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Clayden’s Injuries Were “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My Life” Says Pediatric Surgeon

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This is a particularly sad post. While I pride myself in trying to lighten things, provide humor, or just having sarcastic relief, this is not possible in this post. There is no joy. All I have is anger and sadness. This happened in my home town in Kansas, and one of the murderers of this child was in my high school graduating class. I had a feeling then that she wouldn’t be the most successful person in the world, but what was to come just one year after graduation was far worse than anything I could have imagined.

Let me introduce you to Clayden Lee Urbanek. He is–was–a fourteen-month old healthy little boy, whom his family cherished. He was nicknamed “Clay Baby”, and his father (Jorden Urbanek) said that Clayden’s coming into the world made his life better, happier. He loved his little boy. But after he and Clayden’s mother, Brittney Betzold, broke up when Clayden was around 6 months old, Jorden only got to see his son on the weekends. When he was with his son, he’d take him on trips and Jorden worked on cars and said that Clayden seemed to be interested in that. Sometimes, Clayden would go “vroom vroom”, Jorden reminisced.

September 25, 2011 was the last day that Jorden Urbanek would see his son smiling, happy, healthy, and unharmed. On September 30, when he got to see Clayden, Clayden had a gauze on his foot and Brittney told him that a knife had fallen and landed on his foot. Perhaps it was because there was little or no abuse prior, that this did not arouse suspicion. Later, Brittney would tell an officer that saw the gauze pad on his foot that she and her son were “playing mummy.”

In anticipation for Clayden’s next visit, Jorden got a 6-week old Belgian shepherd puppy for Clayden and couldn’t wait to introduce Marley (the puppy) to Clayden. But Clayden Lee Urbanek would never get the chance to meet Marley.

The next weekend, when Jorden was supposed to have Clayden over, Brittney told him that the child would not be visiting him that weekend because he was staying with an aunt. And there was very little contact between the two during this time, which wasn’t all that unusual. Brittney was working at a local factory and was working many hours. She and Clayden were living with her boyfriend, Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown and Brittney Betzold

October 4, 2011. Paramedics rush to the home of Brittney and Antonio after Brittney calls 911 in hysterics. When the ambulance arrived, Clayden was lying on the floor, pale and cold to the touch. He was rushed to the Salina hospital, but then transferred to a larger hospital in Wichita, and it was there, on that very day, that Clayden Lee Urbanek died.

What happened? Clayden had so many injuries to his small body. There was so much bruising all over his body that had to have taken place over the span of days–during the time that no other family members knew what was going on or had contact with Brittney. Medical professionals described Clayden’s injuries as the worst that they had ever personally seen regarding child abuse cases. Some of the bruising that he had was caused by enough force that it would have been similar to Clayden having been in a car accident–and he never was. A pediatric surgeon said that the extent of Clayden’s injuries was so severe that even none of the surgeons had seen anything like it.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life”, said one pediatric surgeon.

And emergency surgery had to be performed on Clayden’s distended abdomen (caused by something being knocked against it and/or Clayden being kicked–it was estimated to be about 10 blows/kicks), and 12 inches of his intestines had died and had to be removed. There were also three other internal tears causing significant bleeding that had to be repaired. Despite resuscitation attempts, he died a mere 45 minutes after the surgery. And though the abdominal injuries that little Clayden suffered were the ultimate cause of death, his entire body was covered in deep bruises and scrapes. It was reported that the bruises on his buttocs were a deep purple, and then turned black and there was visible tissue damage around one inch deep.

In just a few short days (the more serious injuries happening within 24 hours of his death), Clayden suffered at least 60 bruises/scrapes on his head and neck (12 being on his scalp), 26 external injuries to his abdomen/torso and then another 20 injuries on his limbs. This was reported by the person who performed the autopsy on Clayden, and she admits that this is a conservative (small) estimate as there were so many injuries to this poor child.

Both Brittney and Antonio were arrested and tried for murder in the first degree, along with a slew of other charges, such as child endangerment and failing to protect the child.

They day that Clayden died, Antonio Brown called Jorden Urbanek and told him to go to the hospital because something bad had happened and he told Jorden that he loved Clayden and never and would never hit him. But all of the facts say otherwise. He is currently awaiting sentencing after having escaped the Saline County jail for a few days before being apprehended and is facing a charge for that as well. I can only hope that he never gets out of prison. As for Brittney, she was sentenced to 13 years for second-degree murder rather than first-degree murder. 13 years for helping to destroy her own flesh and blood, ripping apart a family, and denying her child all of the experiences that he will never have–graduation, first date, maybe even marriage and children. Clayden will never have these experiences. His last days in this life were Hell on Earth, caused by those who were supposed to protect and love him most.

