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Bad QLD dad throws baby in “fit of rage”


Once again, the law protects the criminals.

A 39 year old bad dad allegedly threw his 5 week old baby girl into her cot as hard as he could. The poor little baby, who has a twin, is now in a critical condition in Redcliffe hospital, fighting for her life.

Bad dad appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday, facing one count of grievous bodily harm, and where he successfully applied for bail (wtf?!). The court heard that Bad Dad threw the little baby into her cot as hard as he could, after becoming enraged at her crying. Of course he did. It’s the oldest excuse in the book. How hard is it to simply place the baby in her cot, shut the door and go and watch TV or have a beer (but not too many) while baby settles herself? Provided that baby has had something to eat, a clean nappy and a cuddle. I’m child-free and I know never to hurt a baby.

As part of his bail conditions, Bad Dad will have to go live with his sister on the Gold Coast and is to have no contact with either of his babies. If I were the sister, I’d be thinking twice about letting a violent and immature dickhead live with me. Especially if she has young children.

Bad Dad will reappear in court on July 2. Hopefully we can get names and a better picture, and the real shaming can begin!

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  1. Yep, inconsolable crying babies are maddening. The noise penetrates your brain & actually hurts! But yes, you make sure bubby has a full tummy & a clean nappy & doesn’t have a temperature or anything like that, then you swaddle her, put her in her cot & ring your Mum or sister or aunt or Nanna…

  2. Can’t wait for tha prik to start getting the odd anal prod in prison, or a nice little touch up or two, or maybe even three…..

  3. Horrifying… And people wondered why I wouldn’t leave my child alone with her ill-tempered father… 90+% of violence towards infants and small children is committed by the father or other male companion.

    This story parallels the same sick scenario that occurred in my old hometown… My sister is usually stoic, but one day she called us up, broken and shaken to the core about what came into her ER that day.. Two small children that wound up fatalities.

    Like this story, one of them was a five week old baby… A girl, suffering shaken baby syndrome and then some. Ribs broken, spleen lacerated, lung collapsed, skull cracked, brain swelling that ultimately herniated down into the brainstem and spine. Culprit–daddy, left alone for less than 30mins with the baby while the mother and the MIL went to the store real quick.

    That poor mother came home to a dying baby in the crib, and the most vile, evil, disgusting jackass of a father claiming obliviousness about it.

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