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Bad Boyfriend Sodomizes and Strangles Baby

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Jordan Prince

Jordan Prince

Police: St. Charles Man Charged With Murder for Strangling Infant:

Jordan Prince accused of killing crying baby:

Man Indicted for Sodomy, Murder in 4-Month-Old Baby’s Death:

In my opinion there is nothing worse than a pedophile child abusing fucktard. Seriously nothing can make me get more pissed off than someone who gets their rocks off by abusing a child, so with a heavy heart and a lot of rage I bring you a seriously depraved story out of St. Charles, Missouri involving a seriously depraved piece of shit Jordan Lafayette Prince, 24. I will place the disclaimer here before I continue because this WILL have a lot of profanity as pissed and disgusted I am by this fucking tw*twaffle’s actions.

Four month old Ashlynn passed away on December 4, after police responded to a call in regard to an unresponsive child. When they reached the home the child was rushed to Cardinal Glennon Hospital. What happened to this poor angel leading up to her death is fucking horrid. Apparently fuckstick was watching the baby while her mother slept, it is said that he became frustrated when she did what every baby that age does, which is cried. According to the autopsy Ashlynn was murdered by asphyxiation because this fucking mouthbreather got pissed when she wouldn’t stop crying and choked her to death, leaving her to die alone on the loveseat, after an hour the fucker came back and saw she was unresponsive.

If this behemoth’s actions weren’t bad enough it was also discovered in the autopsy that little Ashlynn was “forcibly sodomized and abused the infant, causing blunt trauma to the child’s ear, head, chest, abdomen, back and legs, and caused multiple tears in her rectum, bladder and uterus”, well no fucking wonder she wouldn’t stop crying, she was in immense pain. It is noted that the mother and her c*ckstain were only dating 5 months and he was not the father of Ashlynn. They arrested this piece of shit but I wish they would have fucking killed this bastard.

Fuckstick is being held by St. Charles County Corrections for second-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child, with prosecutors tacking on charges of forcible sodomy and child abuse. Bail was set at $150,000, cash only, which is a crime in itself this motherfucker should have a much higher bail in my opinion. Here’s to hoping that general population shanks him and anally sodomizes him so he can get a taste of karma.

R.I.P Ashlynn may you fly with the angels

A big thank you to Ginger for the tip.

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  1. When I saw the top of that unfortunate being’s hair, I thought it was the mother. Bubba’s gonna think that hair ‘dere is real ‘purty!
    Seriously, how the fuck is raping a baby going to make her be quiet? And then strangling her because she’s been injured from this freak’s pin-dick being forced inside of her? I hope Bubba forces various things into him (and not just his butt hole either). A home-made shiv, a 2 x 4, a toilet brush (bristles first!)

  2. I’m taking a break from trying to work out this iCloud crap so I thought, “I know, I’ll check BB”…fuck you brain. It’s never a good idea. Now I’ll be thinking about this poor baby all night.

    I hope Mum knew nothing & is shattered because it always seems worse when Mum is an uncaring c***.

  3. Here’s hoping Bubba fucks him daily in every god damn hole this mother fucker has! Hell, even create a new hole or two!!

  4. I want to know how this “mother” didn’t know that her baby was being raped?! She should have been able to tell by a simple diaper change. Pieces of shit. Nothing I hate more than pedophiles.

    1. It is possible that this was the first & only time he actually raped her. Not that the woman should have trusted anyone she has known only 5 months with her infant but it is possible that she genuinely didn’t know. I hope so. It’s always worse when the mother didn’t care.

  5. Isn’t he going to have a Prince of a time in prison… fucking clown-ass haired monster…

    1. Since he has the hair for it, the prison can put him to good use as a rodeo clown!

  6. he’ll b in a su. that’s our justice system for ya, protect him from the abuse he delivered onto this poor defenseless baby. i’d give him two options: leave him in room w/ a gun w/ one bullet, if he doesn’t use it tell him he’s going to gp!

  7. How the hell could he sodomize a fourth month old?! They are such tiny little beings at that age, he must’ve known using his filthy slug for such a depraved act would’ve caused horrendous injuries. And this fat smelly perve is gets three squares a day.

    1. He does look like he’d smell really awful. Like old cheesy socks and stale Maccas. Plus swamp gas farts. Even between consenting adults, penis entering vagina jiggles around internal organs a bit. With this freak’s limp worm and a tiny baby, the injuries would have been catastrophic.

