeing of his babies.

    2. According to this article, the Dad did try to “create a more structured role for Ms Hubble’s parents in their household to provide better support for her”:

      1. It’s so fucking sad, he loved those boys and the incompetent c*** left them to die. He somehow has picked up the pieces and moved on with his life, away from the tw*t that killed his kids.

        People like Miranda Hebble are like toxic black holes – they suck the life out of everything around them. They feel like crap so they have to make everyone else miserable too. She literally did suck the life out of her babies. It’s a small consolation that he could move on, away from that toxic c***.

      2. I feel a little better towards Dad after reading that, but the family should have done more. How often do we hear of children accidentally forgotten in hot cars to die? That she did such a thing on purpose, and was so cavalier about it afterwards, was a very clear sign that she needed to not have unsupervised custody of her children. I feel for Dad and hindsight is 20/20, but as AS said, this was not the time for him to be leaving his family for long stretches of time.

  5. I don’t have to know her to know that neglecting a child to the point of death is fucking wrong.

  6. not buying it was an accident- it’s obvious she did her best to let the baby cook in the car the weeks before that- no real loving mum would do that to her children or put them in danger- she was most probably suffering from PND which would explain the non cleaning, waiting a day to clean the shit of the toddler and sleeping through their screams. I am sick to the core thinking about how they died during these ten hours- the toddler probably watched his baby brother drown. I hope the angels have them now. She never deserved them in the first place. rest in peace little men. yes I agree the dad should have done something too.

    1. i dont buy is as an accident either. this bitch is evil.

  7. I find her story implausible too. I have been exhausted, I have had PND, I presently have 2 boys that age and a partner who goes away on business. A mother who loves her kids does not sleep through them crying, does not leave them in hot cars, and never leaves them alone in a bath or shower. I may have forgotten nappies, and once forgot to strap a carseat in due to fatigue (which I accept is negligent!), but no way does a mother fall asleep for 10 hours with her babies stuck in the bathroom. She must have a hell of a bathroom door too, because my 2 1/2 year old can easily open mine. I also think he’d drag his baby brother out of the shower. I feel so sorry for these babies. She either had pronounced PND, or this is simple and awful child abuse. Those poor darlings. What a horrible way to go.

  8. I don’t care how f-ing depressed she was, and I normally have deep sympathy for sufferers of PND & PNP, but I don’t this time, this seems so selfishly deliberate to me. I think she got tired of being a Mommy when the sparkle of having a baby or two wore off.

  9. Oh my god, that older boy looks a shit load like my son. Horrible story none the less, but that sort of thing always makes it worse. More real somehow.

    I had a 2 year old and a newborn and I was losing it here and there. The thing is, I called my mom. She came over and gave me a break. I know this won’t go over well, but I remember becoming overwhelmed with rage and just wanting to throw one of them, leave the house, and never come back.

    Also, did I read something wrong? It says the boy smeared his poop around (as babies do) and she put them in the shower the NEXT day? Gross.

    1. Yep you read exactly right. She did wait until the next day to clean them. Personally I wouldn’t be able to stand the stench, I’d probably take them outside and hose them off first!
      If my cat craps in her litter tray, I have to scoop it immediately. It fucking stinks. I couldn’t bear it if it were human crap.

    2. becoming overwhelmed with rage with your children is nothing new. no one knows how to push a parents buttens like a child! its how we handel it that matters,and you did the responsible thing by calling your mom. so i high five you on that.

  10. This donor is LAZY and didn’t want to be bothered with silly, meaningless tasks like feeding and bathing her little ones. If that bitch is 22, those were the hardest 22 years on record. Gotta call bullshit on her story. Put her in a cell and let her nap until she’s too old to breed again.

  11. How was the bathroom full of steam if the shower had been running for 10 hours?

  12. Returning a DVD? Then how did the cops get there and find the kid before she came out? Can’t you pull up and put the DVD through the return slot? Takes 2 seconds and you can keep eye on the kid without taking him out. I call bullshit.

    Also waiting a day when the kids were smeared in shit! My daughter got into her diaper once when I turned away and started to smear it on herself. Within 5 seconds she was naked in the tub and the clothes in the laundry room to be washed after the tub.

    Fall asleep while the kids are in the tub? DD is almost 3 and I started bathing with her as soon as she was old enough to be out of the infant tub. She’s never alone in the bathroom let alone tub. Also what mother can fall asleep for 10 hours?? If I get 3 hours in a row I’m lucky. DD co sleeps and her slightest movement and my eyes open. If I need a nap then I sleep when she does, not when she’s in a bathtub! Dying from hunger, thirst, and hypothermia is a horrible way for a baby to die.

  13. I have no idea how a healthy looking two year old would die in 10 hours because of being left alone in wet, cold clothes indoors. It just doesn’t make sense. I suspect there will be more to this story.

  14. Am I the only one who knows it’s impossible TEN HOURS later for the bathroom to be filled with steam. If the hot water had been running, it would have run out hours before this. Mom is fll of it!!!

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