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Greedy Gavin Ross is a deadbeat dad who lets his 7 children go hungry

‘Breeding machine’ dad owes thousands: partners
Child support dodger

Gavin Ross, a deadbeat dad from Melbourne, refuses to pay child support for his 7 children. According to his former partners, he owes them thousands of dollars. He has 7 children in all to 4 different women – 3 with one woman, then 1 with the second woman, 1 with the third woman and 2 with the fourth. The mother of his latest clutch of children, Rebecca Warner, claims that he owes her at least $3500 in back-pay to support her two kids that were unfortunate to come from his DNA. She warns other women that Greedy Gavin will make promises of a good life, and then leave them with nothing.

Ainslie Boylin has an 8 year old son from Greedy Gavin. She claims that he paid the extravagant sum of $15 over seven years, not enough to even buy formula for a hungry baby. She has since moved on with a new partner and new baby, and has stopped asking for the money.

It’s not like he doesn’t work and therefore can’t pay (a popular method for getting out of paying child support). Gavin Ross works as a concreter. For those of you from the US who are unfamiliar with Australian stuff, a tradesperson such as a concreter, plumber, electrician etc. can make as much as a doctor. Therefore, Gavin Ross is in a perfect position to pay all the child support he owes.

When A Current Affair approached Greedy Gavin to ask about the missing money and the welfare of his 7 children, he reportedly became aggressive. Not surprising in the least. When these bums are confronted with responsibility, it’s always someone else’s fault that they’re lazy and greedy.

While it’s not illegal to dodge child support obligations in Australia, it can damage one’s credit rating (it’s like failing to pay rent or bills). So if Greedy Gavin wants to borrow some money to buy a nice shiny Holden ute, get the latest iPhone or a McMansion somewhere, this can actually stop him from getting a loan or a phone plan.

Avoiding child support obligations should be classed as child neglect, because it’s failing to provide for a child’s needs.

Update: Looked him up on Facebook (couldn’t resist) and found some interesting, albeit unintelligible, pearls of wisdom about child support – “Well here we go …. I’m so fucking sick of my exes trying to put me away by playing games with my kids … I have made them so I’m going to be in there lives so don’t fuck with me I’m sick of it just let me be a dad I no Wat to do when it comes to my babeys and dhs would not no me becasue thay won’t talk to me … Beck and anz get over your selfs it’s not mine or my kids fault that we didint work out so grow up will yous” I think the gist of it was that the exes were trying to move on away from him (because he’s a deadbeat) and he wants the prestige of being a dad, without the responsibility. Maybe if he paid the proper amount of child support, he would be allowed into their lives. A real dad supports his children.

(I am extra vitriolic because I absolutely hate deadbeat dads. My ex uncle left my aunt to knock up and marry a career breeder with a tribe of kids from all different dads. My aunt struggled to provide for my cousin while his father lived it up in a penthouse on the Gold Coast.)


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  1. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you make a baby with a monster, be prepared for the consequences! He does look REALLY skeezy…

  2. So the latest mother of his kids is sorry his DNA is in her children. Did she not have a clue the guy was a loser when he had 5 kids already with three other women?? Kind of hard to feel sorry for the moms. Except maybe the first one.

    1. Who knows, he might be a master liar/truth dodger. These kinds of guys can be great at fooling women they’re really all right. Then the relationship goes sour…

      But seriously, if you don’t want to pay a few hundred in child support for 18+ years, it’s probably a smarter idea to pay a few bucks every so often for condoms. Or pay once for a vasectomy.

