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Greedy mum sets the tasty arm of the law on her hungry son

NC mom has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts

Latasha Love, N.C. mom, has son arrested for allegedly stealing her Pop-Tarts, report says

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are "made with real fruit"...

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are “made with real fruit”…

Latasha Renee Love (37), of Charlotte NC, called the po-po on her young son. Was he threatening her with a knife? Did he steal her car and crash it into a tree? NO! She had her son arrested and put through the juvenile court system, for the heinous crime of eating some POP TARTS!

The silly police officers actually turned up and arrested the poor kid, and charged him with misdemeanour larceny. The police estimated the value of the stolen goods to be a grand total of $5 and commonly found as a staple food item in most supermarkets throughout the USA. On Wednesday last week, a reporter waited two hours to speak to Greedy Mum. G.M. parked her car round the back of her house and briefly made an appearance on her front porch, but only to swear at the reporter and slam the door.

Oh come on now, Latasha. Where is the Love? Surely you could have shared the Pop Tarts with your son? Pop Tarts aren’t exactly a fine wine or vintage cheddar. The poor kid probably thought they were for him, seeing as Pop Tarts are marketed towards children. Greedy Mum has had problems with disciplining her son in the past, probably because she couldn’t get out of her mobility scooter or waddle fast enough to keep up with him. So she palmed the responsibility off to someone else.

The misdemeanour case against the poor boy will be heard in a juvenile court. At the expense of Greedy Mum.

Aussie’s Native Natterings: Pop Tarts used to be widespread here in Australia in the 90s, but now they’re only available in specialty shops. They’re really expensive (like $10 for 8 of them). I only like them occasionally, and I bought a 24-pack on the cheap once ($10). I shared them with my sisters, who expressed disbelief at the fact that Pop Tarts are a “breakfast food” in the US. We also laughed at the box because it claimed that Pop Tarts were a “good source of 8 vitamins and minerals”. You can’t get the full range of flavours here, only what the shops import. The last lot I had were Fudge Sundae.

Feeding your kid Pop Tarts for breakfast on a daily basis should be child abuse. Those things are seriously unhealthy.

Thanks to Muggle for the tip!

More Pop Tart deliciousness

More Pop Tart deliciousness

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  1. Machine of Death

    This is fucking ridiculous. Who does that to their kid?

    1. What’s even more ridiculous is that the cops actually showed up and didn’t charge Greedy Mum with filing a false police report or wasting police time.

      1. Exactly. That is humiliating. Just tell the kid not to eat your “special” food and then if he does put it in your car or room. You dont need the cops.

      2. tax payers should line up outside her house and take turns smacking her for wasting time and money over some fucking pop tarts.

  2. Pop Tarts aren’t breakfast???? No, really? People eat those for breakfast???? I bought a small packet of chocolate ones with icing for my niece when she stayed here last school holidays for snacks in the afternoon…

    Porridge is breakfast food!

  3. 1) Pop tarts are nasty.
    2) Teenage boys are constantly ravenous (it is advisable as soon as the doctor says “It’s a boy!” to start a savings account to pay for his food during the teenage years) but slightly less so if you fill them up regularly with healthy foods like whole grains and proteins. If you keep nothing but sugary crap in the house, they will crave that, eat all the crap, and be ravenous again in ten minutes.
    3) I’m guessing mom is roughly the size of a large sperm whale.
    4) Someday this son will be in charge of picking out mom’s senior care facility.

  4. I sincerely hope the police and courts are just playing along to give Greedy Mom the telling-off of her life at the end… but unfortunately I think it’s quite the opposite. So many people think kids need harsher and harsher discipline for the dumbest shit to “scare them straight,” especially black kids. Competent parents don’t have “problems with discipline” to the point they’re sending their kids to jail for bullshit like this.

  5. My 15yr son stole over 2,000 from me and my husband over a years time, we should had him arrested the first time I caught him with our credit cards but he stole again,again,again and again, we did not called the police because we did not want him to get in trouble, I wish that I had him arrested the first time I caught him with our credit card numbers in his backpack last March and I think he stop stealing this February. I know calling the police is extreme but I sure this mother gave him a verbal warning and still he did what he wanted to do; I don’t know if this was a final cry for help but she did what she had to do, whether it’s five dollars or five hundred dollars and I believe she had no other choice. This is better reaction than abusing a kid, she probably warn him over and over again to not eat all the pop tarts but please save some for me but he was selfish and ate them all; this is a painful lesson for mother and child.

