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Suspicious death of boy who “fell off a pogo stick”

Death of boy, 7, who fell off pogo stick treated as suspicious

Pogo stick death: Mother waited 24 hours before calling paramedics

pogo stick

Pogo stick rider using appropriate safety gear and riding outside.

Homicide detectives are investigating the death of 7 year old Levai Bonnar, from Oatley in Sydney’s south, who reportedly fell off his pogo stick and died of a head injury. It started out as a seemingly innocent accident, but police now have reason to believe that this is a homicide (whether directly or indirectly caused by someone’s actions).

According to his mum, Kayla James, Levai was riding on his pogo stick inside their Mulga Road flat on Monday morning when he fell off, hit his head and lost consciousness. She said he stayed like that, but was still breathing at 10.30pm when she checked up on him. On Tuesday morning, Kayla woke up at 6.15am and found Levai was not breathing and had no pulse. She rang 000, 24 hours after Levai had hit his head, and the ambos pronounced him dead at 6.30am.

Just process that for a bit. Kayla did not seek medical help after her son was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS! That is why the police think this is suspicious. She did not seek help for her injured child and her inaction cost Levai his life. Head injuries are not something that will “go away”, you need to seek medical help when one happens. Everybody knows that. And who the fuck lets their kid play with a pogo stick inside?? Roller skates/blades, bikes, pogo sticks etc. are outside toys. Not only did Levai hit his head from bouncing around in such a cramped space, he would have destroyed stuff or knocked over his siblings too.

Police reviewed footage from a nearby CCTV camera and found that Kayla’s partner, Kodi James Maybir, was quickly disposing of rubbish in the 15 min timeframe between Kayla finding Levi and the ambos arriving. Hmmm, why was disposing of that rubbish the most important thing at that exact moment? “Oh honey, my poor son is dead, can you please do a quick tidy up before the ambos get here?” Luckily the police found that nugget, because they’ll be rummaging through the bins and they might just hit paydirt, such as bloodied clothing, a possible murder weapon, and other interesting gems.

I very highly doubt that Levai’s injuries were caused by “falling off a pogo stick” and Kayla’s story just doesn’t add up. Firstly, you do not ride a pogo stick inside. There’s just not enough room in a regular house, let alone a flat. Secondly she waited for over 24 hours to call an ambulance, and then only because Levai was dead. If it really was a fall from a pogo stick, she would have called an ambulance straightaway, because a fall from a pogo stick is an accident. This long stretch of time between when Levai was knocked unconscious and when Kayla actually got medical help (which by then it was too late for him) indicates that Kayla and Kodi may have something to hide about what really killed Levai. Police are looking at forensic evidence and trying to piece together a timeline of what happened. An autopsy will also be performed on Levai.  Good luck trying to get any clues from Kayla, who didn’t call for help for her little boy, who instructed her boyfriend to throw away rubbish (read: evidence) before the ambulance arrived and who may very well be spraying bullshit everywhere to cover her own arse or her boyfriend’s.

The family is known to DoCS, meaning that there has been previous complaints against Kayla and/or Kodi. Kayla separated from Levai’s father and went to live in a caravan park with Levai and his siblings before moving to the flat in Oatley with Kodi.

Rest in Peace little Levai. Bounce in Heaven.

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  1. First of all yes it may have been the most stupidest thing to do not to call police/ambulance but at the same time you don’t know what had happened. You may not know what goes on behind closed doors. Where has it been stated by the police that Levai was playing on the pogo stick INSIDE THE HOUSE? Their may be other reasons to why the ambulance wasnt called. The partner was supposedly dumping rubbish maybe to cover his tracks of what really happened. So before you go throwing your bullshit around let the police do their work to find out what really happened before you judge someone you don’t even know.

    1. Hmm, how about that it was reported that Kayla said he was playing with the pogo stick inside the house. Have a look at the links at the top of the post please, before you make yourself look even more stupid.
      She didn’t call the ambulance until 24 hours after Levai FELL UNCONSCIOUS. That, right there, is medical neglect. She will probably be charged with manslaughter for her failure to get medical help, if not murder. I can’t imagine why a mother wouldn’t get help for her injured child, unless she or someone she’s bedding caused the injury intentionally.
      You came on here trying to downplay a very suspicious situation and can’t even use a real name. Fucking gutless wonder.

      1. Yet neither can you.
        Someone who thinks they know everything. Hmm.

        1. The mother told police (second linked source) that he hit his head and fell unconscious Monday morning. She left him in that condition. She checked on him at 10:30 at night. He was breathing, so she went to sleep. When she woke up he was dead. Please give us one scenario, one possible situation, where it would be anything but extreme criminal neglect at minimum for a child to have suffered a head injury severe enough that he lost consciousness, and his parent left him in that condition all day and then all night when she went to bed. Give us any story. Make one up. Make this mother look even a little bit okay in this situation. Justify not calling for help. Whether the injury was accidental as the mother reported, or was the result of an assault by the mother and/or her partner, please tell us how the mother could be anything less than guilty of homicide by medical neglect. If not guilty of more.

          1. cricket…cricket…cricket…

        2. You would know as much as I know, if you actually read the news links.

        3. Moderators on blogs don’t usually – dumbass…

    2. Let me guess, you’re a family member or friend of one of the “parents” of those poor dead kid? I can’t imagine anyone else would casually sweep the fact that the child was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS & Mum did FUCKING NOTHING! Christ almighty, it’s like they WANTED him dead! When one of my kids bonks their head when they’re playing like lunatics I watch them like a hawk until I’m certain they are OK (usually 3 to 4 hours). If they were knocke unconscious I would be on the phone to the ambulance service quicker than you can say DON’T RIDE THAT POGO STICK IN THE HOUSE!

    3. No one that is innocent and loves their kids would not take the kid straight to the dr, come hell or high water, when their child was knocked unconscious and stayed that way. Who would even be able to go to sleep with their child in that condition? A selfish peice of shit that’s who. No investigation needed to know that.

    4. The_Shadow_Knows

      I know exactly “what goes on behind closed doors” – human garbage, like the ones in this story, abuse children. Go fuck yourself.

    5. we know what happened,a child was unconscious for 24 hours and the adults responsible didn’t call 000. i cant think of one good reason to not make that call,or take the child themselves. so they let the boy lay there and die. seems pretty straight forward to me. had they taken the boy to hospital,or called 000,he may still be alive. so they are guilty of being heartless child killers.