    2. Wow – sorry, I guess you’ve never been subjected to the “My ex keeps my kids away from me, she’s so bitter we didn’t work out that she can’t be reasonable… blah, blah, blah” of a manipulative, narcissistic sociopath then? More than likely, he said a couple of them weren’t “really” his but that he was the only Dad they ever knew so he felt obligated to be their Dad. Also more thank likely he didn’t disclose the correct number of progeny has truly had at the time as well. I dated a guy for about a month that first told me he was single, then it was divorced, then it was getting divorced and then it was living in the house with the soon-to-be ex while they divorced and then it was living at home with his wife and three kids with no intention of divorcing… Lucky me that I’m picky and suspicious as all hell and the most this asshat got out of me was a peck on the lips goodnight. Don’t mistreat your kids and don’t lie if you want to hang with me…

    3. Some guys are really good at cover stories. I knew my ex was divorced when we married, however it wasn’t until AFTER the ceremony I discovered there were three ex wives, not one, also a child, heavy child support and insurance payments, an ongoing visitation battle and an addiction problem. Not one of our friends or his family saw fit to give me any hints and since I came from another country originally I didn’t have the opportunity to do a background check (not that I probably would have thought of it anyway).

      As they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me… bet your ass I’ve done court proceeding and criminal background checks on my current partner. Don’t want any more nasty surprises like that.

  3. “She has since moved on with a new partner and new baby, and has stopped asking for the money.”

    Let’s hope they don’t end up on this site for the wrong reason.

  4. Should He pay Child Support..YES he should, of course he should every other father has too, tho not all do and as said these are the deadbeat dads..
    Been a single mum myself (kids now grown up) I had hard times but there are alot of support systems out there to assist those that are not working. I managed to work part time and raise my two..

    But!! In my opinion.. A Mother does not have the right to stop him seeing his kids.. unless there’s a court order or they are in danger!..its the kids that suffer this way, alot of dead beat un supportive dads are actually good dad to there kids when alone with them and most children love there dads no matter what..
    It only breeds hate and chaos between parents and children using them as pawns..
    Let the Child Support and the courts sort out the finances and let the children have two parents..
    Like I say unless there a reason EG: kids in danger No mother has the right to denie the children there father!

    1. Good fathers will do whatever it takes to do right by their children, including the unpleasant parts like responsibility. If he really loves his kids, he’s not going to let something like… Oh say… Getting a job or forgoing some new ink to provide for his children getting the way! I don’t give a shit how sweet and cuddly he acts when it’s convenient to play part-time papa–being a deadbeat = good papa? Bullshit!!!

      We lead by example, especially by our actions since we are hard-wired that way by mirror neurons. So, you think a good daddy teaches that it’s ok to

      Swing your dick everywhere but jet when that yields babies and the reality isn’t fun? Or that it’s acceptable for you to be okie dokie with being impregnated and abandoned for naught all but photo opportunities?

      Put yourself and every whim of yours before even the basic needs of the helpless lives you create?

      Antagonize and slander the only person caring for the children you created when she points out the truth?

      Blame the only person who lives the everyday brunt of your poor choices?

      Be selfish and cry victim and move on to the next bed-warmer with sociopathic disregard?

      You only have to deal with family when it’s fun and easy and convenient for you?

      Great lessons–NOT!!!!!!
      Like Aussie said, actions, not words and all that.

    2. If you’re not willing to support your kids, you don’t get to play a part in their lives, IMHO.
      He wants the privilege of being a dad, but without the responsibility. How selfish.
      The mother has every right to keep the kids away from him, she wants to do the right thing by them and not let them pick up a greedy and selfish attitude from their sperm donor.

  5. In your opinion yes I understand but by law no mother has that right, and I understand and have empathy to single mums, but Ive also seen the destruction this attitude cause families..there’s a reason the law lets these dads see the kids, as it is not the children’s fault..why should they suffer.

    .I can tell you now unless the kids are teenagers, the younger ones don’t care if no child supports being paid.. There’s no reason for kids to go without’ in these times with or without child support’ there is alot of help out there..And then it also comes down to, why do these woman have children with a man that already has so many children!

    I believe all dads should pay, and some woman should be more careful whom they choose to be their kids dad.. But I have seen some deadbeat dads as in dosent pay child support treat his kids amazingly well, and never seen more happier kids as the parent didnt treat them as pawns!

    You honesty think that the mother dosent just say no you cant see your dad..of course not she brings the kids into an adults fight and without a doubt talks badly of the father to top it off..

    And this dosent cause damage..

