Brandy wanted to cause her babydaddy some Payne

Father talks after mom charged with homicide in week-old baby’s death

Milwaukee mom charged with killing her week-old baby

Murderous twunt Brandy Payne

Murderous twunt Brandy Payne

Thanks to crys for the tip on this one. This is just an awful story.

Brandy Payne (22) of Milwaukee, WI has been charged with first degree reckless homicide after she allegedly killed her week-old son Michael A. Johnson III. Fancy that. A week old baby – 7 days old. Fresh out of hospital, with new baby smell. The vernix barely cleaned off his brand new baby skin. Her cunt still stretched out from giving birth to him. And she killed him.

What could a week-old baby boy do to anger someone so much, that they would kill him?

It wasn’t baby Mike who angered the wrathful wench. It was his dad, Michael Johnson, who had had an argument with Brandy on the phone. The topic of the heated discussion was whether baby Mike was Michael’s son or not. Michael had his doubts and did not want to help out with a child that maybe wasn’t his. So what did Brandy do? Did she offer to pay for a DNA test to put Michael’s mind at ease? No. When she hung up the phone, she picked baby Mike up and threw him to the floor, according to police reports. This childish outburst resulted in Mike having a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. When she saw her son bleeding from the head, Brandy panicked and put a cap on his head. Then she delivered him to Michael, who also lived in Milwaukee. When Michael and his parents realised that Mike was severely injured, they rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him and baby Mike gained his angel wings.

According to the Milwaukee ME, Brandy is considered to be significantly cognitively/intellectually disabled. Pssht, don’t bring a disability into this. Most people with a disability know the difference between right and wrong, and they know that a baby is small and fragile and must be treated with care. What’s worse, is that the babydaddy is sticking up for the selfish twuntwaffle! He wants to keep his Fleshlight, even if it means his son’s killer goes free. They’re just as bad as one another.

If she is convicted, the twunt will face up to 60 years prison. Plenty of time for Big Bertha to deal with her.

Rest in Peace baby Mike.

Thanks again to crys for the tip.

  • cielodrive

    So evil!!! She will never be made to suffer as much as her baby. Life is so very unfair.

  • pointandlaugh

    He stuck up for her because he wants to save his own ass obviously.

    • Michael Johnson

      First of all that is not nearly what really happend, that goes to show you that you do not need to believe what you hear on the medis or whatever source. Brandy payne loved our son and I know that because we planned for baby michael when we met. That actually made her fall in love with me because she knew that I would be there for and mike jr. U guys dnt know her so dnt jump into conclusions this situation hurt me the most. I have never been the type to denied my son. The fact is something did happen to my son michael johnson the third. But I would never believe brandy would do this to our son unless she told me her self. And this argument situation about us is totally false we never had a disagreement that would go that far. I named my son after me so where did this come from that I denied him. I knew he was mine because she was with me everyday since the first time we meet.Nbs!! R.i.p michael baby daddy always love u…

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Why did you CHOOSE to breed with someone who is, by her own lawyer’s admission, “significantly intellectually disabled”.

      • Aussie Sabbath

        Yes, because it’s all about you isn’t it?
        Just shut the fuck up already. Your brain-damaged bitch killed your son. She should have been sterilised, and maybe you should too so that any future children aren’t subjected to the half-wit up there. She didn’t love him, she killed him.

        • Michael Johnson

          How the fuck do u know she killed him do u kno brandy have u met her. If i thought for one moment that she would or could potentially hurt him then I would of spoken out. If a person is crazy enough to kill thier own child someone else besides me would have noticed the indication that she wasnt rite. She was a normal person juss like everyone else. She graduated school worked part time went to church nd everything. I dont know if she did this or not. I knew her for 4 years nd me or anyone else of that matter noticed something wrong. And aussie I dont appreciate u posting blogs about things that allegedly happend to my son. I dont even know what really happend to him. The state distict attorny contacted me with new information last week. They had to reschedule her court appearance because the criminal complaint had to many inconsistenties
          in it .even the judge aggreed. and why would she hurt my baby then bring him to my people house where all my family is gatherd and they never seen him before so she knew they was gone be all in his face picking him up kissin him nd all type of shit. Nd

          • Aussie Sabbath

            Severe head injuries don’t just “appear”. Not even falling out of the cot would kill him. It’s obvious she hurt him badly.
            She may not have killed him to get back at you, but she did kill him. Otherwise he wouldn’t be dead. Maybe he was crying and she couldn’t get him to shut up so in her brain damaged logic, she threw him to make him be quiet.

          • Michael Johnson

            Rite nd I agree, it dont just appear,the fact is something did happen to my boy. But what has been said is taken to far. I kno that I wanted him, she knew that I wanted him, thats not the issue. My promblem is that they put up entirely false facts about what may have happend when in fact sounds the total opposite. I jus want justice, nd closure for my child, only god nd the person responsible knows what really happend. R.i.p MikeJ.r

  • Buffettgirl

    Oh wahhh hahhh you sniveling bitch! “I have issues, it’s not my faaauuuult!” What he fuck ever! Have nice time in prison “It’snotmyfault” Bertha will have some lessons for you to learn I’m quite sure!

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    And THIS is why I have a problem with intellectually disabled people having children.

  • Lucy

    Wow, look at those eyes! There is no one home in that head. Wasn’t there even one family member to step in and give this little boy a decent home, or to maybe mention to the right people that the kid was not safe? They had to know she wasn’t capable.

    • Muggle

      That’s just what I’m wondering! How the hell was she allowed to be alone with an innocent, helpless newborn? Just because some intellectually/cognitively disabled people can care for themselves doesn’t mean they can care for others!

  • ISTP

    This stupid violent “woman” should, if anything, certainly be sterilized. I’d prefer death or life imprisonment. Her man can’t be much brighter. Make him a eunuch!