  2. Before we go accusing people before theyve been tried, pls allow me to say a few things. This case really interests me as it is close to me… first of all, the incident didn’t occur in a flat, but a commercial recording studio that is very spacious and enough room for a kid to play in…. Enough room for 10 kids to play in… how do I know??… I used to own the recording studio, and I built it with my own hands and sold it to Kodi Maybir 2 years ago. Apparently Kodi and his partner moved in not long ago. I got to know Kodi through a 1yr period about 4 years ago, where I worked hard with him on producing an album of his way before he bought the studio… he’s a christian rapper called ‘Kopri’, you can even find him on iTunes… however, from what I remember, he is a real gentleman with two kids of his own who he absolutely adores and dotes on. Channel 9 and channel 10 reporters were hounding me all wednesday morning for any info since my name is linked to that studio…I was shhocked, as it really would suprise me if Kodi was involved in anyway as i really could not picture him doing anything close to that as he striked me of a young man with courtesy towards all and allot of respect. I can’t comment on this Kayla character as i have never met her and from what i understand is a new addition in his love life, but please before we accuse people, let them have their chance in court, or wait for the investigation to conclude what really happened. My heart goes out to the poor little innocent boy and his family that may be grieving his loss. Peace

    1. Kodi doesnt “absolutely adore or dotes” on his children. His wife and children left him coz he was abusive. He has no respect for people. The apple doesnt fall too far from the tree. Check out his dad’s story. Now his story. Im not saying he did anything, just that he is a person you wouldnt want to be involved with.

  3. First of all, how dare you make an article about pure bullshit without getting your facts right…second of all publishing peoples names and accusing them of doing things is absolutely nonsense its people like you that give other people a bad name and have nothing better to do in there life but accuse people of such things. If you dont know the story dont comment about it and come up with your own take on it !

    1. What is it with people not reading the reference links? Kayla gave herself a bad name when she decided to not call 000 for her son who was knocked unconscious. This resulted in his death. She will probably be charged with manslaughter, if not murder if it turns out she or her partner actually did something more to him. She was responsible for his death any way you spin it. She did not call 000 when he was knocked unconscious.

      1. Silly Aussie, the reason they’re not reading the reference links is because they don’t have to. They already know everything! The sperm and egg donors have said it all, the news reporters and policemen are clearly making shit up because “They Just Don’t Understand” or “they have some type of vendetta against the parents” or “they’re all just mindless thugs seeking to ruin lives”. All you need is to swallow all of the bullshit and excuses the parents provide.

        When/if the news reports that Levai was murdered by his parents, they’ll probably all call Levai a “discipline problem” and say that he was “asking for it.”

    2. read the effing links please for the love of God. The writer of the story posted them !!!!!!!!!!! my lord babykiller defenders are thick in the head.

  4. Cleared of all charges so stick that up your arse and I will be forwarding this to the parties involved so we look forward to seeing you in court for charactet defamation! Enjoy your day…

    1. Reported in good faith that this was true and backed up by credible news sources. There goes your “defamation/slander”.
      And I doubt any reputable law firm would use such vulgarity and poor spelling in a pathetic attempt of a cease and desist letter.
      Right back atcha.

    2. really? a child is dead. do anyof you morons even care?

    3. You are a moron – next…

    4. Seen the news lately? Stick your telly up your arse as soon as you’ve seen the latest…

  5. I just googled the case and there’s no mention of Kayla or Kodi being cleared of any charges regarding Levai’s death, or any being laid yet. I did see an article link about Levai’s dad attending his funeral and saying goodbye to his eldest son. He’s absolutely heartbroken.
    The article has been removed for legal reasons, I wonder what that could mean for the investigation?

    1. you know what mekes me sad Aussie, non of these idiots even care about the poor kid,, none of them. how freaking sad is that? Thank YOU for caring.

  6. Yhu no what all of use should shut up n HVE some respect for our family’s goin threw this hard time, what’s happen has happen if only tym could b rewind..!! in the mean time it’s about mhy nephew NOT YOU JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE, opinions are like assholes everybody has one,, HAVE SOME RESPECT N FINK TO YOURSELFS WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR FAMILY N SON THAT’S GOIN THRU THIS WOULD YOU WANT TO BE READING THIS SYT WAKE UP

    1. you have no respect for yourself or your poor dead nephew. Learn to spell asshole,,, and maybe start to care about the poor kid. why didnt his egg donar call the damn EMT’s?????????????????? maybe if she hadnt been such a neglectful slunt then maybe he would still be here.

      1. Learn to spell ganga!!!! Farout you pick others spelling and dont check your own…

        1. again,,is, that all you can come back with?

          1. You pick at everyone elses grammer so your own medicine bitch

          2. Are you as stupid as you seem, or is it just your poor luck? The word by the way, asshat, is “grammAr” not “grammEr” but whatever, keep spooning out your pathetic version of “medicine” and keep making yourself look as imbecilic as you look…

          3. no sweetie,,, I don’t really give a flying fuck about your poor sad grammar,,, I care about the poor dead child. your own medicine bitch? are you high on bath salts?

          4. Lol a few comments above you chastised a person for poor spelling and when you were pulled up over your bad spelling you claim to only care for Levai! Stupid bitch your pathetic.

    2. You’re not helping your case.

    3. Did you sleep through your entire education?

      1. What education? Doesn’t seem like there was much of one for them to sleep though.

    4. How the HELL were you able to spell “opinions” when you can’t even spell “you”? That’s what I want to know!

      When will people understand that prepresenting yourself intelligently is essential to making your point.

    5. I could swallow some alphabet soup and shit a better comment than that. Have you been eating lead paint chips?
      Clearly Kayla has, because everyone knows that you call 000 for a head injury. She let her child die.

      1. I just love you sometimes! 😉

    6. Please do us all a favour, do not reply or “reading this syt”, because it feels like I have lost a few valuable brain cells for having replied to this nonsensical mess. Who cares what your son is going “threw” (dear God help me get through thos reply), think about the poor deceased child. Please “fink” hard before you write.