    1. no you d discipline n at a box of pop tarts so tat it doesn’t become thousands of dollars and i know that you know that you were not doing your son any favors by not letting him pay the piper for stealing from you what if the ext person decides on vigilante justice people have been tortured to death for steeling way less from the wrong people i may not have called the cops on my money thieving son but i would have sent them to one of those forest boot camps and life in my house for them would have been sparten to say the least then i would have drove them to and from there part time job until i was paid back plus intrest to be put in a collage fund for them because a person who has a lack of respect and self control o steal like that from family none the less is in trouble in this life and at the verry least 2000 hours of community service at the homeless shelter for being greedy and if i was the mother of the tart thief that child would be working at the breadline as well serving the poor and unfortunate is my go to for a punishment that enriches everybody forgive the lack of punctuation i

      1. Your right, some accountability is better than having nothing happen to the child.

      2. So basically, prosecute for all of the dumb, trivial bullshit than actually picking your battles. Congratulations, you and Greedy Mom are precisely what’s wrong with this country. Doing something like that produces a horrible environment for children, no matter how well-behaved they are, and even the most angelic would be seeking ways to act out under such an oppressive regime. My high school (which is in a different part of North Carolina) was much like that, and I was super-rebellious even though I was an honors student who had only served detention once, in middle school, for forgetting to turn something in. This kid is not going to get the wake-up call or the rehabilitation he needs, he’s going to be forced into a very scary, dog-eat-dog environment when he’s still a kid, and he’s going to grow up hating his mother (if he doesn’t already).

      3. there is a big difference between steeling money,cars,jewelry,and other such items and steeling food. kids steel food because they are hungry. and why did he have to steel them? because she wont share with her own kid. .

        1. steel is a metal
          steal is to take something

          1. Correcting my spelling is just a wast of both of our time. You spend time correcting it,i have to spend time not giving a shit. It will never end and so much valuable time will be lost.

    2. It may be that it was essentially the straw that broke the camels back in a long line of bad behavior. I honestly wouldn’t doubt it. However what makes this story absurd is that she chose to go to the police over “stealing” food rather than what the potential bigger picture may or may not be. I really don’t see how a child could steal food that is in a family home anyways.

      1. Your right, a person can’t steal their own food, I know when I buy food for my house, everyone is welcome to eat anything that’s in the house.

        1. yup,thats why i tell my boys i dont buy food to just sit there and look pretty. i dont get upset when they eat the food,i get upset when they let it go to waist.

    3. So basically, she should have sent her child to jail over a $5 box of sweets because he may or may not have stolen more valuable items in the past? Also, around here on BB there is no such thing as children stealing food from the family. Any food in the home belongs to anyone living there, unless it is being saved for a specific occasion. Now, stealing it straight from the store would be a different story.

      No, if she had to send him to jail at all, it should have been all of the other times, or for stealing another, more valuable item that’s actually worth tying up the police and courts.

      1. Agree.

    4. When you have your own teenager stealing from you then you as the parent has to decide what’s best and hope you make the right decisions. I hope you did for your son but only you as mom would come close to knowing what’s best. I hate hearing someone who hasn’t faced the situation spout off about what they would do. And hopefully someone talking about sending their kids to those boot camps looked into it before they just think that’s what’s best there are some serious horror stories out there about those places. I think we can all agree though that its not stealing when you eat food out of your own kitchen I hope someone in this child’s life sees how ridiculous thAt is. Can’t believe the cops arrested him, but as a minor mom just have herself just as much headache as she did her son; at least if they’re in the US

    5. Doesn’t matter. She’s wasting the police’s time with bs calls like this.

    6. she could have just stopped buying pop tarts. and there are centers all over the country that help parents with children that they cant handle. free counseling, free work shops,free help. i doubt she called any of them. even boys town can help parents get in touch with theses programs. and if she did seek help,im sure having her son arrested over pop tarts was not part of the action plan.

  6. regularly feeding your kids pop tarts for breakfast is tantamount to child abuse neglect at the least

  7. Where I live the police could of issue a verbal warning to the boy and had the police social worker visit the family the very next day to access the situation and offer help if wanted or needed by a neutral party to help both parties handle this kind of family disagreement in a friendly way. I hope mother and son will be able to use this as a learning lesson.

  8. Wait a damn minute! Are you telling me that this bitch called the cops because junior stole pop tarts from HER? Fuck me! I thought the kid nicked them from the shop!

    I remember stealing a pack of bubble gum from the corner store. My Mum found out & marched me back up to the shop & made me tell the owner what I had done. I had to pay for it out of my pocket money & sweep the shop every afternoon after school for a week (it was the 80s so no Work Cover or OH&S bullshit).

    There’s no such thing as stealing food from home! Food is bought for the family to share & if you’re hungry you eat. If you don’t want your kids to fill up on shit between meals don’t buy shit…have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter for hungry tummies!

    1. Yep. That’s why this story is sweeping the internet. The boy was hungry (aren’t they always) and ate pop tarts from his own house. Mom, who was apparently hoarding the pop tarts to shove in her own gaping maw, called the cops. The cops for some reason arrested him.