Rest in peace, dear Clayden Lee Urbanek.


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  1. Great write-up Admin Raptor and welcome to the family 🙂
    Poor, poor Clay-baby and his loving Dad! I just want to smack that pissy look off the egg donor’s face and put the “weekly special” through a garbage compactor! Then through a wood chipper!
    Rest in Peace, Clay. You can eat all the ice-creams you want in heaven and play with all the toy cars to your heart’s content.

  2. “The day that Clayden died, Antonio Brown called Jorden Urbanek and told
    him to go to the hospital because something bad had happened and he
    told Jorden that he loved Clayden and never and would never hit him.”

    Because that’s what a normal person says to someone. “Your son is in the hospital and probably going to die but WASN’T ME, BYEEEE.” This poor sweet baby boy. I hope those two rot in the most painful way possible.

  3. Poor sweet baby boy. I am sad. And his mom does look like a dumb tw*t, for sure.

  4. What? Why? How the FUCK? Arrrrrgh!!! And to top it off, the nasty c*** looks SO defiant in that mugshot. As if it were completely normal to beat the ever livin’ fuck out of your baby boy and she’s being unfairly persecuted. Then there’s Sad Sack, what’s up frowny-boy? Did your little game of Baby Torture backfire on you? Awww, I’m sure you didn’t mean it when you broke the baby’s insides, it was all just a little misunderstanding right?

    1. I notice that look of difiance or indifference in many of the mugshot pics I see on here and that is almost as heartbreaking as the stroy itself, it’s like they are saying “hey so what I killed my kid.” it’s always in the eyes.
      Then you look at the picture of the father above (with the puppy) and even through the smile one can see the pain in his eyes.
      she will be out in 13 years. if she was in highschool when pregnant I would hazzard a guess she will be roughly 33+- when she gets out, in this instant, these monsters should be sterilised so they can not have any more children.

      1. Agreed! 😉

  5. What a heartbreaking story, compounded by how much his Dad and grandparents loved him. Utterly tragic that there could have been a caring, loving home for Clayden with them yet he ended up with two total assholes who treated him like trash.

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    That’s horrifying. And with so very little lead up. With most (not all) the little ones who die at the hands of a parent or step-parent there is a history of abuse. Now two in a row posted (referring to the Adelaide hills one) where everything is fairly normal before the death.

  7. You know, Brittney kind of looks like the actress who played Marie-Anne Houde in the movie Aurore. It’s about a girl named Aurore Gagnon who died from abuse way back in 1920, in Quebec. Her father, Telesphore, didn’t do shit to stop the abuse either, but sometimes participated in it himself.

    I’m not sure why this case brings the movie to mind other than that. 🙁 So little has changed for children here in the US over time, in so many ways.

  8. In the news articles it said there was also no food or electricity in their home…I don’t doubt the paternal family loved this baby but why did no one know this? When my son’s father and I were separated we kept tabs on each other and our son all the time and the places he was staying as well as the condition of the places. I’ve been called nuts because of how far I’d go to make sure he was safe, clean, and fed including having my ex send pictures of my son’s surroundings and my son with the most random objects in the pictures so I’d know they were new photos he’d just sent. Anyway I say many people failed this baby. When my ex couldn’t get my son on a weekend he’d at least drive to my home to check up on him. I remember when I was pregnant checking out this site, that’s why I’m so protective. I know that anyone can hurt your kids at any time. I only allow grandmas and aunts keep my son, no men are allowed to and no friends till he is old enough I can teach him what is appropriate and isn’t for people to act around him and when he is old enough to tell me if someone has done something.

    1. why would you be just protecting him from men? Women hurt kids just as much

      1. I only allow him with close female relatives. I protect him from women too which is y i only allow VERY close female relatives…trust me, i know. Even then its primarily my mom, rarely my sisters.

        1. But male relatives, no matter how close, not at all. I work full time so gotta make it work somehow. And my mom helps.

  9. I also understand the anger and sadness you must be feeling finding out someone you know did such a horrible thing. Look up Becca Blackmore, she’s on this site. We were in band together, when I was a senior and she was a freshman. So horrible.

  10. First clue: naming your baby Claydon. Second clue: Mommy’s hair. Third clue: Mommy has a violent boyfriend. Every day the same thing, over and over : (

  11. EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope that they get their guts kicked until their intestines die, too.

  12. All I can think about (and hear) is that poor little boy screaming for help and begging his mommy to help him. I feel sick.

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