    7. I refuse to believe that an adult typed that comment. I refuse to believe that a human typed that comment.

    8. English – it helps…

    9. First, you’re an idiot.
      Second, if my son did something like this I’d be glad to see his ass rot in jail.

  7. Kodi Maybir is a dope smoking pot head. I would not be surprised if the disposed contents were narcotics. To the individual/s defending the caregivers. Would you seriously NOT consider seeking medical help for your “unconscious child”??? Pogo stick indoors is negligence of the child’s safety. To the individual who says it was in a studio and not a flat? Have you got any idea of work place accidents v accidents at home. Both are INDOOR environments the difference is, is that in a working environment the owner could be done for negligence of safety for workers and especially a child on a pogo stick. Point is, a small child was hurt in an environment where playing around recording equipment snd whatnot is a violation of OHS laws. I know Kodi, he has two kids of his own that he neglects and disowns. His marriage broke down due to his drug abuse and abusive nature towards his ex wife. What I have stated are all facts. If police want to interview me I’d be telling them exactly what I’m stating here.

    1. U dnt knw shit fukwit… His slut of an ex wife was cheating and tye dirty hoe bag went as far as not letting a great father see his kids! That slut will get her karma and so will her scum family and drug dealing brother. ..

      1. You mean Karma as in the above story? What was he (Kodi) doing 15min after the mother discovered her deceased child? Taking out the trash? (Insert weak excuse here) Or was he disposing his weekly stash of drugs or something of a more sinister nature. CCTV is compelling footage/evidence. Kodi was high everyday, he thought his ex wife was cheating, paranoia consumed his existence. And if you want to use his wife leaving as an excuse, sure, why not, go ahead. I’d leave too if I were subjected to verbal/physical abuse and psychological abuse of the kids. Guess apple falls not far from the tree. Name calling with with awful spelling and grammar is not helping your cause and most definitely a walking example of what drugs can do to you. Good day to you. This “Fukwit” is going to bed with a clean conscience, you on the other hand, well, don’t stray far from Sydney or Australia now. R.I.P to young Levai Bonnar.

      2. Haha! All I can say is karma coming YOUR way Kodi. Don’t drop the soap. About time karma caught up with him. He is a weirdo, druggie, paranoid, schizo. Abused and locked his kids in a room so he can recover from drug fuelled nights. Just google KODI MAYBIR. His reputation is smeared. He always wanted to be famous! Now he is. YEAH KOPRI. Download his angry, druggo songs about hitting people and smashing kids at school … Case closed.

      3. That is where you are wrong. We know Kodi and his ways. He and his brother are a destructive pair. Throw in the drugs and alcohol with a disliking for authority and you get Kodi James Maybir. He lived his life with a chip on his shoulder even towards his own family. It’s true of the stories where his in laws would house him and feed while continuing to give them a hard time. Locking his two kids in the room so he can sleep 12-14hours due to a drug fueled bender. All this with money his wife was trying to save to help find a place of their own. We know Kodi to be a low life scum of the earth monster. He used fear as his weapon of choice to control his wife and kids. For you to threaten his ex wife’s family is not a smart move especially the amount of trouble he is in. He lost his kids and wife all of his own doing. Not saying he is guilty, but his track record speaks for itself.


        This kind of language and manner is what you would expect from this family! Top shelf people right here.

        1. God knows the real story and he is the only one who can judge…

          1. There’s no such thing as “god”. And we can judge a neglectful cow who let her son die, and ordered her dick-of-the-week to destroy evidence.
            The police, Kayla, Kodi and paramedics know the real story. Even if Kayla and Kodi won’t admit to it.

          2. God is real buddy and you shall face judgement. Just wish I could be there to see! Rot in hell

          3. Telling someone to “Rot in hell” is like a child telling an adult that Santa won’t come if they’re naughty.
            Some of us are too mature to believe in fairytales and make-believe…

          4. stop bringing god into this. a child is dead. how much more real does it need toget for you?

          5. Farout Ganga put a space between your words!

          6. really . is that all you got?

    2. please do , that will help with the investigation

  8. This makes me feel as though I have a sense of what the mom may have been like.

    I was in a bus accident with a 3 year old boy whom I was babysitting because his whore mother was out of the city getting fucked by yet another random internet dude. She did not care for her son at all. During this accident, the boy was thrown and hit his head on the metal bar at the top of the seat, and I was thrown on top of him. We could have left, but chose to wait and have him inspected by the paramedics, who we had told that his mother was out of town, we signed for his examination, and they let us know that his mother should bring him to a doctor to be checked up on several hours later. We called her to let her know her son was in an accident and the “slunt” wouldn’t even speak to her little boy. She was busy with her man-of-the-minute. I had to break his heart and tel l him she couldn’t talk because she was very busy. After she returned she did not seek additional medical attention for him, though I reminded her.

    The story may not be relevant, but reading this article dredged up that yucky memory. The child in my story was never unconscious but I always used that incident as my confirmation that the “mother” was, indeed, the worst mother I have ever known. I suspect this poor deceased boy’s mother was every bit as negligent and abusive as the one I knew. Head injuries are not something to fuck around with.

  9. whatever my mom smoked weed the whole time i was groing up she never ever did any hard drugs in her life and rarely drinks. She took care of every little kid whos mom was addicted to drugs,or too poor to get a sitter while she worked.We werent rich but my mom shared everything she could and help just about everybody she could. She is andAplus mom and an Aplus christian she is currently a volunteer paramedic and works at a clinic in one of the poorest counties in california. So you all cant say smoking marijuana makes a person irresponsible and lazy those people were like that to begin with, its just an easy excuse to not have to take responsibility for your own actions . Im not saying addiction isn’t real.m saying a person has the responsibility to control the way they act while they are on or off drugs period . Any person that puts a unconscious child to bed should be prosecuted foe abuse and endangerment no matter where or how the kid got that way

  10. When they both are found innocent of any purposeful involvement in this young boys death then you will all look stupid arguing. . How do you know she had no idea about what to do in a case like this maybe she genuinely thought he would be ok if he slept! They are the one’s who have to live with that so lay off. Easy to write on here but none of you would say it to their faces because your all keyboard warriors! Enjoy your sorry existence. .

    1. “Unconscious child” that was in that state for the rest of the evening. “UNCONSCIOUS!!!!!!” hope you do not have kids, if so I’ll forward this to DoCS. If anyone is unconscious, you call an ambulance or run them down to the Dr’s. Neglegiance to provide proper care for her son is beyond any right minded persons thinking. They put him to bed in an unconscious state. The poor kid hit his head, now what they should have done is called an ambulance, did they do that? Obviously not. To live with the guilt is one thing, to know that help for the child was only a matter of three digits away is another. Kodi James Maybir is a “sorry existence” personified.