      I hope when this case gets to juvie court, the judge will either remember what it felt like to be a growing teen boy, or will have at least raised one. I hope he or she tells mom off, scolds the arresting officers, and sentences this kid to a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        That’s fucked up! I can’t open links for some reason (I’m on my phone so that might be it) so I totally didn’t get that from the write up…I just assumed he shop lifted them.

    2. I’ve seen a lot of people refer to their kids “stealing” food from the kitchens. It’s never made sense to me. Once it’s in the house, unless marked for a special occasion (don’t eat the chocolate chips-they’re for the birthday cake–sort of thing) then it’s for eating by hungry family members.

  9. my son is 6, and he’s a ravenous little beast already! Seriously, we need to keep raisins, bread, grapes, crackers (Triscuits) and other stuff, pretty much under lock and key or he’d eat ALL of it and not leave anything for anyone else for the rest of the 2 weeks (We get paid every 2 weeks, grocery days correspond to pay days, we need to make food last) I FEED the kid, don’t get me wrong..if he asks, I’ll give him food…but the whole sneaking and taking it and devouring it all and not letting anyone else in the house eat any of it..that’s kinda mean…

    but this isn’t the same as charging a teen for taking a pop-tart FFS….I’m just trying to keep food in the house for everyone else!

  10. what the fuck?! that’s one greedy ass bitch! it was just pop tarts! granted,they are awesome,but to have your kid arrested over them? im not surprised over this,i used to work in a super market,and some of the things i have heard made me hate lady bought herself a fried chicken lunch from the deli,and a pack of store brand instant noodels for her daughter. steaks and corn for the adults,lunch meat for the kids. just yesterday i heard a guy tell his kid he could not have any of the dads sandwich,when the kid said he was hungry,the dad told him to sht the fuck up and eat his Cheetos. apparently cheetos was what the kid was having for lunch.

    1. I can understand some of those situations – some parents are reluctant to feed their kids steaks and stuff unless they like it and can eat all of it. Wasting money on food that the kid’s just going to throw around and not eat isn’t very sensible. Plus I remember when I was allowed to eat “adult food”, it meant I had acquired new tastes! And if the kid’s a fussy eater and will only eat noodles or sandwich meat, it’s fair enough.
      But Pop Tarts are “kids food”, I don’t see why Greedy Mum would be so territorial over them. I have a vicious sweet tooth but I always offer my lollies to my sisters if they happen to be around. Same with the Pop Tarts I got at the lolly shop. They’re not like a vintage cheddar or a fancy wine that would be expensive and not suitable for a kid to eat. She was just being a greedy pig.

      1. Monique Boulanger

        Depends on the age of the kid too, RE: Steak. It’s hard for kids under 5 to chew right and they can choke, depending how it’s cooked and the cut of meat. Like I had no problems serving my toddlers bits of roasts or stewed beef, minced..whatever but a steak? Had to be one of the tender cuts cooked medium rare for them to be able to chew it right without choking. I always offered my kids a varied diet even when little. If I noticed them having difficulty chewing something I waited until they were older. better than risking a choking ep..(my daughter almost choked on Asparagus!)

        1. Also things like chilli, most kids don’t like that stuff. I, however, was raised on it since I was in utero so I have a very high tolerance for it and would eat it when I was a kid. My parents didn’t see the Tabasco sauce on the tongue as a punishment, I probably would have mucked up just to get some more LOL.

          1. we never had adult food and kids food. we all just ate what was made. so i guess i can see the point,but i dont realy think thats what these parents were going for. most of them seemed to be old enough for most foods. and if it is a adult food vs kids food thing,then why would the kid only get a pack of roman noodels? why not pizza rolls or chicken nuggets?

      2. i have also seen people with kids put back food to buy beer,thats where a lot of my hate comes from.

  11. If the mom reported the kid for eating her pop tarts, wouldn’t the kid be removed and put into a more appropriate (loving and caring) home while she is investigated? Also, wouldn’t the cops who showed up be investigated for taking such a obviously false report. The whole thing is insane, and that thing who is nothing more than a egg carrier/birthing vessel needs to be in prison for bad parenting. DAMNNNNNNNNN

  12. This is seriously stupid.
    I mean, my mom kept her sweets in her drawer so my sister and I would not eat them. If we ate something we were not supposed to then that was the end of buying it for months. She ended up only keeping healthy food in the house because my sister would eat it all.

  13. As the mother to a teen son, I can attest to the fact that they will eat everything and leave nothing behind, it’s not maliciously intentful, it’s just that teen boys have humgeous appetites!!!! It’s our job as a parent to know this and to make the appropriate accommodations and rules for this. i just make sure my boy has all the snacks that he favors and because of that, he has never felt the need to eat up all of my daughter’s snacks. Issue solved before it became a problem.
    Clearly this mom has serious issues and does not know the first thing about parenting a teen boy. I can’t believe the cops actually went through with charging this poor child who is in need of a loving stable home. What a messed up system. 🙁

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