    1. Treating them amazingly well and paying for their needs goes hand in hand. He wants to be the “fun parent” but have no financial obligation to them. Financial and emotional obligation cannot be separated. He might as well not support them at all if he won’t cough up.
      Yes there is help out there for single mums…it’s called the baby daddy! You take their money and in return they see their kids and look after them whenever you need a babysitter (not that looking after your own kids is babysitting)
      My aunt fought clean with my ex-uncle and kept my younger cousin out of it. His older sister knew was going on, but she’s in her 20s. My ex-uncle paid not a red cent since he sired a new baby with the career breeder, and my aunt was too proud to take him to the cleaners.
      If Greedy Gavin wanted the kids so badly, he could have taken them and become their primary carer. The fact that he sired 7 children to 4 different women, and refuses to support them, just screams irresponsible and selfish.

    2. Sorry, but I think for the most part you have it wrong here. My Dad not only always paid his child support, but he paid it on time, and EVERY month he gave Mom MORE than the courts required of him. That’s what a MAN does for his kids. He was also there when we woke up every Christmas morning long after the divorce (I was 3 when they separated and 12 when he passed away) despite the five hour in the middle of the night drive that it was for him. He was with us for every visitation, every school program, every Girl/Boy Scout awards ceremony, ALL OF IT, again, despite the five hour drive. Conversely, I’ve seen Moms in my age group that have done what you suggest, that regardless of payment or not they let the Dad see his kids. You know what that has led to in EVERY case I know of? Dad popping in and out of the child’s life with no consistency and no dependability. That only leaves kids confused and wondering what they did wrong. Maybe every now and then there is a positive (if you can call it that?) situation where Dad can’t (more than likely won’t, but whatever) pay his support but he’s still a good Dad. I think that’s along the lines of 1 in a million, but I could be wrong…

  6. My “sperm donor” was a lazy ass fuckwad who didn’t give shit about his kids! Almost a decade ago he quit his job just so he didn’t have to pay child support. Before he went to the pokey, he was almost $30,000 behind in child support payments.

    This guy needs to get off his ass, be responsible, and pay child support!

  7. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I know plenty of kids (now adults) who have litte or nothing at all to do with their bio Dad because he left & refused to pay any child support but still demanded visitation. Now, as adults, they realise how horrible their fathers made things for their Mums & that if these fathers had truly loved their children they would have provide for them after the divorce.

    One friend had her step-Dad walk her down the aisle at her wedding & bio Dad refused to come to the wedding because it was “HIS RIGHT” (his words) to walk her down the aisle. She has since had three children who she refuses to introduce to her bio Dad until he pays her Mum $20,000 (what she modestly calculated as back pay).

  8. my sperm donor made 20 bucks an hour in 1980s refused to even aknoledge me and my mom doesnt get around he is just a dick we lived in a house that should have been condemned but my mom got carpenter friends of hers to fix it up mom worked so hard to barelyy get by giving us all the love in the world while my sperm donor lived it up rent free at his mothers fuck dead beat parents but whats worse than a disapering dad: a piece of shit that doesnt have the curtisey to leave and just make everything worse hanging out breaking in to your house while drunk and being mean and embarasing everybody or worse hurting your mom even her feelings like some people got saddled with those are the worst j

    1. sorry about the bad grammer some part got messed up

  9. guys i know gavin personally and he may be some of that but when it comes to his kids he would do anything for them. he would die for for them. he loves all his kids, even if they hate him. he has driven hours to help his kids. he is a breeder but he doesnt deserve this. how about you let him and his exes work this out. dont say stuff when you dont know the full story. im not saying this to help gavin, he did the wrong thing and he knows that. so how about you all get a life and move on. in a couple of months the news will find another person topick on for ratings. the news wants ratings not the truth. but thats just my opinion. you dont have to agree but just think about what i said.

    1. If he loved them, he would provide for them. So obviously, he wouldn’t do “anything” for them.
      Not paying child support is neglecting your children.
      He doesn’t have to work anything out with his exes. He simply needs to cough up the dough and then he can see his kids.