      1. William Brealey is a drug dealing wanna be thug who pushes drugs out if a house with children in it!

        1. Kodi James Maybir is a Cancer to Society.

    2. Even a 5 year old knows to call 000 if someone is seriously injured…


    What you people arent seeing is that all these names that are here are actually the same person who obviously has some more personal reasons to be accusing Kodi of such the end of the day you can’t talk about shit you dont know…Kodi’s ex wife cheated on him and doesnt even let the poor guy see his kids, not to mention her brother who is a drug dealer..funny how people can go around accusing others when they do the same shit..I personally know Kodi and Kayla and they are the most humble people you will ever meet and wouldnt do a damn thing to hurt ANYBODY especially a child ! Instead of sitting there pointing fingers at people and showing how much of a child you are by sitting on websites being a keyboard warrior, mourn the loss of the poor child ! People have nothing better to do these days but bitch…

    1. Yomamamustbeproud

      Keyboard Warrior Princess, I’ll call you Xena aka Duane, aka Noel, aka the bitch that sold The studio to Kodi. “Most humble people…” You obviously are a family member/friend of the family. Kodi James Maybir is a schizophrenic maniac. He believed that he was Gods gift to music, thought his children were possessed by demons and had insecurity issues. I hope like crazy he’s found guilty and thrown in jail, general population. He is so “humble” that he decided to take out the trash “in a hurry”, 15min after realizing his girlfriends son was dead, now who do you know, takes the trash out upon the discovery of a deceased child?! Who?! I’ll tell you who! Your “most humble” friend Kodi James Maybir. If you do not like this site, guess what, fuck off and watch judge Judy. Hope your “humble” friend has a good lawyer, because his skinny ass will be the bitch in the big house.

      1. As i said guys, same person who obviously has bigger personal issues then this…first off im not duane or the person who sold the studio to kodi i am a long time friend and i have heard alot about you, people like YOU are the ones who should be locked up, you hammer him for taking drugs yet you sell them..funny aint it ? Kodi has never showed one sign of being schizophrenic towards anybody he knows PLUS those kids. He has a dream to do something with his life involving music and if you see that as being sad and bringing him down then sorry mate, you need to wake up to yourself…I know for a fact he didnt have anything to do with the death of Levai and people will see that he will come out free of charges and it will be thrown back in YOUR face. If Kodi was known to have such violent behaviour as you say and be a “schizophrenic monster” then obviously he wouldnt have any mates then would he since hes so derranged as you make him out to be..Just because your sister cheated on him with another man doesnt give you the right to bring him down its people like you that are bringing humanity to an end by “kicking people while they are down”. Get off the computer and do something with your life mate.

        1. I don’t know Kodi, I’m Kayla’s cousin, all I can say about this matter is that Kodi has changed my Kayla and it is not for the betterment of Kayla and her kids. She loved them unconditionally and for her to have her children taken away is out of character and not like her at all to be without them. If that arsehole was the cause of all this, you will have your fair share of grief in court. That’s if my family/brothers don’t get to him first.

        2. Defending people who let children die is an despicable act.

      2. To Name their father is a stupid error little boy I will be showing him this then goodluck too you William..

        1. Who the fuck is William Brealey? My issue with Kodi goes back to the stage, if you want I’ll post up the pics that proves his real nature, in fact I’ll post the video of him losing his marbles over spilt milk. Then and only them will you promise the fuck off and tend to your murderous flock. That shithead owes us time and money for ripping us off in the studio. I told him then and I’m telling now, the guy is a lunatic, money hungry dipshit. He owes me $2000. So karma is a bitch.

          1. Whatever William.. post the pics! Nobody else would know his father..

          2. You do when cries about life growing up. Give him joint and wait for the Kodi memoirs to be spilt. Call his dad, see if I don’t knock the c*** out.

          3. Its not his Dad u gotts worry about its the people he knows hahaha children playing mens games.. Whenn will u learn?

          4. Sure thing, pretty sure Kodi gets that from his father.

          5. Jeez you seem to know alot about Kodi dont you ?

          6. We know people too

            Of course, his mug is all over the news for negligible behavior.

          7. Huh? Could you try to make sense please? ‘Cause right now you just look retarded…

          8. Send that video in to the police, it may help them if they find Kodi had anything to do with Levai’s death.

          9. aussie what is wrong with theses people. I hope none of them have children. or pogo sticks.

          10. I think there’s something in the water down in southwest Sydney. I don’t see any other way that so much stupid can get into that many people…

          11. its like literally no one cares about the poor baby. its really fucking sad. again,, thanks fort king the time to care about him. at least some one does.

    2. Yes, so far she didn’t do anything (like call 000 for a head injury resulting in unconsciousness). Because of her not doing “a damn thing”, Levai died. She let her child die. She neglected his injuries (and the police may even be able to find out if she or the sex toy caused them) and that is why he died.
      Freely admitting to knowing someone who neglected their child is not a wise move.

  12. None of you know the truth except…… You’re all bringing personal things onto this feedback page that has nothing to do with this innocent little boy!!!! Little Leavihas just lost his life and his siblings have been put into care of strangers and are probably scared and wondering what’s going on!!!!!! Stop with all the bullshit accusations and naming………

    1. If Kayla was really “innocent”, why are her kids in foster care?
      She neglected Levai. She let him die because she refused to call 000. It’s manslaughter at the very least, but if it’s found that either of them had something more to do with Levai’s death, it will be murder and whatever else they can throw at them

      1. ihatefuckwitsinforums

        Just so this is clear , I was with kayla for 3 years and know exactly what she is like around the kids , she never neglected them ! The fuckwit she is with has got into her head and has completely turned her world upside down. Don’t be so quick to assume you know everything based on “reading news articles” cause being in the middle of this personally , none of you know what you are talking about. We have all lost someone special in our lives , and that’s the main issue here. Levai was weeks away from his 8th birthday , and some of us are still trying to come to terms with this all. Kayla never neglected the kids , so get that idea out of your head. You live in Newcastle ffs what would you know.

