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SA sperm flinger goes to jail after neglecting his diabetic daughter to death

SA dad jailed over fatal neglect

Parents deny killing teenage daughter

Richard Edward (50), a South Australian sperm slinger, has been jailed for allowing his 14 year old diabetic daughter Dawn to die. Her incubator Debra Marlene Edward (54) has avoided jail.

It is alleged that Dawn weighed only 28 kg when she died in August 2009. On top of having Type 1 diabetes, she was apparently physically disabled, which would explain why she could not get to food or a doctor on her own. Her cause of death was hyperglycemia and dehydration.

According to the judge presiding over the case, Dawn was very ill in the week before she died. Yet her breeders did nothing to help her.

Not that this has anything to do with the case, but the breeders were intellectually disabled, as well as their five children including Dawn. The sperm slinger was controlling and domineering, while the incubator was apathetic, choosing to spend time in her room watching TV.  He made all the decisions, while the incubator regretted not standing up to her husband enough. Umm, how hard can it be to stand up to someone with a maximum IQ of 70?

The sperm slinger Richard was charged with mere manslaughter and was sentenced to a pitiful 4 years and six months, with a non parole period of 3 years and 7 months. The useless incubator Debra was placed on a 3 year good behaviour bond, after suspending a 3 year jail period.

These people should never have been allowed to breed. There must have been signs that they could not live independently or look after one child, let alone 5. Not to mention that whatever disability they had, it was obviously genetic for all five of their kids to be disabled too.

RIP Dawn.

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  1. OMG Aussie. I am a type 1 diabetic. This story really upset me. I know how that little girl must have felt and let me tell you that it would be one of the slowest, most painful deaths imaginable. All your organs shut down- one at a time. The heart stops last as it tries to pump blood that is as thick as maple syrup. I hope the other children get to a decent home after this and hopefully Debra is too old to produce any more kids…

    1. I work with adults with Intellectual Disabilities, and I am appalled at the ignorance displayed here. If there was proper support systems in place for people with “low IQ” as many of you put it, they’d never be having children in the first instance. Whatever about sex offenders being sterilized ,don’t bring people with Intellectual Disabilities in to the same category !!!…Very sad this little girl had to die, in my opinion the system failed both her and her parents.

      1. I kind of agree with you Geri- but wouldn’t it just be easier to sterilize them to be SURE they don’t have kids? You must be new to the sight. That said, the world is starting to wake up when it comes to intellectual and mental disabilities- such as autism and even bipolar/depression. The system is overwhelmed and broken. I hope things change soon; the more people we have on this planet- the more folks we have with issues.

  2. Well, it’s official, I truly hate people today…

  3. Fuck all! Let’s just let these bitches slowly die from dehydration.

  4. What an agonizing way to die! Those 2 should not even be allowed to keep a goldfish.

    Rest in peace Dawn.

  5. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    It’s controversial, but I don’t think people with a developmental delay with an IQ lower than 70 should be allowed to raise children. I also think those with an iq Below 80 should be assessed before being allowed to raise a child. If I had a daughter with an IQ below 70 I would find a doctor willing to sterilise her, even if I had to go overseas, while she was a child.

    1. I actually agree with you on this one… controversial or not. I also think rapists and murders should be sterilized upon entry into prison.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Sterilised with a chainsaw would be better…can’t reoffend if they’re dead.

    2. I understand exactly what you’re saying. If someone is mentally challenged from birth I would be concerned about their parenting abilities, even if they are good people. The idea of sterilizing sex offenders sounds excellent because they should not be producing children.

    3. Sterilisation, even thought it’s controversial, is good for some people with a disability. Imagine trying to explain to a tween with an IQ of 70 about why she bleeds from her vagina every month. Or trying to stop a boy with hormonal urges but no comprehension about the appropriate way to relieve them.
      I agree with you all the way there, Skye.

  6. I’m rather disturbed by this nonchalant talk of sterilization. So you want to sterilize those with an IQ of less than 70? Keep those with an IQ of less than 80 on a tight leash? Where do we stop? My son is autistic. He has a very high IQ but I don’t know if he’ll ever have children because of his severe social and verbal delays. I guess I should just go ahead and sterilize him now, just to be “SURE”. How about we get to the real point and just clean up the gene pool altogether. We’ll start doing genetic screening for disorders, IQ, propensity to disease, anything we deem to be unworthy, and those people will all be sterilized. Doesn’t that seem like a good idea?

    You people are talking about the horror of eugenics under the guise of caring for children. One story about intellectually disabled people being unable to care for their children and we should just sterilize them all? Most parents, intellectually disabled or not, want to do what’s best for their kids and be the best parents they can. Some, intellectually disabled or not, need classes and guidance, though honestly all parents can benefit from that. Child abusers are child abusers, you’ll find them in every race, nationality, and developmental ability, no need to lump everyone in with them.

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