From the people who brought you Bad Breeders comes…

Back when BB was at its heyday when we had an army of writers we used to get a lot of emails from people sending us stories about kids who were sexually abused by someone other than their parents. We didn’t post these stories because it went against the premise of the site. Back then Malevolent April and myself bandied about the idea of starting another site to tackle those stories, a sister site to BB if you will. The only problem was neither of us had the time or energy to dedicate to such a site, until now.

Yesterday I posted the first story on BB’s new sister site…


Where 15 gets you 20

I hope everyone from BB will join us over at MM.

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  • Sissy Boodles

    Naming and shaming works wonders. Look at how Dylan Farrow’s been making Woody sweat by telling what he did to her, bless her heart.

  • Malevolent April

    I’m here, Trench! I’m in. Tell me where to start!

    • Trench Reynolds

      Check your Facebook messages.

  • Paula Brandt

    I will go to this site. I love bb so I can’t wait to start reading the sister site

  • Sirkissa

    I’ve linked you.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Thanks. I already had you linked. :)

      • Erin


        I would love to be a writer for the BB site. I’ve been a reader for over 5 years now. If you are interested, let me know. :)


        • Trench Reynolds

          E-mail coming you’re way.