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Mother Murders Toddler for Attention

(Trench’s note: I apologize not only to the readers of BB but the writers as well for my recent prolonged absence. Also thanks to Songbird for the write up.)

Gemma Killeen

Gemma Killeen

Mum Gemma Gaye Killeen charged with murder after toddler drowns:

Gemma Gaye Killeen claims son’s murder was a bid for attention gone wrong:

Gemma Killeen: mother to murderer:

Struggle ends in son’s death:

As I scroll through the news articles, memorial pages, tributes, other sad and unfortunate stories. The one thing that is redundantly clear is that losing a child in any manner is tragic heart wrenching, soul crushing event. One never truly can or wants to understand how profoundly devastating it is to lose a child. Whether it’s your own, your nephew or niece, or many friends children that we count as part of our own “mob” to use Australian slang. Each one of us is precious and valued, our children, our fire, our passion and what truly makes our life’s worth experiencing. For all the horrible things in life, children seem to balance out the Universes scales.

As parents, particularly mothers it becomes our responsibility from the moment we become aware of a pregnancy, loving the life growing inside your body, throughout out our various journeys we all make sacrifices, decisions for our own life’s that affect our children’s. We make decisions directly affecting our children, from their haircuts, to their clothing, to which school they attend. Most parents approach these important decisions with what’s in their child’s best interest at heart. We all have differing opinions on raising children, there are many-a-mummy blog, where you can find varying types of parenting styles. We all have different views on what we find acceptable for our children; we are entitled to raise our children with within these variations of what society deems appropriate. There are some decision’s you will make as a parent some people will not agree with, due to their own personal beliefs or standards, or because the deemed by the majority of society you have made an error in judgment; your decision, for whatever reason is of no benefit to your child, in fact that decision causes detriment. Sometimes these errors in judgment can be minor or sometimes they can be horrendous.

On the 25th of November 2011, Gemma Killeen spent the early part of the day sunbathing at her mother’s home; she also shopped and attended a manicure appointment. At around 5pm that evening she sent texts messages to Eddie Wetere, the father of their son Te Reringa Keyden Ashley Wetere. These texts messages, asking Mr. Wetere when he would be home from work, went unanswered. There are reports the couple had argued the night before after Miss Killeen’s late arrival home from a night out. Upon receiving no response from her on-again-off again lover and the father of her 22 month-old-son Te Reringa, Killeen drove her car and her son to Hillary’s Boat Harbour in Western Australia.

CCTV footage shown in court, has Killeen entering the car park and at approximately 5:30pm. A text message sent to Mr. Wetere went unanswered, Gemma Killeen removed Te Reringa from his car seat and walked with him to the water’s edge where she left him. She returned to her car and drove to the car park at the opposite end of the harbour.

She began making calls to relatives, telling them Te Reringa had been taken or lost. She continued to call and text message Mr. Wetere saying it was urgent. She claimed someone had taken Te Reringa from his pram, while she filled a bottle or got something from the car.

The search began for Te Reringa, at around 6:25pm a couple spotted what they thought was a doll in the water. After the man retrieved Te Reringa from the water he started CPR. The ambulance arrived and transported Te Reringa to hospital where he received his angel wings. 22 months old, and one month short of Christmas Day, it would have been the first he was old enough to experience.


Gemma has stated that she never intended to kill her son by placing him on the rocks at Hillary’s; that she was seeking attention from her lover and Te Reringas’ father by putting their precious child on those rocks, with nowhere else to go, but into water, by walking back to her car, starting it up, driving away. Take a look at those rocks in that photo, and the water, can you picture a 2-year-old boy abandoned?


I don’t know why the fuck she thought this decision was appropriate or in the best interests of her child or why she would consider using her child in a ploy like this to gain attention from Mr. Wetere. Clearly he’d had enough of her shit and wasn’t playing the text message games anymore. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of Te Reringas’ family, Gemma’s attention seeking, narcissistic tendencies and selfish wants, exceeded her need or desire to be a mother, or a decent human being.

And in all those moments she began telling lies, for more attention I can only assume, she wasted vital moments she could have used to change the outcome, to save her child’s life, realize her stupidity and foolish actions before it cost Te Reringa his life.

Instead of being so self-absorbed and demanding attention from a man who clearly couldn’t or didn’t want to answer you why not get excited for Christmas and the second birthday Te Reringa and his family were looking forward to, or getting him home and sorting dinner?