      1. dont you have anything better to do with your time. what if you were in gavins shoes, would you like people talking about you like this. If you knew the whole story and not just the half that you were all told. sure he should pay up. it still doesnt give you the right to say this stuff about him. you all need to grow up and move on with your lives. so before you post your opinion, just think about how you would feel if this was happening to you.

        1. It wouldn’t happen to me. You see, I work and I meet my financial obligations on time. Plus I use contraception. That’s what a responsible adult does. He may as well not pay the rent or the phone bill. Child support is just as important as paying bills.

          If you’re not willing to support the by-products of your sexual relations, wrap it up. Use a condom. Get a vasectomy (which is covered by Medicare by the way).

          It’s time for Gavin to stop being a silly little boy who can’t face responsibility and grow up to be a MAN.

          1. you wrote the artical. you have stated that you hate deadbeat dads. you no matter what we say it wont change your mind. maybe you should open your mind and consider some of the things we have said. So get off your high horse and move on. nobodys perfect. you wouldnt like it if some of the things you done wrong were put on the internet for everyone to see.

          2. It’s not a case of being open minded or not, it’s knowing the difference between right and wrong.

          3. Isn’t that the risk you take in this day and age of the interwebs and 24/7 media? If you do wrong, you now run the risk of then entire world being able to find out about it. Why is Gavin so special that he should get some sort of pass for being a neglectful asshat of a father? If you scroll up and read the post I wrote on July 16th in response to Dee you will see the vast difference between a REAL man/father and your deadbeat pal. My father also had 7 kids, my Mom was his second wife. My Daddy was an honest, forthright man that not only worked his ASS off to meet his obligations, but he loved us all enough to ALSO spend a fortune in gasoline and time to make it to all of our grade-school activities (he lived five hours away after their divorce, but it didn’t stop him from being a present parent). The only reason I say grade school and nothing higher is that he died when I was 12. Gavin has absolutely the WRONG mindset here. He thinks the Moms should do all of the work of raising those babies and that he should be allowed to visit when it suits him and pump them full of fun and then drop them back off for Mom to handle the emotions of the child that never knows when he/she will see their father again. Nice. Super stable. Great way to treat children that aren’t capable of comprehending what a louse their father is simply because of their ages… And you defend him? What does that say about you?

  10. Guys I have met Gavin personally and I have stayed at his house what the news failed to say was that Gavin has one of his boys living with him he pays for everything these exes of his just clearly have nothing better to do they all made all that shit up Gavin has been paying child support since day one of his first child he is an amazing dad he loves all his kids to the moon and back they mean everything to him they are his life So before all you people go saying shit about him learn the real story and stop giving him a hard time at heart he is a loving father to all his kids

    1. Oh? Then why did he get aggressive when ACA confronted him, instead of calmly saying that he’s fixed it all up?
      Yeah he may pay for all the needs of his son that lives with him. He doesn’t have to pay support to the children living with him. He does, however, need to pay support to the children not living with him. If he doesn’t want to pay support to them, he can have them live with him and he can pay for their needs directly. Either that or he needs to pay up.

      1. He got aggressive due to being harrassed over and over you would be exactly the same he got it all fixed 2 days later he has had all the electronic proof he has payed all his support

        1. I wouldn’t be aggressive. Why? Because I wouldn’t get myself into that situation in the first place.
          So why did he only fix it up after ACA went after him? Why didn’t he pay support from the time the kids were born? How did he not pay child support for 7 years?

    2. 1. Punctuation. It makes your posts much easier to read.
      2. How do FOUR exes not “have anything better to do”? I’m sure the one with three kids has quite a bit better to do, but needs money to do those things. Like feed them, clothe them, continue to keep a roof over their heads…something tells me your buddy is probably the least common denominator here.
      3. How do you know Gavin has been paying child support all along? Have you seen the checks? Electronic transfers?
      4. Just where are a bunch of online strangers supposed to learn the ‘real’ story? A random idiot who knows nothing about punctuation commenting on a blog about criminally bad parenting?

