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Queensland twins “intentionally” malnourished to death by breeders

Queensland couple ‘intended to kill toddlers’

Brisbane parents plead not guilty to murder after court told twin babies starved to death

A Brisbane couple stand accused of underfeeding their twin toddlers, keeping them in a dingy back room and not letting anyone see them until their 11 year old sister found their emaciated remains.

The bad breeders pleaded not guilty to murder in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on Wednesday. They pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but the Crown prosecutor refused to accept it.

The court was told that the 18 month old twins’ bodies were found by their 11 year old sister, together in the same cot, in a dingy bedroom of the family’s home in 2008. What a horrible thing for these murderous maggots to put their children through! Starving to death and being unable to get food, and then the poor girl finding the gruesome remains of her brother and sister – knowing full well that her so-called “parents” killed them. When the babies were found, they were so emaciated that they weighed as much a 3 or 4-month old baby when they were 18 months old!

The court heard that the direct cause of the twins’ death was malnutrition as a result of being underfed for a period of more than a month. They had been fed nothing but baby formula for a number of months, and then feedings became more and more sporadic until they died. There was suggestion that the toddlers had been fed but just not enough, meaning that the formula could have been watered down or that feedings were spaced too far apart.

The jury heard evidence that suggested the family were happy right up until they moved to a rental property in Sunnybank Hills in 2007. Β The breeders became withdrawn from extended family and friends in early 2008, which was the last time anyone saw the twins alive. There was an apparent breakdown in the de-facto couple’s relationship, with the female breeder spending long hours in front of the computer and the male breeder hanging out in bars. The female was heard to have said that she wished she’d given the twins away multiple times. The couple had three other children apart from the twins and their 11 year old sister.

The prosecutor added that the female had failed to provide her babies with sufficient nutrition and the male had refused to do anything about it. The maliciousness of their actions was further amplified by the fact that they pleaded for manslaughter rather than murder, implying that they didn’t think their actions were wrong.

The trial is expected to run for 3 weeks, with the jury expected to hear from up to 103 witnesses, including the couple’s other children, extended family, neighbours and others who were in contact with the family. None of the extended family had bothered to call DOCS, even though they knew things weren’t right in that household. They should be rotting in a jail cell with the murderous breeders.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! How do you just shut that bit out of your brain, the one that tells you “It’s wrong to not feed your babies just because your relationship isn’t great”? How did they not hear the babies’ screams of hunger? The bitch prevented other family members from going into that bedroom. Imagine the other kids hearing their baby siblings crying for food and the breeders telling them to ignore them. This is so so so sad, I’m just speechless and heartbroken for those twins and their siblings.

RIP little ones, together in life and together in heaven.

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  1. What the actual fuck.

  2. That’s a wee shame….cannot even imagine how they suffered, its cruel beyond words. Sad for those poor babies.

  3. Starvation rations for these two for the rest of their miserable, pathetic lives…

    1. I agree, feed them baby formula that’s been watered down to piss-weak for the rest of their wretched days.

      1. …and left to ferment in a bottle for a few days first.
        Have you ever smelled that shit?! I found one my toddler had hidden in a toy cabinet one day, and just unscrewing the lid almost made me vom. When I poured it out, it was CHUNKY.

        When you’re hungry enough, you’ll ingest anything, probably even that foul sludge.

        I’ve gone hungry before. By the third day insects and other oddities were starting to look appetizing. Day four I started sympathizing with cannibalism. I had a migraine level headache that would NOT go away for even a second. I felt sore, aggressive, and cognitively diminished. It hurt so bad. Just a measly four days.

        These babies weren’t just starved, they were tortured πŸ™

        1. PS–drinking that nasty formula would probably also endow them with catastrophic diarrhea.

        2. I haven’t smelled spoiled baby formula, but I have smelled spoiled Celebrity Slim protein shake. It was vile!
          The breeders who starved their babies need to be subjected to the very same treatment. But instead of being put in a maggot filled cot, lock them in a prison hot box in the blazing Queensland sun, around Christmas time πŸ™‚

  4. There is something so intensely callous about just giving up caring for your child (or in this case children).How heartless do you have to be to just quit feeding a child so young that it can’t fend for itself. And as far as wanting to give them up well hell, they were only 18 months old, what was stopping you doing just that anyway??

    1. There are hundreds of families in Australia that would have loved to adopt the twins. It’s very hard to adopt within Australia, since DoCS is focused on reunification (even if it’s not in the kid’s best interests to do so) rather than adopting out foster kids. I don’t know what the laws are, but unfortunately you can’t just give your kid up here. We don’t have safe haven laws and police will track mothers down who have left their babies somewhere safe like a hospital or fire station, even though they don’t want to be found.
      No one rang DoCS over this, if they had, the babies would have been safe.