Gemma Killeen murdered her son, she set him upon steep rocks and left him alone to drown in Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, plead guilty in the murder of Te Reringa Wetere and is serving 13 years to life in prison.

Rest Peacefully Little Man

Te Reringa Wetere

Te Reringa Wetere

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  1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

    Each time I read stories like this, it leaves me with this question. Why, Oh Why, Oh Why do we as women feel like we can’t function without a particular man? She wanted his attention so she thought the best way was to put their child in danger. Now she is going to have to live without either. Losing a relationship can be rough, but it really isn’t the end of the world. She had all she needed right in front of her. What better way to get through a rough time than with laughter, giggles, tickles, smiles and hugs from a beautiful 22 month old child. May he rest in peace.

    Trench welcome back, you were missed.

    1. Every time I read this shit, I wonder why they NEED a man to begin with. I mean yeah, it sucks being alone at times but I would never sell my kids out over a fucking dude.

      1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

        I agree, what I meant was her wanting a man that bad that either no longer wanted her or she scared him off with the “boy who called wolf syndrome”. So in her warped mind she had to create a real emergency. Now she has neither and prison for her.

        1. What kills me is even with prison, these children never truly receive justice. She gets to live while her negligence caused her child to cease living. In this aspect I am very pro “eye for an eye” punishment, meaning this bitch should die, preferably like her child did. Fucking blow her warped mind out of her skull, IMO.

          1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            That punish ment would sure fit the crime!!!!

          2. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            Also if she had just a smidge of common sense, she would have held on to her baby boy and cherished him. So much waste for no other reason than being selfish.

          3. I agree, I mean that is a precious baby boy, I know many times when I was single and felt sad for myself all I’d have to do is look at my babies and I would be flooded with happiness. This shit is completely unacceptable.

          4. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            Agreed. I have a husband and he is a great provider and he loves our little boy and our little one loves him. I’m here with him all day, he has a slight speech delay caused by a severe case of relux. It also makes him under weight. I have a college education and have managed several oncology offices and a full cancer center. I never in a million years thought I would be a stay home mom. It can be frustrating for sure. But when he hugs or kisses me for no reason it melts my heart. Or if he hears me say I have a headache, he will kiss the top of my head and ask me if it’s all better. There is no way I would harm a hair on him. I love my husband (19 years of marriage) but it pales in the way I love my 3 yr old. He is everything to me. It took 15 years to conceive him and I would dismemberanyone who would try to hurt him, even his dad!!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t leave my FOUR YEAR old alone near water even though she has swimming lessons twice a week & has done since she was 9 months old.

    This woman is an oxygen thieving waste of skin. Too bad her mother didn’t get an abortion.

    I hope her family & friends read this. If they don’t already know what a c*** she is maybe the thoughts of complete strangers who care more about her son than she clearly did will jolt it into them!

  3. I don’t understand these women that see their children as accessories instead of as living breathing beautiful beings…

    Poor little Angel-Butt Baby-Man… RIP Te Reringa…

  4. My God–what a disgusting waste of oxygen she is. She may only serve 13 years? That’s outrageous.

  5. jfc that is an appropriate last name D: poor baby!

  6. this literally made me want to throw up! that poor poor little boy.. watching his mama just leave him there.. so confused.. not sure what to do.. omgosh i can’t even imagine. i seriously want to wake up my four year old and just hug the crap out of him!

  7. He was a baby! A sweet, precious baby who probably cried his little eyes out when his Mommy left him all alone.What the Hell was she even thinking? I want to throw up, cry and then spend five minutes alone with that demented bitch . My God! I cannot get the image of this tiny guy out of my mind. Poor, sweet little man…may you fly with the angels and sleep with your tiny head cushioned upon a cloud. We love you.

  8. Why did she have to actually put the child in danger to “scare her boyfriend” into answering?

    If she just wanted the attention then she could have easily kept the kid in the car with her and lied when she called and/or texted her SO.

    There was no reason to actually put the poor baby into harms way unless she actually wanted him gone.

  9. That poor little boy!!! this disgusting piece of filth deserves a life sentence or better yet death sentence! This literally brought tears to my eyes especially since I work with kids his age!
    RIP Angel Kayden! Xoxo

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