      1. Your an online stranger who should mind ur own business , so shut the fuck up………

        1. So what about the journalists reporting on this? That’s what we do here on BB, we talk about the news… well, news that relates to child abuse and neglect. We should never ‘mind our own business’ when kids are being abused, neglected, or otherwise shafted by the adults they do know.

  11. This is not a case of child abuse or neglect. If you lay with a loser having a baby with him won’t make him less of a loser….maybe he should pay or maybe these women shouldnt have kids they
    aren’t prepared to support on their own.

    1. Actually, not providing for the needs of your child is classed as child neglect. The more you know…

  12. I know he has been paying support because he had contacted the child support people and they too him that he has had weekly pays coming out to support all kids so leave him alone u don’t even know the full story Gavin is a good father

    1. A good father, if he can’t work it out with the mother of his child, pays child support from the day that the baby is born.

  13. This is all bullshit he has done nothing wrong leave him alone these exes are making it all up all this child support has been payed since day 1 he has an interview on Monday night 6:30 and all the proof will be shown

    1. Not paying child support is wrong. Do you know why it’s wrong? Anyone? Anyone?
      Not meeting child support obligations is wrong because that money goes towards feeding, clothing and schooling his children. If he doesn’t pay the money for his kids, they miss out on their basic needs. When children miss out on basic needs, that is termed child neglect. And that’s how your mate wound up here. He was neglecting his children.
      Have you got it now? Why Gavin was wrong to not pay child support?

  14. My dad didn’t pay support. He wanted to be Fun Dad and take me to concerts and stuff, whatever I asked. Unfortunately I was young enough that I had no freaking clue how much it cost to buy school books and uniforms and food and crap like that. I thought he was a great dad for taking me to a concert or McDonalds or the zoo a few times a year. I’m 42 now and I can’t even guess how many meals my mum missed and how many times she patched her clothes so I could have the stuff I needed. She passed away a few months ago and I’ll never be able to tell her how much I admire her for being able to get through those years. By piecing together bits and pieces from other family members I realised by the time I was in my mid 20’s what had happened and I was so ashamed. Even though it wasn’t my fault really. I didn’t talk to my father for 13 years. The only reason I got back in touch with him was when my daughter was born my stepdad (who helped raise me as much as he could on his tiny income) insisted I get in contact with him because, in his word, “a child deserves as many grandparents as she can have”. We get on OK now and he has helped me financially with my daughter, I think in lieu of what he didn’t do for me. He’s even admitted my stepdad was a way better father than himself. I’m OK with that now but it shouldn’t have happened, and it shouldn’t happen to any child. If you make a child you need to step up and help raise it, emotionally AND financially.

  15. Perhaps along with the child care payments Gavin should start setting a bit aside each week to pay for a vasectomy. (Or is that covered over there? We are so jealous of your health care.) He obviously never got the hang of condoms.

    1. Vasectomies are covered by Medicare, same with tubal ligations, and other types of contraception, as well as abortion.
      When I got my Implanon rod, it cost me a grand total of $5. Having it installed was bulk-billed and Implanon is covered by the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme). The rod itself cost $5.
      Gavin doesn’t have to save to have his balls snipped, he just has to forgo another trashy tattoo and go to the day procedure centre. He’d save a lot of people a lot of grief.

  16. I’ve known Gavin since he was 14, But trust me he was a theif liar and a cheater like no tomorrow back then. He always had a stand over attitude couldn’t keep a full time job because his lazy. And now his and don’t underestimate my point adiccted to marijuana he has on times got his second oldest to get it not just for him but for her aswell . now this child I believe got adiccted because of her fathers neglect and confusion on her father and mothers relationship. It was volatile and not the place to raise a family. I’m very positive in saying yes he is a deadbeat dad there’s no doubt about that because deadbeat dad is not defined by child support its about respect in EVERY way and I know He’s beat his kids and lost temper and understanding that’s a deadbeat dad that is Gavin until he dies. Sorry kids love you all none of the partners and there little champs deserve this.

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