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Newcastle woman pleads not guilty to poisoning her daughter

Mother pleads not guilty of poisoning daughter

Another local one. Short but sweet.

A Newcastle woman was granted strict supervised access to her children after pleading not guilty to poisoning her 7 year old daughter and slapping her on two separate occasions.

Mother Dearest who, like all criminals, is protected by Australian law and cannot be named, was being investigated by the NSW Child Abuse Squad after a doctor became suspicious about a number of health conditions that the girl was suffering from. They discovered that she had been dosing her daughter with chloral hydrate, a sedative, while she was already receiving doses from the hospital. When police interviewed her, she denied doing this and slapping her daughter.

The scum sucking solicitor (what a soul destroying job that must be) tried to paint a picture of her children missing their mother, saying that the son asks for mummy to come home. He further mentioned that the son was in no danger of being poisoned, while the daughter was being injected with 15 milligrams of chloral hydrate, on top of the 25mg that she was getting from nursing staff. On an unrelated note, hyenas often attack their own daughters but leave the sons alone, in order to reduce competition for potential mates.

The children are in the care of their grandparents, who, along with DCF, must supervise when Mother Dearest comes to visit. The poor girl is still receiving treatment and Mother Dearest’s case has been adjourned.

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  1. Sounds like Munchausen’s by Proxy. I wonder how many of her mysterious health issues would disappear if her mother was not allowed access.

    1. She seems to have been in hopital alot less since bein. Out of mums care. Sounds like it’s attention seeking. TThis child jjust keep going unconscious every test and dr couldnt expalin why

  2. I can never wrap my head around how these kinds of things will impact the children involved later in life… How do you get a grasp on “Mommy had such bad issues mentally that she attempted to kill me several times just for some attention”? It just can’t be a good set up for a successful life…

    1. Read “Sickened” by Julie Gregory:
      It’s the autobiography of a Munchausen’s by Proxy survivor. And yep, it’s as twisted as you imagine.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, the first time I encountered the term I was instantly fascinated by the concept. That was in about 1986! I guess that means I’ve been a BB fan since long before it’s inception! 😉

  3. I’d love to give that shithead poison! That nasty thing should not be allowed to see her children.

  4. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Meanwhile, my sister was nursing this child (she is a NUM on a hunter paediatric unit) & she is apparently a delightful girl.

    1. Occasionally these stories hit home. I write about abuse happening in other parts of the country, but sometimes it occurs right in our backyard 🙁

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I saw on the news last night that Kyesha’s (spelling?) incubator got a minimum of 16 years & the woman in charge of her case at DoCS has been asked to explain the inaction. I’m pleased that this magistrate seems to be taking the situation seriously. So many of them buy into the poor me sob stories & let them off with a bloody good behaviour bond!

        1. No way in hell was Kristi-Ann going to get good behaviour. The court found a sustained campaign of abuse against Kiesha since she was 18 months old.
          The slag’s gonna get what’s coming to her in prison.

  5. Love the hyena reference!

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I have a lot of sympathy for people who harm themselves for the attention. It has to be an indication of a fucked up childhood & they need help, not condemnation, but when someone garners attention by harming their child it goes beyond just a cry for help. If they genuinely only wanted attention then go ahead & poison yourself but doing it to your kid just makes you an abuser.

  7. Not that i disagree with you that this woman is scum, but the solicitor is not scum sucking for doing his job. The Common Law system of justice depends on lawyers/solicitors who will defend their clients interests to the fullest extent possible under the law. Otherwise we’d just end up like the People’s Republic of China So rather then calling the lawyer names we should thank him for doing his job, and buy him a beer if we ever meet. God knows if i end up one day defending people like the ones on this site I’ll probably require a large supply of Motion Sickness bags just to make it through the day.

    1. I wanted to become a solicitor and specialise in Wills and Estate Law. But then I found out I would have to do public defence (including defending defendants) and I would absolutely hate it. Having to defend someone who has done something absolutely vile, and knowing that they did it without a doubt and that the crime is indefensible.
      I should probably go a bit easier on them. You hear of all sorts of stupid defenses and know that they’re just trying to do their job.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        You don’t HAVE to. A defence attorney can refuse a client. Even public defenders can ask to have a client reassigned for a variety of reasons. Our constitution says that everyone deserves a air trial but it doesn’t say that a lawyer MUST represent someone that they don’t think they can provide an adequate defence for. In fact, if a lawyer believes they would be unable to provide a good defence then I’m pretty sure they’re obliged to step aside.

    2. Everyone deserves an appropriate defense by an ethical attorney. However, when a defense attorney resorts to unethical tactics – vilifying witnesses (especially children), putting specious “experts” on the stand, offering an insanity plea for a sane defendant, playing the race card – he crosses the line from protector of rights to lowlife scum who is just trying to win at all costs. And sadly, these tactics are par for the course. I saw an interview with a defense attorney a few years back who had previously defended a child rapist and won a wrongful acquittal by vilifying the eight-year-old accuser. That acquitted rapist had gone on to rape and murder another child. When asked if he felt bad about his part in what happened (i.e., improperly securing the release of a child rapist who then killed another child), the defense attorney said “no”. The appropriate answer for a human being was “yes”. That attorney had no soul, and I hope he rots beside his client one day.

      1. But to win at all costs *is* the defense attorneys job. In the example you give it was the responsibility of the judge to reign him in IF he went to far on cross, and i say if because it is far too easy for the media to manipulate trial coverage to suit a narrative

        1. “But to win at all costs *is* the defense attorneys job.”

          Disagree 100%. A defense attorney is still an officer of the court and his JOB is to see justice done.

          1. i mean legally a defense attorney has to try to win at all costs, or it’s “ineffective assistance of counsel” and conviction gets tossed. As i said it’s the judge’s job to make sure that the attorney doesn’t step over the line when doing this. Our system is set up to make it hard for the government to take away someone’s freedom. Sometimes this means the bad guys get away, and that’s a tragedy. But for evert rapist who walks there’s prably at least two McMartians for every child of a bad breeder there is more then likely one Logan Marr. Defending the rights of scum protects the rights of everyone. And that is why my defense lawyer friends do what they do, also why they want me to leave my nice cushy position as a software engineer and come join em in the pit

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