“The Hills Have Eyes” – Australian style

The Australian families that hold dark secrets of incest and abuse

The case of incest and depravity which came to rest in the hills of a quiet country town

And we’re back to the cricket. Real life has been calling and in between work and study, there just hasn’t been the time for the writing. This story is about a month or so old and has been featured on The Dreamin’ Demon, but because it happened in Australia, I’m going to cover it here.

A massive inbred family had been discovered in a hidden valley, southwest of Sydney. Four generations of brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and uncles and nieces had been mating with each other, producing all in all 40 adults and children. Among the children was a five year old girl whose parents were the only ones who weren’t brother and sister. The discovery of the inbreds has been described as one of the worst cases of incest to have ever been made public.

Police discovered the clan, who go by the name of Colt, after reports were made about dirty children living in the hills. They were often seen with the clanswomen at the shops and did not seem to attend any sort of school. When the cops managed to track down where the children and women were coming from, they discovered a squalid settlement made up of rotting caravans and filthy sheds. Inside, the stoves and cooking appliances were caked in dirt and filth, rotting vegetables lay in a broken fridge. Exposed wiring and a chainsaw were accessible to the children. There was no sewerage connection, electricity or running water. Oh, and a kangaroo was sleeping on one of kids’ beds.

One of the sheds where the clan lived

One of the sheds where the clan lived

The Colt clan were made up of Betty (46), Martha (33), and Rhonda (47). Betty slept with her brother Charlie and two of her daughters. Genetic tests showed that Betty’s children and grandchildren were born from related parents. The family has been traced back to a set of great grandparents who were brother and sister, and the family has self-perpetuated from there.

The  younger children were affected as follows:

Betty’s children: Bobby (15) couldn’t walk properly, had skin issues and needed dental work. His speech was unintelligible and he wet the bed constantly. Learning was at kindergarten level; Billy (14) underweight, stunted growth, hearing and sight problems, unintelligible speech, learning difficulties and unable to read or count; Kimberley (14) and her daughter Raylene were underweight and didn’t know how to wash or brush their teeth; Brian (12) had no concept of hygiene and extensive dental problems. Betty’s older daughter Tammy (27) had three children, one of which had died of genetic deformities associated with inbreeding. Her children had been fathered by her brother Derek (25). All in all, Betty had 13 children, some fathered by her brother and some fathered by her own father Tim.

Martha’s children: Albert (15) and Jed (14) both had issues with speech, hygiene and dental problems; Ruth (7) was neglected and malnourished and she didn’t know what toilet paper was or how to use it (cue itchy feeling). Her sister Nadia (9) told of sexual involvement with her brothers (no doubt encouraged by the inbred breeders). The brothers had tied Nadia and their 13 year old niece-cousin to a tree naked. Martha’s children may have also been fathered by Tim.

12 children were removed from the compound. The youngest, who was only aged 5 years, was the only child to not have related parents. Perhaps it was Uncle ‘Roo that was her father? Or a hapless backpacker who inadvertently wandered into the campsite? The other 11 children had their inbreeding confirmed by geneticists who took mouth swabs from all of the people living at the camp.

Despite their horrible start to life, the children are now doing well in foster care. Some have been placed in treatment programs for the sexualised behaviour that their aunty-mums and daddy-uncles encouraged. All have made progress with schooling and hygiene. The aunty-mums have taken varying degrees of responsibility for the incest and sexual abuse of the children. Except for Betty, who for some reason still has supervised contact with her children-siblings. She denies any wrongdoing and her lawyer has disputed the court’s findings with the genetic testing.

So much WTF. I told Trench it’d be a good one.

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