        1. Medical Neglect: The denial or deprivation, by those responsible for the care, custody, and control of the child, of medical or surgical treatment or intervention which is necessary to remedy or ameliorate a medical condition which is life threatening or causes injury. Medical Neglect includes not only serious, but mild and moderate medical neglect as well.
          Not calling 000 when Levai was seriously injured is neglect. The more you know…

          1. its no use talking to these people.its obvious where their loyalties lie. very sad.

          2. Every single crapwad on here that makes excuses for not calling 000 for an injured child should be hit in the head and left like that.

      2. Kaylas children were moved to Foster Care based on a former complaint that was made by Kodi Maybir. Like its been stated before you don’t actually know what has happened other than what has been said by the media and the police. Until they come out with the truth every little part of your blog means fuck all. Yes we understand there has been a death of young Levai who would have turned 8 on the 29th of June and that now will remain a sad day to us every year we will be remembering that same day to be his birthday. We do know the consequences that are to be faced but you don’t realise how hurt the rest of the family and friends are. So please feel free to keep your shit to yourself.

        1. Levai hit his head and fell unconscious. Kayla didn’t call 000 until the next day. Levai died because his mum didn’t get medical help for him.

          That’s all everyone needs to know.

  13. it doesnt matter who sold whos whatever blah blah blah the point is the child died because he was not taken to the hospital when he hit his head weather or not they new better doesnt matter neglect by ignorance is still neglect no matter how stupid you are i didnt know any better is an excuse not a reason

  14. simple its none of anyones business! stop judging! nobody knows you can speculate all you like thats all your doing all of you! you have no consideration how the family are mourning let the police be the judge of the turn on events! but have some consideration of the ripple effect its put on all the family and friends on both sides! this is really bullshit! im fully offended that this is blogged…rest peacefully our nephew Levai!

    1. Aren’t you angry at Levai’s so-called “mother” for not calling 000 when he hit his head? Knowing full well that it would have saved his life? She let her child die. That’s inexcusable.

      1. Yep. In your country with its universal healthcare that we in the US so envy. That kills me – a phone call and a trip to the hospital would have cost her nothing. A simple phone call. An ambulance ride. Free and easy. Why on earth wouldn’t you do this? What is the down side? I don’t understand.

        1. I think the only downside for Kayla was that she might have gotten into trouble if she or Kodi actually did do something to Levai. That is the only reason that I can think of for her not calling 000.
          Even if it wasn’t serious, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

      2. quiet frankly i am not mad at anyone i am more upset that the investigation is taking so long that our nephew has to wait and wait before he is laid to rest…i dont see any of you with concern about that…whats done is done…seriously who are any of you to judge what dont know, i dont know either….but to continue your personal slander isnt making any difference…thats my point…

        1. Speak For The Victims

          It’s everyones business when the media is involved. We truly are sorry for the loss of any child note the site you’re in. “What’s done is done” is simply sweeping the issue under the carpet. As Lucy said, we (as some of us are parents) speak for the departed. A form of public justice to vent or frustrations over the mistakes that could have simply have been avoided.

          1. hold on a minute are you trying to over analyse what i just wrote? you have no idea as to what i mean…and i have no idea what you mean either….i simply stated you can all have your opinions just like i can…dont even try to assume by me saying ‘whats done is done’ like im trying to sweep the issue under the rug…its nothing like that…dont assume….

        2. if it were my nephew,i would want the investigators to take their time and get it done right,not hope they hurry up so he could be buried. finding out the truth would be at the top of my list.

          1. well its not you nephew is it.

          2. Are you stupid or just a troll?
            We haven’t had a ‘tard-defender in a while, so we’ll have a bit of fun with you. I love a good troll roasting.

      3. ok these fucking loser family members are so annoying with the way the defend the baby killers,,,and tell us to stop judging. you guys are all trashy scumbag losers and thank God the rest of the kids got taken away. aussie these losers make me wanna throw stuff.

    2. When a child is harmed, or in this instance, dies needlessly because the parent(s) failed, then it is EVERYONE’S business. The purpose of this blog is to bear witness to the suffering of the children who cannot speak for themselves. We will not turn a blind eye when the defenseless are harmed. They can’t speak up, so we will.

      1. no its not anyones business the events that took place….your entitled to your opinion and so am…

        1. I am entitled to my opinion, thank you. I am entitled to shout it from the rooftops. Or in this case, the metaphorical rooftops of the blogosphere. And since when is it arrogant to expect a mother to meet her child’s most basic needs, like the need for medical attention following a severe head injury?

          1. You so crazy Lucy! How dare you think of the children first instead of the rights of baby killers! 😉

    3. Yawn. You trolls and tard-defenders are not very creative or original.

      1. neither are you!

        1. oooooh. I’m so going to need ice for that burn….

    4. I’m really offended that a family member, that should be grieving, is out and about defending these retards when they should be, oh, I don’t know, GRIEVING… Kodi and Kayla had no consideration of Levai’s head injury, why are we required to have any for them?

  15. I knew of Kayla through my two girls, whom they know as friends and socially as well. From what I know, she has always been a great mother to her kids. I’m not here to comment on what is public knowledge, other than to throw my heartfelt condolence out to Kaylas family and Levai’s father. As a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine what she’s going through. I don’t know who her boyfriend is, never seen or met him, but reading about the fact that he placed the complaint to DoCs about Kayla’s kids, one can only hope that this was not the case as it is so unlike Kayla to not have her kids with her. The mother in me hopes for the best, the trial by media is definitely not looking good for the boyfriend I’m afraid.

  16. Apparently this is officially being looked into by homicide detectives. If someone did do this to him I truly hope he gets justice.

  17. Mother is responsible for his death for not calling for help after he was injured, whether intentional or not. She’s probably lying to protect her man, though (common with child abusers). Sickening!!

  18. So with all that has been said and reported, it sounds like a case of girlfriend protecting boyfriend over death of child. Was it not the boyfriend that filed a complaint to DoCS to have Kayla’s kids removed? Was it not Kodi that took trash bags shortly after Kayla found Levais lifeless body? From what comments on here state, this Kodi character sounds like the sort to steer well clear of. Why did Kayla not call 000? If the child was unconscious and in bed for most of the evening, would that not ring alarm bells? Slept all night from falling off a pogo stick?!? This sounds more like foul play the more we read into their statements. Hopefully justice is served and someone goes away for a long time, or else this neglect would be deemed as an absolute normality in parenthood 101.

  19. To the defenders of Kayla and Kodi,

    Leavi is dead, defend that.