  5. I have two (of four) sisters who are twins. I was five years old when they were born. Even then, I would have walked across broken glass to take care of them if necessary. Thank God, I did not have to because my parents, while riddled with issues, took very good care of all of us. But, that poor little 11-year-old girl will always struggle to have peace of mind. And, those babies…my God…those babies!! I want to cry, scream and throw up. My God!

    1. I have two younger sisters myself, and let me tell you, if my parents were mistreating them, they’d regret it.
      Luckily my parents are normal people who would never hurt a child and were always looking out for us, and I wish every kid could have parents like that.

    2. This story has made me really disgusted with people. It is wrong on so many levels. Never let them out, underfeed them (formula only!?) then let them rot for a week before another child finds them. How screwed up is she going to be? I read on another article the older children had asked neighbours for food and that the extended family were well known to DOCS for child abuse. This family was even investigated before the twins were born, so it should have been followed up.

      I have 14 month old boy/girl twins and it was a real struggle to get them to put on weight when they were first born and had to force feed them (now they are healthy and happy and full of life). They generally eat the same dinner we have now, between them they can eat more than me! They can’t get enough. I like to get engrossed in the computer too but if a child is crying I just can’t let them go.

      We only live ~20 km from Sunnybank, which makes it even closer to home.

  6. Bio bitch cries when shown the photo of her babies that she killed. She knows what she’s done and she knows she’s going to pay for it. She’s only crying for herself.

    1. Oh yeah, now you cry. Bitch, please.

      She’d probably never have shed a tear if she hadn’t got caught.

  7. I had to fast for a day this week before having some blood tests done. By the time the 24 hours were up I was actually in pain from the lack of anything going through my system. And I’m a big girl who can suck it up. These poor babies weren’t just starved, they were starved over a long period of time, since mommy dearest was feeding them occasionally, just not enough ultimately to sustain life. Those occasional feedings must have drawn their agony out even longer.

    1. I’ve only had to do a 12 hour fast for a diabetes test (which luckily came back negative!) The 12 hour ones are easy – have an early dinner, go to bed, go to the doctor’s first thing in the morning. The 24 hour one would get me.
      The added terror of not knowing when their next feeding will be, or whether it will be enough, makes it all the more horrifying.

  8. Ive had nightmares like this, where I forgot I had a baby, and found them starved. Horrible.

    1. I had one of those too. Someone had the bright idea to give my partner and I a baby, and then we argued over who was going to look after it. By the time we finished, the baby was dead πŸ™

    2. I always have nightmares (well, not really nightmares, but still super-disturbing dreams) where I find myself with a tiny baby, and don’t know what the hell to do with her (because for some reason I only have baby girls), then I get in trouble because the baby doesn’t have a birth certificate, or I don’t actually have all the things one would need to care for a baby (like clothes, diapers, bottles, etc.). I’ve had like 3 of those dreams and I always wake up panicking.

  9. I have an. 18 month old son,I cant even let him cry himself to sleep. And thats with a full little tummy! But to listen to a hungry baby cry? Thats a whole different kind of fucked up evil shit! Dumb c***s! I hope they die painfull,starved,lonly deaths! Fuck those bitches!

  10. Maggots were found in the twins’ cot, house was a pigsty and an autopsy determined that there was no body fat on the babies – they’d used it all up to maintain their vital organs. The jury was horrified to see the photos of the wee bodies.

    1. If I had to see photos like that,I would die from lack of sleep. I would never sleep again.

      1. I was called up for jury duty once but they decided that they didn’t need me at the last minute. I don’t think it was for anything like this, I’d be hurling for weeks if I had to look at something like that and try to give the defendants the benefit of the doubt…

        1. And thats why i never want to be on a jury.

  11. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    An what have they done to the 11 year old to make her not say something to a teacher or relative about the babies screaming all the time?

    I have a 2 year old & a 4 year old who both go to preschool…my husband & I have NO secrets! The preschool teacher told me a while back that the kids often tell her that Daddy sleeps nudie & when he farts it sounds like an elephant & Mummy takes crazy pills (anti anxiety) & says “shit” a lot.

    What have they done to make an 11 year old keep secrets?????

    1. They probably threatened her with starvation too πŸ™ Those monsters should just die already!!

    2. OT you’re not alone! My four year old announces her farts with a giggle, and I had to re-evaluate my vocabulary when she slammed a door and snarled “godammit!!!” During a tantrum.


      I know it’s so so wrong, but does anyone else find cussing tots hilarious? I know I can’t reward the behavior by giving it attention but there are times I can barely keep the laughs in, nonetheless a straight face.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Yes! I am the master at poker face but once I have had a talk with the potty mouthed toddler & had them explain why it’s not nice to swear I always have a good chuckle to myself.

