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Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents prefer the feds over local cops

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Casey and Sandy Parsons feel more comfortable with federal investigators:

According to the attorney of Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents it seems they prefer dealing with the FBI rather than the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. Supposedly the FBI is treating Erica’s disappearance more like a missing persons case while Rowan County is treating it like a murder investigation. Not to make light of the situation but…

I mean it has to be one or the other right? It’s probably that the FBI is better trained in accommodating bullshit.

Oh, and get this. The mystery grandmother who no one cam seem to prove exists now has a nickname. Now she’s Irene ‘Nan’ Goodman. Next they’ll probably be like “Oh did we say Asheville? We meant Nashville. Yeah she lives in Tennessee.”

Bust out your hip waders Salisbury because you’re knee-deep in it.

(For those of you outside The States who don’t get the ‘Why not both?’ reference go here.)

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  1. The Feds will have an easier time proving that “Nan” doesn’t exist. Can’t wait for the welfare fraud too. Can’t collect adoption subsidy when the child doesn’t live with you.

      1. Yeah, that too. 🙁

  2. Attempting to play one branch of LE against another is a common trick of those trying hard to avoid being charged. Lisa Irwin and Hailey Dunn’s mother have also pulled this.

    1. Lisa Irwin’s mother, that should’ve said

  3. An imaginary Granny, sounds like Casey Anthony’s BS… And Thanks for the explanation mr. Reynolds… i get it now. (why not both?)

    1. That’s one of the reasons I picked this story besides it being local to me.

  4. “Supposedly the FBI is treating Erica’s disappearance more like a missing persons case while Rowan County is treating it like a murder investigation.”

    Well, no shit, Jamie Parsons actually went to the Rowan County police and TOLD them Erica was dead and buried in the backyard somewhere! Is it any wonder why they’re treating it like a murder investigation?!

    The Parsons have got to know that their days of freedom are numbered. The FBI know they’re bullshitting, everyone does. They’re just trying to build a rock-solid case against them, and I’ll bet you anything Casey Anth– errr, I mean Parsons, is playing right into their hands. She’s a cold, manpulative, lying psychopath, but not a very smart one.

    1. None of them are as smart as they think they are.

  5. Hard to see why VICTIMS of a crime would want to place an attorney between themselves and law enforcement.

  6. We have the “why not both” ads here in Australia too. The latest one though, I think, borders on racist, since it proposes that Mexicans don’t know how to use forks LOL.

    1. We have plenty of Anglos with that problem right here in West Virginia.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I hate those ads. They’re so condescending! Mexicans are so stupid that they need a child to point out the bleeding obvious to them? What a horrible premise for an ad campaign!

  7. So, I’ve been following the discussion on WebSleuths, and everyone’s now thinking that Erica might have been “re-homed.” As in, given up to complete strangers looking to “adopt” children through online groups. I thought about this yesterday, and almost posted my theory here, but never did because I thought I was the only one who thought that.

    But anyway, that possibility gives me hope that Erica may yet be alive… just not with imagi-Nan.

    1. That would indeed be a better outcome. Here’s why I don’t think it’s the case: “Rehoming” is not illegal in state, and is only a misdemeanor out of state/out of family if police are not notified. These parents are facing murder charges. The entire world thinks that they are shit. Their lives are ruined. They would be screaming, “No, we gave her to a nice family!” if they could. Not this imaginary Nan person, who was easily proven not to exist. Plus, this story has had no much national coverage, it she was alive in someone else’s care, I can’t imagine her not coming forward. The rehoming rumor started at the same time that the Reuters series on rehoming (linked in the Open Thread) started making the rounds.

      1. Well, the parents haven’t been charged with anything… yet. They’re only facing murder charges because their son told police they’d killed Erica. The son isn’t all that credible a source, because he’s been known to assault Casey and was thrown out not long before he went to police.

        Casey’s a bad liar, yes. And she’s stupid. But she knew she could get away with telling everyone that Erica had gone to live with a biological relative that the rest of the adoptive family didn’t know. She couldn’t really get away with saying she’d given Erica away to complete strangers who may or may not be out-of-state. If she’d told the police she’d rehomed Erica all along, they’d easily find out that it wasn’t done legally and Casey would be in trouble. So when the police came around, she said she was with Nan, like she’d been telling almost everyone else (except Carolyn). Cue more and bigger lies in a vain attempt to get the police to stop poking around.