    Your moral compass is pointing in the wrong direction, that’s if you have one.

    Of course no one knows what happened behind those doors, but the outcome paints a vastly gruesome picture that is stained with an explanation short of ridiculous.

    Not sure how some people want to defend the caregivers and speed the investigation in order to bury the body, give yourself a uppercut.

  20. Has there been any developments with the investigations so far? Haven’t heard anything new for weeks.

  21. mongrel barstads

    Kayla and that kodi who ever the hell you are not even god can help you if use are found guilty or even found that use had something to do with poor LEVAI’S passing

  22. I am a person friend of Kodi and I cannot even begin to imagine him hurting somebody let alone a child. There may be things that point to that idea but I highly doubt it. He is a great dude that gives as much as he can to help out anybody

    1. wow, I

    2. I’m afraid it looks like your friend had you fooled.

    3. Yeah he was great to his own kids, who he incited to attack Levai. Unfortunately Levai wasn’t “his” so he saw him as fair game for abuse.
      Looks like he’s been lying to you.

      1. Aussie Sabbath you have never met this person, or had anything to do with his life, yet through false journalism you have become an expert on the matter. I congratulate you on being a sheep that will believe anything that they read. I have known Kodi for over a decade, he is constantly donating his time and musical skills to assist in the development of young musicians. You need to be aware of all factors of a situation before giving your unintelligent, ignorant views on things. I could start spreading rumours about your family that I know nothing about.

        1. Check it out, Kodi Maybir charged with 25 counts of child abuse, video evidence of him and his kids abusing Levai.

          Next thing, you’ll be telling me the videos were doctored or something.

  23. something stinks.
    when your kid has an accident screaming and crying, you’re checking the injuries and comfort the darling. screaming means good breathing and general well being.

    If your kid has an accident AND IS SILENT, you’re run like hell to help, while speaking to 911 at the same time on your cell.
    (if you are a normal person at least.)


  24. A 29 year old man has been arrested in connection with young Levai’s death. He will be charged with child abuse resulting in death.
    “Fell off a pogo stick” my left foot.

    1. SaaaWeeeeet!!! This makes me happy! 😉

    2. Is this the guy mentioned in the article? Kodi? Are they also charging mom for medical neglect?

      1. I presume so. I caught the end of it on Ten news. No mention of mum so far.

  25. Sexually abused not fed not even given a bloody drink and kodi incited others to assault a 7yo HE CALLS HIMSELF A MAN pffffft that’s a bloody animal

    1. Even animals are better than this. He’s a cancerous tumour, just takes and takes and takes until there’s nothing left.

  26. Holy crap 25 counts of child abuse. What must this poor lad have gone through, while mom stood by and did nothing presumably. Don’t try and tell me she didn’t know.

  27. Kodi made a song about his 2 kids never mentions Levai he has no remorse and there was 25 reports of abuse those alone should put him in jail along with the mother the murder is just the sad fate that brought the evil shit they did to light and fuck docs they failed this child big time
    ….. RIP LEVAI

    1. Kodi loves his children very deeply, he did not know Levai at the time of making those songs. Had he been given the chance, he would have written 100 songs for Levai. So you have spoken to Kodi in jail Doel, he told you that he had no remorse over the tragic death of Levai? Get your facts right before talking shit.

      1. I’m sure he was remorseful for hitting Levai with implements, starving him and telling his own children to abuse their stepbrother.
        Or maybe he’s just sorry he was caught.
        Yeah he really “loves” his kids. Tells them to abuse their stepbrother, probably to throw them to the cops.
        This pile of dog nuts needs to die in a fire.

        1. Aussie sabbath I agree with u that Kodi is a dumb shit but those kids beating Levai are not his real kids.. He will NEVER see his kids agen in his pathetic life and neither will his scummy family.

          1. It’s still lower than a snakes belly to tell kids to attack Levai. That’s what bullies do.
            Hopefully this scum bucket will be going away for a long time…

  28. Here’s a thread from DD about Levai. Kodi Maybir has indeed been charged with 25 counts of child abuse. He would strike Levai with implements, withhold food and water and make him sit outside in his underwear. There’s video proof of him abusing Levai and him inciting his own children to attack their step-brother.

    What a piece of shit.

    1. Aussie Sabbath you need to choose your words carefully. Nothing has been proven, do not believe everything that you read in the news. Have you seen this video proof yourself? No you have not. Shut the fuck up.

      1. The videos have been taken by the police as evidence, to make the charges stick. Wow Kodi Maybir is an idiot. First he abuses a child because he wasn’t his son, then he tapes it for solid proof. It’s like he wanted to be caught or something…

      2. He’s going away for a long time. Deal with it. You’re harboring a murderer.

      3. And a new tard-defender crawls out from under its rock, appearing to be a different type of tard-defender; this one has clearly had some prior human contact, based on its near-proper use of English. But alas, its wild instincts show through as it blurts out one shrill “shut the fuck up.”

        1. Not to detract from the tragedy of the subject here, but… I love these animal-documentary type assessments you do. Brilliant! 😀

      4. Or? You going to actually DO something through your almighty and powerful keyboard stud? Take your own advice and “Shut the fuck up” already. Lame-ass…

  29. Detectives seized a laptop belonging to Maybir containing videos of him punching and kicking Levai. It is also alleged that he starved and hit him, and left him outside in his underwear as punishment.

    1. Kodi’s biological children have been out of his life for a fair while now and most likely would not have had any part in the bullying of poor Levai. The other children involved could be his nephews/nieces or friends children. If you jump on youtube and search “General Kopri” you will his not so misically gifted antics and doing so while under investigation. That right there speaos volume of his lack of respect for the deceased and the victims family. To the individual that is on here defending Kodi, give us 25 more excuses for what he recorded and had done. What kind of excuse can you come up with to defend what is solid concrete evidence? Bail denied is a step in the right direction for Levai. You know what they do to child abusers in prison? Dropping the soap is the least of his worries.

      1. The siblings there talking about are Levais siblings that a hole made them abuse him, I lost my nephew because of this a hole so don’t u defend him when you don’t even know. I’ve read what they tried to say and the b***** of a mother is just as guilty. My niece and nephew (Levais brother and sister) are so afraid of men because of that idiot! So he can rot in hell for all I care he deserves all he gets when hes in jail! So carry on defending the person who murdered my nephew karma will get you too!

        1. .