        I have a terrible potty mouth & I know my kids hear it from me but I’ve gotten so much better since having the kids & it’s always improving…once upon a time every second word was fuck or shit or c***…now I only swear under extreme circumstances (usually when I hurt myself & say “SHIT!”) but the kids now say “NAUGHTY WORD MUMMY!”…

      2. My now almost 18 year old niece, from the age of about 2 until about 4 (well, now too, but it’s just stoopid funny now) would giggle after “tooting” and say loud and proud “Me ‘Cuse!” (for “excuse me”) I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of it…

    3. “Daddy sleeps nudie and when he farts it sounds like an elephant & Mummy takes crazy pills and says “shit” a lot”
      Oh man, I’m just dying of laughter here!

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Apparently, when I was a kid, I used to tell people “my Mummy has big docks” (I called her breasts docks, don’t know why) & I told people that she would beat me if I didn’t mow the lawn (I was 3 at the time so it was obviously not true)…kids say insane shit.

        1. My 3 yr old told me I had big boobies. He also called me a “bad ass” because I told him to put his toys away. For the boobie comment, I really had nothing to say because he is right. For the bad ass commentI told him that was not acceptable language,then i went and punched my husband in the arm because that’s who he heard that from. But it was funny.

          1. My 18 year old sister dropped the C-bomb the other day. She and my other sister were at the aquarium while I was in Sydney for business. She was trying to take a photo of a fish and it swam behind a rock, so she said “Yeah you would hide behind there, you little c***”. She said it in front of a group of little kids too!
            It was a good laugh after an intense meeting LOL.

          2. My 2 year old (almost 3) is still BFing before bedtime (bad habit but she won’t let go, hoping that moving and getting her own room will help get her off the boob but I digress… ). My one boob is bigger then the other because she only nurses on that one so she will go around and tell people “Big boobie” then point to the other and say ” tiny”. She also will rip off her shirt and point to her boobs and say tiny boobies!

            A bad habit she picked up was saying fuck. If I honk the horn in the car she will say “fuck” before I even do. We decided to ignore her when she says fuck because if we make a big deal she thinks its funny. Even though it is wrong its funny when she drops something and says “fuck”. I know its wrong but I couldn’t help but laugh.

          3. That is funny. But you can’t laugh!!! ;)If I can not laugh, neither can you. πŸ™‚
            One day my little one shook his butt at my 75 year old mom and said

  12. I’m a twin myself (and the girl half of a boy/girl pair at that, just like the twins in this story). I know that my mother struggled to take care of my brother and me when we were babies (and that was with my father helping her whenever he wasn’t bringing home the bacon). As tired as she was, though, she still managed to, y’know, feed us and that good stuff. This seems like a couple that just didn’t want to do that anymore, if the twins were nice and healthy until those last six months that I’m sure were hell and beyond for the babies. You’d think that carrying these babies to term plus raising them for an additional year would’ve had at least the “mother” have SOME bond with her kids, but I guess not. Tragic.

    Also, I do not want to know what eight days of decomposition smells and looks like, especially when it comes to babies. Even most people that claim to hate babies would probably be horrified at the sight, I think. I hope that eleven year old is getting some damn good therapy.

  13. just a heads up, most people are happier before having kids and after they leave home.
    Also, kids lower your potential.
    Having kids is a drive, we cant control… and have this despite fact that most of us should not have and will not like having them and will suffer for having them.
    So, in the end… kids are a dumb idea… our brains force us to have… against our best interest. And given all that… killing them is not one bit surprising. Sad and sick, and tragic… but not at all surprising. If you really cared about kids, you would demand free abortions for all that want them. and condoms and other birth control in every public restroom. otherwise you part of the problem and need to STFU. people are not bad breeders, Fact is we force eachother to have kids we dont want. and some times that drives people to kill them little sh!ts!

    1. i do and obviously you have no children and what potential are you talking about to do what make more money if all you have in the end of your life is cash and no loving familie you have not lived up to your potential nobody forces anybody to have children they dont want each of us has control over our reproductivitie if a person is lazy about using condoms and the girl gets pregnant and doesn’t want an abortion and the man says you are forcing me to have a child nope you made the desicion when you didn’t bag your dick nuff said most people love thee kids and say that children gave them a real reason to live but thenagin these are adults im talking about the people you seem to be talking about might just not be grown up enough to understand there is more to life than the party and fancy stuff

    2. Wow – where are you getting this skewed and dangerous information? I’m grateful that you decided not to have any kids, you’ve done the world a favor. I don’t have them by choice too, but not for the lame-assed reasons you stated here. I simply didn’t want to be selfish and have a baby knowing the potential I had/have to pass along a very serious disease.

