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Nipple biting nanna, welfare bludging daughter – winners all around!

Mother ‘bit her 16-year-old daughter’s nipple during vicious and bloody domestic fight’

Joy(less) Young – those eyes are seriously creepy looking.

This story was posted by Benighted on our Open Thread a while ago. It’s too freaking funny to not be posted.

Joy Young (38), who appears to be the opposite of her namesake, was arrested and charged with child abuse after it was alleged that she bit her 16 year old daughter’s nipple during a fight.

According to police, Joy (who was not a Joy to be around) was arguing with her daughter Diamond LaCrystal Simmons about a social security check at their Vero Beach home in Flori-DUH. You see, 16 year old Diamond LaCrystal is the proud mother of a 2 month old bouncing baby boy. Shine bright like a Diamond indeed…So anyway, an argument broke out because Diamond was trying to apply for Social Security money so that she could spend it on herself instead of her baby. That shit didn’t fly with Joy, because Diamond would always go out and leave the baby with her. A tussle broke out and nipples got bitten.

A bit nipple bleeds a lot, and police were greeted with a scene reminiscent of the scene from The Shining where the blood rushes out of the lift. The officer noted that Diamond had a massive bloodstain on her shirt and scratches on her face. Joy emerged from the fracas without any injury.

Joy must have some super sharp teeth to get through a tshirt and a bra in order to bite Diamond on the nipple. I’m not sure how the mechanics of that would work, to be honest.

As you can see, this story was too funny to not publish. A ridiculous name, strange method of abuse, welfare fraud and all round trashiness. Thanks go to Benighted for this gem.

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  1. Joy birthed Diamond LaCrystal… ’nuff said…

    1. Thats right another Black on Black. Hear that Sharpton

      1. the guy above me is an idiot

  2. It has to be true, nobody could make this up.

    1. Really! There was another one I read today, cousins I think or niece and aunt or something, so not a story for this site…. but a similar fight. One of them whipped off her shoe and whapped the other one so hard in the face her stiletto heel went through the woman’s cheek. Oy oy oy.

      1. I saw that one on DD. Apparently they were cousins and one of them was in a relationship with the other’s babydaddy, and coming back from a baby shower.

        1. That’s the one! If I recall correctly they were coming home from the baby shower around 3am. Must have been a hell of a baby shower.

          1. What kind of baby shower was that one, I wonder? The ones I’ve been dragged along to were afternoon affairs, high tea, biscuits, a few games. Nothing spectacular. Those folks know how to party!

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    What the actual fuck? I’ve had a nipple bitten by a nursing 11 month old & yes, they bleed like the dickens, but who bites someone’s nipple in a fight???????????????

  4. Ok this is a stupid and hilarious post. They both are “hood” and a nipple bite is just over the top. The lesson learned here: don’t try to use benefits for your baby on your hair and nails. Don’t try to leave your baby on your mom while you go “hang out”. Don’t have a baby at 16, some grow up and step up and do the right thing. Most still want to do what 16 yo do. Most important, DO NOT try to fight your mom, she is going to kick your ass by any means necessary! Notice how the mom didn’t have a scratch on her. My mom is 76, she would have to catch me in order to “disipline”. She would probably throw her cane at my head if I got a little too jazzy in the mouth. Which I would deserve if I felt at anytime it’s okay to fight my mom because she is not gonna put up with my BS!!!!

    1. That’s why my mum isn’t allowed to have a cane until she’s very very old. It would be too tempting for her to hit people with lmao.

      1. Ikr, my mom is no joke. Get close enough and she really would hit you. Not hard but to just prove her point that she is always momma and for us never to get “too grown”. I live an hour away, so I just take my butt home. I will and have run out of my parents house a few times, laughing hysterically. I am not going to stand around and wait to get hit. lmao

        1. My Grandpa walked with a cane and my mum didn’t like it because she thought he would hit people with it. My mum and her siblings never became too “grown up” around him either!

          1. lmao. You can never “out grown” your parents. Like I said, my mom is 76 with a cane, I’m 39 and still wouldn’t “try her”. My dad is easy going and laid back so we don’t have to worry about him. But he does still has his rifle since we were kids. So, I feel sorry for anyone that would look at them and just see two old folks. They may just “write a check their ass can’t cash”.

          2. “Write a check their ass can’t cash” Love it!!

          3. LOL. With this site, there are so many reasons to cry. Sometimes you have to find something to smile at.

  5. This is a mess! A baby having a baby and dumping it off with Grandma. And being selfish as most 16yr old are, so I understand Grannys anger, but to bite your daughters nipple? What is she, a rabid dog?? And why in 2013 are babies STILL having babies?! Condoms and birth control are cheap, kids are not. You would think with shows like Teen Mom, and 16 & Pregnant which have both been on for 5 plus yrs, these girls would see that waiting to have a baby until they’re in a real relationship, older, and financially secure would be best, yet the sad stories continue on, leaving these poor kids in the middle of a bad situation such as this. SMH

  6. “Shine bright like a Diamond indeed”- lmao!

  7. Its shocking to me that on this site you are all over looking the fact that Diamond is a victim of domestic violence and yet because of the ridiculous nature it is fitting to mock her and her bad decisions she made as a child. How about you look at the obvious issues her other has and what circumstances may have led to her being 16 and pregnant. Is it actually verified that she was committing fraud, or are you assuming because of her age, taking her mother’s word at face value? While I think there are many many resources for Diamond, let’s not forget she is a child. She needs guidance and obviously her mother is not stable. So yeah, let’s mock her, and when she does something wrong let’s post it to bad breeders but nobody step up and ask where dcf is and what resources diamond can use to help her be a good parent? This was about her being a victim… However absurd the crime, she deserves a stable life and guidance on how to be a parent so that the cycle ends. Let’s blame the source here.

    1. So endeth the lesson…..Amen

    2. I was the person who sent the tip in. When I read the story, and re-reading it now, my derision is for the mother/grandmother. I can understand being so mad at your kid you have a knock down drag out row but how do you bite your own kid’s nipple? Jeez. As for Diamond, she has made some wrong decisions – probably influenced by the narrow world she grew up in, I saw enough of that myself. I hope she and the many others like her can break out of that world and give their kids a chance.

    3. It’s quite likely she was trying to get money for herself without working for it. Teen pregnancy, while not a desirable outcome for anyone, usually whips the parents into shape and makes them face up to responsibility. Even if she got a job at McDonalds or somewhere waiting tables to make ends meet, that’s taking care of business. It would have been more acceptable for her to leave the baby with her mum while she was at work, rather than partying with her friends.

  8. This isn’t funny at all. Sad, if anything.

  9. she was mad because the daughter was trying to get welfare on her own instead of her and her baby being dependents of moms up there still its never ok to bite off your kids nipple no matter what even if your kid is a quote fire cracker and a diva its prolly because you have a mouth on your self and the apple dont fall far from da tree to use an euphemism and nobody in you house knows how to have a respectful disagreement and just yell and hitt a round of counseling anger management and parenting class for all involved

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