  30. The ‘tard-defender, when confronted with irrefutable proof of their child-abusing mate’s crimes, scurries back under the rock from whence it came.

    1. You are a real keyboard warrior Aussie Sabbath, I wish this website posted your address. I would love to discuss you calling me a “‘tard defender” a bit more with you. I take it you have seen these videos then? You know whats on them? This case has nothing to do with you, jumping on the internet and voicing your unintelligent opinions is a great way to spend your time. I did not respond, as I do not have the time to sit on the computer all day slandering people I have never met, as you clearly do. Get a life, worry about issues within your own family, this one has nothing to do with you.

      1. Yawn. So original.
        A kid was killed because of this cumstain. It’s everyone’s business now. It’s no longer opinion when it’s in the news, with police seizing EVIDENCE of Kodi Maybir abusing Levai.
        You are an absolute idiot for standing up for this piece of shit.
        Ha, issues in my family. At least I don’t know a child killer.

        1. I love that this dude was so pissed he/she changed his profile name! Good going, Aussie 🙂

          1. Troll-baiting should be an Olympic sport haha.

      2. Yawn. So original.
        A kid was killed because of this cumstain. It’s everyone’s business now. It’s no longer opinion when it’s in the news, with police seizing EVIDENCE of Kodi Maybir abusing Levai.
        You are an absolute idiot for standing up for this piece of shit.
        Ha, issues in my family. At least I don’t know a child killer. That’s not something to be proud of.
        What would you even do with my address anyway? Try to shut me up about your little fuck buddy?
        Yeah, I said it. To defend a child abuser/killer so vehemently, one must be a fuck buddy to the accused. So how far does Kodi have his dick up your arse for you to be defending him?
        Can’t wait for that maggot to go to jail. With that prissy pretty-boy image he’s got going, he’ll make a lovely “companion” to some of the lifers in there.

        1. Aussie,

          They would probably come around and assault you whilst recording it. Kodi is a two faced cat (apologies cat lovers), prances along life without a care and acts like a tough guy infront of women and children. He is a self proclaimed “rap artist” that no one has ever heard of or care to notice. Tall stories is his game, plays the victim card when is in dire need of one. He’s a coward, a bully, an excuse at the ready type of guy and has no ethics. While he was under investigation he decides to make a music video for his ego. Where is the respect for the deceased? Victims family? His children? His head is so far up his deluded arse that the guy believes that he is a celebrity, that his music/ego is for underprivilegedkids and says he is representing Jesus in his music. Schizophrenic comes to mind.A cchild is dead under his care and he has no remorse. Had a chance to make that song about Levai and decided to sing about himself. Where’s the love now?

          1. Exactly. This idiot is no better than the maggot who abused Levai. They might as well have beat him themselves. @721913c037a426fd58dae1973734d123:disqus is morally dead inside with no conscience. I’d take being a keyboard warrior over defending a child abuser any day.

          2. Criminy, kodi’s narcissistic attention whoring reminds me of drew Peterson.

        2. I agree with you Aussie, I agree. I can not wait for that maggot to suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer for as long as he breaths oh that low life scum

    2. It warms the cold, black depths of my heart to see that my efforts to make the public aware of the wild tard-defender have succeeded. 😀


    Yet another source about Kodi Maybir’s arrest for child abuse resulting in death, seizure of video evidence of Maybir abusing Levai, details of the abuse suffered by Levai at the hands of Maybir. This source says that Maybir forced Levai’s other siblings to attack their own brother.
    3 sources already. Nope, I don’t think it’s made up.

  32. Email’s such a beautiful thing. I can taunt ‘tard-defenders while at work.

    1. MIts like they are being thick in the head on purpose. Please taubt them,,they deserve it. Not very mature of me,,but with how dumb they are,,they are asking for it.

  33. Whoever is defending that ‘disturbed child’ Kodi in this matter, is obviously a family member, which obviously means another retard. I understand you may be family to this ‘peasant’ kodi, but, if you are that blind to see he has severe problems, then this sort of thing must be normal within a maybir home.

    1. The Maybir family must think it’s normal to beat children who don’t belong to them.

      1. If you ask me, I’d say the Maybir family are a bunch of inbreds. Kodi’s parents obviously done the same to him and his siblings, which is why they will defend him. In a Maybir’s mind, this is ‘normal’ life.

      2. Aussie say another thing reguarding my family i will track your IP adrress mate… Say what you want of kodi but to place a whole family in the same box is extremely disrespectful! Im being honest i will find you and hand out punishment for attacking my family! Dont believe me then try it.

        1. Wait… you are upset at having your entire family “placed in the same box” and unjustly described as violent, and your reaction is to threaten stalking and violence? And you don’t see the logical fallacy here? I’ll do Aussie one better: The fruit of intelligence does not decorate the branches of the Maybir family tree.

          1. Join in Lucy the more the merrier!

          2. Let me guess. This is your attempt to demonstrate that you, as representative of your extended family, are not in fact of below average intelligence? Because I have to tell you… you’re doing it wrong.

          3. Dont Play My Game Lucy

            No you get me wrong im demonstrating that bring in the whole Maybir name into this and im sure there will be some bad members and im one! You talk from behind a keyboard but thats not my game! Lucy pipe down sweetheart you would be surprised how easy it is to attain information about people once I locate your IP address, so dont mention the name again understand me clearly!

          4. You really should stop with the tough guy act. You are not nearly smart enough to pull it off. You have now publicly threatened several posters here. Do you not think YOUR information is easily obtainable?
            What the negative public image of your family is, you are directly reinforcing. Do you not get that? You were upset that your whole family was being lumped in with that violent POS in the news. You are being exactly what you claim your family is wrongly accused of being.
            And now we know where Kodi gets it, don’t we?

          5. I know where he’s GOING to get it… once Bubba and Bruce get their hands on that child-killing POS.

          6. And how! Hooray for documentable evidence of potential stalking and threatening physical harm.
            Lucy, this guy is probably one of those mental mice that think the “two black eyes=I done told her twice” is hilarious, because his kind are deeply threatened by your superior mind.

            This is Not snark, for clarity 🙂

            Kodi Maybir has brought the Maybir name into disrepute with his child abusing ways.

          8. For sure, there’s bad members of the Maybir family. Kodi the child killer, being one.

        2. ^Apples don’t drop far from the tree. This comment proves it.