    2. The_Shadow_Knows

      You have to be a sick pedo fuck and hung like a frozen caterpillar. I’m guessing this bastard qualifies on both counts.

  8. I know from first hand that rape is about power. What idiot feels the need to show just how powerful they are over a defenseless child, I’m sorry a defenseless 4 month old baby. That’s barely older than a newborn! “Listen kid, I’m bigger than you, I’ll show you whose boss around here, and quit all that effing crying, its getting on my nerves!!!!!”
    I can just hear that nonsense coming out of his diseased mouth and mind. And what mother sleeps through her child screaming? I know he covered her mouth but still she had to be wailing and struggling and fighting to breath. Even 4 month olds have that self preservation mode. Think about how they wiggle when they don’t like baths or if the baby wipes are too cold on their bottoms or if the lotion is too cold. Goodness gracious if they have enough hair to comb. They are strong as heck!
    Ashlynn was failed by more than one person.

  9. The_Shadow_Knows

    I wonder if Anton Chigurh would lend out his bolt gun? Of course it wouldn’t do to start with this fucker’s empty skull. No, first the kneecaps, then the elbows, then the genitals (if it’s even possible to hit a target that small), followed by a couple of gut shots. Then it would be necessary to decide whether to let the bastard bleed out or administer a coup de grace. Maybe flip a coin?

    1. I’m down for it lol

  10. Who’s up for busting out the brazen bull for this bastard? (Look this up if you don’t believe me

  11. This reminds me of the Travis Mullis story. Him and his cum dumpster were staying in a trailer with another couple for free with thier newborn. Travis was up all night pacing and being an idiot before deciding to leave the house to “cool off”. He was afraid of becoming home less because the day before he molested the 3rd grade daughter of the generous couple who allowed them to stay there for free because they felt bad.

    Travis had already served time for molesting a family member, when Travis runs off what does his cum dumpster do? She makes him take their baby to “ensure his return”. So naturally a few days later a couple taking a walk find a baby thrown into high grass off the side of the road. Travis admits the baby was crying and wouldn’t stop so he tried strangling the newborn. Since that “freaked him out” because of the gurgling sounds the baby was making he decided to stomp on his new baby’s head and crush his skull wide open. After that he “flung” the baby into the field and went on with his life.

    By the way, the poor baby boy wouldn’t stop crying because he was anally raped by his “father”. He now sits on death row but I feel that is not enough.

  12. I went to high school with this guy in Emmett, Idaho. He was charged with lewd contact with a minor under 16 back in 2004 when he was 16…I can only assume that being a minor himself he did something to a much younger minor. I deleted him off of my Facebook back in 2011 due to his constant slew of depressing, suicidal, and badly flirtatious messages he sent to me. He had a new girlfriend practically every month or two, almost all of which had very young children. Having a young daughter myself, it now comes as no surprise as to why he only dated women with young children or why he was trying to flirt with me online. He is a fucking sleezebag. I would not be surprised if he has more victims out there with all the single mothers he was targeting and dating.

  13. i hope her gets forcibly sodomizes so hard his intestines get ripped out of his asshole and then big bubba can walk or deag him around by his new pink leaash sick fucker i wanna stomp n his head till it crushes in like a grape sick piec of shit

  14. And now it turns out the egg donor encouraged the rape. Fucking scumbags….hang em high is all I can say.

  15. sick n tired of bs

    I was really sickened and disturbed by this horrible story..
    all u well wishers with various ideas of punishment that this demon should get are right with your vengeance. But i think they should punish all demons who hurt and destroy beautiful angels with the same shit! for example in Iran – a convicted child rapist that raped little boys was caught by the gov then given to the public to receive their justice..
    so they tied him to a pole threw huge rocks at him till he couldn’t move then they lit him on fire while still alive and even then that was not enough of a revenge for them….
    child rapist killers should be punished by the hands of people not government then no one would be doing this anymore!

  16. What I can’t believe is the bail set to 150k!! While you have that kid in texas jailed for making a bad joke on a computer game with bail set at 500k! I mean seriously america WTF!!! As to this fucktard I hope they put the fucker in the middle of the prison yard and let every inmate take a slice out of him, death by a 1000 cuts and do it bloody SLOW.

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