4 year old girl saves mum’s drugged arse

Girl, 4, calls for help after high on drugs mum passes out while driving pick-up truck

So NOW Alicia Pruitt is awake...just in time to realise what a useless wastoid she is.

So NOW Alicia Pruitt is awake…just in time to realise what a useless wastoid she is.

A brave 4 year old girl from Texas made the call she never should have had to make…she called 911 after her useless druggie incubator Alicia Pruitt (24) fell asleep at the wheel of her truck and ran off the road. Luckily it was on a rural road, with barely anything to hit.

Police say the little girl used Alicia’s phone to ring them and tell them where she was and what had happened. When they arrived, they found the useless stoner slumped over the wheel, truck in gear with the engine running, and her foot still on the brake. Thank fuck for small miracles.

When the pothead awoke, she was in a daze and managed to mumble to officers that she had been smoking K2 – synthetic marijuana – and had also taken a bunch of illegally obtained narcotics (i.e. stolen pain meds).

Officers lauded the intelligence and bravery of the little girl and rewarded her by placing her in the care of relatives, away from the useless stoner bitch. Pruitt has been charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphenalia and possession of a controlled substance. No mention of any charges of child endangerment or neglect.

  • Buffettgirl

    Even though I smoke marijuana every day (I’m on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, it’s legal for me) I don’t do it until I get home from work and I know that I am not going out of the house again. I can’t imagine putting my precious child (if I had kids that is) in the car and driving anywhere all highed up! I hope she never gets custody of this child back, she doesn’t deserve her!

    • Aussie Sabbath

      I smoked synth MJ once. Once. The effects during the high weren’t so bad (we watched Dr. Who and suddenly all these little stick people flooded the room). The after effects were pretty bad though. I felt very nauseous and couldn’t keep anything down.
      The synthetic stuff is terrible.

      • Buffettgirl

        It scares me – I won’t even CONSIDER doing it! 😉

        • Aussie Sabbath

          This was the more milder stuff – nothing like the spice or whatever. They’ve banned it in the state that I live in.

          • Buffettgirl

            I honestly wouldn’t know where to get any of it. Thankfully I qualify for medical so I get good, natural MJ.

          • Aussie Sabbath

            You used to be able to buy it in adult shops and tobacconists. Then the feds cottoned on to it pretty quickly and banned it from sale.
            You’re very lucky living in Oregon. Australia hasn’t gotten with the times yet with medical MJ. I hear it does the world of good for many medical conditions.

          • Buffettgirl

            I learn more everyday about what it can cure. One lady had horrible, horrible stomach cancer, she took what amounts to hash oil (give or take, it was concentrated canabinoids) in gel-caps, I can’t remember how many per day but in something like 8 weeks she went in for another scan, it was a pre-op scan, and the tumor not only shrank, it was GONE. It still is about 7 years later last I heard. Big Pharma doesn’t want it known just what kind of wonder medicine it really is.

          • Muggle

            I think they’ve banned spice in my state, but I’m not totally sure. Apparently if you smoke it for the first time and you’re not prepared for the effects, you have a panic attack. That’s fucking scary to watch (not to mention the almost-immediate puking and nausea).

            My fiance tried it the 3rd night I hung out with him. He tried it again a few months later and I was pissed that he hadn’t learned his lesson.

  • Alexandra1973

    I just don’t understand why people do that to themselves. You know, I’ve been through a LOT of crap in my 40-odd years, especially the past couple of years, but not once did I feel the need to get trashed or stoned or whatever. I might add I also had parents that put the fear of God, so to speak, into me, and my mother warned me from the time I was in kindergarten, NEVER go near that stuff.

    What kind of life is it, where all you do is sit around and get stoned or hammered all day? I just don’t get it. I’ve had prescription Vicodin, from the times I’ve had ankle surgery, but I never used it unless I really needed to (intense pain in ankle) because I didn’t like how it made me sleepy, plus I have a child to care for.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    I detect meth face.

  • Muggle

    Oh Jesus. Spice is the fucking worst. You want to do marijuana, do the real shit. Spice is the shit that ought to be banned, it’s awful. I’ve seen people lose their shit completely on it.

    I think the pain meds might have contributed more to the crash, but who the fuck knows? Spice and pain meds can’t be a good combination. That poor little girl, so glad she’s safe now.