        3. Say another word and you’ll do what? We’re Levai’s family in NZ, and your day will come and please don’t think for a minute it’ll be by me or any of my family members. Karma will catch up with you and your family. By all means we should come by your “IP address” and drop kick the living bacteria out of you, but that’ll be lowering my family to the Maybir code of ethics. I dare you to find my address and come by.

        4. Come hand sum of that so called punishment out, but remember we aren’t children so it would be sumfin new to your kind, now come find me!!
          Better be holding more than your dick, little boy.

  34. Come out little troll-tard, wherever you are…

  35. We shall hear very soon the good news that Kodi Maybir will be sent to jail.

  36. Glad the kids dead, probably deserved it.

    1. You’d best toddle off to bed now, son. Adults are talking.

    2. GTHO.

    3. Look, another member of the Maybir family. They hang around like a bad smell…

    4. I’m sorry that abortion your mother had was only a partial success.

  37. Man and woman face charge of murder of Oatley boy, 7, in May

    By Sheree Mutton Nov. 20, 2013, 9:57 a.m.


    A man and a woman will be charged with murder after a six-month investigation into the death of a boy, 7, at Oatley in May.

    Emergency services were called to the Oatley property at 6.30am on May 21 after reports of a boy had injured himself after falling off a pogo stick.

    See your ad here

    The boy, who had suffered head injuries, was found dead at the scene.

    Homicide Squad detectives and St George police formed Strike Force Miretta to investigate the death.

    Shortly before 7am today, police arrested a woman, 25, at a property in Sandra Street, Woodpark, near Merrylands.

    She was taken to Fairfield police station where she is being charged with numerous offences including murder, production of child abuse material, failure of persons with parental responsibility to care for a child and common assault.

    She will be refused bail and is expected to appear in Fairfield Local Court today.

    Homicide detectives will be charging a man, 29, at a Silverwater property, with the boy’s murder.

    See your ad here

    The man had been charged with 25 child abuse offences in September.

    He is expected to appear in Fairfield Local Court via video-link on Thursday.

  38. There is a lot that can be generously said about these two people, however, more importantly it seems as though the truth has been able to prevail.

    There was a very precious child that was hurt, and all that can be said is that it is good the other two siblings of Levai are now in a safer place.

    We can only hope and pray that justice will be served in regards to the persons that hurt and tragically killed this precious boy, so that they will never be allowed near another child again.

    As for the people that remain in society, those people that do harm children through their substance abuse, through their manipulation, through their small minded thinking, through their idiocy, toxic lifestyles and don’t cherish their children to the best of their abilities…. please do the rest of the world the pleasure of not having children.

    Children are made to be cherished and born in to happiness.

    If you are not a happy person, that should be your first clue.

    Rest in Peace Levai, and may God abundantly bless the children that have been saved/rescued from child abusers.

    1. justice will not be served – NOR WILL EVER BE. regretfully we have ego moron pru goward who was sent pics of child’s bruises two months B4 the little guys murder – pru goward as boss of docs/FACS whatev – considers her role to be about smiling and waving and big time socialising – Goward needs to resign in shame as YET AGAIN SHE HAS FAILED. in the last few months three little children – all per warned clients of docs/FACS. goward failed AGAIN – give the job to a bloke immediately.

  39. Hi all , Similar to all of you i have been following this story very closely as i will not lie i have known Kodi since he was 17, although i have not had much contact with him since 2011 .
    i am not going to get into any arguments re Guilt/innocence and especially do not condone violence and any form of abuse especially on children , makes me sick even thinking about it .

    I only hope that the future brings better things for both Levai’s family & the Maybir family as you cannot paint the whole family with the same brush .

    Again i do not support any form of abuse & i just hope that the public & media do not miss the point that a small child has passed away and we all need to do more to stop this happening again and support his family during what once can only imagine would be one of the hardest times in ones life

    What i will say and please keep your comments respectable is that the “Kodi” i have known over the years was a dedicated family man who was very soft in nature and kind hearted .

    As i have said previously i haven’t seen him much in the last few years and not once since his New Girlfriend got together but i feel for everyone involved in this .

    1. It must be heartbreaking for you to find out that an old friend has become an abusive monster. The feeling is like, everything that you knew about Kodi was a lie.
      However, it is what it is. There’s been video proof of Kodi abusing Levai, and his actions and the person he has become deserve nothing but contempt and disgust.

      1. To be honest i feel sick when i think about it .
        I am still holding out that maybe its not true as the Man i knew would never do that .

        whats tragic is now you have a mother who is pregnant & locked up , a Father of that child who is locked up & 2 other children that have lost their mother & brother and a father that will need to explain this to them when they are old enough which must be heart breaking .

        It has all the recipes for another ugly turn of events in the future which i hope is not the case .

        1. There is the small solace that the other two kids will have their real dad to care for them. As for the baby, he/she may have to go to a grandparent or extended family of the mother.
          I only feel sorry for the kids for not being able to choose a better mother.

        2. mother locked up is not tragic – firstly she is not a ‘mother’, and obviously got pregnant to attract sympathy from the dull & gullible – similar SO NOT tragic of ‘father role’ person being locked up.
          these two killers deserve to die rotting in prison – no visits, no tv and working 14 hrs a day scratching paint from plastic bottles for cigarettes – so they die sooner as to not burden society for longer than necessary. ultimately the electric chair would be so MAJORLY KEWLIO.


    More evidence of abuse has come to light.
    The family went camping in the Illawarra and several campers spotted Levai being abused. He was begging other campers for water, and one witness helped him get some water which he guzzled down like he’d been in the desert. Levai was also seen to be forced out of the family tent wearing only a shirt and a damp towel.
    Levai also had bruises on his face which another witness took photos of. Several campers reported Kodi to the police, which prompted an investigation. Two months later, Levai was dead.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      It makes you wonder why these people don’t report what they saw or if they did, why was it never acted on? It’s so sad.

      1. Apparently the campsite abuse was reported to Wollongong police. But I don’t know what they were doing between then and when Levai died.
        Campers witnessed Kodi whipping Levai with tree branches and forcing him to run laps until he fell down. That sort of abuse can’t be hidden and would attract attention, meaning Kodi didn’t give a shit about whether his actions were wrong or not. And the birth vessel didn’t do shit to stop it either.

  41. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Yes! Charges! Let’s hope they are found guilty & rot in gaol until the other inmates tear them apart!

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