    3. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. They made me patient and much less selfish towards everyone in my life. Their never ending joy and wonder at things I forget to notice make me remember how wonderful life can be. Sorry that you can’t see the wonder that only an innocent child can give. And I think you are truly fucked up in the head sorry no one ever taught you better moron

    4. Where do you live were people are forced to have kids they don’t want? There are clinics everywhere. This couple had other kids. They never thought of birth control, male or female sterilization, not having sex during ovulation. Adoption??? Hate to say it, abortion? Are you serious? I agree not everyone is cut out for parenthood; and no women should feel guilty about not wanting kids. The world would be a better place if people really did think it through before having kids. If after thinking you could handle it snd found out that you couldn’t or didn’t want to rise to the challenge, then don’t have anymore. You don’tbeat or starve them to death and then blame society or your failed relationship.

  14. Mumster’s lame excuse for leaving her twins to rot for a WEEK after they died – “I didn’t know how to tell anyone”. What a lazy c***. I hope Big Sheila and Surly Shirley play keep away with her prison food so that she slowly starves to death.

  15. The landlady who owned the house heard the twins crying, noted that the house was absolutely filthy and that the female breeder stopped her from going into the bedroom. Why she didn’t call DOCS or evict the tenants for trashing her property is beyond me.

    1. I guess the land lady wasn’t a “judgmental tw*t”. Maybe these twins needed some judge mental tw*ts in their lives. Fucking shit.

  16. The vile incubator blames everyone but herself. She blames her foster mother for being an alcoholic and giving her a bad childhood. She blames her bio mum for giving her up for adoption. She claims neither of them believed her when she said she couldn’t cope. She wanted the state to take the twins, so she blames them for not doing so.

    YOU killed your babies. YOU refused to feed them enough. It’s all on YOU.

    1. It’s a funny thing, quite a few of my friends are adopted, went through the foster system, had abusive childhoods and/or experienced drug/alcohol issues either themselves or within their immediate families. Yet every single one of them has managed to not kill or even hurt their kids.

  17. This makes me soooo angry. I have two children of my own and two step children. Not through a relationship but because they are half and step siblings to my own children. Their mother wasn’t looking after them properly and DHS placed them with me. I could not imagine not feeding them or treating them differently because they aren’t mine. I cannot fathom how someone does that to their own children. I would (and have) go without food to ensure that they are properly fed! Save the trial and just shoot them now.

    1. Good on you for stepping up to the plate when the mother of those kids failed. A mother is not just a mother to her own children, she’s the mother to all children. And that’s something coming from someone who has no kids and doesn’t want any (and actively prevents them).

  18. Nasty tw*t hoped that it was all a nightmare and she blamed the twins for causing the relationship to break down. The psychologist has been cross examined today.

    1. Oh my God. She actually tried the “I thought it was all a dream” defence *facepalm*

  19. May I just suggest that you in fact don’t know what went on, you only know what you have read. Do not condemn the extended family as you do not know them or if they were even aware of what was happening. You just sound like judgemental high and mighty tw*t the way this is written. No, none of what happened is right but seriously you are stupid if you think that other people are responsible for what the parents did. Chances are extended family did not even visit the premesis.

    1. No. They knew. News sources say that the extended family knew. They just chose to ignore it. If I knew that any of my extended family were mistreating their children, I’d be calling DOCS faster than lightning.
      They fucking knew, yet none of them lifted a finger to help those poor babies. They could have stopped this.

      1. Other family members and friends according to several news reports said they had visited the house, some apparently between the time the twins died and the time they were discovered. There were also other children living in the house. Now, anyone who has been following the case will have seen the photos of the interior of the house which was DISGUSTING and it doesn’t get like that overnight. So even if they didn’t know about the horrible state of the twins, why at least did those friends and family members not at least raise the alarm about children living among c*ckroaches, garbage and piles of dirty laundry?

    2. I visit my family. I make sure the children in my family are well. You wouldn’t be able to keep me away from kids this age related to me. They may not have done it but they let it happen. Just because you close your eyes doesn’t make you blind. If their family cared they’d still be alive.

    3. @shona please God save your ridicule and woeful head doing carry on for the fat mingling mole of a c*** who killed her twins. I seriously fear for humanity when pieces of shit like yourself defend pieces of shit like her. You’re prolly a guilt stricken relative. If that’s the case I hope you nightmare daily about those poor babies. Shit family.

    4. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Fuck off slag. No one here cares about your opinion. People like you, we all you Tard Defenders btw, are every bit as bad as the gutter scum that hurt or kill children.


    The vile incubator has been sentenced to a pathetic 16 years prison for “manslaughter”, but could be eligible for parole at the discretion of the parole board. Her family fully support her despite killing her babies and are happy that she can get parole.
    @344533ab0bd77d0d44b54604edac5957:disqus, they knew. The family knew she was killing her babies. And they still support her. Hang the lot of them.

  21. Here’s some more. Hopefully the dumb c*** gets starved in prison.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I’m absolutely disgusted that she could be out due to a combination of time served & a judge with obvious mental retardation.

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