        If Erica is alive, there’s a number of reasons she may not be coming forward. One, she’s 15. She’s still a minor and can’t do ANYTHING without her parents’ permission. Her new adoptive parents wouldn’t want to give her up. She may be being abused by them. She was almost certainly abused by the Parsons family, and she could be afraid that she’ll be sent right back. At any rate, she probably no longer fits the description given by the FBI, may not resemble the age-progression photo, and is probably going by a new last name. If she’s not coming forward, there won’t be many other people coming forward for her. No teachers, neighbors, friends, anyone.

        I think the rehoming rumors started because of the article as well, but really, most people weren’t aware at all of the re-homing networks. It’s still something to keep in mind. I don’t think Erica is safe, though, wherever she is, if she’s still alive.

        1. Good points, though there is just one I take issue with–they’re ONLY being charged with murder because of the son…
          I think there’s more to it than that. Failure to report her “relocation”/”absence”, being uncooperative with the authorities, failed/denied lie detector test, foster fraud, inconsistent stories, etc..

          There is so much more indicating deception on their part, and I don’t buy the “son isn’t credible witness” one bit; thousands of people have been kicked out or had ugly battles with their families, and this is the first time I’ve heard of a murder accusation springing out of spite. I’m not saying its impossible, but it is so highly I,probable I don’t think it’s valid grounds for dismissal.

          1. The reason I say that the son isn’t a credible witness is, he’s apparently assaulted his parents and siblings before, and sent to jail. To the point of hitting Casey with a baseball bat and threatening the youngest brother with a knife. BTW, that brother was 5 at the time, and he’s about 6 now. He also apparently ripped out a bag that was hooked directly to Casey’s stomach (I honestly can’t remember the term for this bag). If all that’s true (which, tbh, I doubt) that’s pretty depraved. Which is why I wouldn’t put lying about a murder past him.

            On the other hand, Casey could be lying about him as well. She’s claimed that Jamie is mentally ill– but the mentally ill are actually more likely to be victims of violence. I think it’s reasonable to assume that since Erica was physically abused, the biological children were all abused as well– this would be HORRIBLE for someone with bipolar disorder like Jamie is supposed to have. For all we know, Casey could be lying about Jamie as well to damage his credibility (she could have been lying about his mental illness to law enforcement and family alike to justify her physical abuse of him, etc. like abusers often do, and she’s just using that against him now). I can see Jamie, who’s still pissed off about being thrown out, lying to police and claiming Erica was murdered.

            Or he was taking advantage of his newfound freedom and finally speaking up about what happened to Erica. See, nobody knows at this point.

          2. “I honestly can’t remember the term for this bag”
            Colostomy bag?

          3. Sorry, insomnia kickin my butt these days, sometimes my reading comprehension fritzes a bit. I think I get what you’re saying now. I was thinking about the mental illness=not credible from a more psychological/emotional standpoint. Legally, clinically, you are absolutely right. Sorry bout that >_<

          4. It’s fine, just a misunderstanding.

            But from what I can tell now, Casey is REALLY feeling the heat and I think charges will be coming any time now.

        2. I disagree. The worst they could get for rehoming is a misdemeanor. In my opinion they’d gladly take a misdemeanor to make all of this go away. The child is gone, and they are completely unable to produce her or the names of living people who might have her. Or a facebook page, email, anything. The son has a violent history, yes, but it is a history completely consistent with having been abused. So I’m not ruling out his word based on his history. As for his supposedly being mentally ill, what would be the very best way to make a witness against you lack credibility? Bring their mental health into question. I believe that she is dead. Unfortunately, the long list of “missing” children who disappeared under circumstances that their parents can not adequately explain testifies to the fact that if you hide the body well enough and shut up and lawyer up, it is all too easy to get away with killing your kid.

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Only a better outcome if she hasn’t been sold to kiddy rapists.

    2. I wish I could believe that were true, but I’m afraid it’s more likely her body is buried in some field or locked in an old trunk somewhere. But we shouldn’t give up hope until we know for sure.

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