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Man admits burning boy’s face with heater

I haven’t posted for a while and I’m sorry for my absence. As some of you may know, Australia has just had a federal election and we’re still reeling from the results.

A 46 year old New Zealand man is in jail after allegedly causing disfiguring facial burns to a 5 year old boy. According to reports, the man held the boy’s face up to the grill of an electric heater, causing 3rd degree burns. The reason for this sadistic sizzle? The dickhead was trying to “punish” the boy for knocking over the heater and leaving scorch marks on the carpet. Here’s a newsflash, pin-dick. Put on a jumper when you’re cold. Saves on power bills. And I highly doubt the pack of lies he told in a pathetic attempt to justify this cruel treatment. Electric and gas heaters have a safety cutoff switch that activates when the unit is tipped over. If this had indeed happened, it wouldn’t have scorched the carpet nor burned the boy’s face. I think Pin Dick just wanted to feel like a big man and torture something smaller than himself to find some sort of twisted glee in his otherwise miserable existence.

It’s not clear what the relationship is between the boy and the man, but you can guess he’s either a sperm donor or a dick of the week. The news report also says that Pin Dick is unemployed, which doesn’t have a great deal of bearing on the situation. But couple that with the possibility that this grub could be the boy’s mother’s sex toy, and it paints a very grim picture indeed.

The boy was discharged from hospital, burned from chin to eyebrow. He has started on the long road to recovery, with multiple skin grafts and light therapy. They should take the skin off the maggot and use it on the boy, but personally I would be skinless than wear the skin of that crapwad.

The shitbag will be sentenced on November 13.

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  1. Time to put some shrimp on the barbie… I think this fucker is packing a piece between his legs.

  2. Why do I feel a sudden and visceral need to find some “fuel” for the bonfire this weekend???

  3. My son suffered accidental burns to 18% of his body in a freak accident Jan 8th of this year. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pai (from both of the burn and the treatment for said burn) on my worst enemy let alone a child. It makes me physically I’ll that someone can look at their child (or any child) and think that burning them is ok for any reason.
    I watched my baby go through debreedment twice a day for 17 days and 2 skin graphs and months of therapy to get back to his little self with only minimal scaring. I would have ripped out my own beating heart then have him have gone through a moment of what he did. It makes me down right homicidal to think of someone intentionally burning a child. I hope he is raped to death in prison but only after being set on fire and put out with salt water…. wtf is wrong with this sick motherfucker. THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING SOMEONE SHOULD GET DEATH FOR.

  4. Hopefully they can do the zinograpth (temp pig skin graph) to let the skin under the burn heal so he doesn’t have to go through more trama and scars from having a natural skin graph. It saddens me even more that he will probably have to wear a burn suit mask on his face and head for 23 hours a day for months to keep the scars from healing raising up while healing. My son had to wear oneon his torso and arm until about 2 months ago. also this poor boy will forever have to be careful in the sun and even if everything is done right and he has someone who will keep up on making sure he heals right he will still have a disfiguring scar for his whole life. The worstthing about it is he will remember, he will remember everything. My son was 3 when he was in his accident and he can tell you everything, from what it felt like to be burned, the ambulance ride, the hospital stay etc every moment.

  5. I remember getting burned by a curling iron because I picked it up by the wrong end. It hurt like a motherfucker and I dropped it immediately! What the bloody hell is wrong with some people, burning your kid’s face is nuts!

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